Color Meanings in Dreams: What Does Dreaming in Color Mean?

color meanings in dreamsIn our waking state, colors stimulate emotions. Similarly, colors also stimulate emotions in dreams. Scientific REM studies have proven that we tend to dream in colors but we do not always recall them. The meaning of colors in dreams is not just indicative of the dreamers’ emotional states but also one’s personality traits.

In this guide, we will study the meaning of colors in dreams.

Color meanings in dreams

According to Robert Hoss who has extensively studied the significance of color meanings in dreams and its interpretations, dreams are characterized by the following aspects:

  • Most people cannot recall their dreams and hence perceive them to be colorless.
  • Only 25% of dreamers actually recall colors in their dreams. This is mainly because people can only remember the emotionally stimulating parts of the dream but tend to forget the rest.
  • The colors and shapes in dreams come completely due to internal stimuli which may be based on the psychological associations the dreamer places with those objects and colors.

Based on his studies, Hoss interpreted and attached following meanings to color in dreams.

  1. Red– What does red mean in dreams? Intense, vital, animated, feeling sexy or having sexual urges, feeling the need to go out and enjoy or the need to feel assertive or forceful or even having inflammation or injury.
  2. What does the color Orange mean in dreams? The feeling of shaking off shackles, widening one’s sphere of influence, restlessness, driven by desires and hopes, wanting more contact with others.
  3. Yellow in dreams– Yellow color in dreams might indicate: seeking solution, feeling hope about the future, trying to find out a way of certain circumstances or situations, needing a change for relief.
  4. Green color in dreams– The need to establish oneself, wanting recognition, maintaining control of events, wanting what is due to him/her, wanting routine without changes, needing money for security, needing healing or better health.
  5. Blue in dreams- Tranquility, peace and quiet content is what blue color in dreams can be interpreted as. It also means needing rest, needing relationship where the dreamer feels trusted and trusting and also feeling the need to belong.
  6. What does the color Violet mean in dreams– Violet means many different things in dreams such as mystic union with someone or something, magical state where wishes are fulfilled, intimate or erotic feeling and even heightened intuition etc.
  7. Dreaming in Brown color– Brown in dreams is usually represented as the dreamer seeking physical comforts through food, sleep, sex etc. Dirty brown color meanings in dreams include illness whereas natural wooden brown color means concern about home, family, children or even the search for one’s roots and true self.
  8. Dreaming in gray– In dreams, gray is symbolic of being neutral or an observer. Gray means shielding oneself from situations and commitments and going through the motions without emotional involvement. It is also indicative of the person trying to escape anxious situation or an urge that the dreamer usually cannot identify.
  9. Dreaming in Black– Nothing is more complex than the interpretation of black color meanings in dreams. Shiny and luxurious black refers to going deep within oneself so that the new self can emerge. However, a dream wherein the dreamer moves into the darkness or blackness means he is undergoing a personality change or that certain situation in his life has made him feel threatened or fate has dealt him/her a blow. Black color meaning in dreams is also a representation of the unconscious.
  10. What does it mean to dream in White– White in dreams can be interpreted as newness, new beginnings, new awareness, or even those of feeling open and accepting, unprepared, alone or isolated.

Biblical Color meanings of dreams

According to Jewish and Christian scholars, dreams are a way in which God speaks to the dreamer. Accordingly, there are many Biblical color meanings of dreams which include the following:

  1. Red in dreams– According to biblical color interpretations in dreams, red is wisdom but taken negatively, it is anger and war.
  2. Blue in dreams– Biblical color meaning of blue is revelation as well as depression, sorrow or anxiety.
  3. Green– Green represents prosperity and growth but also negative emotions like envy and pride.
  4. Brown– Biblically, brown color meanings in dreams mean that the dreamer is humble and compassionate but also compromises always.
  5. Gold or Amber– This color meaning according to the Bible means purity, Holiness and Glory. Among its negative color meanings, Gold indicates defilement.
  6. Purple color meanings in dreams as per the Bible– Dreaming in purple indicate royalty and authority.
  7. What does the color Orange mean in dreams as per the Bible– Orange represents perseverance.
  8. Yellow in dreams– Fear, hope or cowardice are some of the meanings associated with yellow as per the Bible.
  9. Pink color in dreams– Pink represents the love of God. Red is Jesus’ blood and white is purity-so pink is a combination thereof. It also indicates sensuality and moral purity in real life.
  10. Dreaming in white as per the Bible– White in dreams according to the Holy book means Holiness, righteousness.
  11. Dreaming in Black– Demonic deeds, negative emotions like sin, darkness, mystery and death are some of the interpretations of Black color meanings as per the Bible.

