134 Shades of Green: Color Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK Codes

Shades of Green Color with Names and HTML, Hex, RGB Codes

Most people would agree that there are seven colors in a rainbow, and one of them is green. But how boring would life be if we only had seven colors to choose from and weren’t allowed to combine colors together?

Luckily, the world isn’t that limited. There are thousands of colors out there, many of which are shades of one particular hue. Not to mention that the shades of green being used have grown substantially over the years, with some variations having only existed since the late 1800s.

Whether you’re looking for a specific shade you vaguely remember or need to find matching colors for your design or website, there are almost endless options. Below are a variety of green shades with their names, Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes.

Forest Green

We all know what forest green looks like; it’s a rich, deep color that reminds one of Evergreen trees. It’s a nice shade if you’re looking for a darker color for your design.

Forest green
Hex #0B6623
RGB 11, 102, 35
CMYK 89, 0, 66, 60


A color you may recognize if you’re familiar with olives, like those infamous fruits (yes olives are fruits) we all know and either love or hate. Olive green shouldn’t need much description for you to picture what it looks like.

Hex #708238
RGB 112, 130, 56
CMYK 14, 0, 57, 49

Hunter Green

Hunter green is a pale green. It’s a mellow color that reminds one of a forest floor near the end of autumn; the grass isn’t vibrant at this time of year and because of this lack of vibrancy, the grass can look pale. That’s what hunter green can be described as.

Hunter green
Hex #3F704D
RGB 63, 112, 77
CMYK 44, 0, 31, 56

Artichoke Green

You may be thinking that artichoke green has to look and have the exact same color as its aforementioned namesake, but artichokes are slightly brighter than this color. Artichoke green can look a little pale when you first see it, about a mix between gray and green, but incorporate it in your design and you’ll find yourself staring at a soothing green color that can complement every element and style that exists.

Artichoke green
Hex #8F9779
RGB 143, 151, 121
CMYK 5, 0, 20, 41

Jungle Green

Jungle green is another color that you may think you already know the looks of without seeing it, but when you discover it, you realize that it’s entirely different. Jungle green is a hard color to describe as the color can be all over the place, since there are even variations of jungle green itself. These include tropical rainforest, amazon, deep jungle green, medium jungle green, and dark jungle green. If you don’t like the look of jungle green itself, color codes for the other shades are included below. Jungle green is used in the United States Army for the color of the uniforms and berets that are worn by the United States Army Special Forces.

Because jungle green is such a rich and versatile color, it can be utilized for almost everything.

Jungle green
Hex #29AB87
RGB 41, 171, 135
CMYK 76, 0, 21, 33

Tropical Rainforest
Hex #00755E
RGB 0, 117, 94
CMYK 100, 0, 20, 54

Hex #3B7A57
RGB 59, 122, 87
CMYK 52, 0, 29, 52

Deep Jungle green
Hex #004B49
RGB 0, 75, 73
CMYK 100, 0, 3, 71

Medium Jungle green
Hex #1C352D
RGB 28, 53, 45
CMYK 47, 0, 15, 79

Dark Jungle green
Hex #1A2421
RGB 26, 36, 33
CMYK 28, 0, 8, 86

Moss Green

A color that is slightly similar to its namesake, as moss green resembles the coloration that you see in moss.

Moss green
Hex #8A9A5B
RGB 138, 154, 91
CMYK 10, 0, 41, 40

Myrtle Green

As much as one would think that myrtle green is the appropriate word to describe the color Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter series living face would have taken if she needed to barf (yes, I’m a huge HP fan), this color is anything but that. Myrtle green is meant to represent the unique color that are the leaves of a myrtle plant. Myrtle is a genus of flowering plants that are native to the Mediterranean region of southern Europe as well as North Africa.

If you need an idea of what myrtle green might look like, the modern cricket caps worn by Australian test cricketers are dyed myrtle green.

Myrtle green
Hex #317873
RGB 49, 120, 115
CMYK 59, 0, 4, 53

Pine Green

Pine green is what you would think it looks like. It’s a rich color and a shade of spring green that is akin to the color of pine trees. It has been an official color in the Crayola company since 1903.

Pine green
Hex #01796F
RGB 1, 121, 111
CMYK 99, 0, 8, 53

Persian Green

Persian green is a unique color that doesn’t tend to be used often. It’s a color that is typically seen in Persian carpets and pottery. It’s a color that you can find all over Iran due to its positive connotation, as the color is renowned for representing nature, heaven, and sanctity.

Persian green
Hex #00A693
RGB 0, 166, 147
CMYK 100, 0, 11, 35

Emerald Green

Emerald green is one of those unique colors that has been featured a lot in popular culture, from Ireland’s nickname as the Emerald Isle due to the countries abundance of lush greenery, to the infamous city in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz where Dorthy encounters that not only is the food emerald green, but so are the people. Emerald green is a shade of green that isn’t particularly light or bright, as the color is similar to the appearance of an emerald gemstone.

Emerald green
Hex #50C878
RGB 80, 200, 120
CMYK 60, 0, 40, 22

Neon Green

Neon green is a very bright shade of green that is primarily seen in psychedelic art, fashion, or if you’ve ever had laser lights in a club flash directly into your eyes, then you have an idea of what this color looks like.

Neon green
Hex #39FF14
RGB 57, 255, 20
CMYK 78, 0, 92, 0

Sacramento Green

Aptly named because of its use as the official color for California’s Sacramento State University. While this color might not see much use outside of the official capacity for the college, it’s a variation of green that you should know exist.

