What Does the Color Blue Mean in a Dream?

An abstract picture shows a bedroom awash with dreamlike water and clouds

What does it mean to dream of blue? This tranquil color can be found in still lakes, blue skies, and even some flowers. Of course, there are seemingly endless shades of blue, so the exact shade you see can influence your dream’s meaning.

Interpreting blue dreams can be an exciting venture, but it can be challenging, too. Let’s dive into the many meanings of blue and what this color may mean in your dreams!

The Many Meanings of Blue

Abstract picture with a translucent swirl of blue against white background

If you’re already familiar with color theory, you know that just about every color comes with plenty of associations. Some of them come from the way we physiologically react to a given color. Others are more closely related to the way we find that color in nature. Here are some of the things the color blue may represent if you see it in a dream.

Calm and Tranquility

If you’ve ever looked out over a serene mountain lake, you know the distinct calmness that blue can offer. Some of that calm is actually biological — research has indicated that the color can lower heart rate and have a calming effect on those who view it.


Given the effects of blue lights at train stations, the color blue may make us feel more hopeful. One study in Japan found that after blue lights were installed in train stations, there was a shocking 84% decrease in suicides. However, the study did not examine exactly how the blue lights reduced the incidences.


Creative concept with digital butterfly flying out of light bulb on blue background

Seeing or being surrounded by blue can improve our ability to think creatively and make us more productive. That’s why blue is commonly found in offices. If you often find yourself dreaming of blue, you may be thinking creatively or coming up with new ideas.


In multiple religions across the world, blue has come to be associated with spirituality. Part of that is because blue is the color of the sky, and many religions associate the sky with the heavens, gods, or deities.

In Christianity, blue was historically one of the most expensive pigments used to make icons (images depicting sacred people or events). As a result, it was reserved for the holiest of subjects. One of these was the Virgin Mary, who even had a shade called “Marian blue” named after her.


Many large, reputable businesses (Facebook, Ford, Lowe’s, and American Express come to mind) include blue in their logos. That’s because blue is thought to inspire confidence and indicate that a business is trustworthy. But why?

One of the most popular theories is that we associate blue with both permanence and a sense of security. After all, the ocean and the sky are blue, and both of those things have been around for millennia!


A dressage horse takes a victory lap with a blue ribbon

In some cases, blue is associated with success. Some of that may be because many large, successful businesses incorporate blue into their logos (as mentioned above). Blue may also make you think of a blue ribbon, the first-place prize in many competitions.

Truth and Self-Expression

This color association comes from the throat chakra. Chakras originated in Hinduism, although they now have become an integral part of many yoga and meditation practices. Each chakra is an energy center of the body, and each one is associated with specific attributes.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, an energy center located right at the center of the throat. When the throat chakra is in balance, you supposedly have the ability to communicate clearly and truthfully while honestly expressing yourself.

Loyalty and Fidelity

Blue is often connected to loyalty. That association is part of why brides in some countries traditionally wear “something blue” on their wedding days.


Blue has many positive associations, but its connection to sadness or depression is one of its more negative ones. There are several different theories as to how this association came to be. One theory is that in the 1300s, author Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to use the word “blue” in connection to sadness.

However, that isn’t the only theory. Some believe the connection originated in Greek mythology. The god Zeus was said to create rain during periods of sadness. And since rain is also connected to the color blue, blue also became associated with the emotion of sadness.

The Meaning of Blue in Dreams

Blue dream with floating man in spacesuit and a distant airplane

Understanding the historical and cultural meanings of blue can certainly prove to be helpful when you’re interpreting your own dreams. However, because there are so many possible meanings and connections, it can be difficult to determine which one applies.

That’s why you need to consider your personal associations with the color when analyzing your dreams. Here are a few things to think about as you examine your most recent blue dream.

What Was Blue?

In most cases, when you dream of blue, you’re not just dreaming about an empty wash of color. Rather, you’ll notice blue animals, objects, or even landscapes. Taking a look at where you saw blue can be a good indicator of what the color means.

For example, let’s say you were unfortunate enough to lose your home due to foreclosure. If you dream about walking past your house and see that it’s entirely blue, it might be a sign that you’re mourning that loss.

With all the colors in dreams, it can be hard to know which ones to pay attention to. But if you notice something blue that is not typically blue, chances are good that this color is working on a symbolic level. If your foreclosed house was blue in real life, it’s possible that the color blue may not symbolize anything. But if your home was red, seeing it in blue indicates that the color has some symbolic meaning.

How Did Blue Fit Into the Rest of the Palette?

A small blue house sits beneath a massive cloud

In dreams, colors rarely work completely alone. If you aren’t sure what blue meant in your dream, take a moment to think back to the general palette. Nightmares and generally unpleasant dreams will often have darker, duller palettes, although that’s not always the case.

Think back to the house dream for a moment. If the sky was gray and clouded when you walked past your house, it underscores the fact that blue symbolizes loss or sadness. If the sky was bright and cheerful, it could be that blue is standing for something else.

How Did You Feel?

This one might sound obvious, but it’s easy to overlook when you’re focused on interpreting every little nuance of your dream. The way you felt in the dream is often a good indicator of what blue is trying to tell you. For instance, if you are feeling happy and content while walking past the blue house in the dream, the color probably isn’t standing for loss and sadness.

If you do feel sad when seeing the blue house, that fact (and the gray sky, of course) can confirm that blue is a symbol of sadness.

An Example Dream

A dreamy landscape with still blue water and a rock in the foreground

In many ways, dream interpretation is an art form. It can take time to master! To help you get the hang of it, let’s look at this example dream:

You’re driving along a winding country road when it starts to storm. Thunder seems to shake the sky, and hail starts hitting your windshield.

Ordinarily, you would pull over. But just over a hill in front of you, you see a beam of sunlight shining down. It’s a break in the storm!

It takes only a few moments to get there. You stop the car, taking a moment to enjoy the little enclave of tranquility as the storm continues to rage around you.

You look to your left and see a little clearing in the woods with a small pond. The pond is a brilliant blue you’ve never seen before, and it is absolutely still. You then notice two of your pets sitting comfortably by the pond’s edge. You go to greet them, and they’re happy to see you. You forget about the storm.

Most dreams are more enigmatic than this one, but its simplicity makes it a good one to start with. It’s pretty clear that the blue pond symbolizes peace, tranquility, and contentedness. As soon as you get there, you find yourself shielded from the storm, enjoying the sunlight.

But what about your pets? They’re part of this mysterious oasis, and when you see them, you forget the nearby storm. From that, we can gather that your subconscious might be telling you that your bond with your animals can help you deal with turbulent or upsetting situations in your life (even as those situations continue on).

What Does Blue Mean in Your Dream?

Abstract blue image of a floating woman with water and clouds

As you can see, blue is a shade with many meanings. And whether you dream of a tranquil blue lake or a turbulent, stormy sea, a dream about blue is sure to stick with you.

Because blue has such diverse meanings, even seasoned dream interpreters can have trouble figuring out what it means. Knowing the traditional symbolism of blue can be helpful, but always remember that dreams are highly personal — only you can tell the truth of your dream!

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