134 Shades of Black: Color Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK Codes

Shades of Black Color with Names and HTML, Hex, RGB Codes

Did you know that the color black has several different variations beyond just gray? Let’s take a look at some shades of black with their names, Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes for easy reference so you know how to find the colors and use them in your website or graphic design.


Abbey refers to a color that is warm gray with brownish tints as it is a mixture of both half gray and half brown.

Hex #494F55
RGB 73, 79, 85
CMYK 14, 7, 0, 67

Ash Gray

Ash gray is a shade on the lighter spectrum of black that is said to resemble that of ashes, although it may sometimes contain darker black or brown tones.

Ash gray
Hex #666362
RGB 102, 99, 98
CMYK 0, 3, 4, 60


Asphalt refers to a color that is a blend of darker gray and black, and this name comes from asphalt, the black sticky liquid used in roads and walkways.

Hex #0C0404
RGB 12, 4, 4
CMYK 0, 67, 67, 95


Black is a color with the perception that is the absence of the light that stimulates the three color-sensitive cone cells in our eyes, and it is the darkest color you can have.

Hex #000000
RGB 0, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100

Black Bean

Black bean is a color that is a mixture of dark brown and black, and it gets its name from black beans, also known as black turtle beans.

Black bean
Hex #3D0C02
RGB 61, 12, 2
CMYK 0, 80, 97, 76

Black Cat

Black cat color derives its name from the feline pet and also its similar color tone of medium black hue with brown tones.

Black cat
Hex #413839
RGB 65, 56, 57
CMYK 0, 14, 12, 75

Black Cow

Black cow receives its name from black colored cattle, and the dark tone of the color features some brownish tints.

Black cow
Hex #4C4646
RGB 76, 70, 70
CMYK 0, 8, 8, 70

Black Eel

Black eel color resembles the body of the American eel, and it is more dark gray in tone.

Black eel
Hex #463E3F
RGB 70, 62, 63
CMYK 0, 11, 10, 73

Black Olive

Black olive is a color that stands for the color of black olives, and in the RAL color matching system, it’s simply referred to as “olive”.

Black olive
Hex #3B3C36
RGB 59, 60, 54
CMYK 2, 0, 10, 76


Charcoal color represents that of the dark gray color that comes from burnt wood, otherwise known as common charcoal used for starting fires for warmth, cooking, etc.

Hex #36454F
RGB 54, 69, 79
CMYK 32, 13, 0, 69

Charleston Green

Charleston green color refers to a black color mixed with blue and yellow that originated back during the American Civil War times with its name-sake deriving from Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston green
Hex #232B2B
RGB 35, 43, 43
CMYK 19, 0, 0, 83

Dark Jungle Green

Dark jungle green is much like a darker version of the jungle green tone that resembles a lush forest setting, yet the color contains far more traces of black than anything else.

Dark jungle green
Hex #1A2421
RGB 26, 36, 33
CMYK 28, 0, 8, 86

Davy’s Gray

Davy’s gray is a color named after the English landscape painter Henry Davy, and it came to be through the combination of carbon black, slate, and iron oxide.

Davy’s gray
Hex #555555
RGB 85, 85, 85
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 67

Dim Gray

Dim gray color is simply known as a darker version of gray.

Dim gray
Hex #696969
RGB 105, 105, 105
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 59


Ebony color gets its name from the ebony tree, which is a black/brown hardwood.

Hex #555D50
RGB 85, 93, 80
CMYK 9, 0, 14, 64

Eerie Black

Eerie black color comes from a specialty box of Crayola crayons with its influence coming from a spooky, Halloween setting.

Eerie black
Hex #1B1B1B
RGB 27, 27, 27
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 89


Granite color gets its name from a common type of rock, the gray version, used in home décor for countertops.

Hex #676767
RGB 103, 103, 103
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 60


Gray color sits comfortably between both black and white, and because of this, it is known as a more neutral color.

Hex #808080
RGB 128, 128, 128
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 50

Gray Cloud

Gray cloud is a color that’s a touch lighter than gray, and it largely symbolizes darker, storm-like clouds in the sky.

Gray cloud
Hex #B6B6B4
RGB 182, 182, 180
CMYK 0, 0, 1, 29

Gray Wolf

Gray wolf color refers to one of the many color tones of the fur of gray wolves, and this color tends to consist of some brownish and gray hues.

Gray wolf
Hex #504A4B
RGB 80, 74, 75
CMYK 0, 7, 6, 69


Gunmetal is a dark gray color that has tints of purples or blues, and it gets its name from gunmetal, a type of bronze alloy material.

Hex #2C3539
RGB 44, 53, 57
CMYK 23, 7, 0, 78


Iridium is a color that’s named from the metallic element iridium, and it is typically a very dark gray tone.

Hex #3D3C3A
RGB 61, 60, 58
CMYK 0, 2, 5, 76


Jet is a color that gets its name from the mineraloid gemstone known as jet, and it’s typically a dark black shade that has undertones of blue, purple, or a combination of the two.

Hex #343434
RGB 52, 52, 52
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 80


Licorice is a color that’s slightly light black in hue, and it receives its name and color tone from licorice candy.