Sacramento green
Hex #043927
RGB 4, 57, 39
CMYK 93, 0, 32, 78

Sea Green

Sea green is a color that resembles the seafloor, which is then reflected through the water. So if you’ve ever gone swimming at a beach and found that the water had a green tinge to it, that effect is caused by sea green.

Sea green
Hex #2E8B57
RGB 46, 139, 87
CMYK 67, 0, 37, 45

Sage Green

This is a greenish-gray color that resembles the color of dried sage leaves.

Sage green
Hex #9DC183
RGB 157, 193, 131
CMYK 19, 0, 32, 24

Lime Green

Lime green is a color that resembles the color of the fruit, lime. It’s bright and vivid in coloration.

Lime green
Hex #C7EA46
RGB 199, 234, 70
CMYK 15, 0, 70, 8

Jade Green

Jade green got its name due to the fact that its color closely resembles that of the jade gemstone, despite the fact that the hue of jades themselves can vary widely.

Jade green
Hex #00A86B
RGB 0, 168, 107
CMYK 100, 0, 36, 34

Fern Green

Fern green got its name as the color closely resembles fern leaves. In 1998, Crayola officially included fern green into their products, though it tends to be fairly lighter than the official color swatches for fern green.

Fern green
Hex #4F7942
RGB 79, 121, 66
CMYK 35, 0, 45, 53

Laurel Green

While laurel green sounds like it could be the name of a country singer with several platinum records to her name, laurel green is anything but that. It’s a medium-light hue of greenish-gray, similar in color to asparagus, but lighter than that.

Laurel green
Hex #A9BA9D
RGB 169, 186, 157
CMYK 9, 0, 16, 27

Mint Green

Mint green is a color that you will discover if you like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Mint green gets its name because it shares a similar color with the mint leaf.

Mint green
Hex #98FB98
RGB 152, 251, 152
CMYK 39, 0, 39, 2

Tea Green

A light shade of green that gets its name from the color of brewed green tea. 

Tea green
Hex #D0F0C0
RGB 208, 240, 192
CMYK 13, 0, 20, 6

Army Green

Army green is a color that has been used in militaries since World War II or even before that period, although the hue of army green in military uniforms varies between nations.

Army green
Hex #4B5320
RGB 75, 83, 32
CMYK 10, 0, 61, 67

Kelly Green

Kelly green is a unique color that only seems to exist in America and was coined back in the early 1900s. Kelly green refers to the fact that the surname Kelly, along with the color green, are both popular in Ireland. Due to the fact that much of America’s early history was made up by the abundance of Irish immigrants, the name grew to popularity in America.

Kelly green
Hex #4CBB17
RGB 76, 187, 23
CMYK 59, 0, 88, 27

Russian Green

Russian green has a similar history to some other variations of green that appear in this list. It got the name Russian green when it started being used as the shade of green worn by many regiments of the Imperial Russian Army, from 1700 to 1914.

Russian green
Hex #679267
RGB 103, 146, 103
CMYK 29, 0, 29, 43

Paris Green

Paris green has a lengthy range. It can be pale or even a vivid bluish-green, to a deeper shade of regular green itself. Paris green gets its name from the popular pigment that appeared in artists’ paints and was primarily found in inorganic compound copper acetoarsenite.

Paris green
Hex #50C878
RGB 80, 200, 120
CMYK 60, 0, 40, 22

Pakistan Green

Pakistan green is a dark shade of green that is primarily used in web development and graphic design. It gets the name from its use as the background color of the Pakistani flag.

Pakistan green
Hex #006600
RGB 0, 102, 0
CMYK 100, 0, 100, 60

Midnight Green

Midnight green is a relatively dark, green-bluish color. It’s the official primary color of the Philadelphia Eagles, which is why it’s also sometimes referred to as eagle green.

Midnight green
Hex #004953
RGB 0, 73, 83
CMYK 100, 12, 0, 67

India Green

India green gets its name from its official use as the color of the lower band of the flag of India. The color is used in the flag to represent fertility and prosperity.

India green
Hex #138808
RGB 19, 136, 8
CMYK 86, 0, 94, 47

Hunter Green

Hunter green is a color that was mostly worn by hunters in the 1800s. However, most hunters changed and took to wearing olive-colored garbs rather than anything with hunter green by the 1900s. Today, some hunters still wear clothing or bandanas in hunter green.

Hunter green is the official primary color of the Green Bay Packers, as well as the New York Jets from a period of 1998 to 2019.

Hunter green
Hex #355E3B
RGB 53, 94, 59
CMYK 44, 0, 37, 63


Celadon is a shade of green that is grayish and pale in nature. It’s named after a class of Chinese ceramics that made its way to Korea and Japan. Because Celadon has European linguistic roots, its name may have been derived from a character, Celadon, that appears in the work L’Astrée, a French pastoral novel that depicts life in an idealized manner for the reader. The character in the novel wore a light green color.

In the past, Celadon was used as a glaze in pottery; it was fairly common in Asia for its resemblance to jade.

RGB 172, 225, 175
CMYK 24, 0, 22, 12


This is a lovely, deep green that isn’t quite as dark as the skin of most avocados. However, if you want to inspire a sense of calm and even evoke the peace of a forest, this is a great color to choose for your next project.

Hex #568203
RGB 86, 130, 3
CMYK 34, 0, 98, 49


If you like a neon, in-your-face green, this bright and exciting color is an excellent choice. While its highlighter-like glow may be too much for some projects, it’s ideal for applications where grabbing attention is absolutely essential.

Hex #3FFF00
RGB 63, 255, 0
CMYK 75, 0, 100, 0 


Spring is the season of new beginnings, and this delicate, pale green captures the idea well. Reminiscent of very new shoots and unfolding leaves, it’s ideal if you want a lighter green that isn’t quite a pastel.

