46 Colors That Go With Green (Color Palettes)

Pink velvet sofa in green living room

Most of us associate green with the coming of spring. But when it comes to interior design, green is really a color for all seasons. Whether you opt to use a pale sage as an almost-neutral or choose a bold spring green, this is a color you can have a lot of fun with!

Here’s a list of colors that go with green, including color palette examples.

1. Mustard Yellow and Green

Mustard Yellow and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E1AD01, #73A580, #3E363F

If you’re after a vintage-styled aesthetic, pairing soft mustard yellow with various green shades can work. One option is to use sage green walls as a backdrop for a mustard yellow couch or other furniture.

That look has a good bit of contrast. If you want a room to have the look of a harmonious color gradient, try pairing mustard yellow with yellow-hued greens like chartreuse or pea. Depending on the exact shades you use, this look can become a little heavy, so do your best to break it up with white or pale neutrals.

2. Wood Tones and Green

Wood Tones and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #3F301D, #A8BA9A, #996888

Home decor expert Ashley Knierim notes that the right pairing of green and natural wood can give any room an earthy, woodsy feel. For a subtle take on this look, try pairing neutral greens with light to medium wood floors or trim.

For a darker and more dramatic look, you can also pair darker greens with darker woods. This palette can become too heavy, so you may want to start with an accent piece. An example would be a chair with a dark wooden frame and dark green upholstery.

3. Terra Cotta and Green

Terra Cotta and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E2725B, #3F826D, #E1E6E1

If you’re a fan of earth tones, this particular palette might be just what you need. Terra cotta pairs beautifully with various shades of olive green and similar colors. As you can see in this living room, the terra cotta tiles and the pea-green walls create a sense of warmth.

Of course, if you want to use this palette in a subtler way, you can incorporate terra cotta pottery into a room with green walls or furniture. If you use darker shades of either, it’s a good idea to include white or other lighter colors in the color scheme to avoid the room feeling too closed in.

4. Turquoise and Green

Turquoise and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #507255, #49393B

Turquoise is a shade of blue with a lot of greenish underneath, so it’s only natural that it would pair nicely with green. And depending on the mood you want to create, you can use a range of different shades of green.

Pea green creates a bold, colorful palette that draws the eye. But if you want something softer, pale turquoise looks nice with light mint and other types of pastel green.

5. Gold and Green

Gold and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #4B7F52, #F2F2F2

If you have a flair for the dramatic and want to create a regal color scheme, pair green with gold. A medium kelly green forms a striking contrast and makes a memorable statement. It’s a great look for a front door and can add a splash of color to a neutral-colored home. For a more muted look, softer mint or sage also looks nice with gold hardware.

If you wish, you can also play this look up with additional gold. Retro gold lamps, bowls, etc. will give any green room a facelift. Green and gold has become a trend in the design world, but the looks you create can be vintage or modern

6. Very Pale Yellow and Green

Very Pale Yellow and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFFACA, #679289, #003554

A pastel palette can add an open, airy feel to any room. And since yellow and green are closely related shades, they work well with each other in most contexts. You might try a pastel yellow wall with pastel green furniture (or vice versa).

In some cases, you may find that you want to make one color stand out more. Dark mint accents in a pastel yellow room can create quite a statement. But since these colors are both light, you may want to ground them with a few darker accents.

7. Cool White and Green

Cool White and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4FDFF, #214E34, #857E7B

This classic duo offers you endless opportunity when it comes to design. Combine cool white and hunter green and you get a classic look. Pair shades of lime with white for a fresh take on a vintage aesthetic. Or for ultra-modern appeal, add several green plants to an all-white room.

Don’t be afraid of darker forest greens when working with this combination. A forest green couch against a white wall can really bring a room together. And even dark green kitchen cabinets can be a fun way to join in the dark green trend. For something a little more offbeat, go for green and white patterned wallpaper!

8. Soft Blue-Gray and Green

Soft Blue-Gray and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B7C9E2, #57886C, #1F271B

Just like white and green, soft blue-gray and green is a combination that gives you plenty of options depending on the shade of each that you use. Try a calming blue-green wall color as a backdrop for darker green furniture. 