Hex #1A1110
RGB 26, 17, 16
CMYK 0, 35, 38, 90


Midnight is one of many types of colors bearing the name, but in this case, it can resemble that of a dark midnight sky with undertones of brown.

Hex #2B1B17
RGB 43, 27, 23
CMYK 0, 37, 47, 83


Night is a color that takes its name from the darkness of night, and it’s almost as dark as black itself.

Hex #0C090A
RGB 12, 9, 10
CMYK 0, 25, 17, 95


Oil is a color tone that closely resembles the dark brown/black tone of oil itself.

Hex #3B3131
RGB 59, 49, 49
CMYK 0, 17, 17, 77

Old Burgundy

Old burgundy is a darker color of burgundy, so it contains some red undertones with predominately black overlays.

Old burgundy
Hex #43302E
RGB 67, 48, 46
CMYK 0, 28, 31, 74


Onyx is a color that derives its name from the mineral onyx, and the shade of it is slightly dark black.

Hex #353839
RGB 53, 56, 57
CMYK 7, 2, 0, 78

Outer Space

Outer space is a shade that can act as a metaphor to the vast darkness of space.

Outer space
Hex #414A4C
RGB 65, 74, 76
CMYK 14, 3, 0, 70

Raisin Black

Raisin black is a color that receives its name from black raisins thanks to their darker color tone.

Raisin black
Hex #242124
RGB 36, 33, 36
CMYK 0, 8, 0, 86

Smoky Black

Smoky black is a color that takes its name from the color of black smoke, yet it looks only a couple shades lighter than true black.

Smoky black
Hex #100C08
RGB 16, 12, 8
CMYK 0, 25, 50, 94


Taupe is a color that stems from dark gray-brown, and this is oftentimes referred to as a “dark taupe” as well.

Hex #483C32
RGB 72, 60, 50
CMYK 0, 17, 31, 72

Vampire Gray

Vampire gray is a color between gray and black. It tends to be used in Halloween themed works of art because of its name.

Vampire gray
Hex #565051
RGB 86, 80, 81
CMYK 0, 7, 6, 66

Black Leather Jacket

True to its name, this color does have the soft black look of a matte leather jacket. As indicated in its RGB values, it has proportionally more green than many other black shades. That gives it a somewhat soft look that goes especially well with jewel tones.

Black Leather Jacket
Hex #253529
RGB 37, 53, 41
CMYK 30, 0, 23, 79

Cafe Americano

Just like black coffee, Cafe Americano is a shade of black with just a small hint of warmth. That warmth comes mostly from its sizable amount of yellow. It also has a burst of magenta that lends it a pleasant energy.

Cafe Americano
Hex #362819
RGB 54, 40, 25
CMYK 0, 26, 54, 79


Blackberry is a lovely shade of black that’s ideal if you don’t want an overly deep, dark black. It has just a hint of yellow, and its balanced amounts of blue, red, and green gives it a pleasingly versatile quality that’s great for a variety of applications.

Hex #3A3A38
RGB 58, 58, 56
CMYK 0, 0, 3, 77

Lamp Black

It might seem odd to describe a black shade as “lamp” – after all, lamps are more commonly associated with glowy yellows. Regardless, this cool-leaning shade of black is ideal when you need to use black but want to avoid a color that’s overly dark or deep.

Lamp Black
Hex #2E473B
RGB 46, 71, 59
CMYK 35, 0, 17, 72

Army Uniform

As illustrated in its RGB values, Army Uniform is a cool green-blue black. It has a sizable amount of cyan and just the slightest hint of yellow. It’s ideal if you need a muted, businesslike black that isn’t quite as intense as Onyx and similar shades.

Army Uniform
Hex #353F3E
RGB 53, 63, 62
CMYK 16, 0, 2, 75


Most of us probably picture slate as being a deep gray, but this particular shade is a little darker. As you might expect, Slate is made up of more blue compared to red or green. Its cyan content is double that of magenta. It’s a lovely cool shade if you need something that’s between gray and black.

Hex #26282A
RGB 38, 40, 42
CMYK 10, 5, 0, 84

Pitch Black

In the world of Pantone, Pitch Black is known as Process Black C. Process Black is typically the color used in some types of printing ink. As you have likely noticed, Pitch Black has far more black than magenta or yellow, but its decent amount of yellow balances it out by adding a hint of warmth.

Pitch Black
Hex #27251F
RGB 39, 37, 31
CMYK 0, 5, 21, 85


Spider is one of the more unusual blacks on our list. It has far lower RGB values than most black, and it also has a yellow value of 100. It’s a fairly deep shade, and true to its name, it’s almost the color of a black widow spider.

Hex #040200
RGB 4, 2, 0
CMYK 0, 50, 100, 98


A different color than Gunmetal, Metal is a deep black with very low RGB values. While not the absolute blackest black out there, its 95 K value makes it somewhat close. It’s a good selection if you want something close to Spider black with less yellow content.

Hex #0E0C0A
RGB 14, 12, 10
CMYK 0, 14, 29, 95


This aptly-named color is another very dark black with a near-100 K value. And since it has very little influence from red, blue, or green, it’s one of the closest colors to a true black on our list of shades.