Hex #00F0A8
RGB 0, 240, 168
CMYK 100, 0, 30, 6


This deep green is reminiscent of vast forests, which seems appropriate. It’s named for the Kaitoke Regional Park in New Zealand. For a darker green that still has a lot of energy to it, Kaitoke is an excellent choice.

Hex #004830
RGB 0, 72, 48
CMYK 100, 0, 33, 72

Screamin’ Green

From the name, you’d probably guess that Screamin’ Green is a neon color. However, while it’s fairly bright, it hasn’t quite reached neon level. This color is a lot like seafoam green with a bit less blue.

Screamin’ Green
Hex #76FF7A
RGB 118, 255, 122
CMYK 54, 0, 52, 0


This dignified green makes a beautiful wall color if you prefer the slightly darker look. Paler and lighter than olive, Chateau also looks very nice when lightened to a paler green tint.

Hex #48A860
RGB 72, 168, 96
CMYK 57, 0, 43, 34

Dark Moss Green

If you’re looking for a deeper green that approaches the level of a neutral color, Dark Moss Green might be your answer. At first glance, this brownish green looks unremarkable. But it offers a quiet elegance that makes it perfect for a backdrop, or even for a text color against a cream white background.

Dark Moss Green
Hex #4A5D23
RGB 74, 93, 35
CMYK 20, 0, 62, 64


Let’s face it, most of us probably aren’t jumping to get a color called “Swamp.” But if you can get past the drab name, Swamp is actually a pleasant gray-green that can be used as a neutral color in most applications.

Hex #A8C090
RGB 168, 192, 144
CMYK 13, 0, 25, 25


If you’ve ever been transfixed by the beauty of a praying mantis, you might appreciate this interesting green shade. Mantis is close to being a pale hunter green, and it’s a good middle-of-the-road green shade. Not too light, not too dark.

Hex #74C365
RGB 116, 195, 101
CMYK 41, 0, 48, 24 


You might expect a green called “fun” to be a bright, neon-like shade. However, this green is surprisingly somewhat dark. It’s roughly between a forest and hunter green. If you’re looking for a nice dark green, this one is certainly an option.

Hex #007848
RGB 0, 120, 72
CMYK 100, 0, 40, 53

Pantone Artichoke Green

Distinct from Artichoke Green, this color comes from Pantone, the world-renowned color-matching company. Its grayish-green shade does get close to the color of the outside of an artichoke, too.

Pantone Artichoke Green
Hex #4B6F44
RGB 75, 111, 68
CMYK 32, 0, 39, 56


Bluish greens tend to inspire a sense of calm, and Viridian does just that. This deep and peaceful green looks a lot like the ocean on a cloudy day. Its grayish quality makes it close to being a neutral, but not quite.

Hex #609078
RGB 96, 144, 120
CMYK 33, 0, 17, 44

Reseda Green

This interesting shade is similar to Russian Green, but it’s a bit darker. It gets its name from the plant Reseda odorata, and it is included as part of Germany’s RAL color standard.

Reseda Green
Hex #6C7C59
RGB 108, 124, 89
CMYK 13, 0, 28, 51 


Chetwode is a pale, barely-there green, but it’s perfectly balanced. As you can see from the RGB values, it has almost equal amounts of blue and green. And if you’re wondering about the unusual name, Chetwode has the same name as a small village in England.

Hex #F0FFF0
RGB 240, 255, 240
CMYK 6, 0, 6, 0

Shamrock Green

We all know of the shamrock, a good-luck charm and symbol of Ireland. And while most shamrocks have a bit more yellow in them than this green does, this shamrock green is nonetheless a pretty, sprightly green that can add some life to your project.

Shamrock Green
Hex #009E60
RGB 0, 158, 96
CMYK 100, 0, 39, 38 


Verdun is a city in northern France, and it’s also the name of this interesting dark green. Despite its depth, Verdun manages to still be fairly energetic. This is thanks to its high yellow CMYK value. However, the relatively high amounts of black and blue stop it from becoming overly bright.

Hex #487800
RGB 72, 120, 0
CMYK 40, 0, 100, 53

Castleton Green

This green is the official color of Castleton University in Vermont. It’s a bluish pine green with a stately air to it, and it looks especially nice against white. If you’re looking for a bluish twist on a classic color, this is a great option.

Castleton Green
Hex #00563B
RGB 0, 86, 59
CMYK 100, 0, 31, 66


This pleasantly pale green looks a bit like a diluted form of the color of juniper, the plant used to make gin. It’s a grayish, almost khaki green that’s ideal if you want just a touch of a neutral-like green.

Hex #D8E4BC
RGB 216, 228, 188
CMYK 5, 0, 18, 11

Granny Smith Apple

Just about everyone is familiar with the tart crispness of the classic Granny Smith apple. This slightly demure green, while it’s a bit less yellow than most Granny Smiths, is nonetheless a great tribute. It’s ideal if you like mint-like greens but want something slightly darker.

Granny Smith Apple
Hex #A8E4A0
RGB 168, 228, 160
CMYK 26, 0, 30, 11

Bitter Lime

Bitter Lime is an interesting twist on the classic lime green. And just like an actual lime that’s on the tart side, this color has more yellow than blue. The result is an unusual color, but it’s great for applications like advertising when you want a bright color without going to a near-blinding neon shade.

Bitter Lime
Hex #BFFF00
RGB 191, 255, 0
CMYK 25, 0, 100, 0

Bright Mint

Like Bitter Lime, Bright Mint is a twist on a classic green shade. Specifically, Bright Mint is a little more blue and a little brighter. The result is something that looks like a cross between turquoise and seafoam green. If you need a color that’s eye-catching without being overwhelming, this is a great answer.