This combination also works well with slate green, an interesting shade that’s like slate blue with a green tinge. Or if you want a lighter palette, very pale blue-gray against a very pale cool green creates a calming yet welcoming space. Blue-gray doesn’t only look nice with cool green, though; it’s a great backdrop for lime green accents!

9. Coffee Brown and Green

Coffee Brown and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #6F4E37, #C5E384, #386150

Brown and green are must-have colors if you want an earthy palette. One way to do this is to add throw pillows in various shades of green to coffee brown living room furniture. If you want a lighter palette, coffee brown and green accents can liven up a mostly-beige room.

If you enjoy patterns, coffee brown and green are great color choices. Even a patterned throw or vase can add visual interest to a room. Coffee brown looks great with many shades of green, but it goes especially well with shades of lime or soft mint.

10. Muted Orange and Green

Muted Orange and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #EB9C5C, #53917E, #3B3C36

The combination of green and orange may sound garish. And it can be if it isn’t carefully designed. An orange accent (like a mostly-orange painting) can draw the eye and add a little bit of light to a room that’s mostly dark green. Alternatively, if you want to impart some real energy to a room, paint the walls muted orange and sprinkle in several green accents.

If you want a cool/warm counterbalance, try separating green and orange in your color scheme. For example, you might incorporate muted orange pillows on a white couch and then add a green accent wall across the room.

11. Maroon and Green

Maroon and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #800000, #73937E, #E3DBDB

If you shy away from combining any shade of red with green, you aren’t alone. After all, the combination of red and green has the potential to make any room look like a giant Christmas decoration. But judicious use of this combination can result in truly striking color schemes! Since maroon is a purplish red, it will help keep your room from looking like Christmas.

One way to use this palette is to place a maroon couch or chair in a light green (especially sage green) room. Or if you’re looking for something bold and moody, a bedroom with dark green walls and a maroon bedspread makes quite a statement.

12. Raspberry and Green

Raspberry and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E30B5C, #2D4739, #F2EDEB

You don’t often see bright or rich shades of pink in interior design palettes. But the combination of raspberry and green can bring a cheerful and mildly whimsical energy to any room.

For an unusual living room, try adding green and raspberry furniture to a largely-white room. Or if you prefer subtle contrast, intersperse green and raspberry accents throughout a neutral-colored room. And if you really want to make a colorful statement, you can paint your walls raspberry and use that as a backdrop for several green plants.

13. Taupe and Green

Taupe and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #483C32, #6ABEA7, #EDB458

As you’ve seen, just about any shade of green looks nice with just about any neutral shade. And taupe accent pillows and rugs look great alongside green living room furniture. 

The best part of this combo is that you can create different moods with warm taupe vs. cool taupe. Warm taupe is excellent for creating a softer, airier vibe. But cool taupe, much like gray, creates a sleek and modern aesthetic.

You can also create a more intricate color palette by adding multiple shades of taupe throughout the room. This of course sets the stage for a green focal point: a couch, bed, etc.

14. Deep Blue and Green

Deep Blue and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #072A6C, #04724D, #FFFCF2

If you’re a fan of daring color combinations, deep blue also looks great along with green. In particular, it makes a memorable contrast with yellow-tinged greens like pear. Since the contrast is so great, these two colors look especially striking in a pattern. They also fit in well with other shades of blue.

To let this combination really shine, it’s wise to not overdo either color. Be sure to include plenty of white or other pale neutrals in the palette. Even a white rug with a deep blue and green pattern can accomplish a lot in terms of pulling a room together.

15. Daffodil Yellow and Green

Daffodil Yellow and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFFF31, #6BA292, #826251

Daffodil yellow is a cheery shade that’s somewhere between a pastel and a bright yellow. And like many shades of yellow, it looks great with most shades of green. You can incorporate bright, leaf-green accents for a burst of color or ground the bright shade with a shade of darker green.

But if you want to take a conservative approach, it doesn’t take much of either color to make a statement. You can create balance in a room with just daffodil yellow curtains and a soft green chair or couch. Because they are so springlike, these colors look best in another palette of light colors.

16. Warm White and Green

Warm White and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FBFAF2, #6CAE75, #987284

There’s a shade of white for every taste. And if you like the white/green combination but want just a hint of coziness, warm shades of white are the answer. And since they’re great for creating a vintage-inspired aesthetic, warm whites look nice with warm greens like chartreuse and celery.