We hope these meanings help you interpret what it means to dream in various colors.


  1. I keep having dreams of being surrounded by people. One dream I remember is that I was standing on a rock and reaching out my hand pulling people up to safety. In front of me where I was stand there was a very large deep deep pit and in that pit was three evil and unknown vila demons. They were all bond with a black smoke but they could not get lose from them. I had saved many people but left behind a child and before I could help her and grab her had to pull her to safety I woke up.

    The other dreams I recall having as though it happened yesterday but didn’t I was crossing a bridge but it wasn’t very high. There was a midget man that was on the out side of the bridge that needed help. There was also, water under the bridge. The water that was flowing under the bridge wasn’t deep but, it was the point I didn’t want him to fall. He keep screaming for help and I walked across the bridge gave him my hand and pulled him to safety. But, in a blink of an eye he was on the left side of the bridge safe and standing still looking at me while I was on the right side of the bridge talking to a about five women that was standing a stand where beverages like soda and juice was being served. No one was drinking anything they were all standing around talking to each other. I was there with them and holding an infant girl around the age of 1 years old. But I remember there was a gathering of people that I was mingling among talking to them all.

    My latest dream I was in my own apartment and then I was invited to a yacht of some sort. I obtained a job for a very wealthy man he invited me to something. What was surrounding me was nothing but beauty and elegance the colors were gold and white. I walked in to see a beautiful and uniquely decorated and designed bedroom, bathroom with a shower, jacuzzi and a window that overlooked a Gorgeous pool beauty blue water and a relaxing area, then in the bathroom there was a sitting area with two chairs and a large mirror, it had a chaise and bench, walking closet, dining room, then there was another door I walked through which lead me through to a kitchen and dining room area. I was holding an iPad in my hand and as I was holding it I was viewing some type of pictures and trying to set up the dinning room table for guests that expected to come and eat, I recall seeing these following items on the table: salt, pepper, gravy, four people sitting at the table and myself standing at the table, the tablecloth was being tugged back and forward to make sure the items were centered. The table was beautiful set up as well. I keep seeing different pictures of three podiums for speakers, a silver kitchen as though for a restaurant has, red or burgundy carpeted area with a table for the three speakers to eat, and flowers, and a center piece stand or statue, then I saw myself in a limousine and in hidden areas that had neckties, grey with different colors and designs, then I saw black hair, and several other items that I can’t explain. But I went inside of the bathroom where there was my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew that had eaten and messed up the area with their dirty dishes, clothes and dirty socks. I had to put them out of the bathroom and I do believe the hatch. They were messing up my cleaned area which was not only beautiful but elegant. At some point I was supposed to get dressed and get my hair done but that never happened then I remember the man in the bed offering to purchase or buy me some underwear and I said no. But I took a shower and put on mens like underwear but women’s and sat on the floor in underwear and a shirt.
    I remember seeing me and my mom watching tv and we were in a bed and I was tired. I never got ready or got a chance to do my hair to go to school. In fact I missed class/school. I walked through three open doors.

    Another dream I remember having was:
    I found myself walking through a house with my daughter after saving her from a woman that wanted to use her for her own selfish purposes. We both walked through two doors and a gate to a back yard to find there was no exit it was a fenced yard. So we turned around and and walked through the gate and ended on the street. We saw a truck driver in his 18 wheeler passing by and stopped him to ask him for directions and I heard a radio go off with someone speaking and then I woke up. My daughter and I didn’t find the direction were we suppose to go but, we were trying to go to my parents house.

    Here is another recent dream as well:
    I saw myself in AIT (advance individual training ) school and I had my battle dressed uniform shirts pants on and my t-shirt on but I didn’t have my BDU jacket on. I had to plan an order for my BDU jacket at the store. I had already ordered my BDU jackets at the store and a few other equipment items that I had needed to order to be prepared for deployment. The problem was I forgot to pay for my BDU shirts (2 was what I needed) and a list of other forgotten equipment I needed when I got paid on the first of the month. My unit was getting ready to head out to sea for their mission while me and several other soldiers were looking for the four star general. In the process of looking for the 4 star general I ran into a couple of women that were having some kind of issue. I’m not sure what kind of issue I want to say the issue was climbing. I did see a door which was opened and I walked through it. It was as though I was looking for something but I’m not sure what it was at this time. I also saw a spider which was seen close to the fireplace and I believe the spider was dangerous. Then I woke up. I never got to finish that dream.

