Logo Colors and Their Meanings Explained

Company logos in different colors

When looking at a brand, the logo is often the first thing you see. So, designing the perfect logo is a crucial part of creating a good business, and the color of that logo is just as important.

Different logo colors can evoke different emotions, so consider who you want to attract to your brand and how you want them to feel. Then, consider which logo colors can help with that.

Why Are Logo Colors Important?

Colors can have a big impact on how we perceive things and how we feel. So, since the logo is the most recognizable part of most brands, it needs to give the public the ideal impression. The shape of the logo has some impact on customers, but the colors have an even stronger one.

Every logo color can evoke different emotions, which work best in certain contexts. Thus, you’ll need to choose your logo colors carefully to create a design that fits your brand.

Logo Color Meanings

Logo designs using various colors

Let’s take a look at what each logo color could mean so you can decide which one will suit your design best.


Red skull logo

Red is a high-energy color that’s a sign of passion and excitement. So, it’s often used as a logo color for entertainment brands, such as Netlfix and Lego. Red may also increase an appetite, which is why it’s sometimes used in food and drink logos, such as Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s.

Red is a great color for logos that you want to stand out and draw a lot of attention to. It may be used to encourage purchases and advertise sales, which is why companies like Target include it in their logos. Some companies avoid the color red because they don’t want their logos to be as loud. After all, if every logo was red, it would be overwhelming.


Orange drink logo

Orange represents playfulness and enthusiasm, so it’s often used in entertainment brands, such as Nickelodeon and Penguin Random House. It can make people feel happy and eager to try something new.

Sometimes, orange is used to indicate a sale, which is why it’s often used for companies with affordable products like Payless Shoesource and Amazon. Using too much orange is frowned upon because it could indicate that products are cheap or a company is aggressive.


Warm yellow logo design

Yellow logos are seen as friendly and happy. So, they may be used for companies with upbeat advertising, such as Cheerios and Bumble. Yellow can grab attention as easily as red can, but brands using yellow logos may seem more welcoming and humble. Like red, yellow can evoke hunger, so it’s used in many restaurant logos, such as McDonald’s and Denny’s.

Yellow is often seen as youthful, so it may be used by companies that appeal to younger audiences, such as Pokemon and Snapchat. Unfortunately, yellow is sometimes seen as a sign of caution, so companies with yellow logos should avoid using too much yellow in other areas of their advertising.


Green nature logo

Green logos are easier on the eyes than some of the more vibrant options. Green is most commonly associated with nature and health, so it’s often used for companies that care about the environment, such as Animal Planet and Girl Scouts, and companies that prioritize customer health, such as Whole Foods.

Some companies with green logos don’t associate themselves closely with nature, but instead, they use green as a calming color, such as Spotify and Starbucks. Many people view green as a sign of wealth and money when it comes to branding, so too much green could be perceived as greedy.


Blue home logo

Blue logos symbolize trust and security. So, they’re often used for online brands, such as Facebook and Word. Blue is also a common color for bank logos, such as Chase and American Express. These companies use blue logos to help their customers feel safe using their services.

Blue is a relaxing color to look at, so it’s great for logos that want to make someone feel calm instead of overwhelmed. It’s a favorite color for many people, so it can be used for brands with a wide variety of products, such as Walmart and Lowe’s. However, if companies with blue logos overuse blue in their branding, they could come across as cold or distant.


Purple dragon logo

Purple is less common in logo colors, so it’s seen as creative and unique. Companies with creative content and products, such as Syfy and Hallmark, may use purple logos. Companies with a variety of services, such as Yahoo and FedEx, are also known for using purple.

In general, purple is a sign of luxury and wealth because it was worn by royalty in history, but it’s rarely used for that purpose in logos. More commonly, it’s used in logos that appeal to women and younger audiences, which is why companies like Claire’s use it.


Pink flower logo

Pink logos are usually fun and youthful. They’re often used for companies that appeal to younger audiences, such as Barbie and PINK. This color is also used for brands that sell sweet foods, such as Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Many people see pink as a girly color, so brands that are meant to appeal to feminine individuals may use pink logos. However, pink is more versatile than it used to be. A variety of companies use pink logos to seem more warm and welcoming, such as Lyft and T-Mobile. It’s a fun, playful color that can easily catch the attention of others.


Magenta logo design

Magenta logos can have similar meanings to pink ones, but they’re usually perceived as less playful and more mature. Magenta is a sign of harmony and emotional balance, so it’s a great color to use for companies that focus on social aspects. It’s also a great color for creative brands.


Indigo elephant logo

Indigo logos are seen as innovative and modern. So, they can be used for banks, travel companies, and schools. Indigo works well in logos for any companies that focus on present-day technology.


Turquoise logo design

Cyan (or turquoise) can have a variety of meanings. In logos, it’s usually seen as refreshing and safe. So, it’s a great choice for calming, trustworthy company logos. It’s a great way to get the positive meanings of blue while using a more vibrant and creative color. It’s a color that appeals to a variety of individuals.


Black abstract logo design

Black is used in logos to make them simple while still standing out. Black logos often seem modern and professional. Luxury brands, such as Chanel and Gucci, use black logos to signify that they sell high-quality products. Companies that share information, such as The New York Times, use black logos to seem trustworthy and authoritative.

If you’re making a logo for a fun, affordable, or relaxing brand, black might not be the right choice. It can be an intimidating color when used in the wrong setting.


White logo on black background

White is often overlooked when it comes to designing logos because it needs to be surrounded by darker colors to stand out. Brands that use white logos are often perceived as clean and organized. So, it could be used for items that promote good health and hygiene, such as dental products. It could also be used in logos for makeup brands, such as MAC Cosmetics.

Since it’s a calm and simple color, it’s used for brands that share information, such as Wikipedia and the World Wildlife Fund. However, using too much white in a logo could make it seem cold and empty.


Gray logo design with company name

Gray is a neutral and serious logo color. If you want to draw a lot of attention and excitement to your brand, gray isn’t the way to go, but it’s a good option for brands that want to be taken seriously. It’s good for legal and technology companies, which are brands that want to be seen as reliable and mature. Apple and Forbes are just a few companies that sometimes use gray logos.


Brown wood flooring logo

Brown is another simple color, so it represents reliability and durability. It’s most common for brands that focus on the outdoors and natural ingredients. It’s often used in restaurant logos, such as Cracker Barrel. Brown is commonly associated with chocolate, so it’s also used for candy logos like M&Ms. Companies that want to build trust with customers, such as UPS, also use brown logos.


Gold restaurant logo

Gold is used in logos to represent luxury and wealth. It’s commonly used for high-end brands like Versace and Rolex. It may also be used for classic or reliable brands, such as Dove and Warner Bros. If your brand focuses on affordable products and services, using a gold logo will give customers the wrong idea.


Silver logo design

Silver logos represent quality and efficiency. Thus, this color is most commonly used for car company logos, such as Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz. It may also be a good logo color for companies related to technology because silver is seen as modern and innovative. Silver logos aren’t ideal for entertainment companies or companies appealing to younger customers.


Multi-color logo design with black text

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose one color for a logo, so using three, four, or even five colors could make the design more interesting. A common combination is the primary colors. Some examples include Google, eBay, and Microsoft. Colorful logos are often a sign of diversity and inclusivity.

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Logo

When picturing a company, most people think of the logo first. So, designing a good logo is the key to making a successful brand. The logo’s shape can have an impact on how people perceive it, but the color can enhance that image even further, causing customers to feel a certain way about the company.

So, if you’re designing a logo, think carefully about what colors you want to use. Choosing the ideal colors can help you attract the right audience to your brand.