27 Colors That Go With Burgundy (Color Palettes)

Interior of burgundy living room with gray sofa

Jewel tones offer you the opportunity to add an air of distinction to your space, and burgundy is one of the most intense jewel tones. This deep shade of purple-red is just about the color of burgundy wine. And though it might sound hard to integrate, burgundy actually pairs well with a surprising array of colors!

Here’s a compilation of colors that go with burgundy, including color palette examples:

1. Cream and Burgundy

Cream and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFFDD0, #AF1B3F, #473144

Looking for a way to warm up your living room’s color scheme? Pairing burgundy with cream will do the job. Painting the wall around your mantle burgundy is a great place to start. Paint the mantle itself cream and hang a cream-colored decoration above it.

Depending on the overall mood you want to achieve, you can decide how to paint the rest of the walls. Charcoal gray creates a moody yet grounded aesthetic. If you’d prefer something a little lighter, cream walls are a great way to complete the look, too.

To tie the burgundy wall into the rest of the room’s color scheme, include burgundy accent pillows, a rug, or both. If you find the room needs even more burgundy, try adding burgundy couches and chairs instead.

2. Navy Blue and Burgundy

Navy Blue and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #773344, #E3B5A4

When used in interior design, both navy blue and burgundy look sophisticated and refined. So it makes sense that they would go well together in a room. Just ensure that you have a decent amount of a lighter color, like white, to balance them out. Without that, you’ll run the risk of making your design scheme look too dark or heavy. For a bold living room aesthetic, combine navy furniture with burgundy walls.

The combination of navy and burgundy also does very well when combined with gold. If you choose to use gold, start out small. Too much will quickly take the room from elegant to gaudy. You might consider starting out with old-legged coffee tables or chairs or gold wall sconces.

3. Light Wood Tones and Burgundy

Light Wood Tones and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D7BA89, #780116, #A288A6

Burgundy is beautifully dark, but it can sometimes seem overly so. Most designers will include a lighter color to create balance. If the room you’re designing has wood floors and/or wooden furniture, you can use the color of the wood itself to do that! Very pale wooden bookshelves, desks, etc. will look striking against burgundy walls. You don’t see extra-pale wood floors all that often, but these will look nice as well.

That’s not to say burgundy doesn’t go with darker wood floors and furniture. It will look great with darker finishes when there’s plenty of white or a similar color, or if your goal is to create a darker aesthetic.

4. Black and Burgundy

Black and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #93032E, #F4FAFF

Most people’s instinct when decorating with burgundy is to only pair it with lighter colors. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but if you avoid darker colors entirely, you’ll miss out on some great color schemes!

Black is a great companion for burgundy if you’re looking to create a modern aesthetic with a strong presence. Of course, if you let these two colors alone dominate the room, you’ll end up with a too-dark palette. Instead, start with a room with white, pale gray, or soft beige walls. For a living room, add a black sectional sofa. If you’re decorating a bedroom, add a mostly-black bedspread.

Now, add some vivid burgundy accents. Pillows, rugs, ottomans, and even lampshades are all good choices. If you’re really set on burgundy walls with this setup, try painting only the upper half burgundy, leaving to bottom white. This color scheme works especially well if you have wainscoting on your walls.

5. Forest Green and Burgundy

Forest Green and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #014421, #A63446, #FBFEF9

Dark green walls can make you feel ensconced, almost as though you’re at peace in a forest somewhere. Plenty of designers combine dark green walls with tan or beige furniture and accents. But believe it or not, forest green actually looks great with burgundy!

Since both colors are dark and intense, it’s wise to use this combination somewhere with a lot of natural light. If your home has a small window nook, that makes the perfect place! Choose a burgundy velvet bench with wooden legs and place it right in front of the window. The plush, velvety fabric will look best with matte-finished walls. With this design scheme, include relatively light-colored flooring. It will give the room a more open, airy feel.

6. Turquoise and Burgundy

Turquoise and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #A63A50, #AB9B96

This color combination probably sounds pretty non-traditional. However, it makes sense: burgundy’s purple hue goes well with the blue notes of turquoise. These two colors seem to do best when there’s some distance between them, and they’re well-suited to the creation of an eclectic color scheme.

If you’re decorating a living room, include cool neutral walls and a burgundy couch with white pillows. Add vivid turquoise curtains that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Mix and match your living room furniture to really keep the look eclectic: vintage-style, floral-patterned chairs are great!

