Colors of Roses: What Do They Mean?

color of roses what do different rose colors meanBuying roses for someone can be a joyful as well as a stressful process: joyful because there are very few people in the world who wouldn’t appreciate these beautiful flowers and stressful because different colors of roses symbolize different sentiments and emotions. By knowing exactly what each rose color represents, you can select the right shades in order to correctly convey a heartfelt message to the recipient.

Use this guide on meaning of color of roses to understand the significance of each color.

Red Rose: What does a red rose mean?

Traditionally, red roses have always symbolized love. In fact; Valentine’s Day would be incomplete without this classic shade. Red color rose meanings includes passion, energy, enduring romance and undying or true love. Universally, the red color rose has been interpreted as the Lover’s Rose. Poets have often used its meaning to convey romance and love in their poems.

Pink Rose: What does a Pink rose mean?

To show your love, gratitude and appreciation to someone, gift them a pink rose. Pink rose color mainly represents elegance and grace. This shade symbolizes that the giver is appreciating and admiring the recipient. Pink colored roses can be gifted to colleagues, to best friends, to parents, siblings, and even to teachers.

Peach Roses meaning

A pale peach rose symbolizes modesty. This subtle color also indicates demureness, innocence and purity. It is ideal for gifting to young girls or whenever the giver wishes to convey earnestness to his/her recipient. Peach roses can also be used to show how much you are missing someone. One of the meanings of peach colored roses is the celebration of the closing of a deal. Peach roses are ideal for use in social gatherings or parties.

White colored roses: What does a white rose mean?

For centuries, white colored roses have been used for symbolizing, trust, peace and honesty. White color has many meanings including purity, innocence and young love. In many countries including Scotland, the blooming of a white rose in someone’s house during autumn was taken as an indication of early marriage. Presenting someone with white roses is symbolic of “I am worthy of your trust” and sends a message of loyalty and reverence.

Yellow rose color: What does yellow rose mean?

During the Victorian Era, sending a bunch of yellow roses to someone was symbolic of jealousy and envy. Today, yellow roses mean exactly the opposite: friendship. Presenting someone with yellow roses means that the giver wishes to convey thanks, appreciation and friendship to the recipient. One can never go wrong with yellow color roses when congratulating friends who are celebrating a joyous moment in life. Yellow color itself symbolizes sunshine, positivity and happiness; so it can be used to convey meanings like warmth, gladness and affection.

Orange roses: What does orange color mean in roses?

The orange colored rose meaning includes enthusiasm and captivation and is perfect for use in the beginning of new relationships. The warm and vibrant color also symbolizes attraction and admiration. If you wish to express passion and excitement to someone, you can choose a bouquet of fiery orange rose blooms.

Purple color rose meanings: What do purple, lilac or lavender colored roses mean?

Purple has always symbolized opulence, royalty and majestic glory. If you are attending someone’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration, take along a bouquet of lilac or lavender roses. These shades are also ideal for commemorating a lost partner or spouse. Use deeper shades of purple color roses for more intimate settings.

Black roses: What does black color in roses mean?

A black colored rose usually means a negative omen but smaller buds that appear black may be viewed as a new beginning as they often bloom into red or purple flowers. Naturally, you must avoid gifting black roses, since their meaning changes from recipient to recipient.

Multi colored rose meaning: when should you gift a bouquet of multiple rose colors?

Often, people like to mix different colored roses in a single bouquet and this is a fine practice especially when one wishes to convey different meanings and sentiments to the recipient.Multi colored roses are excellent to convey multiple positive emotions.

In conclusion

Roses are ideal flowers for expressing sentiments and emotions. Now that you are aware of the meanings they convey; we hope you can comprehend the possible connotation behind a bouquet you have received or even if you are looking to gift a particular shade with an underlying message to someone.


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