Bright Mint
Hex #4FFFB0
RGB 79, 255, 176
CMYK 69, 0, 31, 0

Bottle Green

As the name suggests, this color is similar to that of a dark green glass bottle (and especially close to the color of an older bottle). It’s another bluish green, but it leans more to the blue side (as evidenced by the 100% cyan value).

Bottle Green
Hex #006A4E
RGB 0, 106, 78
CMYK 100, 0, 26, 58

Cadmium Green

Cadmium Green, sometimes also called Empire, is a bold and confident shade that’s just a bit lighter than hunter green. It’s deep without being overly dark, making it a well-balanced choice for most projects.

Cadmium Green
Hex #006B3C
RGB 0, 107, 60
CMYK 100, 0, 44, 58

Camouflage Green

There are practically as many camouflage patterns as there are terrains. But Camouflage Green (or a very close color) can be found in most. This is a unique, bluish-gray green that works as a neutral. It makes an excellent, quiet wall color, and it also looks nice in a lighter tint.

Camouflage Green
Hex #78866B
RGB 120, 134, 107
CMYK 10, 0, 20, 47


This pleasant yellow-green is almost exactly the color of a ripe Bartlett pear. Thanks to the K value (black), it’s a little quieter than many yellow greens. If you want to evoke a spring-like atmosphere in your project, this is a great shade of green to consider.

Hex #D1E231
RGB 209, 226, 49
CMYK 8, 0, 78, 11

Dollar Bill

The color green is commonly associated with money, and Dollar Bill is a color that gets close to the green on the dollar bill. Its sage-like color gives it a classic, understated look, and it’s especially pretty in paler tints.

Dollar Bill
Hex #85BB65
RGB 133, 187, 101
CMYK 29, 0, 46, 27


As a child, you might have noticed these bright yellow-green bugs inching slowly along in springtime. This cheerful bright green is slightly softened by a bit of black, making it a well-balanced shade that’s ideal for a range of different projects.

Hex #B2EC5D
RGB 178, 236, 93
CMYK 25, 0, 61, 7


This sage-like green isn’t really the color of asparagus, but it’s nonetheless a classic, beautiful color that’s well-suited to a variety of uses. Asparagus is slightly muted, and it pairs well with soft pinks and purples.

Hex #87A96B
RGB 135, 169, 107
CMYK 20, 0, 37, 34

Caribbean Green

Caribbean Green is just barely a green. Like the bright, clear waters of the Caribbean, this color is more of a blue with a hint of green. It’s a great way to help create the idea of a warm, summery atmosphere.

Caribbean Green
Hex #00CC99
RGB 0, 204, 153
CMYK 100, 0, 25, 20

GO Green

This standout shade of green looks a bit like the needles of a blue spruce tree. It’s a medium green in color, but its slight blue cast makes it a bit different from most colors on the list.

GO Green
Hex #00AB66
RGB 0, 171, 102
CMYK 100, 0, 40, 33

Phthalo Green

This oddly-named color is a synthetic green pigment that’s frequently used to make oil and acrylic paints. Among the ingredients for the pigment are copper and the chemical phthalocyanine, which is where the name comes from. This deep green is almost exactly the same color as the pigment itself.

Phthalo Green
Hex #123524
RGB 18, 53, 36
CMYK 66, 0, 32, 79

Napier Green

This is an interesting bright-green color with a high amount of yellow. If you know about supercars, you might recognize the color as one that is sometimes used on McLaren cars. If you need a high-energy color similar to Kelly Green, Napier Green is a good one to look into.

Napier Green
Hex #2A8000
RGB 42, 128, 0
CMYK 67, 0, 100, 50


If you’re a history buff, Feldgrau may look familiar. This grayish green color was the official color of the uniforms of German soldiers from the early 1900s to the 1940s. If you need a stately gray with just a hint of green, Feldgrau is a good color to choose.

Hex #4D5D53
RGB 77, 93, 83
CMYK 17, 0, 11, 64


Green-Yellow doesn’t have a very exciting name. But the name does describe the color perfectly: it’s a greenish yellow. As you can see from the CMYK values, it leans more yellow than blue, creating a bright and high-energy hue.

RGB 173, 255, 47
CMYK 32, 0, 82, 0


This beautifully balanced color is what most people likely picture when they imagine green. Though it has slightly more blue than yellow, Malachite offers a classic green that may well be the right color for your project.

Hex #0BDA51
RGB 11, 218, 81
CMYK 95, 0, 63, 15

Rifle Green

This deep olive green gets its name from the fact that it (or colors like it) is sometimes used as the uniform color for rifle regiments. It’s an ideal choice if you need a darker color but don’t want to go for the more typical black or plain dark gray.

Rifle Green
Hex #444C38
RGB 68, 76, 56
CMYK 11, 0, 26, 70


Even the name of this color suggests high energy. And as you may have guessed, Volt is one of the yellowest greens on the list. With a yellow value of 100 and a cyan value of 19, its brightness is tempered just enough. Still, if you need a shock of near-yellow for your project, Volt is certainly an option.

Hex #CEFF00
RGB 206, 255, 0
CMYK 19, 0, 100, 0

British Racing Green

As you’ve likely figured out from the name, British Racing Green is the official color of the United Kingdom’s motor racing. It’s a deep green that looks a lot like both hunter and forest greens.

British Racing Green
Hex #004225
RGB 0, 66, 37
CMYK 100, 0, 44, 74


The name of this shade of green is somewhat deceptive. While it’s close to the shade of natural thyme, it has a bit more yellow. Still, it’s a versatile color that’s similar to Kelly Green.

