27 Colors That Go With Navy Blue (Color Palettes)

Living room and kitchen interior in navy blue colors

When you think of classic colors, navy blue probably comes to mind. Whether it’s in clothing or interior design, navy seems to never go out of style. This deep blue is a great shade to build a palette around, and you can really shape the mood of a space with the companion colors you choose.

Here are some colors that go with navy blue, including color palette examples.

1. Gold and Navy Blue

Gold and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #18206F, #CBCBD4

Starting off the list is gold, a regal metallic that really makes a statement when paired with navy blue. Too much gold can easily make a room look gaudy. But when it’s used conservatively, gold is ideal for making any space look elegant. Most people think of actual metals when they think of gold, and actual metals are quite easy to integrate. A big gold clock or extravagant gold wall sculpture seems to radiate from a navy blue wall. On the quieter end, you can add furniture with gold legs and hardware to a room that is largely navy.

If you want something different, shimmering gold upholstery makes a real statement in a navy-heavy palette. A shiny gold ottoman will pop next to a navy blue couch. Or if you want to add sparkling accents to your bedroom or living room, bring in a handful of pillows made with glittering gold fabric.

2. Charcoal Gray and Navy Blue

Charcoal Gray and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454F, #061E45, #C3E3EB

If you’d rather avoid a glitzy and high-contrast palette, you might be interested in the calming combination of navy blue and charcoal gray. Of course, if your color scheme revolves around these two colors alone, the space is likely to feel suffocating. To add some light without disrupting the peaceful vibe, create a gradient from charcoal gray to cool white. The layering of shades will add depth and interest.

You might find that this palette needs an accent color. Green is a good choice; it’s still a cool color, but it adds a few much-needed bursts of color. Actual green plants, green wall hangings, or even pieces of antique green glass are all good choices. Don’t be afraid to play around with different accent colors to see which one suits you!

3. Cool White and Navy Blue

Cool White and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4FDFF, #05204A, #6F8695

This nautical-inspired combination is as classic as they come, and there are seemingly infinite ways to use it. If you like patterned walls, navy and white striped or otherwise patterned wallpaper will make any room stand out. But if you prefer the solid look of a matte-finished navy wall, you can create a high-contrast look with a bright white bedspread.

A navy and white color scheme can also really transform your kitchen. Navy blue cabinets look striking with white marble countertops. And since navy and white tiling always looks great, you might add in a tiled backsplash, too.

4. Pastel Yellow and Navy Blue

Pastel Yellow and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FDFD96, #151E3F, #F4B393

Navy and yellow work beautifully together to create dynamic color schemes. But if you find bright, high-energy yellows to be too overwhelming, try pastel yellow! All-pastel color schemes can sometimes seem overly pale and a little too dreamy. But when you combine pastel yellow with navy, the deep blue hue grounds the color scheme while creating a pleasing contrast.

When pastel yellow is pale enough, you can use it much like a neutral. It’s a nice wall color if you want something warmer than white but brighter than cream. Pastel yellow walls make a nice backdrop for navy furniture. For a palette that skews lighter, try a living room with soft yellow walls, white couches and chairs, and navy blue lampshades, pillows, and rugs.

5. Black and Navy Blue

Black and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #07193D, #EBF1FC

This color pairing might sound too dark at first. But if you carefully use both black and navy in a room, the resulting palette will be elegant yet subdued. In order to keep your space from being downright shadowy, be sure to separate navy and black throughout.

This combination is a good one to use in a dining room. Include a black table and chairs and a navy blue rug in a room with white or cream walls. To balance things out, include a few wall hangings that are primarily navy blue.

6. Light Green and Navy Blue

Light Green and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #90EE90, #0A122A, #D0CCD0

In the clothing world, pale shades of green with blue undertones are often paired with navy to create refreshingly preppy looks. This combination isn’t especially common in the design world, but it will give any space a modern, youthful facelift. Navy and light green look great in patterns, so it’s easy enough to add patterned pillows, rugs, bedspreads, etc. to a room that has a mostly neutral palette.

You can also add a fair amount of each color while keeping them separate. For a bright child’s bedroom, paint the top half of the walls cool white and the bottom half navy. Choose a lively light green for the quilt. To tie into the walls, add a couple of navy accent pillows to the bed.

7. Cardinal Red and Navy Blue

Cardinal Red and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C41E3A, #1D3461, #FDFFFC

Shades of bright red pop against navy. But if you’re trying to make sure your space doesn’t look overly patriotic, be sure to incorporate small touches of red as opposed to multiple large stretches of it. Turkish-style rugs are an excellent way to include red. These rugs are patterned, and many also include some navy blue.

