The Most Popular Car Color

Many cars in different colors parked and lined up in a row

“You can have any color as long as it’s black”- these were the famous words of Henry Ford when he launched the iconic Model-T. Standardization was the buzzword in those days. People were not offered a choice of color and hence, the question of choosing the most popular car color did not arise!

Now, a century later, car buyers are spoilt for choice! There are dozens of car brands offering vehicles in every segment. And there is a wide palette of colors to choose from! In many countries and cultures, the car is considered a status symbol or a reflection of the owner’s personality. The most popular car color keeps on changing in every year, with the other fashion trends in society. Let us look at some of the popular car colors in the world today:


Most surveys indicate that the most popular car color has been white. Most users associate this color with status, quality, luxury and cleanliness. Across the vehicle segments, this color has retained this popularity. Some recent studies show that car colors have followed other fashion trends. Since Apple launched a range of white colored electronic gizmos, it has also become a color of choice for new cars loaded with new technological innovations such as Bluetooth, GPS and others.


Many people associate black with luxury. This color is extremely popular in the luxury car segment. With the innovations in color palettes, there are subtle variations in the shades of black offered by different car manufacturers.


Silver continues to be one of the most popular car colors. According to Kelly’s Blue Book, silver colored cars can fetch you the maximum resale value over the years. This neutral color was at the top of the charts in early 2000s until white usurped it from the top position. Silver still continues to have a great fan following across car segments. With advances in paint technology, auto manufacturers have added layers of additional shine and sheen to the plain silver.


Metallic Gray is a leader in the most popular car color. In some of the gender based popularity surveys, women love gray and silver the most! This color will continue its domination in especially in car segments targeted at ladies!


Red has been a color of choice over the decades. It is the most popular car color for sporty and powerful sedans. Traditionally, red has been an important color in certain nations such as the USA and UK. It continues to rule in some niche segments.

Blue and Green

These colors are gaining popularity over the years. The new hybrid and ‘green’ cars are trying to bring in unique shades of blue and green to distinguish their cars and convey the message of eco-friendliness they stand for.

The choice of car colors often mirrors the current trends in our society. In the coming years, other colors such as green, brown might gain in popularity. New innovations in paint technology will also offer colors never seen before, such as pearl white and champagne gold.

Thus, car buyers have a wide variety of colors to choose from for their cars. But for now: the most popular car color continues to be pristine white, which is also considered to be the safest color for a car.