Hex #5EDC1F
RGB 94, 220, 31
CMYK 57, 0, 86, 14


This bright greenish-yellow is named after a green or yellow French liqueur that has been made since the 1700s. It’s a great option if you are looking for an almost-neon shade of green.

Hex #7FFF00
RGB 127, 255, 0
CMYK 50, 0, 100, 0

Corn Green

Most of us likely don’t think of corn when we imagine the color green. However, this dusky greenish-yellow is just about the exact color of the leaves that cover an ear of corn. If you need a shade of green that’s light and yellow-heavy without being overly bright, this is a great candidate.

Corn Green
Hex #71A92C
RGB 113, 169, 44
CMYK 33, 0, 74, 34

Shrek Green

Many shades of green are named after things in nature, but Shrek Green gets its name from the popular animated ogre. It’s an unusual mixture of yellow-green and olive, but if you want something that breaks the mold, it’s a great choice.

Shrek Green
Hex #C4D300
RGB 196, 211, 0
CMYK 7, 0, 100, 17

Christmas Green

If you need a color to commemorate the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas Green is it. It’s bright yet deep, and it’s just about the exact shade of green icing you’d make to decorate Christmas tree cookies.

Christmas Green
Hex #00873E
RGB 0, 135, 62
CMYK 100, 0, 54, 47

Irish Green

From green fields to shamrocks to the green bar on the flag, green has long been a color associated with Ireland. Irish Green is a balanced and pleasantly energetic color that’s ideal for use if you want a classic green that’s more blue than yellow.

Irish Green
Hex #009A44
RGB 0, 154, 68
CMYK 100, 0, 56, 40

Road Sign Green

This relaxed blue-green is meant to resemble the colors of some road signs. As you can see from CMYK values, it leans heavily blue as opposed to yellow. This makes it a better choice if your project features primarily cool colors, or if you need a cooler color to balance out a too-hot color scheme.

Road Sign Green
Hex #01735C
RGB 1, 115, 92
CMYK 99, 0, 20, 55

Lightsaber Green

This lively green is similar to both Harlequin and Chartreuse. If you need a neon green that’s so bright it glows, Lightsaber Green just might be your answer. It looks especially striking against pure black or deep blue.

Lightsaber Green
Hex #2FF924
RGB 47, 249, 36
CMYK 81, 0, 86, 2

Girl Scout Green

If you’ve ever bought Girl Scout cookies, then you’re familiar with the green and white logo for the Girl Scouts. But even for other design purposes, this classic and distinguished green is a wise choice. Pair it with white for an elegant look, or pair it with pale pink to make it really pop.

Girl Scout Green
Hex #00AE58
RGB 0, 174, 88
CMYK 100, 0, 49, 32

Tennis Court Green

Any tennis player, casual or serious, will immediately recognize this shade of green. Its sage-like color looks great with white, but it also serves as a useful backdrop for brighter colors and pastels.

Tennis Court Green
Hex #6C935C
RGB 108, 147, 92
CMYK 27, 0, 37, 42

Spring Bud

We’re all familiar with the thin, yellow-green leaf buds that signal the start of spring. This high-energy green captures that color beautifully. Though not as green as Chartreuse or Harlequin, it’s still useful for adding a pop of color to your project.

Spring Bud
Hex #A7FC00
RGB 167, 252, 0
CMYK 34, 0, 100, 1

Chinese Green

This unusual green looks, at first glance, more like a yellow-brown. However, it has an almost jewel-tone look to it, and it pairs well with deep reds. While Chinese Green likely would not be considered a true neutral, it’s somewhat close.

Chinese Green
Hex #D0DB61
RGB 208, 219, 97
CMYK 5, 0, 56, 14

Arctic Lime

If you pay attention to color trends, you may have noticed that colors like Arctic Lime are making a comeback. Arctic Lime has some characteristics of neon, but it’s not quite as bright, making it generally more pleasing to the eye. It looks especially dramatic against stark black.

Arctic Lime
Hex #D0FF14
RGB 208, 255, 20
CMYK 18, 0, 92, 0


Named after a city in Rwanda, Nyanza is a beautifully soft mint green. If you like pastels, it makes an especially soothing wall color. It also works as an alternative to white if you’re selecting background colors. Nyanza would also work well in a watercolor-esque, pastel color palette.

RGB 233, 255, 219
CMYK 9, 0, 14, 0

Dark Lemon-Lime

When you think of lemon-lime, you probably picture a slightly brighter, yellower shade. This medium green simply offers a little more lime than it does lemon.

Dark Lemon-Lime
Hex #76BA1B
RGB 118, 186, 27
CMYK 37, 0, 85, 27

Crayola Yellow-Green

This color, which is in similar vein to lemon-lime, is the same color as Crayola’s yellow-green crayon. It’s sure to bring back memories of coloring as a child. Crayola Yellow-Green is roughly the shade of grass as it begins to yellow. And thanks to the fact that it has very little black, it manages to be bright without becoming overpowering.

Crayola Yellow-Green
Hex #ACDF87 
RGB 172, 223, 135
CMYK 23, 0, 39, 13

Maximum Green

Like a few other shades on the list, Maximum Green is close to the classic idea of green most people have in their heads. It’s a bright, strong green with just enough depth, and it works well in a variety of applications. And as you can see from the RGB values, the presence of green dramatically outshines both red and blue.

Maximum Green
Hex #4C9A2A
RGB 76, 154, 42
CMYK 51, 0, 73, 40

Vivid Lime Green

Lime green is more than just one shade. From Arctic Lime to Vivid Lime Green, you can find it in seemingly endless iterations. Vivid Lime Green has a high percentage of yellow, but it has enough black to add some depth. Compared to some more fluorescent types of lime, Vivid Lime Green has a bit more presence.

