44 Colors That Go With White (Color Palettes)

White interior design with black elements

If you have experience in the design world, you already know that just about any color can work with white. But choosing your pairings carefully is still important, as the color you combine with white will have a dramatic effect on the mood of the room! We have some suggestions to help you get started.

Here’s a list of colors that go with white, including color palette examples.

1. Navy Blue and White

Navy Blue and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #FEFFFE, #E5FCF5

This color combination is a classic, but it somehow never looks cliche. For a marine-inspired aesthetic, combine navy with the crispest white you can find. Or if you want to try something a little softer, this dark near-neutral still looks great with warmer whites.

There are seemingly endless ways to incorporate this combo into a room. For a subtle grounding effect, add navy pillows to white chairs and couches. Navy and white look great in patterns, so a striped or patterned rug or accent wall is a good choice, too. Or if you want to go really bold, try navy walls with a cool white trim!

2. Lilac and White

Lilac and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C8A2C8, #F2F7F2, #C2B97F

Lots of people confuse lilac and lavender, but you only need to look at the plants that inspired the names to understand the difference. Both are somewhat purplish. But lilac blooms have pink undertones. Lavender blooms have more blue undertones. 

The warmish hue of lilac looks good with any shade of white. But if you really want to lean into the softness of the shade, try pairing it with warmer, creamy whites. If you like wallpaper, lilac and white stripes and other patterns provide a soothing backdrop for a bedroom. Lilac is also a great choice for a bedspread in a room with white walls.

3. Coral and White

Coral and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF7F50, #FCEFEF, #7FD8BE

If you’re looking to create a high-contrast room with a summery feel, look no further than the winning combination of coral and white! You can capitalize on the contrast with a bright, saturated coral or create a softer feel with more washed-out shades.

This combination is a good one for a bathroom. In a largely white room, try a coral and white patterned shower curtain and a coral bathroom rug. If you’re looking for a third color to add, turquoise looks especially nice with this combination too.

4. Black and White

Black and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #FFFFFC, #BEB7A4

Black and white is an extraordinarily versatile combination that works well with virtually any design style. If you’re going for an art deco look, a black and white tiled floor is a great choice. Or if your floor isn’t tiled, a black and white patterned rug is a good alternative.

You can also use black and white for an ultra-modern look. In a room that’s mostly crisp white, scatter in several black accents. Patterned pillows, patterned rugs, or even a black accent wall are all good choices. You might also consider black and white wall hangings with black frames for maximum contrast.

5. Bright Yellow and White

Bright Yellow and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFE900, #FCFCFC, #2F2F2F

If you’re looking to create a cheerful room and want to try something a little different, very bright yellow is a great choice to pair with white. Cooler whites are the best choice here, as the yellow undertones of warm whites can make the room as a whole feel too hot.

This is a combination you can take in any number of directions. Bright yellow makes a nice accent color, so you might consider yellow throws, rugs, and pillows in a mostly white room. If you like accent walls, yellow is also a great choice for the wall in a kitchen or breakfast nook. If you need a color to serve as a grounding influence, charcoal gray or navy blue are both excellent choices as well.

6. Cadmium Red and White

Cadmium Red and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E30022, #F7F9F9, #00A676

Red is a color associated with passion, love, and energy. And if you want an especially powerful red, cadmium red is a smart choice. Because it’s a hot and highly saturated color, it’s best used sparingly.

This shade is a great one to choose if you’re looking to place an accent chair or other piece of furniture in a largely white room. But if you’re not ready to commit yet, even a red wall hanging, vase, or other small accent is a great way to try out the color to see if you like it first.

7. Jungle Green and White

Jungle Green and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #29AB87, #F1FFFA, #464E47

Jungle green is a pretty, verdant shade of green. And the best way to incorporate it into an interior is to include actual green plants! Large plants in terra cotta pots look great in front of a stark white wall. But if you have another color scheme going, just about any color of pot will work.

