Blue Butterfly Meaning: What Do Blue Butterflies Symbolize?

Blue butterfly on dandelion with colorful sunset in the background

What does it mean when you see a blue butterfly, and what do blue butterflies symbolize? Let’s find out.

Butterflies are one of Mother Nature’s amazing creatures. They are like angels on Earth and constantly remind us it is a gift to be alive. As Hans Christian Andersen said so many moons ago in his popular poem, The Butterfly, “just living is not enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Butterflies Have a Special Significance Throughout the World

All butterflies gracefully float through the air, dance on flowers, and provide beauty in our lives. They look like a piece of the beautiful blue sky is taking an adventure and flying away.

Colorful butterflies are not only beautiful, they are recognized throughout the world to have special meaning and significance. Butterflies that come into your life are actually known to be messengers from nature, a sign that something significant is going to occur in your life, like inner peace, a future event, great fortune, or even a surge of creativity.

Butterflies are also thought to represent visitors from the afterlife. They are like graceful messengers sending us important signals to guide us. Pay attention and listen to your innermost thoughts, intuition, gut feelings, and senses. Something amazing is about to happen in your life.

Simply spotting a butterfly whether it is blue or another color commonly determines different beliefs for different cultures. All butterflies including blue butterflies symbolize deep feelings of freedom, beauty, joy, love, femininity, transformation, fortune, and the mysteries of life after death. Butterflies also represent Earth’s elements, water, and fire. They are commonly admired by artists and fashion designers and used in their creations to celebrate inner and outer beauty. They are also included in children’s books, novels, and movies to send an important message to the reader.

Children's book with blue butterfly on flowers

The following are popular children’s picture books that include stories about growing up and transformation while learning about this amazing creature:

  • My, Oh My – A Butterfly! All About Butterflies by Tish Rabe, Aristides Ruiz, and Joe Mathieu: This book is all about learning how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and tells young readers a story in poem form.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle: This beloved story by Eric Carle is a classic and is fun for the young and young at heart. Readers follow along as the hungry star of the story eats everything in its path, and we mean everything! Eventually, it transforms into a beautiful butterfly with a happy ending for the ages.
  • Velma Gratch and the Very Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison and Kevin Hawkes: This is a sweet story of a little girl who is frustrated because she is constantly asking herself, “how can I keep up with my older sisters?” It all changes in amazing ways when she learns all about butterflies at school.
  • Elmer and Butterfly by David McKee: This is a heartwarming story about two unlikely friends, a butterfly, and an elephant. The elephant rescues the butterfly who was stuck on a branch. In return, the butterfly later helps his very large friend who has a very large heart. They help each other out and in the end, form a closer and closer friendship while doing so.
  • Bonjour, Butterfly (Fancy Nancy Series) by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser: Fancy Nancy thinks butterflies are simply exquisite and is excited to go to her friend’s butterfly-themed birthday party, but she learns she can’t go because it’s her grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, and she has to go with her family. What happens next is exciting and filled with butterfly magic, beauty, and color.
  • The Ugly Butterfly by Jessica Rosa Espinoza, Carol Lynn Mitchell: This is an imaginative story about the life process of a caterpillar while focusing on the age-old question, “Why don’t I fit in?” It is also a lesson about how special our differences are and make us who we are.

Of course, there are nonfiction textbooks and scientific research papers that share the facts about butterflies. But it is interesting to note that there are also many adult fiction novels about butterflies. The titles of some focus on the beauty of the blue butterfly. This demonstrates the authors’ connection to the color and mysterious allure. Some popular fiction novels are, The Blue Butterfly by Siana Stidever, The Blue Butterfly by Diane Harmann, and The Wings of a Blue Butterfly by Janani Devulapally.

Butterflies Symbolize Promise and Hope

Blue butterflies flying right above the water surface

Many cultures throughout the world consider these amazing creatures as a symbol of communication, personal growth, and even personal transformation. You may know that butterflies start their lives as little caterpillars. They cannot fly and aren’t very attractive. Then something amazing happens. They evolve while inside a cocoon that they instinctively weave for themselves. What happens inside is almost magical and mystifying. They go through what scientists call metamorphosis and transform from a little bug-like creature into a delicate, colorful butterfly full of promise and symbolism. Humankind has always appreciated this evolution and associated it with different events and celebrations that happen throughout their lives.

As these delicate and gentle beings fly into our personal worlds we instantly smile. They represent so much more than you might think, especially blue butterflies. Yes, they are extremely beautiful, but when they flutter by us, they are bringing messages of guidance. It is our responsibility to recognize this and pay attention to what they are telling us. They are known to help you find alignment, inner peace, and love. Blue butterflies can be life-changing and add absolute joy to your day. Whether they fly around your physical body, land on your shoulder, or a flower nearby, take in the moment because it is meant specifically for you.