If your space has navy walls, a mostly-red Turkish rug with a bit of navy can really tie things together. Alternatively, if you have a largely-navy palette that could use a little warming up, a red accent wall (provided the other walls are white or another neutral) can restore some balance.

8. Ochre and Navy Blue

Ochre and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #CC7722, #1D3461, #EFF1F3

Some colors seem to ooze vintage appeal, regardless of the style of decor. Ochre is one of them. Named for a natural pigment whose color comes largely from iron oxides, ochre is a muted yellow with definite hints of rust. And since blue and orange are complementary colors, the orangish undertones of this shade make it look great against navy.

Believe it or not, ochre is a somewhat popular color for couches, especially velour ones. And one of the best ways to deploy this combination is to use an ochre couch in a navy room (or at least a room with a navy accent wall). If you’d prefer to avoid bold wall colors or live somewhere where painting the walls is impractical, just add navy pillows to an ochre couch.

9. Pewter and Navy Blue

Pewter and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #ADB4BF, #151E3F, #FF9B42

Pewter is a classic, muted metallic, making it a perfect companion for navy. And like many metallics, it’s easy to incorporate: picture frames, lamps, furniture hardware, and accent bowls are all possibilities.

One interesting way to combine these colors is to include a pewter-framed photo or art piece above a navy blue mantle. This look does well with white or cream walls. You can also use this combination in a kitchen. Brushed steel appliances often have a pewter-like appearance. Combine this look with navy cabinets with pewter hardware, and you have a wonderfully cool palette.

10. Light Wood Tones and Navy Blue

Light Wood Tones and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D7BA89, #192A51, #8B9EB7

Thanks in part to the popularity of Scandinavian-style interiors, light wood tones have been having a moment. If you have a room with navy walls or other large stretches of navy, light wood tones will help lighten the palette. You don’t often see very pale floors, but light wood tones are a popular choice for shelving, bed frames, chairs, and more.

To soften the overall look, include shades of soft beige or quiet gray. For example, if your bedroom has navy walls and pale wooden furniture, include a shaggy, pale beige rug. A pale neutral bedspread is also a good idea.

11. Coral and Navy Blue

Coral and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF7F50, #0A2342, #EFE9E7

Want to create a high-contrast, dynamic color palette? Combine coral with navy blue! Orange and blue are complementary colors, and while coral is technically a shade of pink, its powerful orange undertones make it really stand out against navy. Coral is a great choice if you want to energize navy and give it a summery feel.

This is an effective combination even when you use small touches of both colors. Suppose your living room has beige walls and white couches. Add curtains patterned with coral and a few shades of light blue. Complete the palette with decorative pillows: use a mix of solid coral pillows and pillows with white and navy blue patterning. If you still think you need some more coral, create an especially eclectic look with an accent chair patterned in coral and white.

12. Brick and Navy Blue

Brick and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #CB4154, #011936, #EAEAEA

If you like industrial-style design, exposed brick walls are perfect. The warm, reddish hue of brick goes beautifully with navy blue. Lots of basements have uncovered brick walls, so if you’re interested in designing a basement bar, include navy blue cabinetry in front of the wall. This design looks great with vintage-style lamps.

If you want to try something a little different, put navy blue wainscoting on the bottom half of a brick wall. You can even mix industrial with opulent here: include a couple of gold wall hangings, and you’ll have a beautifully balanced space.

13. Sage Green and Navy Blue

Sage Green and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9CAF88, #171738, #C6D8FF

Navy looks great with various shades of green, but sage’s silvery cast makes it an especially great choice. Sage is an especially trendy color in the design world right now, and it’s often seen as a wall color. And since it’s soothing and cool, it’s right at home in a bedroom. You can create an earthy yet elegant interior here with a navy bedspread and a few other navy accents. 

If you prefer sage-colored furniture, you can also flip the colors for a high-contrast look. A sage green couch will pair nicely with a navy wall. Either matte or gloss walls will look good; you can always experiment with paint samples to see which finish best suits the space.

14. Turquoise and Navy Blue

Turquoise and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #031A6B, #F9E7E7

Although lots of people choose contrasting colors to go with navy, it also works harmoniously with other blue shades. Turquoise is vibrant but still cool, making it a wise choice to pair with navy. It’s relatively easy to find accent pillows patterned with both colors, and they look especially striking in paisley patterns.

