The Most Popular Wedding Colors

Purple themed wedding decoration in restaurant

The wedding day colors you choose can make or break the wedding. They are utilized in the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding flower bouquets, the place settings, the favors and hundreds of other details and options that are limited only by your nerves and imagination.

So today, I will be suggesting some of the most popular wedding colors for the year 2014 and some of these are based on actual survey findings as conducted by popular online wedding magazines and TV wedding channels.

Naturally, instead of blindly choosing the most popular wedding colors, it is also important to take the season, your complexion, your faith and religion as well as the other wedding trends into account. That being said, I still want you (couples-to-be) to know what the most popular wedding colors are in order to help in your wedding theme decision process.

The most popular wedding colors so far: Blues, Purples and Pinks

A survey conducted by The Knot and the WeddingChannel have determined that blue and its shades have been  the most popular wedding colors so far and will continue to remain so for a couple of years. Navy blue and teal especially make for the most interesting wedding palettes and many brides-to-be have voted these as their favorite wedding colors. Summer, autumn and winter brides of 2013 especially chose navy blue and experts forecast that this shade will continue to remain popular in 2014 as well.

Blue Beach weddings– Blue, sea greens, aqua and other related shades are especially popular in beach weddings. In fact; the rising popularity of beach destination weddings has made blue one of the most popular wedding colors. Brides and bridesmaids can opt for blue wedding dresses, sea shell tiaras with blue accents and also utilize the color in their hair accessories, the place settings, favors and so on.

Pinks and Purples– Since 1975, purples and pinks have dominated the wedding scenes. According to many brides, both these shades represent romance, undying love, luxury, passion and devotion. Additionally, brides who opt for the “Princess wedding theme” choose these hues to create the “Fairytale/Cinderella” effect. Therefore, pink or purple bridesmaid gowns, tiaras, glass slippers and other wedding accessories in these shades are hugely popular. In 2014, Pantone, the color company announced Radiant Orchid as the color of the year 2014. This magical shade, which is closely related to purple, is sure to be seen in many weddings.

The most popular wedding colors according to seasons

Seasons naturally play an important role in the choice of  the wedding colors. In general following are the most popular wedding colors as per the season:

Autumn– For this season, burgundy, navy blue, pink, creams etc are highly popular and again, purple has emerged the winner in this list. Other mentionable names in the most popular wedding colors for autumn include Gold, Silver, Grey and Brown.

Winter– For winter brides-to-be, pinks and purples have emerged the winners from the list of the most popular wedding colors. These are followed closely by red, gold, blue and burgundy.

Spring and summer– Sky is the limit in themes and colors as far as the spring and summer weddings are concerned. In general, the most popular wedding colors for the warmer seasons are pink and purple followed by light blue and green.

In conclusion

Your wedding day is going to be filled with emotions and every detail you choose will add up to a lovely manifestation thereof. With the help of our most popular wedding colors list, you and your loved ones can infuse your personalities, faith and creativity in your wedding theme in order to create a seamlessly aesthetic visual for the most memorable day of your life.