Purple Feather Meaning and Symbolism

Purple feather on a dark background

A purple feather is representative of different aspects of spirituality. Its meaning is stronger when you come across one at random, but it also carries deep symbolism when you find one that’s been dyed. The combination of a feather and the purple color has an overall meaning of freedom, lightness in your soul, and a connection to spirit, but it also represents your ability to trust your instincts and roll with your impulses.

Finding a purple feather means that you’ve been put into the path of its discovery by a spirit guide or guardian. It’s a confirmation from the other side that you’re on the right track towards your spiritual and physical goals.

You’ll find that you start leveling up faster in the form of earning more money, getting a promotion, gaining valuable experience that leads to better things in your life, and having an easier time working with other people. You may also notice a shift in your own perception of the world for the better, a more positive outlook, and that people are more attracted to you in terms of friendships and relationships.

The following is a closer look at the meaning of purple feathers and their symbolism.

Understanding the Spiritual Meaning of a Feather

Flying hummingbird with purple feathers

Feathers enable a bird to take flight and lift itself to heights that we can only dream of as earth-bound beings. When we come across a feather, we tend to pick it up and marvel at its properties. They feature a hollow shaft and hold the fibers that project outward to create a variety of shapes and uses, and give the bird its patterns and colors.

But what does it mean to find a feather? Is it a sign from someone who watches over you? Or does it have a deeper meaning?

Finding a feather of any color or pattern is a reminder that your guardian/guide is doing their job to protect you. This individual may be someone you’ve never met in this life because they didn’t incarnate, but took on the role of protecting you. Or it’s someone who has crossed over and is letting you know they’re there and doing what they can to make sure you’re protected as you make your way through your life’s journey.

A feather can also symbolize enlightenment, positivity, travel, elevation, and freedom. You may experience one or all of these things after finding a lone feather, as it’s your sign to look for better things to come your way. It can also signal that it’s time to change your current path, especially if you’ve been feeling it’s time for a change.

The core meaning of finding a feather is one of hope and forward momentum. Adding the color purple to this meaning deepens both its symbolism and meaning, and signals that good changes are coming your way.

The Symbolism and Meaning of the Color Purple

Closeup of modern dreamcatcher with purple feathers.

Purple has many associations that range from royalty to spiritualism. It’s a color that’s not commonly found in nature, and when you do find it in a natural setting, it’s not the rich, vibrant hue that you’re accustomed to seeing. For example, a house finch is also called a purple finch, but its feathers are more of a wine color. Does this mean you should discard the appearance of a purple feather in nature or in other settings?

Not necessarily. The symbolism and meaning behind both are still valid, and it shows that you can’t always rely on your perception of purple as being the only true version of the color. There are both practical and spiritual meanings behind the color purple, and most are beneficial.


Purple has long been associated with royalty due to the expense of obtaining purple dye before synthetic dyes were discovered. Finding a purple feather can mean that you’re about to start a new job that pays you more, or you’re going to engage in a second job, gig, or activity that will help you pay off debt. It can also mean that you’re about to get a promotion that lifts you up in terms of job satisfaction and income.


If you’ve been on a journey to connect with your inner self, the appearance of a purple feather is an indicator that you’re doing the right things and you should continue on that path. Spiritualism takes time to develop, and it can be frustrating trying to find your way through the process. Everyone’s journey to enlightenment is different, and what works for one person may not work the same for another.

Finding a purple feather should encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing, try to let go of doubts, and know that you’re looking deep within yourself. You can be assured that you’ll reach a level of peace and calm that you’re seeking along with your other spiritual goals.


Close-up colorful purple feather on dark or black background.

It’s easy to overlook that gut feeling as being inaccurate or a desire to hope against hope. The fact is, intuition is more accurate than we give credit for, and it’s worth listening to what our internal feelings are telling us, even if they’re not coherent. A purple feather means you should listen to your instinct or intuition, and trust what it’s saying. How you react may not seem right in the beginning, but you’ll find that you did the right thing for yourself once the situation unravels.

Crown Chakra

The color purple is also the color of the crown chakra, which is located on the crown of your head. Its position at the top of your head and body helps you harmonize with the world around you, deepen your spirituality, and foster a sense of completion. It’s also a calming color, and seeing a purple feather means you’re achieving balance or you’ve balanced your chakras. In this instance, the color purple symbolizes internal harmony, enabling you to gain a sensation of boundaries, and mastery and control over your life.

Spiritual Protection

There are times in life when we feel down and out, and that there’s no one around to support us in a time of need. Or you’ve lost a loved one and you want to know that they’re there for you in some form or another. Coming across a purple feather is a sign that you are not alone, and never have been. In fact, you’re seeing the feather because that individual on the other side drew your attention to it. You can take heart that there is someone out there that’s got your best interests at heart even though you can’t detect them with your physical senses.

Coming Across Purple Feathers

Dream catcher with purple feathers.

You’re more likely to come across a purple feather in a dream or as a decoration of some kind than you are to find one in nature. That doesn’t invalidate the symbolism and meaning of the purple feather in any way. Instead, it means that you’re supposed to pay attention to the sight of the feather and know that you’re on the right track for your goals.

Seeing a Purple Feather in a Dream

Dreams rarely make a lot of sense, but if you wake up and realize you saw a purple feather as an object somewhere in a dream setting, it’s a definite sign. Sometimes this is your subconscious trying to send you a sign that you’re doing the right thing, and sometimes this is someone from the other side telling you to pay attention. Your instinct will guide you as to the source if you’re so inclined to seek it out.

The setting in which you saw the purple feather doesn’t hold its symbolism and meaning. What matters is the fact you spotted the feather and caught hold of the underlying meaning of its appearance. It’s easy to apply further meaning, especially if the situation or setting was relevant to something going on in your life, but it’s best to let the appearance of the feather stand on its own.

Spotting a Purple Feather in a Random Setting

Purple feathers are used on clothes and in items for home decoration. If you happen to see a purple feather in either of these situations, or anywhere you happen to be, it’s a sign for you to take note of. You may walk into a restaurant and see a purple feather in a painting on the wall, go into someone’s home and see a purple feather in a vase, or be walking down an aisle in a craft store and see one in a bag of multi-colored feathers.

What to Do When You Find a Purple Feather

Purple feather isolated on white background.

All of the meanings and symbolism that come with the feather and the color purple are brought together into one object. Your job is to apply the meaning that feels right to you when you come across one. If your instinct is telling you that you’re going to get a job promotion or make a shift into something that increases your earnings, the purple feather is confirming the arrival of the event. The same goes for any other events you’re working towards or anticipating.

Remember that the goal behind finding a purple feather is not to obtain it, but to observe it and know that you were meant to see it. You won’t lose out on your goals if you’re not able to physically possess the feather.

A purple feather is a sign of good luck, but it’s not always obvious the type of luck you should attribute it to. Meanings are not always as obvious as symbolism. Keep your mind open and be ready to accept what comes your way after you find a purple feather.

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