28 Colors That Go With Emerald Green (Color Palettes)

Beige sofa in emerald green interior

Sometimes, when you’re designing a space, you feel like you need a color that’s downright regal. Enter emerald green. This on-trend shade is deep and rich, cool yet vibrant. Best of all, its energy combines with the energies of a number of other colors, letting you create breathtakingly original color schemes.

Here are some colors that go with emerald green, along with color palette examples.

1. Gold and Emerald Green

Gold and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #1B998B, #545454

This combination might make you think of leprechauns. But when you deploy it carefully in the right space, it will make any room look incredibly elegant. One of the easiest ways to use these shades is to add a gold floor lamp beside a deep emerald green couch. If you only want to use a little bit of gold, try a coffee table with gold legs.

Emerald green couches, especially velvet or velour ones, make beautiful additions to elegant living rooms. If you really want to commit to a lot of emerald in this situation, it makes a fantastic wall color. Make the room look extra-glitzy with a gold wall hanging or two, or go extravagant with several large wall hangings in ornate golden frames.

2. Tan and Emerald Green

Tan and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D2B48C, #32A287, #705D56

Tan is approximately a very dark beige or a very light brown. Since it’s so common, it’s very easy to integrate. Tan is also a warm neutral, so if you’re worried about emerald making a room overly cool, tan can balance it out. Jute or seagrass rugs look great around emerald chairs and couches, as do tan crocheted blankets. If you have a space that really needs warming up, tan walls are a great choice, too.

As a side note, choosing the right fabric is really important with this combination. Emerald looks luxuriant when paired with colors like gold, but next to tan, it has an earthier feel. Velvet and velour can look out of place in this context, so canvas or a similar fabric might be the better choice here.

3. Peacock Blue and Emerald Green

Peacock Blue and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #005F69, #09BC8A, #F7F7F2

The glimmering shade of blue at the center of each peacock feather is surely a sight to behold. And when you want to create a really dynamic palette, you can try pairing it with emerald. Both of these colors are intense, so use them carefully! Most people opt to sprinkle a few peacock blue accents into a room that is mostly emerald. For example, if your space has emerald walls, peacock blue curtains (or curtains patterned with peacock blue and white) will go nicely.

If you have an emerald couch, even a couple of peacock blue pillows will intensify your color scheme. But as always, when you’re pairing multiple intense colors, choose a neutral to take up much of the space. Peacock blue and emerald both look good with light to medium wood tones.

4. Plum and Emerald Green

Plum and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8E4585, #4E937A, #FFFBFA

Plum and emerald green have a lot in common. Both are rich, intense cool colors, and both are great for designing elegant interiors. You might think that they’re too similar to work together. But if you’re interested in creating an eclectic, cool palette, give this unusual combination a shot!

Lots of people go the relatively safe route of choosing one of these two as a main color and the other as an accent shade. However, you can create a bold and varied palette by using an approximately equal amount of each. For example, a living room with gray walls will work well with a plum-colored couch and an emerald green chair. A rug patterned with purple and white (or green and white) will really tie this look together!

5. Royal Blue and Emerald Green

Royal Blue and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4169E1, #2A9D8F, #EDF7D2

Here’s another mix you don’t see every day! Royal blue and emerald green are both captivating jewel tones. And though both are cool colors, they have an intense and palpable energy that will still make a space feel vibrant.

If you want to go extra-bold, try putting a plush emerald couch in front of a royal blue wall. This look is likely to be overwhelming for many. If you think this color scheme is a little too much, find a rug with a royal blue and white pattern. When placed in between emerald chairs and couches, this type of accessory can really transform a room!

6. Cool White and Emerald Green

Cool White and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F4FDFF, #17B890, #8A817C

Shades of cool white look beautifully crisp against emerald. This combination is ideal if you want to create a fresh and glamorous palette. There are also seemingly endless ways to use it. If you have white wainscoting on the bottom half of your walls, try painting the upper part emerald green. This look does best with wood-toned or otherwise neutral-colored furniture.

A simpler way to accomplish this look is to use white walls in a room with emerald green furniture. Create an open, modern look with a black-and-white tiled floor. If you’d rather not change the flooring you have, go with a patterned rug instead.

7. Soft Cocoa Brown and Emerald Green

Soft Cocoa Brown and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #987B71, #1B998B, #E8E9EB

Brown and green make an earthy, springlike color combination that’s perfect for creating a homey aesthetic. Soft cocoa brown is versatile enough to use in just about any way you choose, but it looks especially dynamic in patterns with emerald. Pillows and rugs striped with cocoa brown, emerald, white, and additional shades of green and brown will make any space feel especially homey.