Hex #080806
RGB 8, 8, 6
CMYK 0, 0, 25, 97


“Crow” is a great name for a type of black, and this is a particularly nice shade as well. Just like the feathers of its namesake, Crow is a dark black with very little influence from other colors.

Hex #0D0907
RGB 13, 9, 7
CMYK 0, 31, 46, 95

Black Rock

Contrary to its name, Black Rock is really more of a mix of black and very deep blue. That fact is reflected in the CMYK values – it actually has more cyan than black. It also has virtually no red or green compared to blue. Black Rock is ideal if you want something close to navy blue but much darker.

Black Rock
Hex #010127
RGB 1, 1, 39
CMYK 97, 97, 0, 85

Basalt Black

Basalt Black is named after an igneous rock. And as you might expect, it’s more of a deep brownish-black. Its CMYK values show that it has less black than some of the deeper blacks on our list.

Basalt Black
Hex #4D423E
RGB 77, 66, 62
CMYK 0, 14, 19, 70

Neutral Black

You probably already know that black is a neutral color, but Neutral Black is a bit more neutral than the rest. As you may have already seen, it has a lot of black and no cyan, magenta, or yellow. It also has red, green, and blue in equal proportions, making it an exceptionally balanced shade.

Neutral Black
Hex #0B0B0B
RGB 11, 11, 11
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 96

Black Denim

You’ve probably noticed that black denim jeans tend to be a little different than true black. Most shades tend to have a bit of a bluish tint. Black Denim is no exception, as you may notice from its somewhat high cyan value and high relative proportion of blue compared to red and green. It’s ideal if you need a cool-leaning shade of black.

Black Denim
Hex #191C27
RGB 25, 28, 39
CMYK 36, 28, 0, 85

Vampire Black

Vampires are often associated with black. And fittingly, Vampire Black has a decidedly red undertone to it. It has a much higher value for red than for green or blue, and it also has a relatively high proportion of magenta. This one is a smart choice if you could use a burgundy-leaning black for your project.

Vampire Black
Hex #0F0404
RGB 15, 4, 4
CMYK 0, 73, 73, 94

Cool Black

Cool Black is a calming shade of black with a definite deep blue undertone. As indicated by its CMYK values, this shade has a good bit of cyan compared to magenta. It also has significantly more blue than red and green.

Cool Black
Hex #151922
RGB 21, 25, 34
CMYK 38, 26, 0, 87

Panda Black

This shade of black looks closer to slate than it does to black. But still, it’s an especially lovely shade that’s ideal if you’d prefer a cool black. This one looks especially nice alongside pale blues and grays.

Panda Black
Hex #3C4748
RGB 60, 71, 72
CMYK 17, 1, 0, 72

Frost Black

While Frost Black does have some bluish undertones, it’s closer to true black than many of the blue-black shades we’ve seen so far. It has high amounts of both blue and cyan, but a bit of red and magenta help it avoid being too cool.

Frost Black
Hex #191C20
RGB 25, 28, 32
CMYK 22, 12, 0, 87

Ink Black (RAL)

Ink Black is part of Europe’s RAL color matching system (RAL is similar to Pantone). Its name is fitting as it is made up of far more black than cyan, magenta, and yellow. It’s a great option if you want a deep black that isn’t quite the darkest on the spectrum.

Ink Black (RAL)
Hex #212122
RGB 33, 33, 34
CMYK 3, 3, 0, 87


The raven is one of the more recognizable black animals in the world, and this color captures its essence well. It’s a warmer shade compared to some other blacks, as it contains very little blue. Its high proportion of yellow gives it a hint of warmth.

Hex #050301
RGB 5, 3, 1
CMYK 0, 40, 80, 98


This is a distinct color from Leather Jacket, but it is a bit similar. Leather has much more red than many black shades, and it also has a fairly large amount of yellow. Leather is a pleasant, reasonably dark black that would work well in a variety of projects.

Hex #0B0705
RGB 11, 7, 5
CMYK 0, 36, 55, 96


“Sable” usually denotes a shade of brown, but this shade is actually one of the blacker blacks out there. It has no cyan, magenta, or yellow, and its K value is close to 100. It’s great if you need a black that is essentially true black with almost no color undertones.

Hex #060606
RGB 6, 6, 6
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 98

Power Black

This black is true to its name in the sense that it makes a strong impression. It might come as a surprise that Power Black actually has a significantly large amount of yellow. It also has more red than green and blue. It looks especially nice when you need a stark contrast like black on white or black on yellow.

Power Black
Hex #0E0C01
RGB 14, 12, 1
CMYK 0, 14, 93, 95


“Soot” is an obvious name choice for a black color, and this one is dark with a hint of a deep brown undertone. Since it looks a bit like a mix of black and sepia, it’s a worthy selection if you need text for a vintage-inspired project.

Hex #160D08
RGB 22, 13, 8
CMYK 0, 41, 64, 91


Most of us associate jade with green, as the best-known jade stones are green. However, there is a form of black jade. You can only find it in a few spots in the U.S. Jade has a 100 value for cyan, giving it calming blue undertones.