You also can use a turquoise and white pattern and pair it with navy. Patterned wallpapers will add a modern twist to just about any space. If you have a wall with a turquoise and white pattern, it will go beautifully with navy couches and chairs. If you’d rather avoid wallpaper, go with an abstract painting with a good bit of turquoise. To tie in the colors a little better, add a couple of turquoise accent pillows.

15. Medium Brown and Navy Blue

Medium Brown and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7F5112, #0A2463, #FFEDDF

This combination always seems to look vaguely formal. That might be because it’s often seen in menswear: navy suits and brown shoes are a classic. Medium brown is a common finish for wood and leather alike, so this combination isn’t a difficult one to create. If you’re hoping for a moodier look, matte navy walls look great in spaces with medium-brown wooden flooring. Or if you have a wood-paneled living room, navy-colored velour couches make a great addition.

Darker palettes certainly aren’t for everyone. But the navy and brown combination still works nicely when you use smaller doses of each color. If your living room has white or soft beige walls, try incorporating a medium-brown leather couch and a navy blue rug to your decor. 

16. Emerald Green and Navy Blue

Emerald Green and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #50C878, #0A2342, #FFFDF7

Like jewel tones? Give this non-traditional combination a shot! At first, navy and emerald might sound like an odd couple—after all, both are deep, intense cool colors. Both also look great in velvet, and one way to successfully use this combination is to place emerald velvet pillows on a navy velvet couch. To balance out this combination, use it in a room with soft beige walls.

If your navy and emerald space seems like it could benefit from metallic accessories, try bronze. It’s a suitable companion for these classic colors, and accessorizing with it is easy: just add a bronze floor lamp or two.

17. Blush Pink and Navy Blue

Blush Pink and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F1ABB9, #17255A, #CEE5F2

Almost any shade of pink will pair well with navy. The contrast isn’t as stark as that of navy and white, but navy and blush pink create a very balanced palette. If you’re going the more traditional route, include some navy accents in a space with blush pink walls. Matte navy walls have become more popular in recent years, so if you want to try that, include a pink wall hanging, pink curtains, or even a pink rug.

Blush pink and navy really look great in patterns. If you have a living room that’s mostly white, beige, or gray, you can use one of these patterns to really brighten things up. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; even a couple of navy and pink paisley pillows will really stand out.

18. Sky Blue and Navy Blue

Sky Blue and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #87CEEB, #2B4570, #A6979C

Lots of color palettes layer various shades of blue. But very few use sky blue and navy! When you use these two colors with white, sand, or another light neutral, you’ll create a dynamic palette that you certainly don’t see every day.

If you’re a fan of unusual couches, a sky-blue couch can really make a family room vibrant. And if the room has white walls, a deep navy blue rug and accent pillows will add just enough color to keep the palette grounded. Alternatively, paint the walls of a bedroom a dilute sky blue. This shade makes a pretty backdrop for a navy blue bedspread!

19. Olive Green and Navy Blue

Olive Green and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #556B2F, #222E50, #FCF7F8

Both navy and olive are strong colors, but they can work well in a palette together, provided they are separated by white. Olive will also make a room feel cozy, so it’s a nice choice of wall color for a family room. You can create a balanced color scheme with olive green walls (make sure the window trim is white!) and white couches. Add in navy and olive pillows and finish out the look with a navy blue rug.

In some cases, painting all the walls olive might seem like too much. If you’d prefer just a touch of olive, keep the walls white or beige and paint the wall trim olive green. It’s an unusual choice, but in some rooms, it’s the right one!

20. Lemon Yellow and Navy Blue

Lemon Yellow and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FEF250, #1F2041, #E9F1F7

Navy is deep, cool, and stoic. Lemon yellow is sunny, cheerful, and brimming with vibrance. The contrast between the two will create a distinctive palette with a great balance of energy. But in order to prevent your color scheme from becoming outright chaotic, make use of the handy 60-30-10 rule. Choose a neutral (cool white works well here) to take up 60% of the room. Make navy blue take up 30%, and then use yellow for the remaining 10%.

The trick with mixing navy blue and lemon yellow is to confine the yellow to a relatively small space. A piece of contemporary art that is almost entirely vibrant yellow is a good way to do this. If you’re decorating a space that is primarily navy and white, prominently display a single bright art piece. It adds a shot of incredible energy!

21. Cool Beige and Navy Blue

Cool Beige and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D8BCAB, #464D77, #6C969D

Beige is one of the most versatile neutrals around. And when you choose a cool shade to go with navy, the resulting palette will be sleek, modern, and distinguished. If you have beige living room furniture, try breathing a little life into the room with a navy and white patterned rug. If you need more navy, try including posters or other wall hangings.

