Color Meanings in Business Branding: Industry-Specific Colors Explained

Designer selecting colors for business branding

Is there anyone in the industry that doubts the impact of colors? Irrespective of whether you are involved in marketing, retailing, designing or advertising, there is a basic need of being as informed as possible about various colors and how they communicate instantly.

So, in this guide, the focus will be on color meanings in business.

Different colors and their meanings in business

Red color

Red gives people the signal to act. However, this color needs to be handled rather judiciously: you do not want the viewer to feel overwhelmed and yet you’d want to command or encourage movement. When using Red in business, use it as an accent color to tempt buyers to buy on an impulse. A touch of red to a website can help portray the business as energy- driven and exciting.

Orange color

Using orange in business suggests adventure, fun and travel. It is a beneficial color for hotels travel companies and resorts and can stimulate social communication. Orange is friendlier, approachable and less aggressive than red. Its negative color meanings in business include loud, raucous and frivolous.

Yellow color

Color experts recommend yellow for use in children’s industry as this color’s meanings include stimulation, creativity and wisdom. Yellow could also be used in promoting point of sale purchases especially when you want the customer’s attention quickly. Many fast food joints are known to use red and yellow where the red color meanings in business encourage people to eat more whereas the yellow encourages them to move quickly. It is best to avoid the use of yellow to sell costly or luxurious men’s items as they would be perceived as unsophisticated. Also avoid dull versions of yellow (mustard) as these portray ill health and disease.

Green color

No other color meanings in business symbolize growth and abundance as much as Green. It is used invariably to advertise safety in drugs and medicines as well as a sign of vegetarianism. Green represents nature, prosperity and money. It is especially recommended for health and healing. For financial websites, dark green is a good color while lime green may be used to create a buzz about products on sale or an upcoming offer.

Blue color

Stability and depth are the best meanings of color Blue as far as its business usage is concerned. Most conservative corporate businesses have blue in some form or the other in their logos, business cards and brochures etc. Similarly, communication, Hi-tech, computer products, water industry, filtration, swimming pool cleaning businesses etc also always use blue. Health, wellness and travel industry typically use light blue while political and religious organizations tend to use dark blue.

Purple color

Wish to combine the passion of red and the stability of blue color meanings in business? Then purple is an ideal choice. Purple is a sign of wealth, wisdom, royalty, creativity and magic. It is highly recommended for women and children’s products industry while many men’s products are slowly getting attuned to this color as well. Use medium purple or violet shades to portray academic brilliance and wisdom. Lavender is considered ideal for home-based businesses which sell hand-made products, art work, crafts, lace and other items of symbolic or cultural significance. Avoid dark purple as its color meaning in business includes gloom, sorrow and frustration.

White color

The use of white color meaning in business is cleanliness and hygiene. It indicates calm, simplicity and organization. On the negative side, some of its meanings include coldness, detachment, sterility and disinterest. Most businesses use white as background for their websites. It is ideal for use in infants’ products, kitchen and bath appliances and all other organizations that wish to portray efficiency and discipline.

Black color

Luxury, elegance and sophistication-thy name is black. Black is used for selling and marketing to youth audiences; hence music industry likes to use it to portray style and trendiness. Black is best when combined with jewel colors like ruby, turquoise and gold etc.

Pink color

Pink is the perfect color for women and girl’s industry. Charities also like to use pink as it evokes compassion and warmth. Teenagers are known to feel attracted to brighter pinks while dusky pink can be utilized for its color meanings in business to market sentimental products.

Silver color

Silver is a beautiful color that works well for most businesses, though it is used most for promoting appliances. It is sleek, smooth and also futuristic. Hence it is apt for businesses which deal in computers, technology etc. Silver, like Gold is associated with wealth and luxury.

Gold color

Industries dealing with some precious objects can market their products using gold which, like silver, portrays wealth and luxury. Gold does not work well on websites as it translates to dirty yellow. Its negative color meanings in business include pretentiousness in self importance ; so it must be used sparingly.It is advisable to use gold with red, blue and green to impart sense of prestige and quality.

Gray color

Gray is a very safe and neutral color and combined with other colors it can be used in almost any business. It is ideal for legal and financial industries as well as for creating a hi-tech look by combining with blues or yellow etc. Positive meanings of grey color in business include: professionalism, maturity and dignity.

Brown color

Avoid the use of too much of brown in logos and websites as might be viewed as overly passive, ‘dirty’ and serious. Light brown, on the other hand, has many positive meanings in business including neatness, openness, approachability etc.

Thus, colors have various meanings in business and, when used right, can boost sales and also increase productivity and efficiency of the workers.