45 Colors That Go With Yellow (Color Palettes)

Yellow room interior with beige furniture

Even the smallest touch of yellow can add some positive energy to any room. But with the seemingly endless shades to choose from, it can be hard to decide on a color (or multiple colors) to pair with yellow. This article will help you get started.

Here’s a list of colors that go with yellow, including color palette examples:

1. Slate Blue and Yellow

Slate Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #5B7C99, #FDE74C, #E5E9EC

Combining bright yellow with bright blue has the potential to be garish if you aren’t careful. So if you want to include some bright yellow in your design scheme, it’s a good idea to temper it with a cooler color like slate blue. 

Try a bright yellow accent wall in a living room with slate blue furniture. Or if you prefer largely neutral color schemes, slate blue and yellow accent pillows look nice on a gray couch. Virtually any shade of yellow will work in this combination; try pastel shades if you want a softer look.

2. Warm White and Yellow

Warm White and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FEF9F3, #FFDD44, #846C5B

If you want to create a palette that borders on monochrome but has a little more pizazz, try combining warm white with soft buttermilk yellow. Warm whites are on the same color spectrum as soft yellows, so this combination can add some subtle warmth to any room without creating an overwhelming energy.

Try buttermilk yellow walls with warm white trim (or vice versa). A soft yellow bedspread looks nice in a room with warm white walls. Or if you like patterns but don’t want something too obvious, these colors go well in a wallpaper pattern or patterned rug.

3. Chocolate Brown and Yellow

Chocolate Brown and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7B3F00, #FFD23F, #ADCAD6

This might sound like a weird combination. But when executed well, it can add some real balance to a room. Chocolate brown is a great grounding shade, and it’s also quite easy to find in the design world. Even a small amount can add a counterweight to yellow’s often-airy energy.

If you have a room with exposed beams, try a dark brown stain. This color goes well with white walls and yellow furniture. Try a softer yellow for higher contrast, or add some bright yellow to create more energy. Chocolate leather living room furniture also looks nice with yellow throws, accent pillows, rugs, and more.

4. Farmhouse Red and Yellow

Farmhouse Red and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7C0A02, #FFF3B0, #91785D

This combination works well when used carefully. Farmhouse red is a slightly distressed or rustic shade that pairs nicely with softer yellows. A Persian-style rug with a primarily red base color can provide an interesting focal point to any room. Near-neutral, soft yellow walls can add some visual interest without becoming overwhelming.

You also can find these two colors used in patterns. For a more ornate look, try red and yellow ochre brocade furniture or drapes. This color combination is also somewhat common in striped upholstery. Or for a more rustic look, try a wooden farmhouse red table in a room with pastel yellow walls.

5. Cool Gray and Yellow

Cool Gray and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8C92AC, #F9E900, #08415C

Gray and yellow is a classic combination. And cool gray can add some calm to a mostly-yellow room. You can use these colors in approximately equal amounts when creating a palette, but they also work well when incorporated into accent pieces. For example, daffodils in a gray vase can add a pop of color to a softer-colored room.

Cool gray rooms also look nice with a few yellow accents sprinkled in. In a living room with cool gray furniture, a yellow rug or yellow accent pillows can add cheerful energy.

6. Royal Blue and Yellow

Royal Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4169E1, #F5DD90, #1B1B1E

If you’re looking for a right and high-energy pattern or color combination, royal blue and yellow look quite nice together. There’s a reason you see this combination used for school colors or incorporated into logos.

If you use too much of either color, you run the risk of making a room look chaotic. But even a touch of one can make a room distinctive. For example, if you have a room with mostly-yellow furniture, a royal blue and white patterned rug makes a great addition. Or for a bold look, try mustard yellow furniture in a room with royal blue walls. This is a combination you can really get creative with!

7. Verdant Green and Yellow

Verdant Green and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #12674A, #FAF4D3, #96939B

If you’re going for a fresh, spring-inspired color scheme, combining leafy green and yellow is a great choice. One of the best ways to do this is to include actual greens in your room. Potted plants make a statement against soft yellow walls. Or if you wish, you can simply place a few plants in yellow pots around the room.

If you want to create a memorable room with a non-traditional color scheme, try combining verdant green and bright yellow against a light blue wall. One way to do this is to add a green couch with yellow pillows along with some green and yellow wall hangings.

