Diamond Colors and Their Meanings

Bright rainbow colored diamond on a dark background

Most engagement and wedding rings are made with diamonds. While white and colorless are the most common, diamonds can be almost any color you want.

Choosing a ring is a big commitment, so you’ll need to consider all your options to find the perfect one for you. Color can greatly affect a diamond’s symbolism, so if you’re choosing a diamond ring, what could the colors mean?

Does a Diamond’s Color Even Matter?

For most people, a diamond’s color matters to some extent. The color can affect the price and how people perceive it. Yet, the most important part of choosing a diamond is making sure it looks appealing to you. The diamond’s meaning could help you make your decision, but it ultimately comes down to which color you think looks best.

Most people only think of diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, but they can be used for a variety of jewelry. So, if you don’t want them to give off romantic vibes, you can choose a color that will reflect that.

Diamond Color Grades

Diamond color grade chart

In most cases, the clearer a diamond is, the more valuable it is. When a diamond has hints of colors, it may become less valuable than a clear or pure white diamond, but that’s not always the case. It depends on how rare it is for that color to form.

Diamonds are usually given a grade from D to Z. D is completely colorless, which is the rarest and most desirable on the scale, while Z is yellow, meaning it’s more common and affordable. Unique colors like pink or blue are graded separately.

The “ideal” color grade depends on what you’re looking for. If you care more about the diamond’s size than color, you can get a large one at a lower color grade for a better price.

Diamond Color Meanings

Below are the different colors diamonds can be, along with what each of those colors mean.


White diamond ring on cloth

Colorless diamonds are the most common, but they’re also one of the most valuable options. Transparent diamonds are seen as “perfect” because they don’t have traces of natural gasses, such as nitrogen. White diamonds are made of only carbon with rarely any imperfections.

These popular diamonds are seen as signs of cleanliness, holiness, devotion, and love. White is also a color of purity and innocence, and it’s seen as flawless. Thus, many people choose this color because then their jewelry feels perfect. Most wedding rings use colorless diamonds.


Yellow diamond held by tweezers

Aside from white, yellow is the most common diamond color. However, it’s often used as a gift for a friend or family member rather than on an engagement ring. The color yellow occurs in diamonds when a bit of nitrogen is present, which absorbs blue light, making the diamond look yellow.

Yellow diamonds are seen as a sign of friendship, happiness, and hope. Yellow is the color of sunshine, so it’s seen as a positive, optimistic color. Jewelry with yellow diamonds may be seen as elegant. If someone wants to use it for wedding rings, it can be a sign of a promising and joyful future.


Blue diamond on black background

Blue diamonds occur when boron particles get trapped inside during the formation process. The boron causes the diamond to absorb yellow light, making it look blue instead. Some diamonds also appear blue because they’re rich in hydrogen, but they may have a gray tint to them. Blue is a rare diamond color that many people desire.

There’s a lot of variety for blue diamond meanings. Blue diamonds could be a sign of power, royalty, peace, or devotion. Blue is an elegant color that makes the person wearing it feel empowered, especially if it’s a dark blue diamond. If this color is used in an engagement ring, it can be a promise of trust, loyalty, and security.


Group of green diamonds

Not many people seek out green diamonds, but they’re a unique choice. The green hue can only occur if the diamond is exposed to gamma radiation. It’s rare for the green color in a diamond to be evenly distributed, so finding a completely green diamond can be pricey.

Green is a color that’s commonly seen in nature, so it’s often a sign of growth, health, and harmony. People who wear green diamonds might feel youthful or have a strong connection to nature. It’s a vibrant hue, so jewelry with this color is sure to gain some attention.


Closeup of pink diamond ring

Pink and red diamonds are the rarest, so they’re also some of the most expensive. Like the other colors, they occur naturally, but the occurrence in their atomic structure that causes these hues is incredibly rare. For every million gems excavated, only about 0.01% are pink diamonds. Thus, many people desire them.

Both red and pink are bold, vibrant colors that are sure to turn heads. They can symbolize power, passion, strength, and confidence. Of the two, pink is more commonly associated with love and compassion, while red is a symbol of energy and passion. If you give someone one of these on an engagement ring, it’s a sign that your future is full of romance.


Gold earrings with orange diamonds

Finding a pure orange diamond isn’t common, so there’s some debate about what causes the hue. It’s believed that the orange is caused by either boron or nitrogen. Since orange is such a vibrant color, it’s not commonly used in engagement rings, but it can be a fun pop of color in an outfit.

The color orange is a symbol of emotion, youth, and optimism. So, an orange diamond might symbolize energy, enthusiasm, and courage. It’s a warm, bright color that will catch everyone’s attention. Thus, it’s the perfect jewelry for extroverts and people who like to be noticed.


Black diamond ring on a finger

Black might not be one of the first diamond colors you think of, but it’s one of the more common colors. Plus, it’s a neutral color that goes well with most outfits. Diamonds appear black when they contain graphite and amorphous carbon.

Black diamonds are seen as a sign of strength, passion, and energy. Black is a powerful, elegant, and sophisticated color, so these diamonds are often given to people who have those traits. Some people see black jewelry as sorrowful or mysterious, which is why it’s not a typical diamond color for wedding rings.


Brown diamond on pink fabric

Brown is another neutral color that goes well with most outfits. When it’s sold on engagement rings, it’s usually labeled as cognac, coffee, or champagne rather than brown. Nitrogen has to be present during formation for the diamond to appear brown. Since there’s lots of nitrogen in the world, naturally brown diamonds are common.

Brown diamonds can symbolize order and balance. The color is often associated with nature, so it’s a sign of comfort, stability, and reliability. It’s a simple, elegant color that many people overlook when buying jewelry.


Necklace with gray diamonds

Gray is another simple color that’s often overlooked, despite it matching nearly every other color. It’s believed that diamonds become gray when high levels of hydrogen or baron are present during formation. Diamonds can have a wide variety of gray intensities.

These diamonds are seen as elegant and adaptable since they can be used for any occasion. Gray is an underrated engagement ring color. The color gray symbolizes control, compromise, and practicality. So, gray diamonds can be great jewelry for someone calm and reasonable.

Diamond Shape Meanings

Diamond shapes with names

Most people picture diamonds as rounded, but they can come in a variety of shapes. Like colors, diamond shapes can affect the meaning behind diamond jewelry. This is what some of the different shapes mean:

  • Round – This is the most popular diamond shape, which is linked to traditional romance.
  • Pear – It represents a sense of individuality with a touch of romance.
  • Radiant – It’s a rounded square shape that’s seen as trendy and flirty.
  • Princess – It’s a square shape that’s bold, making it perfect for people who love the spotlight.
  • Oval – It’s a unique shape that’s designed for creative individuals.
  • Heart – The heart is the perfect shape for someone feeling romantic and adventurous.
  • Asscher – This octagonal shape is a vintage diamond that’s a symbol of luxury.
  • Marquise – It’s an elongated elliptical shape that’s flashy and great for a grand gesture.

Consider the meanings behind these shapes to decide what diamond is perfect for you. Round cut diamonds will be the easiest to find, and they may be more affordable as a result. Other shapes may stand out more, so take that into consideration when selecting one.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond

Choosing a diamond is a big decision, especially if you’re picking out your wedding ring. Even if you’re selecting an everyday jewelry item, diamonds can be a great choice because they last forever. However, you can expect all diamond jewelry to be pricey. So, take your time when settling on the perfect size, shape, and of course, color.

How your diamond appears can say a lot about you and your style, but the most important part is that you love the diamond you choose. There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to diamond colors, but as long as the person wearing the diamond loves it, that’s what matters most.