What Does the Color of Your Logo Mean?

Company logos in different colors

Each of us has a personal relationship with colors. Different colors give out different wavelengths and frequencies and when these enter the viewer’s eyes, the neurological pathways trigger different responses in one’s brain. This is the reason why different colors evoke different responses in everyone. When you are using colors in your business especially for the logo, it is important that you design for an International audience and have awareness as to how different cultures and segments view different colors. Your logo color is responsible for conveying the philosophy behind your brand.

Let us study what different logo colors indicate in business.

Logo colors and their meanings

  1. Red– Red is an exciting, aggravating and motivating color. It is the color of the warning sign. When using it as a logo color, experts warn against using too much as it tends to overwhelm the viewers. It is best used as an accent color. The fact that the “Buy Now” button is red is because it encourages buyers to take action. A touch of Red on a business website or part of the logo represents excitement, passion and energetically driven business.
  2. Orange– If you are in the teenage or child industry, orange logo color can work rather well. Children and teens like orange’s sense of fun, energy and adventure. Travel industry also benefits from orange in the logo color owing to its suggestions of excitement, energy and adventure. Graphic designers caution against using too much as it is disliked by the western world.
  3. Yellow– Children’s/leisure products as well as the fast food industry can all benefit from yellow. Again, too much of yellow leads to anxiety and agitation; hence it is best to use it as highlights. Do not use yellow with black as it used in Warning signs. Dull yellow represents sickness and other negative emotions. It is best to opt for lighter shades of yellow which are associated with intellect, joy and freshness.
  4. Green– Green is perceived as life, environment and the eco system. Business wanting to portray themselves as “green” businesses can use this subtly in their logo. In USA, green is the color of money, hence best used in financial industry logos. Green can also be used for organic products, cosmetics etc.
  5. Turquoise– Clarity of thought and communication forms the very essence of turquoise in industrial usage. It is suitable for use in both men and women’s industry. Turquoise is great as a logo color when promoting water filtration, pool cleaning businesses etc. Experts suggest combining it with pink/lavender especially when using it for feminine products, beauty or fashion industry.
  6. Blue– No other color is used in logos as much as blue which is seen as a reliable, stable and trustworthy and also associated with intellect, faith, truth. Conservative corporate businesses often use this color in their logo design. Industries related to technology, medical supplies, male and female products, cleaning equipment and automotive parts must use a little blue in the logo color.
  7. Indigo– This color is believed to be the color of the New Age. Law firms, banks, education industries love this color in their logos. It combines well with magenta, turquoise, emerald etc.
  8. Purple– Since purple is not readily available in nature; it is viewed as somewhat artificial. However the early centuries showed that it was the preferred color of royalty and today many businesses use it in their logo color to symbolize richness, achievement and intellect. Light purple is romantic while the darker shades could lead to frustration.
  9. White– Dental and medical industry often uses virginal/pure white to depict cleanliness. Indeed; white is a simple, calming and organized color and indicates a “clear way forward amidst the chaos”. Use white with a bit of green or pink (or as the business demands to depict individuality) since using it standalone could be portrayed as cold and sterile.
  10. Black– Want a logo color that depicts authority, power and control? Then black is the way to go. Use black carefully, since it can be intimidating and controlling. Best to combine it with rich jewel colors for a rich effect.
  11. Magenta– Art dealers, writers, costume designers etc do very well with magenta logo color. Magenta is also beneficial in industry where you want consumers to let go of their old ideas and accept new ones. Coaches and mentors do very well with magenta.
  12. Pink– Pink is seen as feminine and hence more suitable for cosmeticians, salons, beauty fashion industry, toys for girls, candy industry etc. Businesses that wish to depict sentimentality or trendy products for teens and pre-teens can also use light or dusty pink in their logos.
  13. Gray– Looking for a serious, neutral color for your logo? Then opt for gray which is perfect for legal and financial websites and can be suitably combined with dark blue, gold, yellow etc for other industries.
  14. Gold– Marketing items of high value? Then gold is the ultimate choice in logo color. Do not use gold on your website as it simply turns into a ‘dirty yellow’. Gold combines best with navy, dark red, dark blue, dark green.
  15. Silver– Businesses selling quality items with first class craftsmanship often use silver in their logo color. Silver is also ideal for use by businesses selling tools/gadgets for home etc. Silver must not be used on websites where it simply gets perceived as dirty gray.
  16. Brown– Brown depicts many qualities including reliability, strength, and durability and is best when depicting earth, farming/gardening equipment etc. Many whole food and organic companies combine brown with green in their logo to indicate openness, or safe and natural products.

These are the top logo colors and their meanings. If you like this list, please share it. Thanks!