This rustic combination works especially nicely in a kitchen. You might paint the walls warm white and the cabinets celery green. Alternatively, you can add some green accents to a room that is mostly warm white and warm beige. From there, if you like the look, you can gradually add more green to your color scheme.

17. Cool Beige and Green

Cool Beige and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D8BCAB, #A0ECD0, #3A606E

Beige might sound boring, but it’s one of the most versatile neutrals. It’s able to function as both a warm and a cool color. Cool beige is a way to add some calm to a room without making it seem dark. It looks especially nice with soft seafoam or mint. Or for a more muted palette, pair it with sage. 

Essentially, cool beige works best with any of the cooler shades of green. As a bonus, it’s relatively easy to find living room furniture in this color, so it’s an easy one to incorporate into your designs.

18. Crimson Red and Green

Crimson Red and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #990000, #A7D49B, #706F6F

This combination might sound especially strange, but it can work beautifully! In particular, crimson red pairs well with soft shades of mint. Rich crimson red can become overwhelming if used excessively, so one of the best ways to create this look is to add a few crimson accents in a mostly-mint room. Start off sparingly and add more if you feel like the room needs it.

Alternatively, this combination also looks nice in a mostly-neutral room; you can just add furniture, lamps, etc. that are mint or crimson red. Cool shades of white are a great addition to this particular palette, too.

19. Coral and Green

Coral and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F88379, #D4E09B, #36413E

Coral brings summery energy to any room. It’s also a color that looks great with many different shades of green. For a soft and springlike theme, pair pastel coral with a shade of pastel green. Or if you want to keep the coral as the central focus, use a nearly-neutral sage or khaki as a wall color.

Coral doesn’t only go with light shades of green, though. For a remarkably dramatic contrast, place a coral chair or couch in front of a hunter green wall. Coral is also a great color to include in a diverse palette of green, blue, and yellow.

20. Aubergine and Green

Aubergine and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #472C4C, #C8E9A0, #77867F

Aubergine is French for “eggplant,” and its deep purple hue has become a popular design choice in recent years. If you’re partial to dark, moody palettes, it’s a wonderful shade to consider.

Aubergine also pairs well with green, especially darker shades with hints of blue. This might sound like an overly dark combo, but many designers opt to add green accessories to a room with aubergine walls. In this scenario, it’s a good idea to include a white or off-white ceiling to prevent the room from feeling too closed in. In terms of other furnishings, you can lean into the darker aesthetic with seal brown furniture or offer a counterbalance with lighter hues.

21. Navy Blue and Green

Navy Blue and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #A4B494, #6C6061

If you’re a fan of classic colors, you might be interested in adding navy blue to a room. Navy blue is a color that looks nice alongside many different shades of green. For a demure look, try combining navy and sage. When you intersperse some white, these colors create a beautifully balanced living room. Try navy and white accent pillows on a sage green couch. For a higher-energy room, try combining navy blue with a yellower green like citron. Navy blue furniture and citron walls are a great way to create an intriguing aesthetic.

22. Champagne and Green

Champagne and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F7E7CE, #588157, #1D201F

Champagne is a regal color that manages to be a bit more understated than gold. It looks great with green, especially more muted, earthy shades that work to ground it. If you want a bolder contrast, emerald or shades of darker green work well, too.

If you have a room with champagne furniture, including a few green accents like throws or rugs is a great way to add some character. And since paler shades of champagne can function as a neutral, champagne walls can serve as an elegant backdrop for dark green furniture.

23. Peach and Green

Peach and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFCDA2, #869D7A, #564946

Peach is a highly versatile color when it comes to design. You can choose subtle, pale hues or more saturated and vibrant shades. And since peach adds warmth to any room, the cooler shades of green do a great job of offering a counterbalance. In particular, peach and mint are complementary, so they create a pleasing balance. This combination is great if you like pastel colors but want something that’s a little less common.

Jade green is also a color that looks great with peach. Many peach/green rooms have peach walls and green accessories. But even adding green plants to a peach-walled room can be a fun way to harness the power of this memorable combination.