Cocoa brown also makes a great (if uncommon) wall color. Combine it with emerald furniture or accent pieces. If you really want to increase the soothing, earthy nature of the combination, include elements of sage green, wheat, and similar colors. A sage-hued vase of dried reeds or two will add texture, interest, and variety.

8. Silver and Emerald Green

Silver and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C0C0C0, #2A7F62, #2B4570

Emerald velvet couches might be popular, but emerald is also a beautiful choice for tiling. That makes it a great color choice for a bathroom! For a colorful and dramatic effect, choose emerald tiled walls. Make sure the sink, bathtub, and cabinet hardware is all silver. Silver’s cool gleam works with emerald to create a refined, sophisticated palette.

You also can accomplish this look with accessories. If you have a plain bathroom that’s mostly white, all you need to do is choose a shower curtain, rugs, and towels that are emerald green. Add them in, and you’ll have a whole new color scheme in five minutes!

9. Ruby Red and Emerald Green

Ruby Red and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9B111E, #1B998B, #FCFAF9

Lots of people shy away from red and green palettes. After all, if you aren’t careful, you just might make a room look like it’s Christmas every day! But if you’re looking for a dramatic mix of warm and cool, this unique color combination deserves a glance.

Start with small amounts of each color. If you have a small office with a wooden desk, add leaf-patterned wallpaper for some visual interest. For best results, choose a pattern with a shade of green that’s duller than emerald. Choose a desk chair with a ruby red seat cushion and then paint the door of the room emerald green.

10. Blush Pink and Emerald Green

Blush Pink and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F1ABB9, #06908F, #F6F7EB

Pink and green are two colors that really pop. And if you want to make use of this high-contrast combination while ensuring the colors you use stay just a bit muted, blush pink is a good shade to pair with emerald. Blush pink is just slightly dusty, so it doesn’t run the risk of being too loud.

Even though the mix of these two colors might seem quirky or unconventional, the mix of emerald green and blush pink is most at home in luxury living spaces. This is especially true when you use plush, textured fabric for both colors. One effective way to integrate them is to put a blush pink velvet couch by an emerald green wall. Add a couple of velvet or velour emerald pillows, too. If you want to include a metallic in this design scheme, rose gold is great. It’s elegant like gold, but its pinkish hue connects with the pink of the couch.

11. Denim Blue and Emerald Green

Denim Blue and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #2243B6, #00A896, #E4E3D3

Denim blue comes in a variety of shades, just like blue jeans. Most denim shades are a little bit muted, a little bit washed out, or both. But just about every shade of denim blue looks great alongside emerald!

To use this color combination, try adding denim blue couches and chairs to a living room that is mostly neutral. White walls and a soft-colored jute rug will go especially well. Add a single emerald green pouf or ottoman. To make sure the accessory isn’t the only green thing in the room, add a few houseplants, too!

12. Tangerine and Emerald Green

Tangerine and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F28500, #157A6E, #F7FFF6

If you prefer palettes incorporating bursts of warm colors to balance out cooler ones, try adding a few splashes of tangerine to a room with a lot of emerald! When you’re using just about any shade of orange in interior design, a little goes a long way.

If you’ve jumped on the trend of emerald green walls, add some contrast with a largely-orange art piece. Or if you have a kitchen with emerald cabinets, an orange kettle and dish towels will really pop. If you want a color scheme that’s really eclectic, include a blue and white tiled backsplash, too.

13. Magenta and Emerald Green

Magenta and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF00FF, #048A81, #FFFBFA

Magenta is another bright color that just so happens to go nicely with emerald green. Like tangerine, magenta is quite a high-energy shade, so you only need a little. If you have a living room with emerald couches, magenta accent throws or even rugs are great. For a quirky bedroom palette, use a magenta bedspread and lampshade in a space with emerald walls. Or if you’d prefer to use just a touch of each color, find pillows or curtains patterned with magenta and emerald and incorporate them into a white, gray, or beige room.

14. Greige and Emerald Green

Greige and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #CCBCAF, #439A86, #46494C

Want to combine emerald with a neutral color, but can’t decide between gray and beige? Enter greige! This color is a mixture of both, and its cool energy makes it look good beside emerald. Greige is a common furniture color, and it’s even sometimes found in wooden furniture.

Try this combination in a dining room. A greige-colored table, greige-framed mirror, black chairs, and emerald green walls are all you need to create a sleek and distinctive color scheme. If you need more emerald, try adding a table runner to complete the look.