Vivid Lime Green
Hex #A4DE02
RGB 164, 222, 2
CMYK 26, 0, 99, 13


This color is named after everyone’s favorite green nut, and it’s about the color of pistachio ice cream. It’s a great choice if you want a medium-light green that isn’t overly bright. Since it’s tempered by black, this shade of green is a little muted, although not as much as the various shades of olive green.

Hex #93C572
RGB 147, 197, 114
CMYK 25, 0, 42, 23

Medium Spring Green

Medium Spring Green is an especially lovely spring green. It manages to be both soft and bright, and it looks almost like a slightly darker mint-green pastel. It can be easy to mix up the various shades of spring green, but this is one that really shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Medium Spring Green
Hex #00FA9A
RGB 0, 250, 154
CMYK 100, 0, 38, 2

Sheen Green

This oddly-named color looks like an interesting mix between moss green and spring green. It’s easy on the eyes and looks especially nice as a backdrop for black text. It gets its name from the Sheen Green crayon by Crayola.

Sheen Green
Hex #8FD400
RGB 143, 212, 0
CMYK 33, 0, 100, 17

La Salle Green

This bold green is the official color of the La Salle Greenies. This is the varsity team at La Salle Green Hills, a school in the Philippines. In the NCAA, the Greenies are the junior affiliate team of the St. Benilde Blazers.

La Salle Green
Hex #087830
RGB 8, 120, 48
CMYK 93, 0, 60, 53

Spanish Viridian

This bluish-green color is a variant of Viridian, mentioned earlier. However, Spanish Viridian is a bit more green (as opposed to blue) than the generic Viridian.

Spanish Viridian
Hex #007F5C 
RGB 0, 127, 92
CMYK 100, 0, 28, 50

Dartmouth Green

Many colleges have colors involving some form of dark green. This particular shade is the official green of Dartmouth College, an Ivy League college in New Hampshire. The official Dartmouth colors are white and Dartmouth Green. Side-by-side with white, Dartmouth Green creates a pleasing contrast. Though not as loud as some other collegiate colors, this deep green is incredibly elegant.

Dartmouth Green
Hex #00703C
RGB 0, 112, 60
CMYK 100, 0, 46, 56

Pine Needle Color

Every so often, you run across a shade of green whose name doesn’t really seem to match up. Pine Needle Color is one of those shades. It’s much more brown than you might expect. Its deep, dark color is partially explained by the high percentage of black compared to yellow and green. If you want a neutral color that has some green in it, the unusual Pine Needle Color is worth considering.

Pine Needle Color
Hex #454D32
RGB 69, 77, 50
CMYK 10, 0, 35, 70

Olive Drab

Despite its unappealing name, Olive Drab is actually a fairly nice color. It’s slightly lighter than many olive shades, and it’s just about exactly the color of a manzanilla olive. If you like olive greens but want one you don’t see too often, Olive Drab is a good choice.

Olive Drab
Hex #6B8E23
RGB 107, 142, 35
CMYK 25, 0, 75, 44

Lawn Green

Lawn Green is somewhat close to Chartreuse in color, making it a lot brighter than many people’s lawns. However, it’s close to the color of grass when it’s illuminated by falling light. This is a good color to choose if you like the lightness of spring greens and pastels but want something that’s a bit more energizing.

Lawn Green
Hex #7CFC00
RGB 124, 252, 0
CMYK 51, 0, 100, 1


At first glance, Xanadu looks more like slate gray than any shade of green. However, as you can see by RGB values, it still does have a relatively high proportion of green. But thanks to also having a good bit of black (as shown in the CMYK values), Xanadu has a largely gray appearance. If you’re looking for a distinctive, uncommon neutral, this is a great one to consider.

Hex #738678
RGB 115, 134, 120
CMYK 14, 0, 10, 47

Dark Olive Green

When it comes to choosing a shade of green, types of olive are generally popular. Olive is understated yet elegant, and it comes close to being a neutral color. Dark Olive Green is an excellent option. It looks especially nice with various shades of yellow, and it fits in well with neutrals like gray and tan.

Dark Olive Green
Hex #556B2F
RGB 85, 107, 47
CMYK 21, 0, 56, 58

Dark Sea Green

This color is roughly the shade of the ocean on a cloudy day. It’s also an excellent uncommon color to choose for a project. Most of us are familiar with sea green, but it’s fairly common, especially around the summertime. This variant can let your work stand out. And thanks to its relatively high degree of blue and black, it’s very much at home in a cooler color palette.

Dark Sea Green
Hex #8FBC8F
RGB 143, 188, 143
CMYK 24, 0, 24, 26

Green (Munsell)

This color is a green featured by the Munsell Color Company. The company was founded by Albert H. Munsell, developer of Munsell Color Theory. Munsell’s Color System focused on the chroma, value, and hue of different colors. “Chroma” refers to intensity, “value” refers to lightness, and “hue” refers to the basic color. This green has a good bit of blue, giving it a pleasing, cool cast.

Green (Munsell)
Hex #00A877
RGB 0, 168, 119
CMYK 100, 0, 29, 34

Mughal Green

Mughal Green is a shade of green with ancient and royal connections. It’s named for the flag of the Mughal Empire that ruled northern India in the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. The flag features a dark green backdrop with a sun and golden lion in the foreground. It’s outlined in deep red.

Mughal Green
Hex #306030
RGB 48, 96, 48
CMYK 50, 0, 50, 62

John Deere Green

John Deere Green is iconic, especially in rural America. It’s the official color used on tractors and mowers made by John Deere. John Deere Green is an interesting shade. It’s somewhere between Kelly Green and Hunter Green. As you may have gathered from seeing the John Deere logo, it looks especially nice when paired with bright yellow.

