The Colors of Father’s Day: Black, White, and Dark Shades of Red and Blue

Father's Day card with super dad and son in black, white, red, and blue colors

Father’s Day is a wonderful time set aside to honor our dads, and much of the planning includes a color palette that is particularly suited to the occasion. Whether you are looking for that perfect gift, wish to send flowers, or want to decorate for a party, a well-planned choice of colors can elevate the gesture. You will want colors that represent all of the characteristics you see in your father.

A little knowledge on how specific colors have special meaning can be helpful. This post will cover the colors closely associated with Father’s Day: black, white, and dark shades of red and blue.

Father’s Day Throughout History

Father and son playing with a wooden plane under a blue summer sky

Father’s Day began on June 19, 1910 in the state of Washington. Sonora Smart Dodd was raised, along with her five siblings, by a widower. She wanted a holiday similar to Mother’s Day to show her appreciation for her dad. Sonora turned to local organizations such as the YMCA and churches to help establish the first statewide celebration of fathers.

It was 1972 before Father’s Day became a nationally recognized holiday. This was 58 years after Mother’s Day was made official by Woodrow Wilson. Much of the delay was due to people worrying that fathers wouldn’t enjoy the sentiment as much as females. There seemed to be a concern that it would be too commercial, but over time, it was proven that it is possible to have a masculine holiday that represents love. Keeping it male-oriented has inspired a color scheme that is suited to all fathers.

The Colors of Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day illustration with a little girl on her dads shoulders

Using the colors black and white along with dark shades of red and blue will give your celebration the ideal look and feel. Use these colors in your decorations and gifts, for each one has special meaning.


Black is one of the main colors used for Father’s Day. Black represents strength and authority, which are traits many of us see in our dads. It is also suitable due to the idea of it being a very formal, elegant shade that is quite prestigious. Think of how it relates to a black-tie event.

Black shows strength in design too. Choosing a black dress or suit can make one appear to be thinner. It is often used as a background when displaying photos or artwork. It tends to make other colors pop. This allows a photograph or painting to shine.

When black is used in combination with red, another Father’s Day color, it becomes powerful. Powerful is another attribute associated with fatherhood. From the time we are small children on, we see our father as one of the most powerful people in our lives.


In stunning contrast to black, white represents enlightenment, faith, and glory. While our father is a strong figure in our lives, he is also a person we can turn to for advice and praise. White can mean peace and safety too. A small child frequently turns to their dad when in search of protection.

People, in general, tend to have a very emotional response to the color white. This is why it is repeatedly associated with innocence and goodness. It is the color of perfection. When you think of childhood, it is often with fond memories of a more innocent time, and more than likely, your father played a big role for you in those years. With a positive connection, white represents success as well. Fathers look for, and praise, success in their children.

Dark Red

Dark red is paired with black and white for Father’s Day. Red, especially the darker shades, invoke feelings of warmth, excitement, power, and strength. This is a lot for one color to accomplish, but we also expect a lot from our fathers. Red is associated with love and passion, and it also represents courage.

Red has been used throughout history for royalty because it is majestic and triumphant. They combine red and purple in many regal settings in honor of royalty. When Father’s day comes along, many of us try to make our dad feel like royalty.

An emotionally intense shade, red is linked to energy. Fathers are filled with energy. They work hard to provide for their children, and the good ones use what energy they have left after working to bring happiness to their children.

Dark Blue

Dark blue represents knowledge and serenity as well as loyalty and compassion. As children, we turn to our dad for knowledge. He is there to answer our questions from the time we are young children until we are independent adults and beyond. That knowledge brings us peace. Our fathers are loyal to us and know when to show compassion. This makes blue an ideal color for Father’s Day.

Blue is well suited to the other colors of Father’s Day. The color blue is used as a symbol of truth and purity. These characteristics make it an excellent companion for the color white. In contrast to the color red, when the two are paired together, they show consciousness and intellect.

Most importantly, blue is a very masculine color. It is greatly appreciated by males. Dark shades of blue suggest expertise, depth, and stability. These are all qualities your father will recognize and appreciate. Dark blue exemplifies power, knowledge, integrity, and seriousness.

Colors are used to represent certain personalities. The color blue has often been assigned to those with conservatism and dignity. We continually see these character traits in our fathers. Those with a blue character never enter into something without careful consideration. They don’t monopolize a conversation, and they are cautious in work, dress, and their actions. These are wonderful parenting attributes.

Colors of Flowers Associated With Father’s Day

Colorful red, white and blue flower bouquet for Father's Day

Flowers are always an appropriate gift, and this is true for Father’s Day as well. While you won’t be sending a basket full of pastel flowers like you would do for a mom on Mother’s Day, using the basic colors of Father’s Day can help you create a beautiful arrangement suitable for a dad. The darker shades of red and blue coordinate perfectly with white blooms.

It is traditional to wear a white rose to honor a father that has passed away on Father’s Day. Red roses are worn to honor a living father. Many florists consider the red rose to be the holiday’s official flower. White lilies are another popular choice.

In Conclusion

While there are many colors you can use, black, white, and darker shades of red and blue are perfectly suited to Father’s Day. Use these colors when purchasing a gift, decorating, or sending flowers in honor of this special holiday. The meaning behind each of these colors, in addition to the feelings they evoke, will show how much you love and respect that special man in your life.