The Most Popular Nail Color

Female hands on top of colorful nail varnish palette

A survey conducted recently has shown that nearly 35% women color/paint both their fingernails and toenails. This leaves 65% who do not color nails at all (or only color one or the other). Having completely naked nails is not a crime though colored nails are certainly a big part of a woman’s overall get up. Fashion forward women and brides also wish to ascertain that their nails look the finest on their D-day.

Nail art has taken the nail coloring to a whole new level. Nail salons are popping up everywhere and these experts can make your nails look ultra glamorous. A basic coat of the most popular nail color can be enhanced by adding sparkly jewel tones and other elements of glitz to it.

Naturally, women who wish to keep abreast of the trends in nail paint colors often desire to know which the most popular nail color is. So, today, we shall discuss some of the trendiest, coolest and the most popular nail color so that one can make this choice more easily.

Get glamorous nails with Red – The most popular nail color

For that ‘red carpet look’ you most certainly need to apply the most popular nail color on your finger and toenails. Red has always been considered as the best or most popular nail color since ages. It is a fool-proof classic and one simply cannot go wrong with it. Today, there are many versions in this shade: you can choose candied apple red, plums, berry, or other metallic and jewel tones in this color.

Hot on the trails of the most popular nail color red, is pink. This is a hot favorite among celebrities. Many have been spotted wearing pastel pinks, nude pinks, as well as glossy or metallic pinks. Hot pink has been made popular by celebrities like Nicki Minaz, Lady Gaga etc. Pink’s distant cousin fuchsia is not far behind: Miranda Lambert recently wore this universally flattering shade at an event and has been featured by several glossy fashion magazines.

Black or Gothic Nails

Black might not be the most popular nail color, but newer alternatives are being added to it to make it so. Thus you can have dark mossy green, amethyst, midnight blue or oxblood variants in black. These darker nail colors are recommended to ladies having longer nails, since, on shorter nails, the effect can be unflattering or unladylike. So, if you are opting for these duskier, darker nail varnishes, make sure your nails are filed almond or oval shape and are just past the fingertip.

Fall’s most popular nail color

The most popular nail color naturally changes from season to season. Fall especially sees a rise in popularity of electric nail colors. This is the time, say fashion experts, to put away the pinks and reds and opt for fiery oranges, bright cobalt, chartreuse and ultra violets for the perfect pick-me-up look.

Most popular nail color in the metallic hues

Women who love metallic hues often have no choice but to opt for silver, gold or bronze tones. However, many nail polish manufacturers have broadened this choice especially following the popularity of the metallic tones on the fashion runways. As a result; companies like Chanel tend to come up with limited edition variants in their existing metallic families. Today, you can choose from full coverage chromes or opt for holographic, shade shifting tones that give multitudes of metallic hues on your nails.

In conclusion

Thus, red is no longer the only ‘most popular nail color’ and women have plenty of options to choose from. You can choose from full coverage nail paints or simply swipe glitter on the tips of your nails.

All in all, your finger and toenails are just like tiny canvasses. Sky is the limit and there are multitudes of possibilities in creating the perfect nail art using the most popular nail color mentioned above.