How to Use Color Psychology to Attract Love

Group of people on colorful backgrounds showing heart or love symbols with their hands

Colors affect our mood and how we feel. Often people find it hard to find a mate-a life partner. Many go on dates, but report finding it difficult to “really feel chemistry “with the other person. Color psychologists now believe that one can create chemistry by using the right colors. Indeed; color symbolism in the wardrobe need not be restricted to enhancing our own mood, but also for attracting people towards us. Life without a partner often seems colorless, naturally it makes sense to wear the right colors in order to attract the right one.

Studies on color psychology and love

Numerous studies have been conducted on the interrelation between color psychology and love- one of the main ones coming from University of Cambridge. Researchers here used the example of Chameleons, or Aegean wall lizards to seek answers to the question surrounding love and colors. They observed that color changing lizards were unafraid of using attractive colors to catch the eye of potential mates seen though it also made them attract predators. Literally speaking, they were unafraid to die for love.

Using the example of reptiles, the scientists went to the history of human evolution and how color psychology came into being. From this study, they concluded that most male animal species used bright and attractive colors without being afraid of being seen by avian predators. Females on the other hand were known to favor better camouflage.

Coming back to the topic of humans and how color psychology and love are interdependent, it has been noticed that human men are still rather primordial in that; they are usually attracted to women wearing red. Red, as we already know, is the color of passion, love and sexual desire. It is no wonder that Valentine’s Day makes use of this color for printing cards, notes, selling boxes of chocolates etc forming a multi-million dollar industry.

To prove this, in 2010, a group of researchers conducted 2 different experiments. In one, they asked men to interact with women wearing either a red shirt or those wearing some other color like blue or green. In both experiments, it was concluded that men asked more intimate or personal questions to the women wearing red than any other color. Likewise, they also sat closer to women in red shirts. Compared to other colors, women wearing red were also more sought after.

The same was true in case of women: the same researchers conducted experiments on women and the attraction they felt for men against a red backdrop or for men wearing red shirts. The women were later questioned and most replied to having stronger sexual attraction to men in red. They also perceived men wearing red as having higher social statuses.

So what is the relation between Red color and love?

In psychological parlance, Red evokes a basic, primal and ‘reproduction relevant’ behavior in all species. In layman terms, Red is seen as a symbol of fertility and sexuality. It also denotes social and economical status, health and passion. This is reinforced by the example of healthy male cardinal birds with bright red feathers or by female Monkeys in heat with bright red rumps.

Men, when they see women wearing red, tend to immediately think of her as more attractive. Women on the other hand tend to see men in red as being socially elevated and this invokes sexual attraction in her. Just as red influences the mentality and instincts of our distant relatives-animals, it also influences human amorous feelings and behaviors.

How can you use colors to attract mates?

  • If you want to be seen as attractive and a potential sexual partner, wear red.
  • Men could also wear red to show themselves as having higher social status
  • Wearing red can help you imply that you are ready to get up close and personal.
  • Red can also help you create chemistry between you and your potential partner.
  • Red can also make you feel more confident and give you a more loving experience.

Some statistics regarding color preferences shown by men and women

Color preferences vary based on gender and age:

  1. 76% women prefer cool colors. In men, only 56% prefer cooler shades like blue and its family.
  2. Men’s favorite colors are blue, black, green, brown and of course red.
  3. Women like purple, orange, yellow, green and red the best.

Note: Use this article as a guideline only when trying to attract a member of the opposite sex. The color you choose should also suit your skin tone. That being said; the color you wear can tell your date a lot about you. It can give him/her an insight into your personality. Some colors like Red are great for both sexes as far as the use of colors for turning heads is concerned.