7. Mustard Yellow and Burgundy

Mustard Yellow and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFDB58, #A93F55, #0D0628

When you imagine colors that go with burgundy, yellow probably isn’t one of the first ones that come to mind. And while a burgundy and yellow combination might sound garish, the right yellow will work alongside burgundy to create a high-contrast yet balanced palette. Mustard works well, as it’s slightly muted. One way to use these two colors is to include burgundy-colored couches in front of a mustard wall. Or for an interesting twist, decorate a room with patterned burgundy wallpaper and add vintage-inspired, mustard-colored furniture.

However, if you find these looks to be too dramatic, you can consider a smaller accent. Find an ottoman, pouf, or a set of accent pillows patterned with burgundy and yellow. These accessories will give your palette a modern edge. They’re also easy ways to add some energy to a mostly-neutral color scheme that is starting to seem a little too dull.

8. Pale Gray and Burgundy

Pale Gray and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D3D3D3, #66101F, #855A5C

The combination of burgundy and pale gray is a relatively popular one. You might have seen it used on an argyle sweater or two! But this combination will look especially nice in your kitchen. You can create an interesting look by painting both the cabinets and the walls pale gray. On its own, it sounds boring. But combine it with a floor tiled in burgundy and white, and it becomes a distinctive palette with vintage flavor.

Of course, you aren’t limited to using gray and burgundy in your kitchen. Since it’s cool-hued and quiet, this pairing will also go well in a bedroom.

9. Teal and Burgundy

Teal and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #008080, #B9314F, #F7F9F9

Both teal and burgundy are rich colors with deep blue undertones, so it’s no wonder they go well together. Both of them are strong shades, so this is a good place to use the 60-30-10 rule of design. Choose a neutral (like cool white or pale gray) to make up 60% of the space you’re designing. Then use either teal or burgundy for 30%. Use the other color for 10%.

Here’s an example: let’s say you have a living room with charcoal gray couches and built-in bookshelves. Paint the bookshelves teal and the rest of the walls white. Then, add burgundy accent pillows to the couches. Now you have a dynamic color scheme that won’t overwhelm you.

10. Gold and Burgundy

Gold and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #6E0D25, #FCEFF9

We mentioned above that gold works well as an accent color in rooms with a burgundy and navy color scheme. But gold goes so well with burgundy that it deserves its own entry on the list! You might recognize red and gold as a classic combination, but when it comes to practical application, bright red tends to look cheap next to gold. Burgundy’s deeper, cooler undertones balance out the gold and give the room a truly regal look.

That’s not to say that combinations of burgundy and red can’t look gaudy; too much gold will do that! Start with gold accents and add more if needed. For a dining room, add a brown wooden table to a room with burgundy walls. Gold candlesticks on the table and a gold-framed mirror on the wall will likely be all the gold you need.

11. Cobalt Blue and Burgundy

Cobalt Blue and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #0047AB, #B20D30, #F0E2E7

Cobalt blue is an incredibly vivid and rich blue. It’s close to the color of the blue roofs on white buildings in Greece. It’s not for every palette, but if you need a shade of blue that’s very saturated and very high-energy, it’s a great choice. For the very bold, it makes a memorable color for walls!

Usually, cobalt blue works well in small doses. If you have a room with a burgundy velour couch, chair, or both, add a rug patterned with cobalt and white. Using white to break up the cobalt will help prevent it from taking over the room. To really tie the rug in, use cobalt blue accents throughout the room. Cobalt glass is a great, vintage-inspired choice.

12. Emerald Green and Burgundy

Emerald Green and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #50C878, #6A041D, #EDD4B2

Emerald is another beautifully intense color that does well with burgundy. Both colors are jewel tones, and when placed together, they’re reminiscent of garnets and emeralds. This combination is one that does very well in a bedroom. An emerald-colored bedspread forms a nice contrast against a burgundy wall. A setup like this is a great place to use different textures, too. Emerald does well when it’s used in a plush fabric. If you can find a velvety bedspread, use it!

If you’re looking for a third color to go with this combination, cream is a good choice. It lightens the palette just enough, but it’s also a rich enough shade that it fits right in. You can use a cream-colored rug along with accent planets and pillows. If you have a mirror hanging on the wall, a cream-colored frame will really make it stand out.

13. Chartreuse and Burgundy

Chartreuse and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #DFFF00, #8B1E3F, #D3D0CB

Chartreuse is a greenish-yellow, peridot-like shade that is named after a yellow-green liquor. It was more common in vintage design, but as retro-inspired interiors have become popular, it’s started to make a comeback.