24. Deep Brown and Green

Deep Brown and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #654321, #698F3F, #F0F66E

Shades of deep brown can do a lot when it comes to grounding a room. And as is the case with many colors on the list, it can create a dramatically different aesthetic depending on the shade used. For a moody yet sophisticated look, pair rifle green with dark brown wooden accents.

Deep brown also creates a memorable contrast against paler shades of green. And since it’s a neutral, it looks nice with virtually any green! Try pairing it with sage, citron, or even shades of lime.

25. Burnt Orange and Green

Burnt Orange and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BF5700, #566E3D, #C7C7A6

If you like earth tones, nothing beats the muted autumnal glow of burnt orange. If you want a darker, cozier look, try pairing it with pine green or similar dark shades. You can even furnish a neutral-colored couch with burnt orange and pine green pillows to incorporate this combination in a subtle way. Warm whites and soft beiges are good choices if you want to add some other colors to the palette.

To stick with the earthy look while going a little lighter, try pairing sage or pale olive with burnt orange. You can create a calmer aesthetic by adding burnt orange to a mostly-green room. Or cultivate a higher-energy space by flipping the colors!

26. Yellow-Orange and Green

Yellow-Orange and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFA836, #90B494, #343434

This is another color combination that you can use to go the earth-tone route. You can also use paler shades to add some subtle energy to a room. Thanks to the warm/cool balance, this is a combination that works very well in patterns. Even adding a green and yellow-orange woven blanket to a neutral living room makes a difference. 

Since yellow-orange is such a high-energy color, it looks nice with more demure greens like moss and olive. Try yellow-orange walls with mossy green light fixtures!

27. Dusty Rose and Green

Dusty Rose and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B48E92, #A3B18A, #383F51

Dusty rose is a pretty shade of pink with a brownish or grayish cast. It’s a good design choice if you like pale shades of pink but want something closer to a neutral. Pale sage green is a good accompaniment. And depending on the exact shade of each, both sage and dusty rose can function almost like a neutral.

Of course, it’s also possible to create a bolder color scheme. Much like coral, dusty rose can be placed against hunter or forest greens to make a unique and memorable contrast.

28. Ash Blue and Green

Ash Blue and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #A7C2CC, #D6F49D, #504B43

Ash blue is a somewhat common color when it comes to interior design, and for good reason. This shade is between gray and baby blue, and it looks good with a range of other colors. Try pairing it with a similarly light shade of green.

Ash blue is a great wall color, so it makes a nice backdrop for a soft green bedspread or green living room furniture. And since both colors go well with white, crisp white wall trim is one possible way to really bring the look together.

29. Bronze and Green

Bronze and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C5832B, #4B543B, #E4FDE1

Though you (probably) don’t want to paint a room bronze, adding bronze hardware or accents to a room can add pleasant vintage appeal. Bronze is a great choice if you like the look of green and gold but would prefer something a bit more toned down.

One way to do this is to paint kitchen cabinets a shade of olive or sage and then add bronze hardware. If you want something a bit bolder, bronze lamps or even statues can stand out against green walls. Choose darker greens for a moodier aesthetic or pale greens for a lighter palette.

30. Lavender and Green

Lavender and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E6E6FA, #8FBC8F, #545F66

Purple and green are two colors that go well together. Lavender’s cool blue undertones make it a great match for green’s soothing energy. You can use pale green and pale lavender to create a gentle, springlike feel. But if you want something bolder, a more saturated lavender can make quite a statement. Bright lavender drapes create a memorable pop of color against pale green walls!

For a more subtle combination of these two colors, try pastel lavender walls, gray or white furniture, and a few green accents in the living room. Or if you want a more complex palette, both of these colors look nice with most shades of blue.

31. Teal and Green

Teal and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #008080, #D0EFB1, #6A5D7B

Teal’s rich yet calming hue makes it a great choice in interior design, particularly in bedrooms or other calm spaces. And if you want to create a decidedly modern aesthetic, teal also pairs nicely with lime and citron.

If you’re using a very saturated teal, take care not to overdo it, as it can quickly become overwhelming. Try a teal backsplash in a kitchen with green cabinets, or a couple of teal accents on green furniture (like teal pillows on a green bedspread). Coral is teal’s complementary color, so if you’re after a high-energy palette, you might try combining teal, coral, and a little lime.

