Turquoise Personality: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

A portrait of a woman with turquoise hair, lipstick, and necklace

What do you picture when you imagine turquoise? Maybe you see tropical waters and a white sandy beach. Or maybe you imagine an exotic bird with radiant metallic feathers, or a beautiful turquoise stone set in silver.

No matter where you find it, turquoise adds beauty to the world around us. People with turquoise color personalities are the same way — their sensitivity, empathy, and creativity help to make the world a better place.

If your favorite color is turquoise, chances are good that you have a turquoise personality, meaning that many of your personality traits align with turquoise’s meaning in color psychology.

Do you think you may have a turquoise color personality? Here’s a deep dive into what it means to be a turquoise.

What’s a Turquoise Color Personality?

A turquoise person stands with arms raised among rows of plain gray people

Turquoise is a highly balanced color — a beautiful mixture of blue, green, and white. Likewise, those with turquoise color personalities often have a balance of different traits that make them well-rounded people.

Turquoises have a lot of depth to them. And while they may spend time pondering life’s deeper questions, they also have a positive impact on the people in their circle. Some people even think of them as being “old souls.”

Here are some characteristics associated with turquoise and turquoise color personalities.

The Turquoise Personality: Positive Traits

Three brilliant turquoise flowers in a row on a black background

Turquoise color personalities have plenty of enviable traits. If you notice many of these positive traits in yourself, you just might have a turquoise color personality.


Turquoise is the color of wonderfully peaceful tropical waters, so it’s no wonder it’s often associated with serenity! Turquoise personalities who are in a good place in life will often feel calm and serene, and that spirit radiates from the inside out.

However, these personalities are also great at appearing to be serene when they are actually undergoing significant internal chaos. Unless you know a turquoise personality very well, it can be hard to tell whether they are genuinely at peace or putting on an act.

Mental Clarity

Clear-headedness is an excellent trait to have, and most turquoise personalities are blessed with great mental clarity. They are unusually adept when it comes to discernment, and they’re able to make sound, well-reasoned decisions.

Emotional Control

Turquoise personalities aren’t the type to have emotional outbursts. They are sensitive people who feel very deeply, but they are good at regulating their emotions around others. Some of these personalities may appear to be emotionless, but they almost never are.


Like many of the more sensitive color personalities, turquoise personalities are highly creative souls. They are able to think in new and innovative ways, and they often have an artistic hobby or two. Turquoise personalities have a lot of thoughts about the world, and they do well when they have creative outlets to express them.


An empty turquoise stage surrounded by a few gold accents

Turquoise personalities are often easy to spot — they carry themselves with quiet confidence. In many cases, they are skilled communicators and excellent public speakers.


Many turquoise personalities have a sense of balance in their lives. Some aren’t quite balanced yet, but they often are working toward achieving a sense of emotional equilibrium and stability.


These very thoughtful personalities are highly introspective and often introverted. They frequently reflect on themselves and their lives. They also often ask themselves deep, philosophical questions about the world.


Turquoise color personalities make excellent leaders, but no one would ever call them bossy. Instead of taking an authoritarian approach, turquoise personalities will typically lead by influencing and uplifting others. As a result, they tend to make excellent bosses and managers.

Compassion and Empathy

Compassion and empathy are excellent traits for leaders to have, and turquoise color personalities are certainly compassionate and empathetic! Although they’re very in tune with their own needs, they’re also especially attuned to the needs of others. Whether they’re friends, relatives, partners, or even casual acquaintances, turquoise color personalities support the people around them.

The Turquoise Personality: Negative Traits

A woman is illuminated in turquoise light against a bright orange background

Like all of us, turquoise color personalities have their share of less desirable personality traits, too. If you have a turquoise color personality, you might catch yourself exhibiting some of these traits as well.


Being introspective is a good thing, but some turquoise personalities take it a little too far. Turquoises will sometimes get so inwardly focused that they don’t pay attention to the needs of others.

