37 Christmas Color Palettes for Magical Designs

Christmas color palettes illustration

There’s only one thing I love as much as colors, and that’s Christmas, so I figured why not combine my two favorite things in the world and create something that really inspires people this season – Christmas color palettes!

Christmas is magical and beautiful, but why do we think that? It’s not just the jolly traditions, delicious food, and family fun. A big part of it is how evocative Christmas colors like red and green make you feel.

To recreate these feelings and capture the right atmosphere, I created this list of Christmas palettes. You can use them for inspiration in graphic designs, web projects, or even interior decor and painting.

Christmas Color Palettes

Prepare to be inspired by these beautiful Christmas color palettes. Hex codes are included if you want to use the colors in your next design.

1. Beige Winter Delight

Beige Winter Delight Color Palette

Names: Seashell, Peach, Cinereous, Sienna, Black olive, Raisin black, Licorice
Hex Codes: #F6E7E0, #FDCDA9, #937B71, #70331E, #34352D, #28201E, #21060B

This color palette will give you the feel of a fresh snowfall without actually having to step out into the cold. Instead, it’ll make you want to curl up by the fireplace and watch the snowfall from the warmth of your home. You may even associate a sweet vanilla smell with this design.

2. Blue and Golden

Blue and Golden Color Palette

Names: Lion, Ecru, Wheat, Alice blue, French gray, Cambridge blue, Indigo dye
Hex Codes: #A28B61, #CAB48B, #FDE7BE, #DBE2EA, #B7B7BF, #8C9985, #0E4D82

Blue and gold might not seem traditional, but they have some historical significance. Royalty would often wear blue around Christmas time, and gold represents the gold given to baby Jesus. The two colors together also resemble shimmery stars in the beautiful night sky, which are especially magical on Christmas night.

3. Classic Red and White

Classic Red and White Color Palette

Names: Red (ncs), Rose pompadour, White smoke, Puce, Pale dogwood
Hex Codes: #B11A33, #E87493, #F6F4F7, #D9969D, #DFC5C6

When in doubt, go with a classic. Red and white Christmas decorations remind us of the delicious peppermint flavor of the candy canes on the tree. Using several shades of red with white is sure to make you crave some holiday sweets.

4. The Depths of Red

The Depths of Red Color Palette

Names: Antique white, Light orange, Peach, Coral pink, Imperial red, Carmine, Van dyke, Black bean
Hex Codes: #FAEDDA, #F1D1AB, #F3BB8A, #EF9D87, #EF3B3C, #9F0E17, #382A29, #360508

Red is a bold color that helps people feel joy during the holiday season. That’s why many Christmas items, such as Santa’s outfit, decorative ribbons, and Rudolph’s nose are red. The Depths of Red focuses on that vibrant color by surrounding it with toned-down hues to emphasize the excitement and beauty of red even further.

5. Soft Shades of Red and Gray

Soft Shades of Red and Gray Color Palette

Names: Dim gray, Taupe gray, Cadet gray, Silver, Light blue, Cambridge blue, Persian orange, Light coral, Indian red
Hex Codes: #646F75, #949399, #8C9EAA, #C3C4C6, #9CC6D4, #7FA490, #CD936D, #DB7076, #E04C52

Most people think of vibrant reds and greens for Christmas colors, but outside, all colors are drowned out by beautiful white snow. This color palette takes faint versions of red and green and matches them with light blue and several shades of gray to resemble the snow brushing past your Christmas decorations.

6. Hints of Gray, Brown, and Red

Hints of Gray, Brown, and Red Color Palette

Names: Columbia blue, Anti-flash white, Folly, Payne’s gray, Buff
Hex Codes: #C0CFE4, #E2E7EA, #F14E63, #5A6C70, #E7A374

Sometimes, a light snowfall picks up into a blizzard, making only hints of colors visible outside. To mimic that, this color palette focuses on white and gray with hints of brown and red. They’re the colors of Santa’s outfit and his reindeer in the distance during a snowstorm.