Chartreuse is very intense, so most people prefer using it as an accent. Despite the extreme contrast, it also does well with burgundy. Burgundy’s richness and cool undertones help calm down chartreuse’s energy. You can try adding chartreuse pillows to burgundy couches. But if you’re hoping to create an energetic, distinctive room, you can even go with chartreuse-colored walls!

14. Plum Purple and Burgundy

Plum Purple and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8E4585, #AB163E, #DCAEE6

The mixture of purple and burgundy might sound odd. But burgundy is a purplish shade, so you might think of it as being on the same color spectrum as burgundy. This combination does well either in small doses or when most of the room is awash in color.

In most cases, people opt to start small. Fortunately, this is easy to do. If you have plum purple couches, add a patterned rug that prominently features burgundy. If this isn’t enough, paint the wall around the mantlepiece (if you have one) burgundy. That way, the richness of the color scheme isn’t limited to just one area of the room.

15. Ash Blue and Burgundy

Ash Blue and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #A7C2CC, #993955, #0A2239

Ash blue is one of the names for a color that sits somewhere between powder blue and cinder gray. Depending on the shade of ash blue you choose, it might lean closer to gray or to blue. When used with ash blue, burgundy works much as it does with white. A room that is mostly ash blue is usually calming. But without a darker grounding color, it seems like something is missing.

You can add that missing color with burgundy, whether it’s a chair, couch, bed, or another piece of furniture. Much like with white, you can choose to have a large burgundy focal point or to add bits of burgundy throughout the room.

16. Champagne and Burgundy

Champagne and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F7E7CE, #7D1128, #2EC0F9

Even the name of this color combination sounds glamorous! If you’re looking to create an upscale feel with your design, include both burgundy and champagne in your design. A great way to do this is to use wallpaper patterned with champagne and white. Try including that wallpaper in a dining room with a dark wooden table and chairs with burgundy upholstery.

As you may have guessed, one of the things that really make this palette work is the combination of dark and light shades. Continue that balance with the flooring: this design looks great with a dark wooden floor topped with a light beige rug.

17. Cool White and Burgundy

Cool White and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4FDFF, #753742, #72705B

Many combinations on the list make use of burgundy’s classic appeal, but cool white is ideal for setting up a modern color scheme. This look is an excellent choice for a bedroom. Start with a room that is mostly white. Next, add a focal point or two of burgundy. An all-burgundy bedspread will really stand out against a white wall. If just the single focal point makes things feel out of balance, add burgundy curtains or a burgundy rug.

Burgundy serves two purposes in this situation: it adds a burst of color while also grounding the room. It’s a good choice if you need to ground the room but want to avoid overly-dark grounding shades like black or espresso brown.

18. Mint Green and Burgundy

Mint Green and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #99EDC3, #A93F55, #1D1E18

Most people aren’t overly thrilled about combining red and green when decorating a room. However, mint and burgundy pair unexpectedly well. And since mint is very pale and burgundy has a strong purple undercurrent, this color combination won’t make your space look like Christmas.

The easiest way to use these two colors is to include burgundy furniture in a room whose walls are mint green. If you want the room to have a more traditional look, use an extra-pale shade of mint. As is the case with many pale pastels, this one can almost pass as a neutral. If you’re finding this combination to be a little too quiet, try adding small splashes of bright yellow! The room’s energy will lift, but mint and burgundy will still be center stage.

19. Burnt Orange and Burgundy

Burnt Orange and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BF5700, #990033, #FFEAD0

Burnt orange is a rich color that’s right at home next to burgundy. Too much of either color can quickly become overwhelming, so be sure to choose a main shade and an accent color. Warm whites and very pale beiges are also useful for creating some distance between the colors.

If you’d rather start out with a small amount of each color to see how both shades work in your space, you could try including both burnt orange and burgundy accent pillows on a beige couch. You also could try a wall hanging that mostly consists of these two colors. If you want the room you’re designing to be a richly-colored space, you can combine burnt-orange family room furniture with a burgundy wall. Add some contrast with texture and finish, too: if the wall is matte burgundy, pick chairs and couches that are either plush velvet or shiny leather.

20. Charcoal Gray and Burgundy

Charcoal Gray and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454F, #840032, #F3DE8A

You already know that burgundy goes with soft gray. But if you think this intriguing shade will only look good with paler grays, you’re missing out! If you’re designing a room and want to feel ensconced by darker walls, add a burgundy statement wall to a room with otherwise charcoal-colored walls.

You also can just add burgundy furniture or a burgundy rug to a room with charcoal gray walls. Burgundy is just one of many colors that go with charcoal gray, so if you don’t like this look, you can swap out the burgundy for navy, emerald, etc.