Emotional Detachment

Similarly, emotional detachment is an example of a good turquoise trait taken too far. Because turquoise personalities are so serene, they generally exhibit great emotional control. But that control can come off as emotionlessness. Some turquoise personalities may end up not acknowledging emotions at all, which is generally mentally unhealthy.


Like many thoughtful personality types, turquoise personalities can become overly idealistic and impractical. Fortunately, they are balanced enough that they usually come back to reality in time.

What Types of Careers Are Good for Turquoise Personalities?

A ladder leans against a turquoise wall

If you’re a turquoise personality, you have a range of positive traits that can serve you well in almost any profession. You of course shouldn’t make your color personality the sole guiding factor in your choice of profession. But if you’re having trouble deciding on a career path, you may find that these careers are in line with your skillsets and interests:

Management Professional

Because turquoise personalities are such natural leaders, they do well in management positions. They also tend to be organized, so creating schedules and delegating tasks aren’t issues for them. Management isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a turquoise personality who feels called to this position, you’ll likely excel.

Psychologist or Therapist

Compassionate and thoughtful turquoise personalities often do well as mental health professionals. Their ability to control their emotions also helps out here. They can feel genuine empathy for patients, but they’re able to temper their emotional responses and remain professional.

Natural Healer

Turquoise personalities often care deeply about other people, so they can often be found in the healing professions. If you’re a turquoise personality who prefers naturopathic medicine, you may find it fulfilling to work as a natural healer. This is a fairly broad term — natural healers can include herbalists, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, holistic health coaches, and more.

Doctor or Nurse

If you have an interest in healing other people but prefer modern medicine, you might be happy working as a doctor or nurse. Both of these careers require scientific knowledge, but good doctors and nurses are also compassionate and attentive to the needs and emotions of their patients. For a science-minded turquoise personality, the medical field is ideal!

What If You Don’t Like Turquoise?

A cracked turquoise egg with a grumpy face stands on a pastel pink background

Your personality color is often your favorite color, but it doesn’t have to be. If there’s a color you strongly dislike, that dislike can tell you a bit about your color personality, too.

How? More often than not, if you don’t like a given color, you’ll have traits that are opposite those of that color’s corresponding personality. For instance, if you dislike red, you may be a somewhat low-energy person who craves peace and quiet.

If you don’t like turquoise, you may find that some of your traits are at odds with those of the turquoise color personality. If you aren’t too fond of turquoise, you may find that some of these traits apply to you:

You’re Creatively Stuck

Turquoise is a color that is deeply connected to creativity. If you don’t like it, you may be a person who is not particularly creative. You also might be creatively stuck — even if you’re ordinarily highly creative, you may be facing a significant block.

You’re Uncomfortable Showing Compassion or Empathy

Turquoise color personalities may be introspective, but they’re almost always empathetic and compassionate, too. Some people may have trouble expressing these emotions, even if they feel them very deeply. If you’re one of these people, you may find that you’re not very drawn to turquoise.

You Crave a Life of Excitement

Turquoise is a calm, serene shade. Not everyone seeks serenity — some people prefer a life that’s exciting at every turn. If that describes you, you might prefer hotter, more energetic colors.

You Don’t Like Change

Many turquoise personalities are very open to change, as they embrace the opportunity they find in it. Of course, not everyone welcomes change. If you find it especially stressful, you may not gravitate towards turquoise.

Self-Discovery Through Personality Colors

A surreal image of a 3D block swirled with color with an eye at the top

Whether you’re an avid student or someone just discovering the field, color personalities can be a great way to learn about yourself. That being said, don’t think that you need to exhibit every single trait of your color personality. We’re all individuals, and color personality descriptions are meant to give you a general sense of each personality.

As you delve into the many different color personalities, you also may find that you have traits of two or three colors. That’s completely normal. Most people have a blend of different personalities — what you refer to as your “color personality” is your dominant one. The more you learn about different color personalities, the more you’ll discover about yourself!

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