8. Tan and Yellow

Tan and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D2B48C, #EDD051, #355E3B

There are several shades of tan in the world of design. Many of them pair well with various shades of yellow. One way to pair them is to intersperse yellow accents in a mostly-tan room. Try adding yellow vases, accent bowls, wall hangings, etc.

You also can add a darker color to act as a grounding influence. Hunter green and tan go well together, but they create a calm and elegant palette. A burst of bright yellow can do a lot to energize this particular palette!

9. Vivid Orange and Yellow

Vivid Orange and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF8200, #F7F06D, #524632

You might be wary of this combination, as orange and yellow are both hot, high-energy shades. But if you use them judiciously, you can create a wonderfully cozy room. One way to do this is by incorporating an orange accent wall in a mostly white or mostly gray living room. Choose dark brown furniture to ground the palette, and then add yellow accent pillows and/or rugs.

If you’d rather the focus be on yellow, you might choose to add a few vivid orange accents. A little bit of this color goes a long way! Try adding a mostly-orange art piece to a room with yellow walls. And if you want to create an autumnal color scheme, opt for a rich golden yellow.

10. Sky Blue and Yellow

Sky Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #87CEEB, #F8E16C, #ADA0A6

Blue is one of the more common cool colors when it comes to design. And if you like blue but would prefer a shade with a bit more energy than average, sky blue is an outstanding option.

You can shape the energy of the room based on the shades of blue and yellow you pick. Choose pastels for a light, airy aesthetic. Or if you want to make a bolder statement, choose saturated shades of both. This combination really lends itself to patterns. Try a sky blue and bright yellow patterned rug in a mostly-neutral room.

11. Terra Cotta and Yellow

Terra Cotta and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E2725B, #FCDC4D, #5F464B

Terra cotta’s earthy charm is a mainstay in modern design. It’s a great way to add a Mediterranean flair, especially when used as a wall color. If you go this route, try adding tapestries or other wall hangings with a good bit of yellow.

Of course, that much terra cotta isn’t right for everyone. If that’s the case with your palette, there’s an easy way to add little accents of this color. Simply add a few plants in terra cotta pots, and you’ve successfully added a little rustic touch.

12. Turquoise and Yellow

Turquoise and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #F4B942, #837569

Turquoise is a cheerful, high-energy color that evokes memories of summer. And when you combine it with yellow (especially bright yellow), it adds a distinctly modern feel. The key when using yellow and turquoise is to choose one as the main color and one as an accent. For instance, in a yellow-walled room, even a turquoise lamp or two should be enough.

You also could use both colors as accents. Try adding a mostly turquoise and yellow piece of wall art in an otherwise-white room. The color adds a focal point and gives the room some character.

13. Warm Beige and Yellow

Warm Beige and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F5F5DC, #F7F77C, #ABAB98

Beige has been a mainstay in interior design since time immemorial. And much like warm white, warm beige works nicely with shades of softer yellow. Pastel or buttercream yellow walls look especially nice with warm beige living room furniture. 

If you want to keep the focus on the yellow, you might try bright yellow furniture or bedspreads against pale, warm beige walls. If you want to add a darker grounding influence, navy blue or marine blue will work well with warm beige and various shades of yellow.

14. Olive and Yellow

Olive and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #808000, #FEFFA5, #5B4B49

We’ve already covered how green and yellow pair well together. But if you prefer near-neutral greens, olive is a great choice. This combination is a great candidate for the 60/30/10 rule. This means you should select a neutral color to make up 60% of the room. Use olive for 30% and then include 10% yellow accents. White works nicely as a neutral in this scenario, as it keeps the focus on the olive and yellow.

This combination mimics the way olive and yellow are commonly seen in nature. After all, on a flowering plant, a significant amount of deep green is dotted with bursts of bright yellow.

15. Coral and Yellow

Coral and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF7F50, #F0DC82, #9899A6

If your goal is to create a color scheme that’s bold and bright, yellow and coral are great options. But as you may have guessed, this combination can become overly loud if not used carefully. 

This combo also does well when used with the 60/30/10 rule. Pick a cool neutral like gray for the 60%. You can decide whether you want to emphasize coral or yellow with the remaining 30% and 10%. These colors are an excellent choice for a beach house or summer cottage, and they look great with white wicker furniture.