Hex #000302
RGB 0, 3, 2
CMYK 100, 0, 33, 99

True Black

Which hex value makes true black might sometimes come down to a matter of taste. But this shade of True Black does have a depth to it, and that depth makes it a prime candidate for many different applications. It has approximately equal amounts of green, red, and blue, and it has no magenta or yellow.

True Black
Hex #0A0B0B
RGB 10, 11, 11
CMYK 9, 0, 0, 96

Premium Black

If you prefer a black shade with a high-end touch, Premium Black is an excellent choice. It has a larger amount of yellow than cyan or magenta, and it also has slightly more red than blue or green.

Premium Black
Hex #100E09
RGB 16, 14, 9
CMYK 0, 12, 44, 94


Obsidian is among the darkest black stones in the world, and this lovely deep black captures its essence beautifully. As you might expect, its K value is close to 100. Its somewhat high cyan value also gives it some interesting depth.

Hex #020403
RGB 2, 4, 3
CMYK 50, 0, 25, 98

Black Grain

Some black shades are closer to a mix of black and gray, and Black Grain is a great example. This unique shade has a lower K value than many black shades, but it also has very little yellow and no cyan or magenta.

Black Grain
Hex #2C2C2A
RGB 44, 44, 42
CMYK 0, 0, 5, 83

Black Magic

This creatively-named black shade is slightly less dark than the blackest black on the color spectrum. It also has faintly blue undertones despite the fact that it has proportionally more magenta than cyan. It’s a wise selection if you want a calming shade of black that isn’t quite as dark as some of the darker shades.

Black Magic
Hex #0B0510
RGB 11, 5, 16
CMYK 31, 69, 0, 94

Iron Black

As you can probably already tell from its K value of 80, Iron Black is closer to a deep gray than it is to a deep black. It’s an excellent balanced color that would look nice alongside navy and other shades of deep blue. It also pairs nicely with hunter green, forest green, and other similar deep greens.

Iron Black
Hex #343432
RGB 52, 52, 50
CMYK 0, 0, 4, 80

Rich Black (FOGRA29)

This off-black is one of the deep blue-blacks on our list, and it’s one of the best ones. Rich Black is somewhat unique in that it actually contains more cyan than black. It’s a great option if you want a color that sits somewhere between pure black and deep navy.

Rich Black (FOGRA29)
Hex #010B13
RGB 1, 11, 19
CMYK 95, 42, 0, 93

Warm Black

Warm Black is another of the blacks that might also be accurately described as a deep blue. Interestingly enough, it has a cyan value of 100 and a K value of just 74. If you need a black-adjacent color or a very dark shade of cyan, this is a great color to pick.

Warm Black
Hex #004242
RGB 0, 66, 66
CMYK 100, 0, 0, 74

Black Coral

It might seem odd to describe coral as being black. But Black Coral is another of the deep blue-blacks that sits in between true black and navy. It has one of the highest blue values of any black shade on our list. It also has a fairly high proportion of green, making it a pleasantly cool shade of black.

Black Coral
Hex #54626F
RGB 84, 98, 111
CMYK 24, 12, 0, 56

Black Shadows

Black Shadows technically looks like a kind of gray. However, if you look at the CMYK values, its K value is still proportionally much larger than cyan, yellow, and magenta. The value itself is just much lower than that of deeper blacks. Since it has more red compared to blue or green, Black Shadows does have some pleasantly warm undertones.

Black Shadows
RGB 191, 175, 178
CMYK 0, 8, 7, 25

Black Raspberry

Some shades of black are closer to pure black, while others look more like a hybrid of black and another color. Black Raspberry is one of the latter colors. It’s a deep purple mixed with black, and it’s a lovely color to choose if you like purple but need something a bit more subtle.

Black Raspberry
Hex #451425
RGB 69, 20, 37
CMYK 0, 71, 46, 73

Kombu Green

Kombu Green is another of the black shades that effectively combines black with another color. Its name comes from the kombu variety of kelp. And as you’d probably guess, it has a much higher proportional amount of green than red or blue. It looks especially nice alongside khaki and other shades of tan.

Kombu Green
Hex #354230
RGB 53, 66, 48
CMYK 20, 0, 27, 74

Zinnwaldite Brown

This unique color isn’t quite black, isn’t quite brown, and isn’t quite burgundy, either. It’s warmer than most blacks, and it also has pronounced red undertones. Zinnwaldite Brown looks great as a text color against ivory or other shades of off-white.

Zinnwaldite Brown
Hex #2C1608
RGB 44, 22, 8
CMYK 0, 50, 82, 83

Dark Slate Gray

Dark Slate Gray is the type of color that could reasonably be categorized as both a shade of gray and as a shade of black. It has an interesting mix of green, blue, and black, and it’s a great non-traditional color if you’d prefer a departure from your typical black or gray palette.

Dark Slate Gray
Hex #2F4F4F
RGB 47, 79, 79
CMYK 41, 0, 0, 69

Dark Charcoal

Dark Charcoal is one of the more balanced colors on our list. Its RGB values indicate that it has equivalent amounts of green, red, and blue. It has no cyan, magenta, or yellow, but it does have a K value of 80. It’s a wise choice if you need something just a bit less dark than a true black.

