Retail Store Color Ideas: The Best Paint Colors for Shops

Modern shop interior design with trendy colors

Color creates a powerful emotional and visual stimulus. Naturally, the retail store color ideas you utilize for painting your retail store/shop’s space will influence people’s buying habits as well as your employees’ productivity. According to noted retail designer Jeff Grant, until the late 1990s, neutral colors were considered as the best paint colors for shops. Today however, his company makes use of ultra bright colors when painting the walls of their retail shop clients.

However, Mark Youngberg of AAA Painting Contractors Inc., recommends choosing store paint colors as per the message your shop/brand is trying to convey. For example, educational toy store owners would want to choose primary colors like Red, Blue and Green as their paint colors for shops. However, for health food stores, he recommends earthy and natural hues like browns, wheat, and sage green and so on.

In either case, one thing is for certain: colors of the merchandise alone are not the primary influencing factors of customers shopping decisions. The colors of the store’s walls and the overall retail store color ideas you utilize will also play an important role in whether or not the customer will make a purchase. Thus, choosing the right paint colors for shops is extremely essential to not only encourage customers to linger longer in the shop but to  also make a purchase.

Here are a few popular retail store color ideas for your shop:

  • Use the colors that are traditionally associated with your industry.  This will help people buy your products by highlighting them rather than overwhelming them. For example, if you sell baby products, you would want to use muted colors, light pinks, baby blues and other pastel shades. This is how people generally decorate their nurseries at home. If you utilize similar paint colors on your walls, it would help your customers imagine how certain products would actually appear in their homes. On the other hand, if you are a lingerie retailer, a bolder choice in the paint colors for shops would work against the delicate quality of products you are selling. Likewise, energetic and warm colors like yellow, orange etc are best suited as accents on walls of fitness equipment retailers and sporting goods shops.
  • An important part of choosing retail store color ideas is to ensure that the chosen colors help you build your brand. A 2007 study has established how people associate a brand with a particular color. So, if you have a logo, use its colors while selecting the paint colors for shops.
  • For very large shops, it is sensible to paint the ceiling using darker hues as this makes the space more intimate by creating an illusion of the roof “coming closer” to the ceiling. This works especially well for high cavernous spaces.
  • One of the best retail store color ideas is to also take a look at your merchandise and its packaging. When using colored packing material, ensure that the paint colors for shops does not clash with the packing material.
  • Choosing the paint colors for shops based on the kind of customers you are trying to attract. Younger customers prefer energetic or warmer color tones, while busy and ‘task-oriented’ older clients like relaxing hues with less dramatic contrasts.

These are a few retail store color ideas that can help you choose the right paint colors for your shop.