16. Burgundy and Yellow

Burgundy and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #800020, #FFC857, #F3EFF5

This color combination has the potential to create a look of understated elegance. One classic way to do this is to temper the energy of yellow walls with burgundy curtains. For an extra-bold look, place a white couch in front of a burgundy accent wall. Then place yellow and burgundy accent pillows on the couch.

If you want to keep all the colors in this palette muted, you can try combining mustard yellow with burgundy. Just make sure to add some pale neutral, too, as this combination can become overly heavy. Warm white or cream will work especially well.

17. Pea Green and Yellow

Pea Green and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8EAB12, #E6FC81, #979C84

Pea green is quite an on-trend color. And while you might not initially think so, it pairs well with yellow. It’s an impactful wall color that does nicely in a room with yellow accents. This combination looks especially balanced when broken up with crisp white. You can keep the palette closer to monochrome with muted, mustard-hued yellows or play up the contrast with sunnier shades.

When combining these two, try to make sure you don’t use too much of either one, as that may create a room that looks overly busy or bright.

18. Mauve and Yellow

Mauve and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E0B0FF, #F5ECCD, #846C5B

If you like the look of yellow and purple but prefer a softer contrast, mauve is an excellent choice. Its somewhat muted nature helps to quiet yellow’s vibrance. Mauve makes a great wall color, and you can adjust the mood of the room by changing the saturation. Use a very washed-out shade for an almost neutral effect, or choose deeper mauve for a bold and unconventional look. In a room with a good bit of mauve and yellow, try incorporating pillows or other accents with black and white patterning. It’s a surprisingly good way to ground this combination.

You also can harness this pretty combination in smaller doses. Try a mauve and yellow flower arrangement on a coffee table. Especially in a room that’s mostly neutral, it can create a beautifully unique centerpiece. 

19. Marine Blue and Yellow

Marine Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #01386A, #FED766, #AFC2D5

You often hear about navy blue or royal blue being used alongside yellow. But if you can’t decide between the two, the deep, rich hue of marine blue makes a great choice. If you’re a fan of bold wall colors, try marine blue walls with cool white trim.

This shade of blue is fairly easy to find in the world of design. If you have a marine blue bedspread or marine blue living room furniture, even a simple yellow wall hanging or an accent pillow or two can be a great way to add a pop of color. This combination works well in a kitchen, too: try a marine blue tiled backsplash with bright yellow cookware.

20. Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #F4D35E, #694873

This may be a combination that makes you think of road signs and bumblebees. But when you use it well, it can create a memorable modern edge. In particular, combining elements of black and white patterning and elements of yellow works beautifully. A photo or print of a zebra (or any black-and-white photograph) hung on a yellow wall is a great example.

If you’re a fan of bright furniture, you can have a lot of fun with this combination. In a living room with yellow couches or chairs, try a black and white patterned rug or even a patterned tile floor.

21. Pastel Blue and Yellow

Pastel Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B4D9EF, #F6EFA6, #FFD6E0

This lovely combination is reminiscent of blue skies and yellow buttercups. You can choose bright shades of yellow for greater contrast or opt for an all-pastel palette with soft yellow, too. Try blue and yellow accent pillows on a white or gray couch. For a nursery or calming bedroom, hang sheer pastel blue curtains in a room with pastel yellow walls.

These colors also work well when used in patterns. Try a pastel blue and yellow patterned bedspread in a room with soft gray or off-white walls. This color combination also looks nice when used in tiling on bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, and more.

22. Champagne and Yellow

Champagne and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F7E7CE, #F5F2C4, #DED8CE

If you like off-whites but want something that looks a little more regal, champagne is a fantastic color choice. And since champagne does have a hint of yellow, it’s great for creating an almost-monochrome look. Soft yellow accent pillows or throws work well on champagne-colored furniture.

Champagne also makes a nice wall color if you want a neutral but are looking for something that isn’t beige. With this color scheme, adding a few yellow accents throughout the room can create some more energy. But with this combination, it’s a good idea to include a little black or very dark brown to act as a grounding influence.

23. Emerald Green and Yellow

Emerald Green and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #50C878, #E8C547, #483519

Various shades of green tend to work well with yellow. But if you like bolder jewel tones, emerald may be just what you need. This regal color’s bluish undertones balance out yellow’s energy.

Emerald works well with jewel-toned yellows, so try combining it with rich golden yellows. One particularly bold way to do this is to include a golden-yellow table, chair, or couch in front of an emerald accent wall. This combination looks great with dark-stained woods. You can also add the slightest touch of yellow to a mostly emerald room: even a vase of bright yellow flowers can add some much-needed contrast.