Dark Charcoal
Hex #333333
RGB 51, 51, 51
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 80

Russian Violet

This is a beautiful color that’s effectively a mix of both black and a deep blue-violet. It has a high cyan value as well as a higher proportion of blue compared to red and green. Like many of the purplish blacks, this one looks especially nice as text against an ivory background.

Russian Violet
Hex #32174D
RGB 50, 23, 77
CMYK 35, 70, 0, 70

Olive Drab #7

As you can tell by its name, there are many different variants of Olive Drab. And despite its unappealing name, it’s actually a very pleasant black-brown with green undertones. Olive Drab #7 looks especially nice next to jewel tones.

Olive Drab #7
Hex #3C341F
RGB 60, 52, 31
CMYK 0, 13, 48, 76

Dark Sienna

There are many different shades of sienna out there, and Dark Sienna is likely the darkest of all. This color is very similar to dark burgundy, and its rich quality gives it a dignified look that sets it apart.

Dark Sienna
Hex #3C1414
RGB 60, 20, 20
CMYK 0, 67, 67, 76

Alien Black

True to the name, Alien Black does have a space-like quality about it. As illustrated in its RGB values, this shade has more blue than red or green, giving it a pleasant blue undertone. It also has a large amount of cyan. Alien Black is right at home in a neutral color palette, but it also pops against yellows and other bright colors.

Alien Black
Hex #1A2228
RGB 26, 34, 40
CMYK 35, 15, 0, 84

Black Chocolate

This beautiful, deep black-brown is the color of chocolate with very large proportions of cacao. Darker than dark chocolate, this shade has just a touch of yellow for a burst of pleasant warmth.

Black Chocolate
Hex #1B1811
RGB 27, 24, 17
CMYK 0, 11, 37, 89

Blue Charcoal

Blue Charcoal is probably the darkest of the blue-black colors out there. As you’d expect, it has large amounts of black and cyan. Its RGB values reveal that it contains more blue than red or green. Blue Charcoal is a great option if you need a blue-hued black, and it looks especially nice alongside medium to light browns.

Blue Charcoal
Hex #262B2F
RGB 38, 43, 47
CMYK 19, 9, 0, 82

Gothic Grape

This entertainingly-named color certainly suits its name. Gothic Grape is essentially a grape-colored purple with more black added. It does have warm red undertones. Most of that comes from its very large amount of magenta.

Gothic Grape
Hex #120321
RGB 18, 3, 33
CMYK 45, 91, 0, 87


True to its name, Metropolis is a sleek, modern black shade that is beautifully balanced and just slightly less dark than a true black. As indicated by its RGB values, there are equal amounts of green, blue, and red. It also has no cyan, yellow, or magenta, but it does have a high K value.

Hex #1A1A1A
RGB 26, 26, 26
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 90

Night Shadow

Night Shadow is a color that is remarkably similar to Metropolis. It also has identical amounts of red, blue, and green. However, Night Shadow’s values are higher than those of Metropolis. It also has a K value that’s just slightly lower.

Night Shadow
Hex #1C1C1C
RGB 28, 28, 28
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 89

Off Black

You’ve heard of off-white, but the term “off-black” is used far less often. This shade of Off Black is essentially a dark gray. That makes sense according to its CMYK values. It contains far less black than many of the darker blacks on our list. It has very small hints of magenta and yellow.

Off Black
Hex #595652
RGB 89, 86, 82
CMYK 0, 3, 8, 65

Dark Raisin

This is a different, darker color than Raisin, and it does look similar to some of the darker raisins in any given box. As you might expect, this color has a decent quantity of red compared to green and blue. It also has the same value for magenta as it does for yellow.

Dark Raisin
Hex #1A0F0F
RGB 26, 15, 15
CMYK 0, 42, 42, 90

Tea Bag

Tea Bag is a bit darker than you’d expect most tea to be, but it does get close to the color of pekoe or another black tea. Though it does have some warmth thanks to a burst of yellow and magenta, Tea Bag has a very large proportion of black.

Tea Bag
Hex #161311
RGB 22, 19, 17
CMYK 0, 14, 23, 91

Electric Black

It may seem odd to describe black as being “electric,” but you can somewhat see why this one is described as such. Electric Black does seem to be high-energy for a black shade. It has the same amounts of red, blue, and green, and it has less black than some of the deepest blacks on the color spectrum.

Electric Black
Hex #292929
RGB 41, 41, 41
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 84

Tech Black

Tech Black’s smooth, modern feel comes largely from its very high proportion of black and slight cyan presence. It also has just slightly more green and blue than red. It’s certainly an option if you want a basic black that has just the slightest of cool undertones.

Tech Black
Hex #0D0E0E
RGB 13, 14, 14
CMYK 7, 0, 0, 95

Dull Black

Though its name may be unappealing, Dull Black is actually a relatively pleasing shade of black. There are equal (and relatively low) amounts of green, blue, and red. It has a high K value with no presence of cyan, magenta, or yellow. It’s the ideal option if you need an average, low-energy black for your project.