7. Earthy Colors With a Touch of Blue

Earthy Colors With a Touch of Blue Color Palette

Names: Anti-flash white, Timberwolf, Buff, Cinereous, Coyote, Cambridge blue, Sky blue, Indigo dye
Hex Codes: #EBECF0, #E7DDD4, #EBA87B, #A2877E, #856242, #809586, #90C0CC, #0A4370

Traditional Christmas colors might not be for you, so this color palette mixes it up with a cooler color scheme. The hues are natural but still colorful and uplifting. So, they might be the colors you’d expect to come home to after an exciting day out outdoor winter activities.

8. Let the Green Tones Dominate

Let the Green Tones Dominate Color Palette

Names: Ebony, Asparagus, Celadon, Bice blue, Alice blue, Copper, Vanilla
Hex Codes: #555E3F, #7A9B64, #A9C8A7, #286BA0, #D8E6F3, #AB6C37, #F8E3AC

For some families, Christmas is all about the tree. A Christmas tree is the focal point of most homes during Christmas time, so choosing colors to compliment its green needles can make a great palette. Different shades of blue, brown, and green go well together while emphasizing your beautiful Christmas tree.

9. Elegant Lavender and Beige

Elegant Lavender and Beige Color Palette

Names: Platinum, Timberwolf, Champagne, Light blue, Feldgrau, Dark slate gray, Payne’s gray, French gray
Hex Codes: #EBE8E3, #CFC5BB, #F3E7D1, #C2DCDD, #536056, #456164, #536070, #B7B2C6

Elegant Lavender and Beige might not use popular Christmas colors, but these soft hues can resemble a fresh snowfall. Pair some snowflakes with these cool colors and you’ll transform any space into a winter wonderland. This color palette is subtle and creates a calm environment for family gatherings.

10. Go Dark With Red and Brown

Go Dark With Red and Brown Color Palette

Names: Van dyke, Dark green, Feldgrau, Sandy brown, Linen, Cerise, Burgundy, Chocolate cosmos
Hex Codes: #4A302F, #113622, #456759, #EBA15A, #FCEBE1, #CB3457, #86022A, #590012

Bursts of vivid colors aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a more relaxed, easygoing Christmas, you might want a design with darker colors. This palette still has hints of red and green, but it combines them with shades that make the decorations seem more calm and peaceful.

11. Playful Green and Earthy Colors

Playful Green and Earthy Colors Color Palette

Names: Dark green, Brunswick green, Feldgrau, Desert sand, Fawn, Pumpkin, Russet, Black
Hex Codes: #162E1E, #2F6155, #456759, #E4BFAC, #FCB77C, #FB7828, #7D3E13, #030104

Dark colors don’t have to be simple and calming. If you want to have a natural, rustic design with some playfulness, this palette can give you a great starting point. It focuses on dark greens with a hint of orange to add a unique contrast. It’s the type of color scheme you might use for snowman decor.

12. It’s All About the Brown Shades

It's All About the Brown Shades Color Palette

Names: Coffee, Alloy orange, Persian orange, Fawn, Earth yellow, Copper, Sienna, Seal brown
Hex Codes: #77502F, #C3642C, #E5813D, #ECAE7D, #F1B66C, #BF7131, #7F3A1D, #441B07

Christmas doesn’t have to be colorful to be magical. Brown is the color of pine cones, reindeer, and hot chocolate. A variety of brown decorations can give off a homey, natural feel. Sometimes, a neutral color scheme is exactly what a design needs to bring comfort on an otherwise busy holiday.

13. Stay Grounded This Season

Stay Grounded This Season Color Palette

Names: Jasmine, Brown sugar, Desert sand, Dutch white, Dark moss green
Hex Codes: #F7D46E, #C6754A, #E8CEB5, #E2D3B2, #4D5325

Earth tones as Christmas colors might seem like an unusual design tactic, but it provides a simple, welcoming design. Yellow, orange, and beige are colors commonly associated with fall, which is what leads up to the Christmas season. So, by adding a touch of green, your design can give off a cozy autumn feeling while still making people excited for Christmas.