24. Mint Green and Yellow

Mint Green and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #99EDC3, #E4B363, #5A5353

Mint is another green shade that looks good with yellow. If you like patterns, a mint and yellow rug can add some interest to a mostly-white room. Or for a summery look, hang a bright yellow hammock on the porch of a home with a mint-green exterior. To create this look indoors, pair soft mint walls with a few sunny yellow accents.

This is also a combination you can use to create retro looks! If you can find vintage mint-green kitchen appliances, they can make your kitchen truly memorable. Then, create high-energy contrast with bright yellow kettles, kitchen towels, and more. If you can’t find mint appliances, you can opt for mint-finished cabinets, too.

25. Pewter and Yellow

Pewter and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #ADB4BF, #F3FFB6, #7A6174

Like many bright colors, yellow looks good with cool-hued metals. And since pewter accessories and hardware are quite common, this isn’t a difficult look to create at all. Pewter picture frames look great on just about any shade of yellow walls. You can heighten to warm-cool juxtaposition here by including black and white photos in the frames. And if you want to use yellow to create a high-energy kitchen, pewter-finished appliances and cabinet hardware can create the perfect look.

Pewter room accents like bowls and vases are an easy way to include some pewter in an existing yellow color scheme. And since pewter functions as a neutral, it will fit in nicely with just about any existing color combination you have.

26. Aubergine and Yellow

Aubergine and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #472C4C, #FCDC4D, #A5B5BF

Aubergine is the color of an eggplant, so it’s a little like a combination of burgundy and purple. It’s a regal color that adds some real character to just about any room. Aubergine walls can create a moody aesthetic, and they look great in a room with mustard yellow furniture. To avoid making the room too dark, try including cool white ceilings and wall trim.

Even a few hints of yellow can do a lot for an aubergine-heavy room. A rug with a partially yellow or mostly-yellow pattern can add some pleasant energy and help ensure that the room doesn’t become overly dark.

27. Warm Gray and Yellow

Warm Gray and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #AFA79F, #EDFF7A, #535657

Gray is a wonderfully versatile neutral. And if you like the look of gray but are worried about a room looking overly cool, warm gray can pair well with yellow. Warm shades of gray work well as wall colors, especially in a room with bright yellow furniture.

If you like patterns, try incorporating wallpaper, rugs, or even wall hangings with geometric patterns of warm gray and bright yellow. You don’t have to stick with bright yellow if you don’t want to, though: softer yellows are also great for pairing with softer warm grays.

28. Bronze and Yellow

Bronze and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C5832B, #EFF7CF, #26547C

Incorporating metallic decor is a great way to make a room stand out. And while most metallic shades look nice with yellow, bronze is a great choice if you really want to capitalize on yellow’s warmth.

For more traditional or conservative looks, you just need to make sure you incorporate bronze hardware in a room that is largely yellow. But you also have the option of going a lot bolder. Bronze hanging lamps, wall sculptures, and even frames look great against yellow walls. But if you want to add a cooler, grounding shade, try a room with marine blue walls, yellow furniture, and a few bronze hanging lamps.

29. Cool Beige and Yellow

Cool Beige and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D8BCAB, #F2F294, #EDF0EB

We mentioned earlier that beige is a mainstay. But if you want a cooler shade to counterbalance yellow, cool beige is a great choice. Cool beige furniture is also especially easy to find. You can easily create a well-balanced living room with cool beige couches and some yellow accent pillows. To add some more visual interest, try pillows or rugs patterned with yellow and blue (or a similar cool color).

For something a bit brighter, try adding a few bright pops of yellow in a room with cool beige walls. You can add anything from full pieces of yellow furniture to a couple of bright yellow vases.

30. Charcoal Gray and Yellow

Charcoal Gray and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454F, #FAFFD8, #D8D4F2

You already know that yellow looks great with many shades of gray. But if you want a dramatic contrast that includes a classic dark neutral, try pairing charcoal gray with yellow! Charcoal gray couches, chairs, and bedspreads all look nice with yellow accents.

But you also can go very bold with this look. A dark charcoal accent wall can certainly make a statement, especially if you add a few largely yellow wall hangings. And as is the case with bright yellow and most other dark colors, charcoal and yellow patterns make a memorable addition, too.