John Deere Green
Hex #367C2B
RGB 54, 124, 43
CMYK 56, 0, 65, 51

Office Green

Office Green looks similar to John Deere Green, even though the name would suggest that it’s best for the indoors as opposed to outdoors. Office Green is one of the most balanced greens on the list. As you can see by the CMYK values, it contains an exactly equal amount of blue and yellow, and then it’s darkened by the presence of black.

Office Green
Hex #008000
RGB 0, 128, 0
CMYK 100, 0, 100, 50


This whimsically-named green looks fairly similar to many of the yellow-greens and lemon-limes on the list. Like Irish Green, it inspires images of rolling hills and sunlight, as it’s a grassy green with a fair bit of yellow. If you like the various shades of lime on the list but want something a bit darker and less fluorescent, Limerick is a color you may want to consider.

Hex #9DC209
RGB 157, 194, 9
CMYK 19, 0, 95, 24

Maximum Green Yellow

If Limerick is the color of grass, then Maximum Green Yellow is the color of dried, yellowed grass in winter. It’s an unusual shade that looks a bit like an olive green with a significant amount of yellow added. Due to its almost-golden appearance, it pairs very well with deeper shades of blue.

Maximum Green Yellow
Hex #D9E650
RGB 217, 230, 80
CMYK 6, 0, 65, 10

French Lime

As you’ve seen, many of the shades of lighter green have names involving lime. And while it might seem like this one is named after a species of lime native to France, that’s not the case. This shade appears on several French color lists where it’s simply called “lime.” So to differentiate it from the many other shades of lime, it was called “French Lime.”

French Lime
Hex #9EFD38
RGB 158, 253, 56
CMYK 38, 0, 78, 1

Medium Spring Bud

Not to be confused with Medium Spring Green, Medium Spring Bud is a color that looks roughly like a lightened combination of olive and sage. As you can see from its CMYK values, there’s far more yellow than there is blue or black. Medium Spring Bud is designed to be about the same color as a bud getting ready to bloom.

Medium Spring Bud
Hex #C9DC87
RGB 201, 220, 135
CMYK 9, 0, 39, 14

UFO Green

It isn’t really clear why this color is called UFO Green. After all, there’s nothing particularly otherworldly about it. In fact, it looks a lot like green grass. But if you’re looking for a somewhat bright, relatively balanced green with slightly more blue than yellow, UFO Green is a good choice.

UFO Green
Hex #3CD070
RGB 60, 208, 112
CMYK 71, 0, 46, 18

Acid Green

At first glance, Acid Green looks a lot like Olive Drab. It’s another olive-like green that’s significantly lightened up by yellow. For a real-world reference, this color is fairly similar to the color of pea soup.

Acid Green
Hex #B0BF1A
RGB 176, 191, 26
CMYK 8, 0, 86, 25

Chlorophyll Green

Chlorophyll allows plants to take energy from light, and it’s a key part of photosynthesis. And since chlorophyll is a green pigment, it makes sense that a shade of green would be named after it. Chlorophyll Green is a bright color similar to neon green.

Chlorophyll Green
Hex #4AFF00
RGB 74, 255, 0
CMYK 71, 0, 100, 0

Green Lizard

When it comes to naming green colors, there’s no shortage of plants and animals for inspiration. This color, Green Lizard, is roughly the color of an anole, which is a small green lizard. Though Green Lizard is fairly bright, it stops short of being neon, making it much easier to look at.

Green Lizard
Hex #A7F432
RGB 167, 244, 50
CMYK 32, 0, 80, 4

Iguana Green

Here’s another color named after a green lizard – Iguana Green. Iguana Green is a little bit more muted, and it has more blue and more black. It’s remarkably close to the color of an actual iguana.

Iguana Green
Hex #71BC78
RGB 113, 188, 120
CMYK 40, 0, 36, 26

Kombu Green

Kombu Green is easily one of the darkest greens on the list. It’s named after kombu, a form of edible kelp. As you can see from its CMYK value, Kombu Green has a very high percentage of black compared to other colors.

Kombu Green
Hex #354230
RGB 53, 66, 48
CMYK 20, 0, 27, 74

Middle Green

Sometimes, a project just needs a middle-of-the-road green. That’s where the appropriately-named Middle Green can help. It has very similar amounts of blue and yellow (though slightly more blue), and it’s a balanced shade with a calming effect.

Middle Green
Hex #4D8C57 
RGB 77, 140, 87
CMYK 45, 0, 38, 45

Paolo Veronese Green

This lovely, cool blue-green is named after Paolo Veronese, a renowned Renaissance painter. He was also known as Paolo Caliari, and his most famous paintings include The Feast in the House of Levi and The Wedding at Cana. The color is frequently described as being like Viridian but with additional blue.

Paolo Veronese Green
Hex #009B7D
RGB 0, 155, 125
CMYK 100, 0, 19, 39

Pullman Green

When you first look at Pullman Green, you might think it’s simply a very dark brown. However, it’s actually an incredibly deep olive color. The name comes from the Pullman Company, a railroad car manufacturer that operated during the American railroad boom. Its cars were painted this very deep olive green. Originally, the cars were painted chocolate brown. Once the official color was changed to Pullman Green (originally called Brewster Green), the cars continued to be painted in Pullman Green until the company went out of business.

Pullman Green
Hex #3B331C
RGB 59, 51, 28
CMYK 0, 14, 53, 77

Green Screen

Most of us know the green screen as a backdrop of promise. After filming, fantastical backgrounds can be added. This color is just like that of an actual green screen. It’s a pleasing green in its own right, though. With slightly more blue than yellow, it’s a bit on the calmer side, but it still manages to possess a quiet energy.