15. Copper and Emerald Green

Copper and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B87333, #136F63, #CCCCCC

Since copper is similar to tan, it’s an outstanding companion for emerald. It’s also a nice choice for decorating your kitchen. Copper-colored countertops, copper hardware, copper fume hoods, and emerald green cabinets go very well together. If you go this route, choose emerald paint with a matte finish. Combined with the gleam of copper, glossy emerald paint can be a little much.

If you’d rather not incorporate this much copper, even little touches will still make a difference in rooms with a lot of emerald. Copper light fixtures look extra-chic, as do coffee tables and chairs with copper legs.

16. Warm White and Emerald Green

Warm White and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FDF4DC, #21897E, #938581

Some people prefer to integrate emerald into an all-cool palette. Others prefer to use warmer neutrals to balance out emerald’s extra-cool warm undertones. If you’re the latter type, shades of warm white are the perfect partner for an emerald-rich design scheme.

Like any shade of white, warm white is an extra-versatile neutral. Try it as a wall color, or include a warm white rug in a cooler palette. Warm white accent pillows will look great against emerald couches and chairs. But if you find this look too plain, go with patterned pillows whose base color is warm white. 

Alternatively, you can adopt a mostly-white palette and use emerald as an accent. You’ll still get touches of this rich green, but you can create a quieter aesthetic. Or for something a little different, take a neutral palette and add a rug or a set of curtains with an emerald green and warm white pattern.

17. Olive Green and Emerald Green

Olive Green and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #556B2F, #09BC8A, #FBFAF8

Olive and emerald certainly make one of the stranger-sounding combinations on the list. However, olive is a green shade with much warmer undertones than emerald. Consequently, the two colors provide a surprising balance that also adds depth to your palette. When you’re using these colors, be sure to follow the 60-30-10 rule. Choose a neutral (especially white; both warm and cool shades work) as your base color and let it take up about 60% of the space.

Then use emerald to decorate 30% of the remaining space. Finally, use olive green accents to take up the remaining 10%. If you aren’t completely sold on this combo but want to give it a try, use easily removable olive accents like painted wooden chairs and accent pillows.

18. Mustard Yellow and Emerald Green

Mustard Yellow and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFDB58, #32936F, #938581

For an ultra-modern palette with a lot of charm, try combining mustard yellow with emerald. Mustard is rich and earthy, though it’s pale enough to make a small space look bigger. Consider using it in smaller rooms, especially as a wall color. You can design an inviting bedroom with mustard yellow walls and an emerald bedspread. 

If you just want to use a touch of each color, you can. Take a living room with tan or beige furniture. Incorporate accent pillows and throws in both emerald and mustard yellow. A design like this can be completed with a striking black and white patterned rug.

19. Charcoal and Emerald Green

Charcoal and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454F, #00A878, #EBEBEB

Charcoal is a deep and dignified neutral. You sometimes see it used as a backdrop for high-energy shades of orange, but it looks positively regal when used with emerald. If you’re looking for a cool, modern bathroom design, combine a charcoal gray tiled floor with emerald green tiled walls. Add bright white towels for a brilliant contrast!

This combination can also give any bedroom a quiet and enveloping feel. Paint the bedroom walls a deep shade of charcoal gray. From there, add an emerald green bedspread. Just be sure to also include a white rug (or another light accessory) too.

20. Sage Green and Emerald Green

Sage Green and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9CAF88, #06896D, #D3DDCF

Emerald green is a color that really lends itself to layering with other shades of green. One of these colors is sage. Both sage and emerald have cool undertones: emerald has blue undertones, while sage’s undertones are closer to gray or silver.

The way you layer these colors is up to you. You can include other shades of green or keep it to just sage and emerald. One way to use them is to add sage cabinets and emerald chairs to an eat-in kitchen. Both of these colors look good with pale neutrals, so choose light gray, beige, or white for most of the rest of the room.

21. Peach and Emerald Green

Peach and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFCDA2, #1B998B, #646165

In many color schemes, emerald looks stately and elegant. But if you need to create a quirky, offbeat palette, try pairing it with peach. Both pink and orange pop against dark greens. Peach sits somewhere between pink and orange, so it’s an especially effective choice. If you can find a peach sofa and chairs, place them in a room with emerald walls and a black-and-white tiled floor. This combination looks especially nice when the furniture has gold legs.

Generally speaking, this combination works best with mid-century modern decor. But since peach and emerald make an already offbeat pair, you don’t need to feel limited to that style! Experimenting can lead you to some beautifully unique decorating schemes.