31. Lavender and Yellow

Lavender and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E6E6FA, #F9FBB2, #7A7D7D

Yellow and purple are complementary colors, so it’s no surprise that lavender and yellow make a great pairing. This combination works especially well when both shades are pastels. Try adding a few pastel lavender and yellow accents in a room that’s mostly gray or white. Or keep most of the room neutral. Just adding a bright yellow and lavender patterned rug can add a lovely focal point.

Either of these colors would make a great wall color. And if you want to add some contrasting elements, try adding black-and-white or grayscale paintings (or other wall hangings) to pastel-colored walls.

32. Lime Green and Yellow

Lime Green and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #32CD32, #FFBF00, #FFFCF9

Lime green is a very on-trend color. You might be surprised to hear that it pairs well with yellow. Vintage or mustard-hued yellows work nicely here, as they’re bright without being blindingly so.

That being said, it’s a good idea to make sure this color scheme is broken up a little by white or other colors. A room with lots of lime green and yellow can be really pulled together by a black and white tile floor (or even a black and white patterned rug). Playing around with these colors is a lot of fun, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

33. Cardinal Red and Yellow

Cardinal Red and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C41E3A, #ECDD7B, #6D8EA0

When combined carefully, red and yellow create a dramatic and modern look. A red couch against a yellow wall can look beautiful, especially with a few cooler colors interspersed throughout the room.

Too much cardinal red and yellow can make a room look like a McDonald’s sign, so including some other colors here is key. Teal is dark enough to ground the combination, and even adding a teal rug to the room described above is a good move. Alternatively, you can take a room that’s largely cool beige or gray, and add in some splashes of red and yellow.

34. Magenta and Yellow

Magenta and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF00FF, #FFEE93, #647AA3

Magenta’s remarkably bright color sits somewhere between pink and purple. This shade is a fun one to experiment with, and you can use it to create delightfully modern color schemes. Try placing a bright magenta chair as a statement piece in a yellow-walled room to create a memorable palette.

If you want to incorporate cooler colors, you can add touches of bright magenta and bright yellow to a room with slate blue walls. Art pieces, tapestries, and even end tables can be great ways to add in a little magenta or yellow!

35. Violet and Yellow

Violet and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8F00FF, #FEE440, #EFE9F4

We’ve included a few shades of purple on the list, but violet’s blue undertones and gentle elegance make it an especially nice complement to yellow. This dignified color combination also looks great with gold hardware, hanging lamps, etc.

Try adding a violet accent wall with yellow wall hangings to a room that’s mostly white. A series of gold hanging lamps can help dress up the look even more. Or if you want to go really bold, hang bright yellow curtains in a room with violet walls. Try including white wall trim or other lighter accessories to keep the room from becoming too dark.

36. Wood Tones and Yellow

Wood Tones and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #6F432A, #FFFBBD, #7CA5B8

Wood flooring (and furniture) looks nice with just about any color. But the color of stain you choose has the power to really transform a largely-yellow room. For a lighter, airier look, opt for very pale stains. These colors look great with soft pastel yellows and white. 

If you want to tone down yellow’s energy a bit, darker coffee-brown wood tones also look great. Dark brown furniture can hold its own against even the brightest of yellows. You might consider choosing a dark wood dining room table to place against bright yellow walls. Crisp white wall trim and molding can really pull this look together.

37. Navy Blue and Yellow

Navy Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #F5D547, #F8F8FF

This color combination is a real classic. Navy’s rich, near-neutral quality makes it an outstanding color to pair with almost any yellow. If you’re going for a vintage-inspired aesthetic, place mustard-yellow velour chairs and/or couches in a room with navy walls.

Navy also can help you create a light, modern aesthetic. Try incorporating elements of pastel yellow and navy blue into a color palette. A navy bedspread looks nice against pale yellow walls. Navy and yellow also make great patterns; try a pale yellow and navy striped rug in a mostly-white living room!

38. Forest Green and Yellow

Forest Green and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #014421, #EDF060, #8F7E4F

Like navy, forest green is a shade that does a great job of grounding a room. You can use this color a lot like navy, too. Forest green walls and/or furniture can help create a moody aesthetic, and they go well with mustard yellow or yellow ochre furniture.