Dull Black
Hex #161616
RGB 22, 22, 22
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 91

Dark Black

This might seem like a strange name for black. After all, all black shades are dark. But Dark Black does have a very high K value, and the considerable presence of cyan makes it appear even darker. Notably, Dark Black has almost no green, blue, or red.

Dark Black
Hex #010203
RGB 1, 2, 3
CMYK 67, 33, 0, 99

Natural Black

Natural Black is fairly similar to Dark Black. It also has a high K value and a good bit of cyan. However, it contains more magenta than Dark Black does. It’s a good color choice if you need a more traditional black that is not overly dark.

Natural Black
Hex #07000B
RGB 7, 0, 11
CMYK 36, 100, 0, 96

Retro Black

This black shade certainly exudes vintage appeal. It looks very much like the color of faded-out black text, and it would look especially nice as typeface on a yellowed or parchment-style backdrop. As shown in this color’s CMYK values, Retro Black has less pure black than many of the darker blacks mentioned on our list.

Retro Black
Hex #1F201F
RGB 31, 32, 31
CMYK 3, 0, 3, 87

Black Green (RAL)

This is another shade of black from the RAL color matching system. As you can probably guess, it has more green than red or blue. It has a larger amount of cyan and less black than most of the shades described here.

Black Green (RAL)
Hex #303D3A
RGB 48, 61, 58
CMYK 21, 0, 5, 76

Deep Black

Though it is not the same color as Dark Black, Deep Black is an intense black shade that is ideal if you want an especially rich color. Deep Black has a K value of almost 100. But somewhat surprisingly, it also has a significant presence of magenta and a decent amount of yellow.

Deep Black
Hex #050203
RGB 5, 2, 3
CMYK 0, 60, 40, 98

Refresh Black

This straightforward black shade is refreshed by just a hint of cyan. It also has slightly more blue and green than red. This combination makes it a classic black that has just a little bit of a cool undertone.

Refresh Black
Hex #111212
RGB 17, 18, 18
CMYK 6, 0, 0, 93

Rustic Black

This black shade is one of the few that’s suited to vintage-inspired applications. Rustic Black has a faded look about it, and it looks nice alongside weathered wood or against a tan or brown backdrop. The burst of yellow also adds just enough warmth.

Rustic Black
Hex #1B1A16
RGB 27, 26, 22
CMYK 0, 4, 19, 89

Rose Ebony

This pleasantly-named color looks just like it sounds. It’s essentially a rosy shade of off-black. Rose Ebony has far less black than many examples we’ve described. It also has a significant amount of red and a somewhat high percentage of magenta. If you like reddish blacks but want something a little cooler, Rose Ebony is a distinctive option.

Rose Ebony
Hex #674846
RGB 103, 72, 70
CMYK 0, 30, 32, 60


You might imagine the color Liver as being a deep brown, but Liver is more of a grayish black. This shade of black has a lower K value than many blacks that we’ve described. However, its sizable presence of blue helps it from becoming too warm. Liver black looks great alongside many shades of blue and green.

Hex #534B4F
RGB 83, 75, 79
CMYK 0, 10, 5, 67

Purple Taupe

The name of this color suggests a purplish brown, but Purple Taupe is also essentially a shade of black. This deep color contains a fairly high amount of green, but it has higher amounts of both red and blue. This pleasant color has a slate-like quality about it, and it’s a smart option if you like grayish blacks but would prefer something a bit more purple.

Purple Taupe
Hex #50404D
RGB 80, 64, 77
CMYK 0, 20, 4, 69

Black Pearl

This pretty black shade is one of the especially aptly-named colors on our list. Most black pearls have a greenish look about them, and Black Pearl has enough green and blue to help create that look. It isn’t a color you see too often, and it’s a great candidate if your project requires a black shade with deep, serene, blue-green undertones.

Black Pearl
Hex #0E161A 
RGB 14, 22, 26
CMYK 46, 15, 0, 90

Black Russian

Black Russian is another of the slate-like black shades with powerful blue undertones. Not surprisingly, it has a large amount of blue in its RGB value and a decent presence of cyan in the CMYK value. It’s a balanced shade and an excellent option if you like slate colors but would prefer something a bit more blue.

Black Russian
Hex #24252B
RGB 36, 37, 43
CMYK 16, 14, 0, 83

Aesthetic Black

This lovely, muted black is an excellent choice if you want a black that is not too terribly dark. It has a little bit of both cyan and magenta, but it also contains more blue compared to red or green. If you want a medium black with modern appeal, this one is definitely one to consider.

Aesthetic Black
Hex #1C1C1E
RGB 28, 28, 30
CMYK 7, 7, 0, 88

Signal Black (RAL)

Signal Black is another color from the RAL color matching system. This color has a soft, faded look that makes it different from most deep black shades. It has more red, green, and blue than most other black shades. And unsurprisingly, it has a lower K value than many of the darker blacks on the color spectrum.

Signal Black (RAL)
Hex #2B2B2C
RGB 43, 43, 44
CMYK 2, 2, 0, 83

Cafe Noir

This color’s name means “black coffee,” and it’s almost the same color as its namesake. Cafe Noir is a paler, more brown black than many of the black shades out there. Its K value is one of the lower ones, and its somewhat high presence of red, blue, and green helps to create its distinctive deep-brown hue.