21. Cool Beige and Burgundy

Cool Beige and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D8BCAB, #A4243B, #151E3F

Cool beige is a shade that goes with just about anything, and it’s also commonly found in mostly-beige color schemes. Though monochromatic beige palettes are fairly common, they can look somewhat dull. If you’ve run into that problem, you can add some life with only a few burgundy accents. Burgundy throw pillows and rugs may be all you need.

If you prefer dramatic and distinctive palettes, a burgundy statement wall may make the perfect addition to the room. Depending on the exact shade of burgundy used, this shade can be energizing. Cool beige is a color with a calmer feel, so together, these two colors create a balanced mood.

22. Powder Blue and Burgundy

Powder Blue and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B0E0E6, #AB2346, #C49799

Powder blue makes a calming yet interesting wall color. Burgundy makes a dark yet dynamic sofa color. And together, they can make your living room truly unique! To keep this mostly-quiet palette grounded, be sure to add a few black accents. Black-framed wall hangings, a black coffee table, and even a black-and-white striped couch are all great choices. Wood floors and a houseplant or two are perfect for completing the look.

If you prefer, you can incorporate these two colors as part of a pattern. It might be hard to find, but if you can locate pillows or a rug patterned with powder blue and burgundy, try adding them to an otherwise neutral decoration scheme.

23. Blush Pink and Burgundy

Blush Pink and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F1ABB9, #8B1E3F, #3C153B

Most people she away from decorating with red and pink, fearing they’ll accidentally transform their space into a Valentine’s Day card. Since burgundy sits somewhere between red and purple (with a little bluish brown mixed in), it tends to go a little more nicely with pink. Pale blush pink is ideal, as it has somewhat cool undertones and often works like a neutral.

Try a subtle shade of blush pink on the walls of a bedroom or living room. This gentle color can be a great backdrop for burgundy furniture or bedspreads. Or if you want to include just the barest splash of pink, put a vase of blush-pink flowers in a living room with burgundy couches and chairs.

24. Dark Wood Tones and Burgundy

Dark Wood Tones and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4F301F, #632B2B, #997979

We mentioned above that burgundy goes well with light wood finishes. But just as it pairs well with navy and other dark shades, it can be used effectively alongside darker wood tones as well.

If you have an industrial-style or rustic-style space with visible wooden beams, you could use a dark finish on them. Paint the ceiling cool white and the walls burgundy, and you have a beautiful and unusual living space! Similarly, if you have a room with dark wooden floors, you can create a dark yet inviting look with burgundy walls, too.

25. Bronze and Burgundy

Bronze and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C5832B, #A30B37, #DCD6F7

Both burgundy and bronze are warm yet muted, making them a great team for creating elegant interiors. Too much bronze will likely become overpowering, but little touches will make a room seem distinguished.

If you have a room with burgundy walls or furniture, you can complete the look with little touches of bronze. Floor lamps, wall sconces, and legs on furniture are good places to start. In some cases, this might not seem like enough. You can try including bronze picture frames, clocks, etc. If you really want the space to look luxurious, you can add bronze fabric in the form of curtains or pillows.

26. Golden Yellow and Burgundy

Golden Yellow and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FCCB06, #90323D, #37371F

We mentioned above that some shades of yellow actually go nicely with burgundy. Golden yellow is a little less subdued than mustard, and it’s a great example of another shade of yellow that works nicely.

As with any bright shade, it’s wise to use caution with golden yellow. In some cases, just adding a couple of yellow accent pillows to a burgundy couch will be enough. If you feel like the space needs even more warming up, try going with golden-yellow walls. A less-saturated shade is likely to go nicely with burgundy without making the color scheme chaotic.

27. Peach and Burgundy

Peach and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFCDA2, #890620, #848586

This last color combination probably sounds strange, but when used well, it actually works beautifully. Though peach is a warm color, it has a soothing, airy look that is a great complement to burgundy’s intense energy. One effective way to use these colors is to take a room with peach walls and add a rug that is primarily burgundy in color. The dark rug will ground the room. To tone down the warm energy of the palette, add a leafy green houseplant or two!

If you want to create a quirky, modern design that guests won’t soon forget, you can flip these colors. If you can find a peach-colored couch, it will pop against a burgundy wall. To make the combination a little more glamorous, include a few gold accents or choose a couch or chair with gold legs.

Designing With Burgundy

Burgundy is a highly versatile shade that fits into classic and cutting-edge designs alike. No matter what kind of space you’re designing, burgundy gives you a chance to make it unique!