14. Very Berry and Green

Very Berry and Green Color Palette

Names: Pakistan green, Avocado, Pistachio, Lavender pink, Amaranth purple, Tyrian purple
Hex Codes: #1A3A09, #4D7E2B, #AFD48F, #E6AACE, #B31250, #63173B

If you have a sweet tooth, Very Berry and Green might be the color palette for you. It pairs green with pinkish reds to remind guests of seasonal candles scented like berries, flowers, and baked goods. As a result, these colors will fill your heart with warmth.

15. Gold and Green Luxury

Gold and Green Luxury Color Palette

Names: Champagne pink, Light orange, Butterscotch, Satin sheen gold, Ochre, Moss green, Dark green
Hex Codes: #E3D5CC, #F8CEA6, #CA903C, #C99E02, #CC7100, #75894A, #192C0C

Rather than sticking with traditional red and green, try replacing red with gold. It will give your Christmas decor a more magical and sophisticated look, especially if you pair white Christmas lights with gold ornaments and wrapping paper. And, of course, the green pine needles of the tree will complete the design.

16. The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining Color Palette

Names: Columbia blue, Payne’s gray, Atomic tangerine, Verdigris, Beaver
Hex Codes: #B5C7D3, #576A7A, #E98853, #6EBEBF, #B59177

A sign of hope is always a good way to lift someone’s Christmas spirits, so The Silver Lining color palette might do just that. Silver is an enlightening color that can make people feel refreshed. The hints of bright blue and orange amid the silvers are sure to make a design look pleasant while subtly spreading Christmas cheer.

17. Gingerbread Brown

Gingerbread Brown Color Palette

Names: Licorice, Sienna, Sinopia, Carrot orange, Desert sand, Isabelline
Hex Codes: #24110B, #73301D, #D7310F, #F4973C, #D6B9A9, #F4EFEB

If baking cookies and decorating gingerbread houses are right up your alley, then gingerbread colors can also be a great design idea. The brown, orange, and yellow tones of cookies give a neutral, yet comforting feeling. Seeing these colors might make you hungry for a holiday treat.

18. Keeping It Natural

Keeping It Natural Color Palette

Names: Tea green, Pistachio, Sea green, Vanilla, Earth yellow
Hex Codes: #D2E7BA, #A8D185, #04905E, #F4F2A5, #E0AB68

Christmas isn’t just about artificial gifts and presents, but instead, it’s an opportunity to feel grateful for the world around us. This color palette emphasizes the pine trees both inside our homes and the ones covered in snow outside. You can almost smell fresh pine cones just by looking at these colors.

19. Explosion of Colors

Explosion of Colors Color Palette

Names: Yellow green, Salmon pink, Police blue, Rojo, Satin sheen gold
Hex Codes: #5BCE0F, #F590A0, #405069, #DA2127, #C6A11C

Colors signify celebration, and for many families, Christmas is the biggest celebration of the year. Under the tree, you’ll see an explosion of colors among the carefully wrapped presents, hiding more colorful surprises inside. If you’re looking to boost your loved ones’ moods this holiday, don’t be afraid to go crazy with the colors.

20. Gray With a Splash of Red

Gray With a Splash of Red Color Palette

Names: French gray, Anti-flash white, Folly, Battleship gray, Buff
Hex Codes: #D1D8E2, #E2E7EA, #F14E63, #8C8783, #E7A374

If you’re looking for another color palette with blizzard vibes, this might be the way to go. Among all the whites and grays of ongoing snowstorms, hints of red and brown will still make an appearance to remind you of the snug home you get to celebrate Christmas in.

21. Mixing Warm and Cool Colors

Mixing Warm and Cool Colors Color Palette

Names: Off red (rgb), Pumpkin, Amber, Sunglow, Asparagus, Hooker’s green, Feldgrau, Charcoal
Hex Codes: #F10B03, #FD7C21, #FDBD04, #FCCF50, #8BAA7E, #517F74, #416251, #3B4755

Any color can be a Christmas color if you have holiday spirit while decorating. By using every color of the rainbow, you’ll create a contrast of warm and cool colors, similar to the distinction between the cozy indoors and frigid outdoors. Plus, a wide range of colors is sure to lift the spirits of those who admire them.