Cafe Noir
Hex #4B3621
RGB 75, 54, 33
CMYK 0, 28, 56, 71

Luxury Black

This shade has a rich, velvety blue hue about it. It has a good bit of depth thanks to its high K value. And while it has no magenta or yellow, it does have a sizable amount of cyan that helps create its cool appeal.

Luxury Black
Hex #060D0D
RGB 6, 13, 13
CMYK 54, 0, 0, 95

Bright Black

This pretty blue-black is approximately the color of a black panther’s coat in the sun. It is made up of a larger amount of blue compared to red or green. It has just a touch of cyan and magenta to balance out the darkness. It’s an ideal color for when your project needs a black that is slightly less intense.

Bright Black
Hex #222024
RGB 34, 32, 36
CMYK 6, 11, 0, 86

Black Blue (RAL)

This shade of deep blue-black is another one from the RAL color matching system. Like several other colors that we’ve described, it has a somewhat large portion of cyan that helps give it a look similar to that of navy. However, a burst of magenta contributes to its subtle glow of warmth.

Black Blue (RAL)
Hex #1A1E28
RGB 26, 30, 40
CMYK 35, 25, 0, 84

Glossy Black

Thanks to its slightly muted look, Glossy Black is well-suited to being printed on glossy paper. Its K value of 85 is reasonably dark without becoming overly deep, and it has almost no magenta, yellow, or cyan. Glossy Black also has about the same amounts of green, red, and blue, so it’s a refreshingly balanced shade of black.

Glossy Black
Hex #252324
RGB 37, 35, 36
CMYK 0, 5, 3, 85

Ivory Black

This color has a name that is somewhat of an oxymoron. Ivory describes an off-white color, but Ivory Black is more of an off-black. However, Ivory Black has a softer look than many black shades. It looks especially nice alongside ivory and other warm off-white shades.

Ivory Black
Hex #231F20
RGB 35, 31, 32
CMYK 0, 11, 9, 86

Pastel Black

Pastel versions of most colors are essentially paler versions, and that is exactly what Pastel Black is. That fact is illustrated by its K value. Most deeper blacks have a value in the upper 90s, and Pastel Black has a K value of 89.

Pastel Black
Hex #1D1C1A
RGB 29, 28, 26
CMYK 0, 3, 10, 89

Fashion Black

This shade of black is probably the one you most often see on dresses, blazers, and other articles of black clothing. It’s one of the darkest blacks that we’ve described, and it also has barely any red, green, or blue.

Fashion Black
Hex #060403
RGB 6, 4, 3
CMYK 0, 33, 50, 98

Graphite Black (RAL)

If you need a black shade that captures the slight silvery hue of graphite, Graphite Black may be your answer. This color matches its namesake well. Its high proportions of green and blue give it cool energy, and its somewhat low K value softens it a bit.

Graphite Black (RAL)
Hex #27292B
RGB 39, 41, 43
CMYK 9, 5, 0, 83

Black Gray

Many colors on this list could conceivably be described as grayish black. However, this specific color sits right in the middle of black and gray. If you’d like a color that’s essentially a blacker version of charcoal gray, Black Gray just might be right for your project.

Black Gray
Hex #303234
RGB 48, 50, 52
CMYK 8, 4, 0, 80

Black Hole

This color’s hex value is almost the same as that of Sable. But Black Hole is a very dark black. It has a K value of 98, no magenta or cyan, and just a small amount of yellow. This color is one of the more intense blacks on our list. It looks especially nice against neons and other bright colors.

Black Hole
Hex #060605
RGB 6, 6, 5
CMYK 0, 0, 17, 98


This particular shade of black is one of Japan’s traditional colors. The name in Japanese just translates to “black.” As seen in this shade’s CMYK values, Kokushoku’s intensity primarily comes from its high K value.

Hex #171412
RGB 23, 20, 18
CMYK 0, 13, 22, 91


This is another Japanese color name. “Kurotobi” is also the name of the black kite, a species of bird. This color is a reddish black-brown that carries more warmth than many of the colors that we’ve described. It has fairly large amounts of red, blue, and green. This helps explain some of its brownish color.

Hex #351E1C
RGB 53, 30, 28
CMYK 0, 43, 47, 79


Like many of the shades of black with spacey-sounding names, Void is a deep, dark, contemplative color. As illustrated in its RGB values, this color has almost no red, blue, or green. And while it has a very high K value, the large amount of cyan helps deepen it further.

Hex #010207
RGB 1, 2, 7
CMYK 86, 71, 0, 97

Wet Suit

Wet Suit is a deep, lovely shade of dark black. And if you’ve ever had to swim in a wet suit, you know that this color matches the color of a sleek suit freshly out of the water. Like many of the deeper blacks out there, this particular shade has almost no red, green, or blue.

Wet Suit
Hex #080706
RGB 8, 7, 6
CMYK 0, 12, 25, 97

Yacht Club Black

This interestingly-named black shade does have a bit of a high-class look to it. Like many blacks that we have described, it has deep blue undertones thanks to having more blue than red or green. It also has more cyan compared to magenta or yellow. This unique color looks especially nice next to light shades of yellow, green, or pink.

