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Turquoise Color MeaningThe color turquoise helps opening lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. It is a friendly and happy color that is enjoying life. In color psychology, it controls and heals the emotions, creating emotional balance and stability. In this process, it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster that goes up and down, until it balances itself. Overusing the effect of turquoise color meaning can lead to emotional stress.

As a combination of the color blue and a little yellow, turquoise fits between green and blue on the color scale. The color turquoise radiates peace, calmness and tranquility through the blue color, balance and growth through the green color, with an uplifting energy from the color yellow. Turquoise recharges our spirits during periods of mental stress and fatigue, and removes the feeling of loneliness. You just need to focus on the color turquoise, either on a wall or clothing, and immediately you will feel calm and relaxed – ready to face the world again! Turquoise is a good color to have around, especially in emergencies, because it helps you think clearly and make decisions. It also helps with the development of organization and management skills. The color turquoise affects us, more than it tells us or requires something of us.

Explore turquoise color meaning

The color turquoise is a great color that improves the concentration of public speakers, as it calms the nervous system, improving pronunciation and building confidence. Try printing your notes on turquoise paper the next time you need to make a speech, and see if you can feel the effect of the color. Turquoise increases the level of creativity and sensitivity. It is good at multi-tasking and quickly becomes bored if it is forced to focus on the same thing for a long time. The color turquoise has an ability to improve empathy and care. It increases our intuitive abilities and opens the door to spiritual growth and to our soul.

Turquoise may also be self-centered and focus on its own needs, rather than those of others. It can also help us build our self-esteem and love ourselves, which increases our ability to love others unconditionally. In extreme cases, it can be boastful and narcissistic. Although the color turquoise is self-sufficient, it is still afraid of being alone. It can be stuffy and unapproachable when this happens, which just makes the turquoise color meaning worse.

The color turquoise has a strong ability to observe and it can be quite discriminating. It also has the ability to identify and predict the road to success. It can weigh the pros and cons of what is right and what is wrong, in every situation. Turquoise is a good color to use when you are stuck and don’t know which way to go. The color turquoise can be impractical and idealistic, free of emotional reactions, and exaggerated relaxed, calm and collected.

Too much of the color turquoise creates imbalance

Too much turquoise in your life can overstimulate your mind and create emotional imbalance, which makes you either oversensitive or just the opposite. Too little turquoise in your life can make you hide your feelings, which will result in secrets and confusion about your direction in life. From a negative perspective, too much of the color turquoise can lead to emotional stress, lack of communication skills, unreliability and deception.

Turquoise shades

Aqua is closer to green than blue. It is refreshing, uplifting, creative and cheerful, while at the same time being strong and independent.

Aquamarine strengthens creativity and inspiration. It soothes and balances the mind and the emotions.

Blue-green (or teal) is an advanced turquoise shade that symbolizes credibility and reliability. It is known to promote engagement and spiritual development.

This is how the color turquoise affects you

  • Provides clear thoughts and increased concentration
  • Calms and recharges your energies
  • Can make you hide your feelings

When you buy a car in the color turquoise

  • Emotional control
  • You can take care of yourself


  1. Jacob this is interesting, a few days ago I woke to a dream where I was with my husband in a semi old house (structure). I was disappointed because the living room and bathroom were all together, I could see the toilet there and trash can, practically in the living room… it wasn’t dirty it was just that it didn’t make sense to see a bathroom with a living room. But interestingly while we were there in the living room I could see some sort of a picture in my mind where I was able to see the rest of the rooms and they were like wood in color they were perfectly fine, beautiful brown color, and while we were talking to the person showing us the house maybe a realtor, I saw another viewing of me and my husband painting the house in turquoise color I saw in the vision the brush and roller to paint the walls, and that’s about it. 🤭

  2. Edward Wilcox Carrillo Jr says:

    Just read up on an aqua green turquoise stone that was a gift from my mom. Very uplifting.

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