    I keep seeing myself in a battle dressed uniform fight with other soldiers. Somehow they are depending on me to lead them or plan. I had a dream this morning that I was with a group of people going to a mall and it was a lot and I do mean a lot of people and it was as though they were following me but I wasn’t in the front of anyone. I walked alongside of them. We all came to the entrance of the building and when we stopped there were motorcycles pathing the parking lot with a blue roll of plastic something people walk on. I walked out of the crowd of people and waved my hand for the motorcyclist to stop. There had to be over a hundred people with me. Then I woke up.

    In many of my past and current dreams these are the things that keep repeating one way or another:
    Battle dressed uniform
    Truck, Gathering, Army
    Auditorium, Doors, Buildings
    Soldiers, Uniforms, War, Troops, People, Children, Travel

    What does these dreams mean?
    Why do I keep seeing the same things over and over again?
    And I’m never in the same place twice in my dreams.

  2. I dream and then hallucinate the dreams irl. Especially scary dreams.

  3. larrissa ferrell says:

    i had a dream that i wanted to dye my hair blue-ish green and purple

  4. Isabella Fernandez says:

    My dream was that:
    I was in my Foster Room it was night and i was smoking a Fat Blunt but it wouldnt light up so i put it in my backpack. I checked my phone and i had a text from Alex Hernandez on snapchat. I checked it and he was replying to my post on snap AND I WAS JUST HAPPY. Then i knocked out. It was still night when i woke up and my dad came in and he was with my brothers. Then all of a sudden i was in the back of his truck and then WE WERE HELLA SPEEDING.. It was dark out there, lots of cars and we were going fast. Then my dad got on the roof of his truck with nothing but his socks, boxers, and a white tee on and he was holding a vodka bottle in his hand. Then he told me to look at the road and the street lights and it was trippy like it all felt like an illusion. They were moving like water. And the cars were turning into traffic, then we arrived at our destination and it was still night but like in the madrugada. We had to walk for idk how long. Then we were at this blue ranch, it was big and there were these kids playing outsude. It was the kids in Mr. Hernandez’s pictures. And i still didn’t know who i was with until we rang the door bell. It was Isabel his WIFE and then i saw Hernandez behind her and it was really awkward because i knew i followed him on instagram and snapchat (i actually dont have him on the snap) but we made some eye contact but then he just went to his room and then my dad took me to this tree thingy in their back yard and they said “your going to be staying here for a while” i was like “ok.. but can you bring me my medicine.. I mean its in my Backpack” and he was like “your medicine *puts fingers in smoking position inhales* or actual medicine and i was like its actual medicine. So he brought it and i was just chillin in Mr. Hernandez tree house smoking a blunt. Then he comes out doesnt say anything about me smoking and leaves to work. I never actually went inside their house. Then some friends came i don’t remember who. So we’re hangin out and Mr. Hernandez comes home and he is like “Hey guys” and we were walking towards him and were like “where ya heading” and he was like “back to work. So we followed him and Idk one of my friends said something and Hernandez was like “LIKE 5TH PERIOD MY FAVORITE CLASS” thats when we stopped following him and went somewhere else… we found this thing and DUUUDE there were these giant frisbees and one of them was coming towards us AND IT WAS ENORMOUS I got SCARED so i was SlOWLY waking up and i was at the point of almost waking up but i didnt wanna wake up so i kinda went back to the dream but then i woke up.. THAT WAS AN EXPERIENCE i want that dream on replay when im dead..

  5. Leann says:

    I dreamt of a man I’ve known all my life being asleep surrounded by a bunch of sleeping snakes that were hidden when my brother and I woke him up he left us to find and kill the snakes ourselves one particularly was a pale blue snake that stood up y’all and came at me aggressively but would try to love on or kiss me when close I finally distracted it by throwing food and then woke up I knew immediately that I had a meaningful dream the other snakes were long and big and different colors but I don’t recall their colors what would this mean ???? (Christian dream meaning)