Yacht Club Black
Hex #222627
RGB 34, 38, 39
CMYK 13, 3, 0, 85

Young Night

This color’s exciting name seems fitting. It is reminiscent of the sky’s color shortly after dark. Young Night is a very well-balanced off-black. It contains black without cyan, magenta, or yellow, and its RGB values are all equivalent.

Young Night
Hex #232323
RGB 35, 35, 35
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 86

Blackstrap Molasses

This color accurately captures the deep brownish-black color of quality molasses. Some of its warm undertones come from a slight bit of yellow and magenta. Like many of the faded blacks, this off-black has a vintage vibe that makes it a great candidate for colored text over off-white backgrounds.

Blackstrap Molasses
Hex #2B2523
RGB 43, 37, 35
CMYK 0, 14, 19, 83

Carbon Black

Carbon Black is one of the deeper blacks described here. That makes it all the more unusual that it has a higher value for yellow than it does for black. It also has more red than blue or green. Still, it’s one of the more impactful shades of black on the color spectrum.

Carbon Black
Hex #0C0A00
RGB 12, 10, 0
CMYK 0, 17, 100, 95

Cynical Black

Cynical Black is one of the more interestingly named blacks mentioned here. Its values show that it’s part of a pattern. This variant of off-black is one of the many shades that have identical values for red, green, and blue. It has no cyan, magenta, or yellow, but it does have a significantly high K value.

Cynical Black
Hex #171717
RGB 23, 23, 23
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 91

Black Plum

Most of us probably imagine plums as being purple. But this color is roughly that of a very dark plum. It is essentially black with slight purple undertones. So it isn’t surprising that Black Plum has high values of red and blue. Though its K value is lower than that of some of the blacks mentioned here, this color still has impressive depth.

Black Plum
Hex #362B32
RGB 54, 43, 50
CMYK 0, 20, 7, 79

Reversed Gray

This color has a somewhat confusing name. And while it’s described as being gray, Reversed Gray is a definite shade of black. Compared to many blacks on our list, it has a very high K value. Especially when you consider the fact that there’s no presence of cyan, magenta, or yellow.

Reversed Gray
Hex #080808
RGB 8, 8, 8
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 97


This rich color is essentially the same color as a dark stout fresh from the tap. It’s one of the dark blacks with brown undertones that we’ve mentioned here. Though the CMYK values indicate a significant presence of black, Stout’s somewhat large amounts of magenta and yellow contribute some warmth to its undertones.

Hex #0F0B0A
RGB 15, 11, 10
CMYK 0, 27, 33, 94

Tornado Cloud

While the clouds surrounding a tornado may not always get quite this dark, Tornado Cloud is still a lovely shade of black with relatively few undertones. While it has a high K value, it has comparatively little cyan and magenta and no yellow. If your project requires a shade of off-black that’s close to being a true neutral, this one is a great potential selection.

Tornado Cloud
Hex #121213
RGB 18, 18, 19
CMYK 5, 5, 0, 93

Walnut Hull

Walnut Hull is one of the black shades that are closer to being a dark brown. Appropriately, it’s just about the color of a shadow inside of a shelled walnut. This pleasant color’s warm brown undertones come partially from its near-equal presence of green, blue, and red.

Walnut Hull
Hex #1B1813
RGB 27, 24, 19
CMYK 0, 11, 30, 89

Tap Shoe

This cool, mellow black is one that has pronounced slate blue undertones. It has a lower K value than many blacks mentioned on our list, and its presence of cyan helps shape its particularly unique hue.

Tap Shoe
Hex #2A2B2D
RGB 42, 43, 45
CMYK 7, 4, 0, 82


Woodsmoke is one of the loveliest blacks that we’ve mentioned here. It has a smokey quality similar to that of its namesake, and it’s very at home in color palettes of grays and other neutrals. A slight blue-brown undertone makes it a real standout.

Hex #2B3230
RGB 43, 50, 48
CMYK 14, 0, 4, 80

Black Red

This color is a bit more intense and energetic than oxblood, burgundy, and similar colors. It’s a lot like blood red with some black added. It looks especially nice alongside various jewel tones.

Black Red
Hex #3D2022
RGB 61, 32, 34
CMYK 0, 48, 44, 76

Wind Cave

Just like an actual cave, Wind Cave is not pure black. It’s a shadowy gray that has a somewhat slate-like quality. Its heavy presence of cyan helps to create its cool blue undertone.

Wind Cave
Hex #1F2024
RGB 31, 32, 36
CMYK 14, 11, 0, 86

Heavy Gray

Even though this color has “gray” in the name, it’s really more black. Heavy Gray is fairly close to pure black. Its K value is 98, and its low RGB values are equal across the board.

Heavy Gray
Hex #050505
RGB 5, 5, 5
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 98

Black Colors

Although black itself is often known to lack any real colors, there are many ways you can transform it so that you have dozens upon dozens of shades of black to play around with. Hopefully, this list has inspired you to use some variation of this powerful color in your next design.

These colors can also be found in nature. Here’s a visual list of things that are black.