White Personality: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

An image of a woman with a white cloud for a face

When you think of the color white, you might imagine clouds floating gently across the sky. Maybe you picture a flock of chickens pecking at the ground, or a beautiful white horse galloping in a field. White may not be too popular as a favorite color, but it’s the color of some of the most beautiful things in the world.

If you’re one of the relatively few people whose favorite color is white (or if you just feel drawn to this shade), you might have a white color personality. That means you have several character traits associated with white’s meaning in color psychology.

Whether you think you may have a white personality or just want to learn more about personality colors in general, let’s take a look at the white color personality!

What’s a White Color Personality?

An illustration of a large white swan surrounded by smaller black swans on a dark background

If your favorite color is green, you’re probably creative and connected to nature. If your favorite color is red, you may be vibrant yet short-tempered. And if your favorite color is yellow, you may be cheerful and sociable. But what if your favorite color is white?

White’s meaning is a little less obvious. But if you think about what white is commonly associated with, you’ll find that it’s connected to peace, purity, light, and innocence.

These associations are just the beginning, but they give you an idea of what makes up the white color personality. Below, you’ll find both positive and negative traits commonly found in white personalities.

The White Personality: Positive Traits

A surreal illustration of a white cloud in the shape of a human brain

Whether it’s in the form of a striking white swan, the glow of moonlight, or even the main color in an ultra-modern living room, white stands out. There’s a lot to love about it! If you have a white color personality, you might find that you have one or more of these traits commonly associated with the color.


White is often the color of good — there’s a reason that good guys wear white and bad guys wear black! So it’s no surprise that those with white color personalities tend to be optimistic.

If you have a white color personality, you’re probably inclined to look for the opportunities in even the most trying challenges. Your optimistic spirit often rubs off on others, too.


At least in Western culture, white has been associated with peace for centuries. If you have a white color personality, you probably greatly value peace in your personal life. Maintaining a sense of serenity is a must.

However, your peaceful nature doesn’t mean you avoid dealing with issues. But when you do, you’re able to get your point across calmly and diplomatically. You have a gift for remaining civil even if others are rude!


Well-organized rooms tend to be more peaceful than cluttered ones, so most white personalities like to keep their surroundings as neat and organized as possible. This might come off as fastidiousness to others, but to white color personalities, organization is a central part of maintaining serenity.

Seeking Clarity

Most people with white personalities are seeking clarity in some aspect of their lives. White is the color of light, so someone in need of clarity would logically be drawn to this color. If you have a white personality, there may be some aspect of your life — like an educational or career path — where you want to find clarity.

You also might be someone who values clarity in general. If you’re drawn to white, you might be determined to seek the truth in all areas of your life.


A calming picture of water rippling over white surface

Because white color personalities are so peaceful, they typically have very calm demeanors. Even in arguments, they can hold their own without becoming heated. These personalities are often calming to be around, too.


Many white personalities also are compassionate toward people and animals. White is a pure color often associated with innocence, so it follows that white color personalities have a spirit of kindness toward others.


White is a color that can hold its own, and many white personalities have a spirit of independence. Sometimes, this looks like taking initiative on independent projects at work or in school. At other times, it looks like an unwillingness (or at least a hesitation) to rely on others. Generally, if a white personality can do something themselves, they’re going to!


Because white color personalities are so peaceful and grounded, they are often practical people. Many white personalities are also very good with money.

The White Personality: Negative Traits

A businessman in a gray jacket stands with arms crossed while wearing an angry white mask

No color personality is all good. White color personalities have a lot to recommend them, but they have their shortcomings as well. Here are some of the negative traits you may see in yourself if you’re a white color personality.


You saw above that white color personalities are often kind and compassionate. But at times, they can also be unfriendly. Have you ever been in an all-white room that felt cold and unwelcoming? Some white personalities are the same way.


White is often considered to be the color of innocence and purity. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it can mean that white color personalities are a bit naive when it comes to the ways of the world. If you have a white color personality, you’ll likely become a little less naive as you gain life experience.


You already learned that white color personalities are often very organized. So as you may have guessed, they can be very perfectionistic. As a result, many white personalities are overly self-critical. They also may be highly critical of others, although they usually won’t voice it.


The color white has a lot of good qualities. But on its own, it may appear stark and a little boring. White color personalities are the same way — they value organization and peace but not excitement, so to many people, they may seem a little dull or bland.

What Types of Careers Are Good for White Personalities?

An illustration of a grand white marble staircase

Color personalities are fairly subjective, so it’s not a great idea to base your career choices solely around them. However, if you have a white color personality, you might find that your personality traits make you a great fit for one of these careers.


The organization and perfectionism of white color personalities make them prime candidates for going into law. White personalities can also communicate clearly and respectfully even in tense or heated situations — a valuable skill for any lawyer to have!


Because white color personalities value peace and serenity, they often prefer jobs with a solid routine and a good bit of solitude. White personalities may find that they enjoy working as bakers. Bakers need to carefully measure and mix ingredients to create the baked goods sold by grocery stores, restaurants, and more.


To succeed as an architect, you need to be intellectually sharp and pay plenty of attention to detail. Organization is critical, too. This can be a difficult field to get into, but for a hardworking and determined white personality, it may be an ideal career choice.

Software Engineer

If you have great computer skills and want to work in a technological field, you may find that software engineering is a good choice. White personalities are independent and organized, and these are two skills that can serve them well in software development.

Athletic Trainer

For white personalities who love to exercise, working as an athletic trainer is a good option. The best trainers motivate their clients and make working out fun. White personalities have an infectious spirit of optimism that makes them well-suited to this job.

Budget Analyst

Many white personalities like to primarily work alone, and many also prefer jobs that require them to have pristine organizational skills. Plus, white personalities tend to be great with money! With these attributes, it’s no wonder that many white color personalities find it fulfilling to work as budget analysts.

What If You Don’t Like White?

A broken white heart leans on a light green background

To some people, white is wonderfully bright and serene. To others, it’s flat, nondescript, and even boring. If you don’t like white, you may find that the following descriptors fit you:

You’re Spontaneous

White personalities like peace and calm. Going on an impromptu trip is likely to be more stressful than fun! If you don’t like white, you may be drawn to both spontaneity and brighter, more energetic colors.

You Crave a Life of Excitement

White isn’t a color most of us would call exciting. If you’re someone who needs plenty of excitement and stimulation, you probably aren’t drawn to white’s peaceful aura.

You Don’t Need Things to Be in Perfect Order

White personalities like everything to be neat and orderly, but perfect organization isn’t for everyone! If you don’t like white, a messy desk or an unmade bed probably won’t bother you.

What Can You Learn From Your Personality Color?

An abstract illustration of floating, three-dimensional white shapes

The world of personality colors gives you an unconventional lens to help you better understand yourself. However, don’t feel as though you need to completely conform to the description of a given color personality — after all, people who share the same color personality are still different!

Rather, as you read about the different attributes of each personality, you have the chance to carefully consider your likes and dislikes, what you value in life, and how you respond to certain situations. With that kind of careful thought, you’ll find that you begin to get a clearer understanding of yourself.

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