22. Rose Gold and Champagne

Rose Gold and Champagne Color Palette

Names: Pearl, Desert sand, Burnt sienna, Reseda green, Prussian blue
Hex Codes: #EFE5CA, #E2CBB9, #CA8367, #817948, #143755

Rose gold and champagne are trendy Christmas colors that can be used in place of red and green. These colors look delicate and beautiful, just like the ornaments on the tree. They complement dark green and blue well, which is why they look so beautiful on the tree at night.

23. Dark Red and Green Tones

Dark Red and Green Tones Color Palette

Names: Café noir, Dark red, Dark moss green, Carrot orange, Lion, Silver, Papaya whip
Hex Codes: #382409, #930209, #303B01, #FF8824, #B6996F, #A6A6A4, #FEEFD0

If you want to keep it traditional without the colors becoming too distracting, try darker versions of red and green. These shades mixed with a dark brown background and bright orange lights are sure to make the scene look mysterious, intriguing, and magical.

24. Classic Red and Green

Classic Red and Green Color Palette

Names: Cornsilk, Wheat, Pigment green, Chili red, Drab dark brown
Hex Codes: #FEF6D2, #E1CCA1, #009544, #D72C1A, #3D321F

For many families, Christmas decorations aren’t complete without red and green. This color palette utilizes those traditional colors with neutral hues to tone down the design. It’s the perfect color combination for a display of Christmas treats.

25. Red and Gold Deluxe

Red and Gold Deluxe Color Palette

Names: Fire engine red, Coral, Carrot orange, Buff, Aureolin, Burnt orange, Cornell red
Hex Codes: #CA0026, #FE8149, #F3981C, #EDBE8A, #FDF437, #C15902, #AD010D

Red with gold is a classic Christmas combo that’s elegant and stylish. This color pair is often seen in ornaments, ribbons, and wrapping paper. It gives warm, welcoming vibes to let everyone know that this Christmas will be a celebration you won’t forget.

26. Red, Green, and Silver Connection

Red, Green, and Silver Connection Color Palette

Names: Lunar green, Reseda green, Imperial red, French gray, Outer space
Hex Codes: #404B43, #6E9276, #FA1E2F, #A8ABB4, #444D54

“Silver Bells” is a popular Christmas tune after the Salvation Army bell ringers. So, don’t overlook silver in your Christmas decorations. Adding a touch of silver to red and green can represent a light dusting of snow. 

27. When Green Takes Over

When Green Takes Over Color Palette

Names: Dark green, Pakistan green, Forest green, Pistachio, Thistle, Wenge, Sinopia, Russet
Hex Codes: #192207, #1C4809, #3D9618, #8AD378, #D9C0C6, #796660, #CA5126, #823C1A

Green and red don’t have to be equals in Christmas decor. Many people prefer more green since it’s the color of nature, especially pine trees. Adding lots of green with a hint of red can make your design look more mature while still having a classic Christmas vibe.

28. Dark Muted Colors

Dark Muted Colors Color Palette

Names: Redwood, Brown sugar, Gunmetal, Platinum, Old rose
Hex Codes: #A84740, #AA7553, #2D3235, #E5E3E4, #B68483

Muted colors are often overlooked, but they can provide a quiet, less overwhelming design. Using these five simple colors together can create a pleasant Christmas card because the colors won’t distract people from the context.

29. Red – The Center of Attention

Red - The Center of Attention Color Palette

Names: Pale dogwood, Persian orange, Harvest gold, Engineering orange, Falu red
Hex Codes: #F6DACF, #CD9155, #E6A106, #C83019, #6E231D

Red always takes center stage around Christmas time, especially since it’s such an eye-popping color. Rather than using the complementary color of green with red, you can make it stand out even more by using colors that support it, such as gold, beige, and other shades of red. By emphasizing red, you’ll create a warm and inviting design.

30. Rich Dark and Bright Contrast

Rich Dark and Bright Contrast Color Palette

Names: Dutch white, Naples yellow, Brown sugar, Falu red, Black bean, Licorice
Hex Codes: #FBEABF, #FDD76A, #A85B31, #79161B, #430007, #220E0D

Sometimes using too much bright decor can take away from more important focal points like the lights on the tree. On paper, this color palette might give off spooky autumn vibes, but when put in the Christmas context, it will provide the perfect contrast to your bright Christmas ornaments, candles, and wrapping paper.