32. Black-Brown and Green

Black-Brown and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #453B32, #AABD8C, #AF929D

Black is quite a versatile neutral when it comes to interior design. But if you need something that’s just a touch warmer than black, black-brown is an ideal choice. This shade looks good with warm-leaning greens like lime and citron. Black-brown and sage or olive drab will give you a darker, quieter aesthetic.

You might try a lime rug in a room with black-brown furniture. Or if you just want to use a little of this combo, hang black-brown picture frames on a green wall. Black-brown is also a great color for a mantle.

33. Burnt Red and Green

Burnt Red and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9F2305, #57886C, #DDD8B8

Burnt red is a somewhat weathered-looking red perfect for creating a farmhouse aesthetic. And while you may already know that this shade looks great with warm whites, it also looks good with green! A rustic, burnt red table or kitchen island looks nice in a room with celery and white walls.

If you want something more modern, a burnt red accent wall can add a little warmth to a room with green furniture. This combination does well when it’s grounded with charcoal gray or another cool-hued neutral. Just like with other red/green combinations, make sure that you use this one carefully.

34. Pewter and Green

Pewter and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #ADB4BF, #357266, #FFE74C

As we’ve seen, green pairs well with several different types of metal. If you like the look of silver but want something a bit more vintage, pewter is a great choice. And thanks to its abundance in the world of home furnishings, pewter is very easy to incorporate into your own decor.

Try hanging pewter picture frames on a green wall, or add pewter bowls as accents in a living room, dining room, or kitchen. And if you’d prefer just a touch of pewter, even adding pewter knobs to green kitchen cabinets will make a difference.

35. Sky Blue and Green

Sky Blue and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #87CEEB, #06A77D, #042A2B

We all know that blue and green go well together. But the shade of each one can have a dramatic impact on the overall mood of a room. Sky blue will add a cheerful energy to any room. Pairing it with pastel green will create a sense of calm, while putting citron or lime in the mix adds a more intense energy.

Regardless of the shade of green you use, you don’t need a lot of green or sky blue to make an impact. Try a sky blue and green patterned rug in a mostly-white room. Or in a room of mostly neutrals, try adding vases, lamps, or other accents in sky blue and the green shade of your choice.

36. Blush Pink and Green

Blush Pink and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F1ABB9, #53917E, #E8F7EE

Blush pink is a classic color when it comes to interior design. It’s great for creating a delicate and soothing mood in any room. Blush pink walls can form a pleasant backdrop for green plants. Or if you want a bolder look, an intense emerald-green couch looks great against a pink wall, too.

If you like wallpaper, this combination is one that should be relatively easy to find. A blush pink and green floral print can add visual interest and be a real conversation starter, too.

37. Royal Blue and Green

Royal Blue and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4169E1, #BBBE64, #F2F7F2

Royal blue is one of the most vibrant blue shades out there. And like most shades of blue, it also pairs well with green. It’s a great choice if you want to create a vibrant color scheme. Try placing a royal blue and white rug in a room with a kelly green accent wall. Temper this color combination with powder blue, gray, or beige.

Since a little bit of royal blue goes a long way, you can even incorporate hints of it in an otherwise green room. A few art pieces prominently featuring royal blue can really pop against soft seafoam green walls.

38. Warm Beige and Green

Warm Beige and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F5F5DC, #6F7C12, #483519

Warm beige is a great neutral if you want to create a cozy living space. As a neutral, it will go nicely with just about any green shade, but it looks especially good with olive green. Both colors have warm undertones perfect for creating a vintage-inspired palette. For an extra-vintage look, try a green and beige wallpaper!

For a higher-contrast look, try incorporating deep emerald or a similar shade of green into a largely-beige room. You can create a layered palette by incorporating various shades of beige and almond around an intense green centerpiece or several green accents.

39. Very Pale Lilac and Green

Very Pale Lilac and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #EDC9F9, #BDD9BF, #4C3B4D

Just like any other floral color, lilac pairs nicely with green. For a nature-inspired room, combine leafy green shades with lilac. Alternatively, you can incorporate muted tones of each to create an almost-neutral look. Very pale lilac is an excellent calming wall color. And for an extra-peaceful palette, fill the room with shades of white, olive, and cream.