  6. Gidget Aufenkamp says:

    I had a series of dreams before i left my first husband in three nights. The first one was i was in New York and from the east there came a wall of water inland. People were running away from it and trampling each other but i was in a tall building yelling out a window “please stop you’re killing each other, Gods not there please come up here he can save you!” In the room in the building behind me were 2-3 like quiet shadows, they were no color, just kinda dark gray just standing at the wall behind me. I knew they were there but i didn’t fear them. The second night i dreamt i was in japan in a tunnel made of red bricks, inside it was flooded. I was riding a tan longhorn cow and there were two other cows empty behind. Healthy and strong the cows were. On my cow sitting behind me were 2 of the shadow people from the dream the night before. Again i didn’t fear them at all. People were in the tunnel trying to get outta the flood water but they were drowning cause they were trampling each other and i was yelling “please stop you’re killing each other, climb on the cows God will save you”. Then on the third night i dreamt i was in my car alone driving through a very wooded area on a white road that was very winding but no turns along the road at all. I felt confused and thought well there has gotta be a turn someplace, then i came to the end and a clearing opened up to a beautiful warm day but only an old church with a porch. It was white but weathered so i thought oh good ill find help and be on my way. So i went inside. Wall to wall there were people looking toward the front and seemed turned off in a strange way. On the stage in the front were 3 people in black silky cloaks with red silk lining. Their hoods were over their faces and they were kinda humming or chanting. I was afraid and just felt i needed to leave, no help was here. Then i opened the doors and looked out towards the road that i came in on and it was straight. It shocked me so much as i went to step off the porch i almost tripped, but the right arm of who i can only tell you was Jesus. I just knew because of the glorious light that surrounded the white road and strong hand i looked at while he stopped the fall and pulled me back into the light that surrounded him. Then i woke up saturated in tears and feeling a sense of love and peace. Ive wondered why i had the dreams and contemplated them over the years but iv’e always somehow known they were directed by God for me to find my way. Thank you for reading them, hope you can help me understand what i might be missing so i can get a better perspective. I’ve reflected for a long time and i get it i’m just not sure.

    • Hi Gidget, I just read your post. It’s funny I was reading up on some animals I dreamt about a few nights ago and somehow stumbled upon yours. Oh ya i was reading up on the color white. Weird part is why i decided to read yours and it’s no accident. I’m turning 50 this coming weekend and when I was a young girl I used to watch the Gidget movies, I just loved them. Well tonight one was on TV and only saw a few minutes of it but it is a fond memory of the past (that does not really exists). So when I saw your name i was compelled to read your post. I didn’t expect you to mention God or Jesus (long story for me but poignant). I have been studying the A Course in Miricles, also Ken Wapnick and books by Gary Rennard which talk about Jesus True teachings. Ok, so your story/dreams are important to me and I don’t know exactly why (but I dreamed about a cow and skunk recently too – LOL) theres a gift here for both of us, mine will reveal and for You check these books and Ken out. Our homie J is calling you to the truth and these are the books and people that will help you. Helen Schucman was J’s scribe. Love and light girl!

    • Alvina Hamilton-Bursey says:

      @Gidget Aufenkamp
      Submit completely unto our Father God. Your story is as if I wrote it in my perspective. Moving. Emotionally. Humbling. God knew this moment would come for sisters to encourage one another thousands of miles apart never meeting. Oh, how I truly needed to hear your beautiful story. Thank you. Have mercy, Jesus! It’s like a fire ignited in me to continue walk straight ahead and rest and let Jesus do everything else. We are sheperds for His sheep. We are journeying through our destiny. Stripping ourselves of evil distractions, familiarity and only following Him. He’s a very present help in the time of need.” He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” He has our eternity gently placed in His hands. ‘Like eagles we will soar!’ May the mighty Power of God be upon you, your family, your purpose and everything you touch, in Jesus name. He is right there with you! Amen

  7. I dreamt of black reptiles. There were small skinks, i was trying to catch them, one of them was eaten by a big black blue tongue lizard, then i tried to capture that one, but then i saw a carpet python in the grass, but its head was narrow and black, and its tongue was also black. I caught it, barely, and it had touched me with its tongue. My wrist started to hurt, and i was asking my mum and her boyfriend if they remembered wether carpet pythons were poisonous or not, i was calling out to them to hurry and find out while i still had it in my hands, they seemed nonchalant about it, and kept happily talking among themselves while i struggled with it. Then i woke up.

  8. I had a dream on saturday (sabbath) that i have to buy this white bible i saw… i kept looking at it and seems like someone is talking to me to get this white bible. Then i just woke up.

    Please help me with the meaning of that dream. Thank you.