Green Screen
Hex #00B140
RGB 0, 177, 64
CMYK 100, 0, 64, 31

Android Green

This green is officially categorized as a shade of chartreuse. It was originally used as the color for the Android robot logo. But as of 2019, the brand switched to an updated hex value. However, the logo still appears in the original Android Green in some places. Android Green is very similar to the color of pea soup.

Android Green
Hex #A4C639
RGB 164, 198, 57
CMYK 17, 0, 71, 22

Bitter Lemon

Most of us associate lemons with bright yellow. However, this color is that of a bitter, very unripe lemon, so the greenish yellow color makes sense. Bitter Lemon is very similar in color to Pear, although it is just slightly more yellow.

Bitter Lemon
Hex #CAE00D
RGB 202, 224, 13
CMYK 10, 0, 94, 12

Wageningen Green

This name may seem like a mouthful at first, but it’s the name of a Dutch university. Wageningen Green is simply one of the school’s official colors. It’s somewhat rare in that its CMYK values for blue and yellow are exactly the same, which makes it pleasantly bright yet balanced.

Wageningen Green
Hex #34B233
RGB 52, 178, 51
CMYK 71, 0, 71, 30

Sap Green

Sap Green is one of the colors that was based on a historical paint. Traditionally, Sap Green was made with ripe buckthorn berries. Newer versions of the color typically aren’t made with berries, but they are nearly identical in color to the original. Sap Green is a balanced green that looks mildly like olive.

Sap Green
Hex #507D2A
RGB 80, 125, 42
CMYK 36, 0, 66, 51

Old Moss Green

This color is a brownish green with a vintage appeal. And as the name suggests, it is just about the color of old moss. Old Moss Green works well as a neutral, and it looks good paired with other darker shades of green.

Old Moss Green
Hex #867E36
RGB 134, 126, 54
CMYK 0, 6, 60, 47

Slimy Green

Slimy Green is another color whose name doesn’t sound particularly appealing. However, the color itself is promising. It’s a deep, rich green that offers plenty of presence despite not being especially dark or especially bright. It’s a great statement-making shade for logos.

Slimy Green
Hex #299617
RGB 41, 150, 23
CMYK 73, 0, 85, 41

Very Light Malachite Green

Malachite is an unusual-looking greenish mineral that comes in a variety of shades. Very Light Malachite Green very closely matches the lightest shades of malachite. As a color, it closely resembles some of the variants of spring green. It’s ideal if you want a light, airy-looking green that isn’t quite as pale as mint.

Very Light Malachite Green
Hex #64E986
RGB 100, 233, 134
CMYK 57, 0, 42, 9

Dark Spring Green

Speaking of spring greens, this is one of the more unusual variants. Dark Spring Green is, as the name suggests, a darker version of Spring Green. But it’s so dark that most people likely wouldn’t consider it to be a spring green. Dark Spring Green looks very similar to Dartmouth Green, and it’s a good choice if you want a dark green but prefer to stay away from common options like Hunter Green.

Dark Spring Green
Hex #177245
RGB 23, 114, 69
CMYK 80, 0, 39, 55

Guppie Green

In the world of show guppies, green is a rare and sought-after color. Luckily, at least Guppie Green is easily accessible for your next project. This cheerful light green is brighter than a spring green but not as bright as neon. It’s ideal for projects where you need a somewhat energetic color scheme.

Guppie Green
Hex #00FF7F
RGB 0, 255, 127
CMYK 100, 0, 50, 0

Apple Green

Despite the similar names, this is a different color from Granny Smith Apple. Apple Green is a little bit darker, and it closely resembles the color of green apples seen in cartoons.

Apple Green
Hex #8DB600
RGB 141, 182, 0
CMYK 23, 0, 100, 29

Deep Green

The name of Deep Green is largely self-explanatory. Its close blue/yellow balance makes it a fairly classic green, and the relatively high percentage of black gives it a “deeper” look, as if it were a deep pool of green. It manages to look deep without being overly dark.

Deep Green
Hex #056608
RGB 5, 102, 8
CMYK 95, 0, 92, 60

Hooker’s Green

Hooker’s Green originally was a pigment designed by botanical illustrator William Hooker, who needed an accurate dark green to paint large amounts of foliage. It was made by combining gamboge and Prussian blue. The color is still often produced, although it’s rarely made with natural pigments.

Hooker’s Green
Hex #49796B
RGB 73, 121, 107
CMYK 40, 0, 12, 53

Medium Sea Green

Like Dark Sea Green, Medium Sea Green is a variant of the very popular Sea Green. This is a beautiful, jade-like green that looks a bit like clear, blue-green ocean water. The color is deep yet cool, making it very centering to look at.

Medium Sea Green
Hex #3CB371
RGB 60, 179, 113
CMYK 66, 0, 37, 30

Turquoise Green

You probably know turquoise as a blue color, but turquoise green is a pretty and uncommon version. Turquoise Green is a very light bluish green. And as you can see from the CMYK values, it is mostly blue. However, the addition of some yellow and some black makes it a uniquely beautiful, pastel-like color.

Turquoise Green
Hex #A0D6B4
RGB 160, 214, 180
CMYK 25, 0, 16, 16

Green Colors

There are countless shades of green, so many that you can continuously discover a new variation every single day. The colors mentioned above are only a fraction of them, but there should still be plenty for you to choose from for your graphic design, website, or whatever your heart desires to use the colors for.

These colors can also be found in nature. Here’s a visual list of things that are green.