How the Colors We Wear Reveal Our Mood and Personality

Many of us don’t realize it, but color is a huge part of our lives. We see and use colors every moment of our existence, even when we’re not paying attention. Scientists have discovered that humans can see around ten million different shades. That’s pretty mind-boggling!

Color is how we as humans most enjoy expressing ourselves. Whether we’re putting streaks of pastel hues in our hair or painting our walls a soothing shade of beige, color is our way of putting our unique spin on things.

The easiest and most common way for us to express ourselves is via our clothing choices. Both our personal style and the colors we choose to wear say a lot about who we are as individuals. No two people are exactly alike. Even twins often dress in drastically different styles or colors.

Today, we’re going to take a few moments and discuss the hidden meanings of color when it comes to our clothing choices. What colors we choose to place on our bodies can tell us a lot: from our current mood to our personality and mental health struggles. If you’ve ever been curious about the secret meaning behind color, keep reading.

Red – Go Big or Go Home

Woman wearing a red dress and a hat

Wearing the color red can mean you’re feeling bold or gutsy. This color is known to be eye-popping, and is great when you’re looking to bolster your confidence. Particularly when a striking, bold shade of red is used, wearing red can denote that you’re confident and sophisticated.

This color is great if you want to feel on top of your game when interviewing for that executive position. Another great time for this bold and playful shade is while on a date. Think an elegant red dress and some dazzling lipstick to match.

Pink – Let Your Feminine Side Out

Woman with pink hairstyle wearing pink jacket with glasses

This color is often associated with femininity and is generally well-liked. This tone is known to create feelings of harmony, acceptance, and love. If you love wearing pink, you’re probably a kind and genuine person with a lot of love in your heart.

Great times to wear pink include any situation in which you want others to feel safe and welcome, like on a first date or your first day at a new job. When you want to catch the attention of your special someone it’s great as well, as they might be attracted to the softness of the color.

Orange – The Life of the Party

Woman in orange attire touching her brown wavy hair and laughing

Orange isn’t a color that’s often gravitated to, when it comes to our fashion choices, though it makes a fair showing every fall. In more faded, gentle tones, the color orange can be soothing and cozy. Wearing this is common in the fall when over-sized sweaters make their appearance.

Brighter hues of this color signify positive mood and ambition. If you love to wear orange, you’re probably a cheerful person who likes to get things done, all while putting a smile on others’ faces.

Yellow – The Quickest Way to Boost Your Mood

Portrait of cheerful Asian female wearing bright yellow clothes

It’s common knowledge that the color yellow can help lift your mood, especially when brighter hues of it come out to play. This color is also great for those who like to remain productive, as the color has been shown to have a small, but positive, impact in productivity.

If your favorite color to wear is yellow, it’s easy to assume you’re a happy person. Use a bit of science to get through an insanely busy day by wearing something fun, like a yellow sundress. Your mood will be heightened, which can help you push through the insanity.

Green – The Color of Generosity

Fashion portrait of woman with blond short hair wearing green sweater

The first thing that pops into most peoples heads when they hear the word green is either nature or money. Green is associated with money, generosity, and balance. Wearing this color can signify that you are generous with your time and financial resources. It’s also a great color to wear if you’re looking to manifest some extra cash flow.

This color is great to wear at the office or during an important business meeting, but also works well in casual settings. Try wearing some soft hues of green next time you hang out with loved ones: they may leave feeling like you’re full of generosity and love.

Blue – An Eye for Success

Confident African American woman with afro haircut in blue clothes

This color is one of humanity’s favorites. It’s everywhere. The sky, the oceans, some of our eyes. So many things in nature are blue. It’s a common color in fashion too, with blue jeans still being a staple of many modern individuals wardrobes.

This color is associated with calm and confidence, along with keen intelligence. Wear this in any situation where nerves might come into play to help calm yourself. It’s also great on the daily if you relish the feeling of being on top of your game.

Purple – Regal and Eccentric

Brunette wearing glasses and purple clothes

If you’re the type to sport purple on a frequent basis, you probably appreciate the finer things in life. This color can signify both creativity and luxuriousness, making it a popular color for those in positions of power. People with more eccentric personalities may enjoy sporting this color, as it perfectly matches their personality.

Great times to wear this color include at formal events like weddings and balls. It’s also great when you want to feel a bit more creative. Throwing on a little something special might just get those artistic juices flowing.

Brown – Neutral and Conflict Free

Happy woman wearing brown clothes

If brown is your favorite color to wear, you’re likely a stable and reliable person. It’s likely that you’re very down to earth, and go out of your way to keep the energy in a room from dipping into negative territory.

This color is considered neutral, so it’s great to wear if you know you’re going into a charged situation. It can also signify independence, strength, and stability. People who wear a lot of brown are gentle souls with a solid head on their shoulders.

White – Perfect for New Beginnings

Woman with curly hair wears white casual clothes and poses in studio

Strongly associated with weddings, this color represents a lot more than this bliss of matrimony. If you’ve been wearing a lot of white lately, you may be going through a transformation in your life. White is often associated with new beginnings, which is why some wear it around the new year.

It also stands for purity, both of body and soul. Think about freshly fallen snow or the innocence of new life: that’s what white represents. A great time to play with this color is when you’re going to an event where people are going to be donning a lot of color. Wear all white and you’ll stand out in a crowd, drawing eyes and turning heads.

Gray – A Calm and Reserved Nature

Smiling woman in a gray outfit

Gray is a soft, neutral color that can have a calming effect for many individuals. Though this is neutral, like brown, it conveys a calming, soothing emotion. If you wear a lot of gray, you’re probably the most calming presence in the room. You may enjoy helping people, or may be considered very chill and down to earth.

Gray is great to wear when you want to feel calmed. A chunky gray sweater is the perfect thing to snuggle up to on those dreary mornings when you really don’t want to leave the softness of your bed.

Black – Total Confidence

Portrait of a businesswoman wearing formal black suit with arms folded

Rock the color black often? You’re probably mysterious and a little bit powerful. You’re also probably brimming with confidence, at least on the surface. This color, like purple, is associated with luxury. In addition, it’s also considered to showcase strength and power: think a black business suit, maybe combined with the right tie.

Wear black during special business occasions. Anytime you want to feel more confident and in charge is a great time as well. Just be warned, black can be off-putting or even intimidating to some.

As you can see, the colors you choose to wear can impart a lot about you to the people you come across. Even if we don’t realize it, we associate each color with certain emotions and character qualities. We can even shift the energy in a room by wearing certain items. By paying attention to how we dress, we can find out more about ourselves.