  9. Diji gloria says:

    I dreamt that my dead mother gave me a black and white photo. What does it mean?

  10. I just had a dream where i was in class and (im an artist, but not professionally or anything, its just a hobby) anyway i had some faber castle chalks (which isnt even a real thing) and i decided to share my color palette with the rest of the class because it came in so many different colors. While i remember that at some point my chalks started going missing or they would come back broken and i would be really angry, because for one faber castle is an expensive brand and i typically dont like sharing my art supplies because they are precious to me, so i stopped sharing them. I decided to organize them by their color to find out which ones were missing and as i was putting them away i decided to shave the chalks just to make a powder like substance. As i was shaving them id mix all the colors together and started creating abstract color coordinated swirls and wave like pictures. The colors were so vivid in my head. They popped out and the color i used most was white. Id put white on everything to “erase” the painting and mix the colors in it so the white would be in every picture. The colors i remember most is green, blue, and purple, even this dull red color were used the most.
    The only reason why im on this site is because i remember a lot of my dreams, but nothing this vibrant. Gosh, I wish that i could just create what i saw in my dream so i can explain it better.

    • Have you shared art in the classes before and not gotten the reaction you thought you would, and felt kind of negative about it? I feel like those feelings might’ve been put into you sharing your awesome chalks with people, and them disrespecting them and sort of ruining their value in return. Or i dont know, it could be about something totally different in your life too. Or not at all and im assuming way too much about someone i dont know… lol

  11. Once I had a dream that was vivid in colors and emotion. I remembered it well when i woke up. It went like this:

    I was in the shower, that walls were the usual white. I reached my hands above my head to wash my hair. When i brought them down they were bleeding. Soon everything was red, and the water stopped. Blood ran down me in a pattern like a chain link fence. Soon I could not see from the intense red blood that was in my eyes.

    I was afraid and confused and soon i felt i couldn’t breath. The blood was washed away from my eyes and i found myself in a cage that was thrown in the ocean and slowly sinking. At first I panicked as the red blood mixed with the dark blue water. I looked up at the shining golden orange surface. It must have been a sunrise or sunset above. I could not tell which. As i sank deeper, the water got darker. I saw shining lights in lovey shades of violet and green. The water was now a dark royal blue, and it looked like the night sky sprinkled with colored stars. I was staring at it and it put me at peace. So much so that i let my body go limp, and my mind go clear as the cage sank deeper. But i couldn’t hold my breath no longer. I closed my eyes for a moment as i involuntarily took a deep breath. It was not water but air that filled my lungs.

    I was relieved and as my eyes opened, I found my self in a square white room, with no windows or doors. I was not wearing anything, but there was no one there. There was statues lining the walls. They were identical; a humanoid body, but with mo masculine or feminine traits and a head that was blank, like shop manikin. They were all a glossy white color. I was not afraid of them, since they looked lifeless. So i walked towards one and touched it gently on its faceless head. It was warm like a human but it was smooth like plastic. As soon as i took my hand away, it moved. It walked forward, but no towards me, it didn’t notice me as it crossed the room and looked at another statue. It cautiously reached out to touch the other one. As soon as it did the other one came alive and lashed out it. Each time one was touched they got up and fought like an animal. Soon every stature was in a merciless fight to the death. But they all ignored be, pushing me softly out of the way or avoiding me completely. I stood in horror in the middle of the room. When the creatures bled, they bled a black ink, like in old fountain pens. Soon all but one was dead, and i was crying while i stood watching the broken creature approach me. It dabbed its fingers in ink and wrote, “Love”. Then it jumped at me savagely and tried to attack me, so hit it on the head. I didn’t think it would do so much damage, but its manikin head cracked and it fell down dead, but it didn’t bleed ink, it was red blood.

    I sat down and just stared. After what seemed like forever, I got up and walked. I walked over bodies and to the wall. I hit it and punched as hard as i could. I wanted to get out of the room. I kept at it until my knuckles bled and i couldn’t stand. Then I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I saw a flash a lush green forest with a brown stag. Then I woke up.