Some lighter wood finishes are close to cool beige. If you have cool beige kitchen cabinets, you can heighten the contrast of your color palette with navy kitchen towels and backsplashes. From there, round out the cool palette with stainless steel appliances.

22. Copper and Navy Blue

Copper and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B87333, #090446, #F1DEDE

Decorating with metallics can be a lot of fun, and decorating with copper and navy is especially so. Both shades have become especially popular in recent years: navy as a wall color and copper for a range of accessories like hammered copper tables. Both navy and copper have a vintage appeal, so they do especially well if you’re designing a space with a retro vibe.

To add a distinctive accent to an otherwise nondescript hallway, paint the wall at the hallway’s end navy blue. Add a hammered copper end table. It makes a great conversation piece, but it’s also useful to have. The copper and navy combination is also excellent for a bathroom. You don’t see copper sink hardware all that often, but it looks striking against a navy wall!

23. Misty Gray and Navy Blue

Misty Gray and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BCC2C2, #27187E, #60463B

Charcoal gray looks nice with navy, but if you find it a bit too dark, opt for a pale, misty gray. It’s an incredibly versatile shade: pale gray works for walls, furniture, bedspreads, and just about anything else that you can think of. Soft gray walls, navy furniture (or a bedspread), and a white and navy patterned rug will make a space feel soothing without being dull.

If you have a living room with a soft gray stone fireplace, you have a great design opportunity. When you paint the walls navy blue, you’ll get a high-contrast color scheme that still manages to feel cozy. Just be sure to include lighter-colored furniture to make sure the palette doesn’t get too dark.

24. Pumpkin Orange and Navy Blue

Pumpkin Orange and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF7518, #29335C, #A8C686

Pumpkin orange is a pretty autumnal shade that makes a great alternative to burnt orange. And since most shades of orange start to seem too loud when overused, it’s wise to use pumpkin as an accent shade rather than the main color for a room. After all, blue and orange are complementary, so even a few small pops of this warm shade will go a long way.

Navy blue velour couches have gotten pretty popular in recent years. You can make yours stand out from the rest by including a pumpkin orange ottoman in your living room. Alternatively, try orange accent pillows and an orange rug.

25. Taupe and Navy Blue

Taupe and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #483C32, #140152, #FCE762

Taupe is a pretty shade that often seems to fall between brown and gray. It’s also a very common color for newer wooden flooring and other accessories. Navy walls look good with taupe flooring and furniture, but you can also pair taupe-colored leather couches with navy walls.

For a lighter palette that still includes navy, choose taupe living room furniture for a room with white walls. Include a navy and white striped rug. Depending on your tastes, you can also add striped accent pillows or go with solid navy. Taupe is a neutral and navy is close to being one, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this combination!

26. Maroon and Navy Blue

Maroon and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #800000, #0A122A, #DADDD8

Most designers use caution when combining navy and red. After all, if you aren’t careful, a navy and red palette might make your space look a little too Americana. Maroon’s purplish hue helps you avoid that pitfall. And since it’s a jewel tone like navy, it’s a natural companion!

Navy and maroon both have strong personalities, so make sure you choose one to use more prominently and one to use as an accent. If you already have a room with navy furniture (like a bedroom with a navy bedspread or a living room with navy couches), a maroon ottoman might just be the touch you need.

27. Cream and Navy Blue

Cream and Navy Blue Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFFDD0, #05204A, #02020A

The combination of navy and white is a classic. If you like this look but want your space to have a vintage vibe, use a rich shade of cream in lieu of white. Cream is an excellent wall color, and it looks practically regal on walls with molding. Navy furniture and rugs will look great in a room with cream walls, but you also don’t need a lot of navy to make a statement. If you prefer primarily-neutral palettes, go with beige or brown furniture. Include several navy accents like lampshades, pillows, rugs, and throws.

You can also choose a more unusual palette that uses more navy than cream. In a bedroom, put a bed with a navy blue bedspread in front of a navy accent wall. Add cream-colored curtains and a cream-colored upholstered headboard. A light gray or cream rug will balance out the large amount of navy.

Designing With Navy Blue

As you can see, navy blue is a color that often functions similarly to a neutral. Consequently, there’s a seemingly endless array of shades that go with it. Take your time choosing which colors you want to combine with navy, deploy that combination carefully, and enjoy the incredible palette you’ve created!