The 7 Most Popular Car Colors in America

Variety of cars lined up

When cars were first introduced, they only came in black. So, there was no question as to what color your car would be. Car designs have come a long way since then, and cars exist in nearly every color.

Even with so many color options, there are still a few car colors that are way more popular than others. If you look around while you’re driving, you can probably guess what those colors are.

So, which car colors are the most and least popular in America, and what aspects affect a car color’s popularity?

Most Popular Car Colors in America

Below are the seven most popular car colors in America, which have remained consistent in recent years.

1. White

White car driving by mountains

Despite being called “the absence of color,” white is the most popular car color in the United States. White is the easiest color to maintain, so new cars and rental cars often have this simple color. Since white cars are manufactured so often, they’re one of the easiest colors to find in both the new and used car market.

White is also one of the safest car colors because it’s easy to see against the road and can keep the car’s interior cool. Many individuals with white cars will add stickers, magnets, and other decorations to the vehicle to help it stand out from other white cars. People who choose white cars value cleanliness and modern designs.

2. Black

Black car outside in parking lot

Black cars don’t have all the benefits of white cars, but they’re still America’s second most popular color. In some individual states, they’re the most popular. Even so, black is harder to clean and scratches will be more noticeable. Plus, the interior will be harder to keep cool and the exterior will blend into the road.

However, black is a popular color because it looks nicer and is thought to be high-quality. It was the first car color, and it’s still a classy car color today. People who choose black cars value luxurious items and classic styles. If well-maintained, black cars also tend to sell for higher prices due to their sleek look.

3. Gray

Gray car out in nature

Gray cars are often confused with silver cars, but gray is the more popular of the two in America. Gray is a darker hue that’s a mix of white and black. Like black and white, it’s a neutral color that doesn’t stand out in a crowd, but it’s one of the most common colors for sale. Gray cars are better at hiding dirt than black vehicles, and they’re more casual-looking than both white and black.

People who favor gray cars tend to be calm but cautious. They don’t like to draw too much attention to their vehicle. These cars are popular because they’re easy to find and they’re often affordable.

4. Silver

Shiny silver sport car against a blue sky

Silver cars differ from gray cars because they’re meant to replicate a metal finish, so the color is lighter and shinier. They’re a more stylish version of gray, and they’re easy to maintain like white cars. They also reflect light well, keeping the car’s interior cool.

If you gravitate toward silver cars, you might be innovative and optimistic. Almost every car model comes in silver, so there’s no shortage of silver vehicles on the market. Thus, they’re easy to find while also looking stylish and subtle.

5. Blue

Blue car by fluffy clouds

Blue is the most popular colorful car on the market. All the colors that rank above it are neutral, so blue is a great choice for people looking for something unique without having it stand out too much. Blue is a calming color that has a wide variety of shades and tints. So, it’s the first vibrant color people usually turn to for cars.

People who drive blue cars are usually friendly, optimistic, and outgoing. They don’t mind having their car stand out a little because it reflects their personality. Blue cars are much easier to spot in a parking lot over the many neutral colors.

6. Red

Red car by mountains

Of all the popular car colors listed, red stands out much more than the others. Red is commonly associated with sports cars, but nowadays, most types of vehicles can have a red hue. Some people are hesitant to buy red cars because there’s a myth that they get pulled over more often, but that hasn’t stopped red from being more popular than other bright colors like green, yellow, and orange.

People who drive red vehicles generally like to stand out in a crowd. They’re usually brave and extroverted. Red is the perfect color for locating your car in a large parking lot.

7. Brown

Brown car driving against blurred background

Despite being a neutral color, brown generally isn’t as appealing to people buying cars. It won’t stand out on the road, but it’s still unique next to all the white, black, and gray cars. Since brown cars are usually a dark shade, they can be harder to clean in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

If you’re interested in a brown vehicle, you’re likely a down-to-earth person who appreciates the little things in life. People with brown cars usually want to be different without drawing too much attention to themselves.

Most to Least Popular Car Color Statistics

Many different colored cars driving in America

According to a study from iSeeCars in 2022, here are the statistics for popular car colors in America:

  1. White – 25.8%
  2. Black – 22.3%
  3. Gray – 18.4%
  4. Silver – 12.1%
  5. Blue – 9.5%
  6. Red – 8.6%
  7. Brown – 0.9%
  8. Green – 0.8%
  9. Orange – 0.6%
  10. Beige – 0.5%
  11. Purple – 0.3%
  12. Gold – 0.2%
  13. Yellow – 0.1%

Any colors not listed, such as pink, add up to less than one percent of the cars in America. Most states also ranked white as the most popular color, but there were some states where black was more popular.

iSeeCars compared the most recent survey from 2022 to the one from 2017. There are a few noticeable changes in those few years. First of all, black was the number one color instead of white in 2017. Most of the vibrant colors had higher percentages too, even though they were still much less popular than neutral colors. So, over time, neutral-colored cars have gained popularity.

Why Are the Dullest Colors So Popular?

Row of cars lined up next to each other

Over 75% of cars in the United States are neutral colors like white, black, gray, and silver. Cars can come in almost any color imaginable, so why are these dull colors so popular?

A lot of people choose the “boring” colors because they’re practical. Like with clothing, neutral colors go with everything. They work well with every type of vehicle, and they remain in style no matter how many years go by.

Some people may also prefer the simplicity of these colors. Neutral colors are less likely to draw attention to you as you’re driving down the road, and some people may consider that a positive aspect. Some drivers are interested in neutral colors because they view them as modern or technologically-advanced. After all, most modern electronics, like computers and phones, are either white, black, or silver.

Since most people choose neutral colors, those are the colors that car dealerships usually stock. It’s much easier to find a black or white car for sale than it is to find a purple or yellow one. Customers looking for a less popular color might need to special order the car.

If someone is on the fence between choosing a neutral or colorful car, they might lean toward the simpler one because it’s more accessible. Almost all types of cars come in white, black, gray, and silver, but not all cars come in the less popular hues.

Does Color Affect Depreciation Rates?

Happy family with yellow car

Most new cars quickly lose their value once they’re purchased and used, but color can have an impact on how high their depreciation rate is. As it turns out, the dull colors that are the most popular also have the highest depreciation rates. Obscure, vibrant colors tend to lose less value over time.

Yellow and orange cars lose the least value over time due to their limited availability. Even though white, black, and gray cars are more desirable, they’re all over the market, so they have a higher depreciation rate since they’re easy to find.

So buying a yellow car might seem odd to the general public, but if you like the color, you can get a fun car that will have a good secondhand value.

However, when it’s time to sell, it may take a little longer to find the right buyer for a used car in a unique color than a neutral one. That’s only natural since fewer people are often searching for these colors.

Choose a Car Color That Fits Your Personality

Car colors have come a long way since these vehicles were first invented. They went from only black to almost any color imaginable. Yet, even with so many options, people still favor neutral colors.

If you’re struggling to pick the best color for your car, think about what color appeals to you the most. A person’s personality can influence their car color preference, but there are other factors too. If you don’t want to wait to buy a car, picking one of the most popular car colors might be your best choice since they’re readily available.

However, if you’re not in a hurry, take your time, and pick the car color you’ve always dreamed of. That color doesn’t have to be popular for it to be right for you.