Lilac also looks nice with sage. Try adding even a couple of lilac lamps or accents on a sage end table. And if you’re partial to floral prints for wallpapers, bedspreads, etc., this is an easy one to find.

40. Slate Blue and Green

Slate Blue and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #5B7C99, #B6C4A2, #423629

Slate blue is a wonderfully classic color that fits in with just about every type of decor. Try pairing it with sage green. Too much slate blue has the potential to make a room overly dark, so you might try painting a room sage (or a similar shade) and incorporating slate blue accents. Slate blue is also a somewhat common color for living room furniture, so this look isn’t overly difficult to create.

That’s not to say you should absolutely avoid slate blue walls. With enough white to counterbalance, slate blue can be a striking wall color! Try putting together a bedroom with slate blue walls, a white bedspread and bedside tables, and green plants.

41. Azureish White and Green

Azureish White and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #DBE9F4, #9BC53D, #FDE74C

White and green go well together. And if your goal is to create a modern space, a cool, crisp azureish white is just what you need. Pair it with on-trend greens like electric lime or citron. A green and white patterned accent wall is a way to make a statement.

If patterns aren’t your thing, even a few touches of green in an azureish white room can completely transform it. This look is a great way to create an ultra-modern aesthetic that still manages to be personalized.

42. Clay Red and Green

Clay Red and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C2452D, #83B692, #FEEFE5

If you like the color red but need something a bit more toned down, clay red is a great design choice. It’s a great earthy tone that can add some real warmth to a room, especially when used as a wall color. Adding a few green accents to a room with red clay walls can create a fresh and memorable aesthetic.

If you prefer a mostly-green room, try painting the walls a shade of somewhat muted green. Clay red is sometimes used as a furniture color (especially when it comes to leather furniture), so that can be a great way to include it. Even something as simple as a clay red rug can create some warmth without overpowering a room.

43. Lemon Yellow and Green

Lemon Yellow and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FEF250, #D4EAC8, #4C5454

Lemon yellow is not a color for the faint of heart. But when it comes to creating a cheerful palette, nothing beats it. If you have a room like a kitchen that prominently features this sunny shade, even a few leafy green plants can ground it and offer some contrast.

If you like lemon yellow but don’t necessarily want it to be the dominant color in a room, you can use it as an accent shade. In a room with pale green walls, bright primary colors are surprisingly at home as accent colors!

44. Warm Gray and Green

Warm Gray and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #AFA79F, #3C5A14, #403233

Warm gray and green offer seemingly endless design opportunities from the old-fashioned to the modern. If you want to create an old-fashioned living room, try warm gray walls, a cream-colored mantle, and deep green velour couches.

For something more modern, brighter greens like electric lime can really pop against a pale warm gray backdrop. But if you want to tone down the contrast and create a more neutral palette, warmer shades of olive are also a good choice to pair with shades of warmer gray.

45. Chestnut Brown and Green

Chestnut Brown and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #5D2F27, #BBD686, #F7F0F5

Chestnut brown is a rich, reddish brown that brings a lot of warmth to the table. And since this is a color you commonly see in leather, one of the best ways to pair it with green is to place chestnut brown furniture in a green room.

But what shade of green? Just about any green can work. Bold emeralds or even kelly greens can really stand out against brown, especially when used as a wall color. But for something a little calmer, try a paler sage or celery. If you don’t want to commit your walls to green, try adding a green rug to a room with chestnut brown furniture.

46. Black and Green

Black and Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #0B6E4F, #C7CB85

If you’re someone who likes to think (and design) outside the box, there’s a lot you can do with black and green. For a unique and memorable aesthetic, start with a room with a black and white patterned floor. Alternatively, you can use a patterned rug.

Rich, cool-hued greens like emerald really make a statement against this patterned backdrop. A green couch or chair (or even a whole wall) will really make this look unforgettable. Or if you want to take the black and white pattern off the floor, try a black and white striped wallpaper!

Designing With Green

We hope you now have some inspiration for creating or revamping your living space. Remember that, depending on the shade, green pairs well with most colors. If you’re ready to love the space you live in, don’t be afraid to make green your friend.