Blue Butterflies Symbolize Strengthening Your Communication Styles

Closeup of blue butterfly on a wall

So what does a blue butterfly symbolize and what special messages are associated with this gorgeous creature? Throughout time, blue has always been considered a precious color. After all, it is the color of the sky and the sea, both timeless treasures essential for life on Earth. A blue butterfly is a precious symbol of value in your life and your surroundings. It is also connected with communicating, with yourself, others, and nature.

Let’s discuss how the blue butterfly is related to nurturing relationships because the blue butterfly is associated with kind, interpersonal communication. When a blue butterfly enters your personal space it may be silently sharing with you that you need to adjust the way you communicate with others. Just as they did from a caterpillar to a butterfly, find a new way to transform your communication style.

The next time you speak to a loved one or colleague, pay attention to the tone and volume of your voice. Take time and select words that are not angry or negative. Think about the Golden Rule: treat others and speak to others the way you would like to be treated and spoken to. The blue butterfly is telling you this will enhance your relationships and transform the way you deal with people, in a positive way. Blue butterflies are helping you create a more peaceful aura with those around you. A blue butterfly may also be a sign that you are willing to try to heal relationships using a more harmonious communication style.

Blue Butterflies Want to Help You Heal and Be Happy

Portrait of a happy woman with a blue butterfly on the hand

Some cultures throughout the world associate the color blue with unconditional love and the power to heal inside. When a blue butterfly visits you, look forward to entering into a new healing phase of your life. Look forward to improving your relationships through peace, love, and harmony. If you see a blue butterfly after someone you love passes away, some say it is a symbol of the soul who passed are nearby. If there were issues that were not resolved before they passed away, the blue butterfly is helping you with closure, so you can heal and be at peace with their death. It’s a reminder to us that there is some type of beautiful life after death. Blue butterflies help us be at peace with losing loved ones.

Blue butterflies are magnificent creatures. To many, they signify joy, happiness, and new beginnings. They are also known to grant wishes made when they are present. Make a wish when you see one and the blue butterfly will take it with them as they fly through the sky. You just may have your wish granted along with much more. Blue butterflies are associated with fortune and luck.

Early Native American tribes believed strongly that a butterfly would carry prayers and wishes in their wings to the Spirit in the sky. They had to gently catch the butterfly without hurting it and whisper their wishes so no one else could hear them. According to their folklore, these secret wishes were taken directly to the Great Spirit and were always granted.

The Blue Butterfly Movie Celebrated in Popular Culture

Artwork with blue butterfly and film roll

Blue butterflies have so much mystery and magical qualities that Hollywood filmed a movie about their symbolism. In 2004, The Blue Butterfly starring A-List celebrity William Hurt was inspired by a true story surrounding a 10-year-old’s wish to catch the largest and most beautiful butterfly before he died. This little boy was dying with only a few months to live, and an avid butterfly collector was sure that the blue butterfly of his dreams could explain the mystery of life. He was obsessed with the legendary Blue Morpho (Mariposa Azul), which only could be located in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. The two unlikely couple travel to the Rain Forest to search and find the butterfly. Ironically, their adventure takes them along a personal journey where they find themselves.

The Blue Butterfly story is full of the folklore, legends, dreams, and mysteries associated with butterflies, especially focusing on blue butterflies. This touching story is about how a young boy and a mature man with so many differences grow out of their protective cocoons and transform themselves to live joyfully while on this Earth. This is just one example of how the blue butterfly is celebrated in our world and captured through a movie that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Butterflies Have Religious Christian Symbolism

Hands releasing flock of butterflies into the sky symbolizing hope

Butterflies are commonly celebrated in churches and religious ceremonies. They symbolize hope, peace, and joy. These magnificent creatures only live for a short time which can mirror our spiritual transformation. They are here to remind us that our life is also short and that every moment is a gift from God. Some religions see them as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and rebirth into our world. Some Christians display them to remember there is a heaven where they will enjoy everlasting life. Butterflies are used in different life-changing celebrations. For example, they are released into the sky during special Christian events including weddings, funerals, and memorials.

Blue Butterfly Meaning

In conclusion, butterflies symbolize many uplifting things. When you are fortunate enough one day for a blue butterfly to cross your path, they have a wonderful message for you. Please do not worry about anything that may have happened in your past, be joyful and in the present moment. Good things are coming your way. Embrace them with happiness.

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