If you aren’t sure you want to include actual plants, try a botanical wallpaper print. Just about any wallpaper company will include a leafy print in its catalog. Wallpapers like this look especially striking in rooms that are a combination of cool white and black.

8. Mauve and White

Mauve and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E0B0FF, #FAF3DD, #114B5F

Mauve is a classic shade that’s somewhere between violet and pink. It’s energetic but not overly so, so it’s a good choice for almost any room in your home. Depending on the exact shade, mauve can work almost like a neutral. It’s a good wall color, especially when paired with crisp white trim.

Alternatively, if you’re working with a largely white, modern interior, you might consider interspersing a few mauve accessories. Bowls, vases, wall hangings, rugs, and pillows are all potential examples.

9. Blue Violet and White

Blue Violet and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #8A2BE2, #FBFBFB, #2E2532

As we’ve seen, various shades of blue pair especially well with white. But if you’d prefer something with a more purplish hue, try blue violet. This intense shade is a great way to make a statement. However, its blue undertones are calming, so it imparts a fairly balanced energy.

This is a great color for a bedspread in a room with white walls. Or if you want to try something a little different, blue violet walls in a bathroom can create a memorable aesthetic. With this color, the exact shade you choose will have a dramatic impact on the mood of a room. Saturated shades are great for creating bold color schemes. But paler shades can create a soft, soothing look.

10. Chestnut Brown and White

Chestnut Brown and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #5D2F27, #FFFEFF, #AAD922

Chestnut brown is a rich, reddish shade of medium brown. It’s a great choice if you prefer warmer shades of brown, and it’s also quite easy to find in the interior design world. Chestnut brown is a common shade for leather furniture, but it’s also a common wood finish.

To create a room with a great balance of warm and cool, try a dining room with a chestnut brown wooden table and chairs. Paint the walls very soft gray, and then add cool white trim. If you want, you can tie the whole look together with a neutral-hued rug.

11. Pewter and White

Pewter and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #ADB4BF, #F0F4FA, #164BA1

When it comes to interior design, the metals you choose for hardware and other accents make a major difference in the overall feel of a room. White usually looks good with various silvery shades. Pewter has a brushed, muted finish that gives it a classic and stately look.

Incorporating pewter is a relatively simple task: all you need to do is change the hardware on appliances, dressers, etc. to pewter. This is also a great material for photo frames, bowls, and other accents. If you wish, you can also find pewter-shaded paint. This color has a little more pizazz than gray, though it also works as a neutral.

12. Pastel Blue and White

Pastel Blue and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B4D9EF, #F0F1F2, #8D818C

If you like the look of blue and white together but would prefer something that’s not quite so high-contrast, try pairing pastel blue with white. This combination looks especially nice with a shade of warm white, as it gives an overall softer look.

If you can find a pastel blue sofa or chair, you can easily create a room with a memorable, coastal-inspired aesthetic. Place a pastel blue sofa in front of warm white walls. Add curtains striped with pastel blue and gray. Then sprinkle a few gray accessories in the room.

13. Black-Brown and White

Black-Brown and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #453B32, #FCFAFA, #D52941

The combination of black and white is a classic one. But it can be a little stark for some tastes. If you want something just a little softer, you might try the combination of black-brown and white.

Since black-brown looks a lot like faded black, try pairing it with warmer white for a vintage-inspired look. You can use this combination much like black and white. You can add black-brown furniture, wall hangings, etc. in a mostly white room. Or if you prefer, combine white with another color and then add touches of black-brown to ground the color scheme.

14. Royal Blue and White

Royal Blue and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4169E1, #EFF1F3, #DBD3D8

Blue is a cool color, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a high-energy shade. The combination of royal blue and white is a dynamic one that you don’t see too often. As is the case with most other blue shades, royal blue pairs well with cool, crisp whites.

This is a great color combination to choose if you want to be adventurous. In a bedroom, try pairing a white bedspread with royal blue walls. You can also add a couple of blue accent pillows to the bedspread to tie the room together. Or if you’d prefer adding this combo in a subtler way, simply add a royal blue and white patterned rug to a room that is mostly neutral.