If you’d rather incorporate forest green in small doses, deep green pillows go well with yellow couches or chairs. Try combining them with pastel yellows for higher contrast, or go for a more autumnal aesthetic by pairing them with golden, jewel-toned yellow.

39. Burnt Orange and Yellow

Burnt Orange and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BF5700, #FFFB46, #9AA899

We mentioned earlier that vivid orange and yellow can work well together. But if you’d rather tone down that look a bit, choose burnt orange instead of bright orange. Burnt orange and golden yellow are great for creating an autumn-inspired look. But brighter yellows pair nicely with it, too. Try a burnt orange accent wall in a room with a few yellow accents. Dark wooden furniture is great for grounding this look.

Of course, if you only want a touch of warmer colors in a space, try adding a few burnt orange or yellow accents in a room with charcoal gray or espresso brown furniture.

40. Gold and Yellow

Gold and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #FAE49B, #E3DBC1

Many different metallic shades look good with yellow. And if you want to add a regal air to any room, gold is a good choice. One common way to harness this combination is to include ornate gold frames for pictures, mirrors, etc.

If you find the warmth of gold and the warmth of yellow to be too much, break up this color scheme with marine blue or a similar cool color. Add a gold wall hanging and a bright yellow rug, chair, etc. This way, you get the warmth of yellow and gold, but the cooling influence of the blue keeps the room in balance.

41. Hot Pink and Yellow

Hot Pink and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF1694, #F5E960, #BCD4E6

This combination certainly isn’t for everyone, but it can certainly make a room memorable! You don’t need a whole lot of hot pink to make a statement. Even a woven rug with stripes of yellow, blue, white, and a little hot pink can transform a room. You can also place a hot pink table lamp next to a yellow couch.

This combination can also work well in a bedroom. While too much hot pink can add a little too much energy, a pink pillow or two on a largely yellow bedspread can create a vivid focal point.

42. Sage Green and Yellow

Sage Green and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9CAF88, #FFFBAD, #424B54

Sage green is a trendy shade of green that seems at home in vintage and modern palettes alike. It’s also versatile; you can pair soft sage and pastel yellow in a room or use soft sage walls as a backdrop for lively bursts of yellow.

If you opt to use sage and yellow together, you might consider adding some warm white as well. These three colors can create a gentle, vintage-inspired aesthetic that will make any room feel welcoming. You might consider creating a calming living room with sage walls, an ivory couch, and pale sage and yellow accent pillows.

43. Cool White and Yellow

Cool White and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4FDFF, #FBEC5D, #6F8695

Cool, crisp white tends to go well with yellow. And if you’re creating a palette with a rich, sunny shade, cool white may be just what you need. Crisp white crown molding on yellow walls can add a modern touch to a classic design. And if you like wallpaper, an accent wall with stripes of cool white and bright yellow can add some real energy to a room.

If you want to try something a little different, you can create an ultra-modern look with a mostly-white room. Bright yellow couches (or chairs, or tables) look quite striking against white walls!

44. Periwinkle and Yellow

Periwinkle and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #CCCCFF, #FFDF64, #7A7D7D

Periwinkle is a beautifully unique shade sitting between purple and blue. It makes a soothing wall color, especially when combined with warm white or soft gray furniture. If you choose periwinkle walls, little yellow accents throughout the room can form a happy contrast without disturbing the soothing feel.

You can also create memorable palettes with various shades of periwinkle. In a color scheme like this, even a single bunch of yellow flowers or a single yellow wall hanging can create an interesting focal point.

45. Medium Brown and Yellow

Medium Brown and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7F5112, #FCF6B1, #B4B8C5

You probably aren’t rushing to paint your walls medium brown. But this rich, earthy hue is a great choice when it comes to furniture, and it forms a great backdrop for yellow. Try a medium brown wooden table with a bright yellow table runner. Or if you prefer, hang brown picture frames on a soft yellow wall.

Medium brown isn’t just a color for wooden furniture, though; it’s a great shade for leather living room furniture. It looks especially nice with light butter yellow. This gentle yellow shade excels as a wall color, but it’s also a cozy choice for throws, pillows, and more. Patterns work well here, too: many shades of blue look quite nice when combined with soft yellow and medium brown.

Designing With Yellow

Whether you already have experience with interior design or just want to make a few adjustments to your home’s existing color scheme, we hope you’ve gotten some inspiration. Whether you want to create a soothing energy or add a burst of summery color, yellow has the power to transform any room!