31. Tinted Blue and Red

Tinted Blue and Red Color Palette

Names: Jasper, Lemon chiffon, Aero, Pale dogwood, Tiffany blue
Hex Codes: #E25C51, #F3EDC9, #00B1DD, #E9BBAC, #B6E1D7

If you’re looking for a design that’ll appeal to kids, colorful pastel colors might do the trick. These are colors you might see on the construction paper kids use to make homemade gifts or the wrapping paper you use to wrap their gifts in. Either way, it’s sure to give off a fun, lighthearted feel.

32. Clean Icy Look

Clean Icy Look Color Palette

Names: French gray, Columbia blue, Air force blue, Moonstone, Hunter green, Copper
Hex Codes: #C9CED4, #D0E2F0, #638A99, #34A5B5, #4E6642, #A97F47

The holiday season can be messy and chaotic, but your decorations don’t have to represent that. The Clean Icy Look creates a simple design that’s easy on the eyes. The varying amounts of blue and gray will make the design look smooth as ice, and the green and gold will add the perfect amount of flair.

33. Cool Blue and Warm Brown

Cool Blue and Warm Brown Color Palette

Names: Ochre, Persian orange, Lapis lazuli, Isabelline, Cadet gray
Hex Codes: #CA772B, #D59568, #2B5B89, #F3EFEE, #8FA5BC

Neither blue nor brown are traditional Christmas colors, but in the right context, they make perfect sense. Blue can be associated with snowflakes and cool air, while brown can represent the warmth of hot chocolate after a fun day in the snow. Using these two unique colors together can evoke so many heartwarming emotions.

34. A Teal-tastic Christmas

A Teal-tastic Christmas Color Palette

Names: Almond, Desert sand, Blue (munsell), Caribbean current, Charcoal
Hex Codes: #F3E1CB, #EAC29E, #3698A5, #28707E, #2B3D49

Teal might not be a color you’d imagine for a Christmas card, but when paired with shades of blue and beige, it might remind you of a fresh snowfall. These simple colors can evoke feelings of stepping outside on a snowy day and admiring the quiet, chilly air.

35. Red, Green, and Golden Traditions

Red, Green, and Golden Traditions Color Palette

Names: School bus yellow, Hunyadi yellow, Rust, Chestnut, Imperial red, Beaver, Sage, Dark moss green, Pakistan green
Hex Codes: #FDDD19, #ECB14D, #AB4608, #955740, #EA2934, #AA9082, #A6A384, #454F2B, #2E3815

Red and green are an overused pattern, but using hints of other Christmas colors can spice them up. Adding gold to a red and green design can represent many aspects of Christmas, such as the tree wise men or the star on the top of the tree. Including tones of these three colors can keep the design calm and natural.

36. Icy Blue and Fiery Red

Icy Blue and Fiery Red Color Palette

Names: Pale cerulean, Powder blue, Glaucous, Peach, Fire brick
Hex Codes: #9BC3E7, #ABB6D4, #5A7495, #EEBC91, #B41D24

A warm fireplace and a snowy landscape provide the perfect contrast, just like these colors do. The weather outside might be cold like icy blue, but the hint of fiery red reminds us of the warm, cozy feelings we get around Christmas time.

37. Cozy Red and Green

Cozy Red and Green Color Palette

Names: Rose ebony, Madder, Scarlet, Butterscotch, Peach yellow, Buff, Asparagus, Hunter green
Hex Codes: #5F3936, #9A1A33, #FE3621, #E69F47, #FEE0AE, #DEA588, #80A256, #3A5947

The last color palette on this list is the tried and true combination that includes red and green as the focus. It gives off the warm, comfortable feeling of sitting around the Christmas tree with your loved ones. These colors are a simple way to bring the joy of Christmas into your home.

Christmas Colors With Hex Codes

Here are some classic and colorful Christmas colors with hex codes, so you can use them in your design to create the perfect ambience.

Classic Christmas Colors

Illustration of classic Christmas color palette with hex codes

Colorful Christmas Colors

Illustration of colorful Christmas color palette with hex codes