    • Anoymis.. your dream has a lot of occultic symbolism.. in the occultic they try to program their victims with love/seducing our desires either sexually or none sexually. And the sinking deeper and deeper but focusing on the multiple lights/stars above the surface of the water could mean you try to focus on the good things or fighting while submitting to the things that hold you captive. You encounter Glimmers of hope, and peace while you are in the midst of suffering. The white plastic figure came alive but only when you interacted/touched it because otherwise they have no life/power. When you gave them power/life the outcome was not good. The occultic know the human need for love/acceptance. And if I had to guess you experience a lot of disappointment in this area. Or you witness a lot of love gone wrong/hatefulness around you.
      The last one that wrote the word love bleed red blood.. could it be the last figure to die was actually the first figure you interacted with/gave life? I think the dream was telling you, you are a strong person, however strong you are you should not do things in your own strength. And be careful of your emotions and what/who you interact with, what you see/hear and especially what you do.
      In the natural and in the corners of your mind you must not give in to what/who disguises itself as love. Your willingness to adapt/fight is good but if you want to be free you must learn to rule your spirit/mind/actions. We can do harm even when we intend on doing good. Sometimes we hinder ourselves or others by trying too hard when we should be directing people to the Lord instead of trying to save them ourselves.
      The only way to know the difference/how to overcome is by focusing on Jesus and reading the Bible and seeing his words manifest in the natural. And seeking only his hearts desire instead of our own.. Aligning with his heart and will.. And knowing evil only to recognize and avoid it/rebuke it. Our minds are like the garden of Eden. Will you eat from the tree of life? Or the knowledge of good and evil? If you need help ask Him for wisdom. He is faithful and he said he would never deny this nor the Holy Spirit to those that ask it of Him. He can not lie. I believe you are being called to the surface and into a new one-ness with Him.. don’t watch or listen to anything remotely evil.. guard your mind/mouth, avoid quarreling if others won’t listen to you, know when to walk away. And/or walk into His spirit.

      • Alvina Hamilton-Bursey says:

        @Daily Absolutely amazing! The power of God permeated though everyone of your words. We have to submit to His call. He’s preparing and getting us ready for what’s to come. @Anoymis you’re annoited and have a truly calling on your life to go do Gods bidding. The devil is mad, and defeated. Walk in your purpose, run to Him! In Jesus name Amen

      • I had a dream that there was a guy at my grandparents standing at there carport scanning the area in a large robe (black) and he was REALLY tall like (8 ft) and he was pale like slender man pale. I get really paranoid irl tho. And in the dream I went to get something from my grandparents and I saw him and he saw me so I grabbed my nephew and we ran back to my house. I told my mom and she said it was probably my grandad. This dream caused me Horrid Paranoia. Like ya school I have trouble staying alone. So like if I go to a bathroom I run down the hallway cause I hallucinate things.

    • You really need to give your Life to Christ, it is a call for repentance, Jesus is calling you today!

  12. I was holding… unsure of order… Green, blue, orange, pink, red, purple, violet, black… finalising after various other colors in white and the phrase “neither should you”. It felt like an ad for some kind of alcohol. I promptly woke up think in I’d strangingly been pranked. It was so very vivid! Which caused me issues. I know it was a poor choice but scared, shook up and the insistence of med. staff. I do nousee or drink or make even.
    To them it was “just” a dream or oddly enough a cry for attention ugh.
    I need… must know how to handle this. What it might be.
    I’ve been searching all over the internet. No One believes. I at least need guidance. Thank you.
    No offense. Please no hate mail, negative judge nor solicitations. I have to deal enough of that.. Again. Thank you.

    • Bruce Brekhus says:

      Hey Jenn,

      I believe God has given me a gift of dream interpretation. I usually need to talk to someone and hear their emotions and explore what’s going on in their life to give an accurate interpretation. Here is an initial thought on your dream: Maybe all the colors represent your beliefs. White usually represents purity in Jesus. Drinking isn’t sinfully according to the Bible unless it causes drunkenness. But, we are called not to do anything to allow others to fall into sin or temptation. Maybe God is saying to you not to do anything that would cause you or others to fall into sin. That’s my initial thoughts on your dream without talking or discussing it with you. Hope this gives you a little insight of what your dream might mean.

      God Bless,


  13. Hello
    I have been having dreams where I see green and then get hurt and then wake up. I also can never see faces

  14. Does anyone have any info on what it means to dream full color not just single color

  15. Thank you for the knowledge of colors

  16. Joyce Haddock says:

    Thank you for the answer about colors in my dream

    • karen Bell says:

      I enjoyed your website and appreciate that you answer questions.
      However to state that all dreams come from some stimuli from our physical or psychological world is presuming you know all there is to know about the dream world. I do not think that Anyone knows all there is about the dream world.

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