How to Use Color Psychology to Attract Love

Couple hugging each other in front of red and orange colored wall

Finding love isn’t always easy, despite what popular movies show us. It’s near impossible to tell if you and another person will vibe after just meeting. Of course, communication is the most important aspect of any relationship, but there are other ways you can make a good impression without having to overly explain yourself.

Colors can help you build a connection with someone. Certain colors trigger romance, closeness, and intimacy, so those are colors you may want to focus on for an upcoming date.

How Does Color Psychology Relate to Love?

Color evokes a variety of emotions, so you can use certain colors to help build a stronger romantic connection with someone. Wearing certain colors on a date or hanging out in a room that has certain colors in its decor could help bring more love to the interaction. However, colors only build upon a healthy relationship. They can’t make two people work out without other positive factors.

These love-related colors didn’t just come out of nowhere because many studies have been conducted to prove the impact certain colors have. A 2008 study focused on the color red related to attraction. It concluded that men were more likely to be attracted to women wearing red. In similar studies, red was always found to be the best love-related color, but there are a few other colors that can encourage romance in unique ways.

To confirm that certain colors encourage love better, Marisa T. Cohen Ph.D. conducted a study where people were asked to choose five questions to ask someone to build a stronger connection with them. The questions to choose from were either printed on blue or pink paper.

Those who had pink paper tended to choose more intimate questions, likely because pink is a romantic color similar to red. Blue can be a great color for relationships too, but in this experiment, people with blue paper tended to favor small-talk questions instead of those encouraging intimate answers.

Best Romantic Colors

Any colors can be romantic if your partner favors them, but certain colors tend to consistently affect relationships positively. Below are seven great colors that attract love.


Couple with red rose and heart shaped balloons

Since red symbolizes love and passion, it’s regularly seen as the most romantic color. After all, nearly every Valentine’s Day decoration is red. Red is a high-energy color that can make people feel confident and sexy. It can enhance the chemistry between two people and encourage them to get more personal with each other. Both men and women can be attracted to the color red because it stands out from other colors. When men wear red, it can sometimes be a sign of status.


Couple in purple lavender field

Purple, especially deep shades, can be a sign of loyalty and devotion. If you’re wearing purple or in a room where the walls are purple, you may feel more eager to open up to your partner and bond with them. Purple is the perfect color to have around when you and your significant other want to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Happy elderly couple with pink flowers

Pink is a sign of compassion and love. Even though it’s a tint of red, many people prefer it over red because it’s less intense. When exposed to pink, people may make more compassionate gestures toward their loved ones. It’s a color that can bring couples closer together in a loving way, which could make them feel like they’re in a romance novel. Pink can also make people more willing to have intimate conversations. Magenta is a type of pink that represents romantic compatibility.


Couple relaxing on orange couch

Orange is a high-energy color that can let a person’s true feelings shine through. Hanging out somewhere with orange decorations can spark deeper conversations and make couples more physically attracted to each other. Orange can also help you be yourself on a first date, which can help eliminate some initial awkwardness. Yellow can have some similar effects since it’s another bright, cheery color.


Couple kissing with blue outfits

Blue may not be a sexy or romantic color for a first date, but it’s a calming, comforting color that’s beneficial for long-term relationships. It can help people feel more connected to the other person, which can strengthen their bond. When blue is present, it tends to open up better communication because it creates stronger trust between two individuals. Blue is a great color to have around if you want to have serious conversations with someone while still feeling close and comfortable around them.


Couple lying in the green grass

Like blue, green focuses on deeper long-term feelings rather than initial romance. Green is a calming color that allows people to process their emotions better. It’s a great color to be near when you and your significant other talk about plans for the future. It can also give each person better self-esteem, leading to healthier conversations.


Couple wearing tan and brown clothes holding hands outside

Tan and similar neutral shades aren’t as complex as the above colors, but they’re great for new love. People who wear tan on dates may be looking for a fresh start, and they want to keep things simple. When tan is present, people seem to be friendlier and more approachable. It works best when paired with one or more of the above colors.

How to Use Colors to Attract Love

Now that you know what colors can attract love and what types of feelings they’ll evoke, you can plan to use those colors accordingly on dates. The easiest way to use these colors is to wear them on a first date. Choosing red, pink, or orange is a great way to catch someone’s attention right off the bat and make yourself seem more attractive.

However, if you’re going on a date with someone you’ve been seeing for a while, you may want to focus on less flashy colors to build romance. Blue, purple, and green are great colors to wear when you want to build a deeper connection with someone.

Using colors to attract love can extend beyond clothing. You can choose an environment for a date that has some of your desired colors. So, if you’re visiting a restaurant, coffee shop, or other public space, you may want to stop by before your date to ensure that the colors inside will attract love.

If you have more control over the date’s location, you may be able to choose the colors present. For example, if you go on a picnic, you can make sure the blanket and basket are romantic colors. If you’re staying inside for a date, you can add decorations of certain colors, such as red roses on your table or pink paintings on the walls.

In a long-term relationship, you can also decorate your home to reflect these romantic colors. Painting the walls of certain rooms blue, purple, or green could be a good way to open deeper conversations with you and your significant other. Hanging red or pink decorations could help make simple moments feel even more romantic.

Does Gender Affect Color Preferences?

Couple on pink and blue background

Any person can like any color, regardless of their gender. Yet, there are some colors that men prefer more than women do and vice versa. As mentioned earlier, both men and women are attracted to the color red, but people tend to find red on women more attractive than it is on men. However, red on men is a sign of status more than romance.

Women tend to favor cool colors, especially on men. Purple, turquoise, and blue are just a few colors women seem to be drawn to. Both light and dark shades seem to be preferred. Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow seem to be appealing to women when paired with darker colors to balance it out.

Red is by far the number one most attractive color to most men, but some other contenders are blue, black, pink, and green. So, the differences in color preferences between genders aren’t as drastic as people might think. For all genders, color preferences can vary based on the type of date.

Even though we can guess what colors will be most appealing during date night, the best way to know what colors will attract love is to ask your partner. Every person has different favorite colors, so what might attract one person might deter another. You’ll never know for sure what colors the other person favors if you don’t ask.

Let Colors Improve Your Love Life!

Group of people on colorful backgrounds showing heart or love symbols with their hands

Colors can be a great way to spark love between two people. Certain colors like red, pink, and orange can initiate strong emotions on a first date while cool colors like purple, blue, and green can encourage deeper romantic connections. The colors you choose to be near on a date can help you set the mood. Decide what emotions you want to evoke before settling on a color to focus on.

However, there are a lot of factors that go into a perfect match. Colors can make people feel certain ways, but they won’t help two people fall in love if they don’t form a deeper connection using communication, trust, and compatibility. So, using colors strategically can be a fun way to attract love, but you shouldn’t rely on them too heavily on a date.