22. Clay Red and Emerald Green

Clay Red and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C2452D, #048A81, #D9CAB3

You already know that neutrals look nice with emerald green. Depending on who you talk to and the exact shade you choose, clay red may or may not be considered a neutral. Regardless of how it’s classified, it still goes nicely with emerald green. 

Try warming up a largely-emerald living room with a clay-red ottoman. You also sometimes see this color used on Persian-style or Turkish-style rugs, so those are excellent choices as well. If you’re up for painting a statement wall, a clay red wall will also impart an earthy warmth to a room rich in emerald and other cool colors. If you find yourself a little hesitant, you can simply sprinkle in a few clay-red accents like vases or bowls. If you like that look, you can always add more later.

23. Periwinkle and Emerald Green

Periwinkle and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #CCCCFF, #00A676, #E6E4CE

Emerald looks good with both blue and purple, so why not try a mixture of both colors? Periwinkle is a delicate, relaxing bluish purple. It’s become fairly trendy, and it’s a great choice for those who love alternative wall colors. Periwinkle walls will look nice with emerald furniture, but if you’d rather not repaint your walls, a periwinkle rug is a suitable choice as well.

The combination of emerald and periwinkle is reminiscent of flowers. So to try something different, consider adding leaf-printed wallpaper to your space. From there, add in a periwinkle couch or two. It’s something different, but it’s sure to make your space stand out!

24. Wood Tones and Emerald Green

Wood Tones and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #6F432A, #147558, #D17B49

Whether you have wood floors, wooden furniture, or wood-paneled walls, chances are good they’ll go well with emerald green. The combination of both is reminiscent of the outdoors and will look right at home in just about any space. Almost any finish will go with emerald, too. Very light finishes are perfect for creating high-contrast color schemes. Medium, honey-like tones can warm up a room that’s starting to feel too cold. And darker wood tones will give you dark, moody looks, perfect for shaping a room’s ambiance.

25. Navy Blue and Emerald Green

Navy Blue and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #0B7A75, #E0E2DB

If you want a classic, grounded combination, go with navy and emerald! Both of these shades make excellent colors for walls. Try navy blue walls in a living room with a white mantle. Add a white rug, white wall trim, and emerald green couches. For a little more variety, include an emerald couch and a couple of brown leather chairs.

Of course, depending on your tastes, you can also reverse the combination. Whether your walls are navy or emerald, a gold wall hanging or two will be the perfect way to offer a luxuriant touch.

26. Black and Emerald Green

Black and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #226F54, #FFFCF2

Black and emerald green make a dignified color combination, though they can make a room start to feel too dark if you aren’t careful. If you elect to use both black and emerald, make sure you include plenty of white or another pale neutral!

This combination is a good choice for a bathroom. Go with black cabinets, a black-and-white tile floor, and emerald green walls. Or if you enjoy picking out unusually-patterned wallpaper, choose an interesting black-and-white pattern and include it in a room with an emerald bedspread. Include a white shaggy rug to lighten up the palette and add some texture, too.

27. Pale Gray and Emerald Green

Pale Gray and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D3D3D3, #1B998B, #0B4F6C

Just as trees and parks add splashes of life to gray cityscapes, emerald gives gray color schemes a refreshing twist. Emerald looks especially wonderful when paired with paler shades of gray. It forms a high-contrast combination that makes for an interesting space.

The most effective way to use this combination is to start with a palette that is largely pale gray. For example, a living room with white or gray walls and pale gray furniture offers the perfect canvas for a few bursts of emerald. From there, add emerald green pillows, curtains, throws, rugs, or lampshades. For a dynamic look, use plush or otherwise textured emerald accents against matte-finished walls and gray leather or other relatively plain fabrics.

28. Pastel Yellow and Emerald Green

Pastel Yellow and Emerald Green Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FDFD96, #3AB795, #0D5C63

Greens and yellows tend to go well together. But if you use overly bright shades of both, you just might turn a space into an eyesore! Pastel yellow is an excellent companion for emerald green, partially because it functions like a neutral in some situations. Pastel yellow makes an interesting wall color, especially when it’s used as a backdrop for deeper shades of emerald green.

That said, emerald is an outstanding wall color in its own right. For a high-contrast palette that’s different from the ones you usually see, put a pastel yellow bedspread, couch, or tablecloth in a room whose walls are vivid emerald green.

Designing With Emerald Green

As you can see, there’s a whole host of shades that will look just right next to emerald green. But this list is only a starting point. Emerald itself inspires creativity, and you can have a lot of fun (and discover some incredible palettes) when you play around with color combinations.