15. Champagne and White

Champagne and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F7E7CE, #FFF6E8, #87785F

Champagne is a pretty, regal color that’s roughly between cream and gold. You can often find champagne-colored upholstered furniture, and you may even be able to find picture frames and other metal accessories in the same color.

Champagne looks great in a room with cream and warm white, as the overall color scheme forms a gradient. Try a living room with champagne-colored furniture, cream-colored walls, and warm white trim. A cream-colored rug can also help bring the room together.

16. Lavender and White

Lavender and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E6E6FA, #F5F5FC, #383896

Lavender is a soft, blue-hued purple that can exert a calming influence on just about any room in the house. It’s an especially nice choice for a bedroom. You most often see it paired with cooler whites, but it also looks nice with warmer shades.

If you want to start small to see if you like this combination, take a bedroom with white walls and add a lavender bedspread and sheer lavender curtains. If you like lavender enough to really commit to the shade, it also makes an excellent wall color.

17. Denim Blue and White

Denim Blue and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #2243B6, #F9F9F9, #E072A4

The exact meaning of denim blue can vary depending on who you ask. But generally, it’s a light and somewhat distressed blue with vintage appeal. And like virtually every other shade of blue, it also looks great with white! If you’re going for a more two-toned palette, you can use denim blue similarly to pastel blue. But if you want to incorporate other colors, navy blue adds some visual interest and helps ground the denim blue/white combination.

If you’re looking for a way to really pull a room together, try adding a rug striped with white, denim blue, and navy blue. Alternatively, even a few denim blue accent pillows and curtains can do wonders for a mostly-white living room.

18. Mint Green and White

Mint Green and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #99EDC3, #FFF2F1, #644536

In recent years, mint green has been enjoying a surge in popularity. Its gentle, springlike appeal adds a sense of calm to just about any room. And when it’s pale enough, it also works like a neutral. 

This shade makes an especially intriguing wall color, and it does best in a room with plenty of white. Be sure to add dark wooden furniture, a black and white rug, or a similar dark color in order to ground this combination. If you want to really lean into the vintage vibes of this combination, add bronze or copper hardware to appliances or other pieces of furniture.

19. Royal Purple and White

Royal Purple and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7851A9, #FBFFF1, #B4C5E4

If you’re a fan of bold color choices, royal blue is a great one. When used wisely, it can add a regal feel to any interior. In some cases, it can be a great wall color. If you’re worried about it becoming overwhelming, create two-toned walls with the upper part being royal purple and the lower part being cool white.

Royal purple is also a great color for a bedspread. A purple bedspread looks nice in a room with a gradient color scheme from lavender to white. The various shades of purple create a uniquely layered look, and they also give you the comforting sense of being ensconced by purple. Of course, with this color scheme, you’ll need to make sure you include enough white to prevent the purple from becoming too overpowering.

20. Burnt Orange and White

Burnt Orange and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #BF5700, #FFFCF9, #011936

Orange is definitely a color to be careful with when you’re designing an interior. It’s a vibrant and high-energy color, and too much of it can make a room feel chaotic. If you like orange but want to be cautious about it, try burnt orange! This shade is a little bit muted, so it’s a little easy to keep the room’s energy at a comfortable level.

Burnt orange is ideal for creating an autumn-inspired aesthetic. If you’re feeling bold, go for an orange accent wall in a room with otherwise white walls. But you can also sprinkle in small doses before using a lot of this color. Try adding olive green and burnt orange accent pillows on taupe-colored couches and chairs. You might even add a burnt orange rug to really bring the room together.

21. Silver and White

Silver and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #C0C0C0, #F5EDED, #99665F

White looks great with metallics, and the cool gleam of silver looks especially great with shades of cool white. One of the easiest ways to incorporate silver into a white room is to include actual metals. For example, in a kitchen with white cabinets, you might include silver knobs and sink hardware. If you like metal wall hangings, silver wall hangings can make quite a statement on white walls!

If you’re looking for something other than actual metals, silver fabrics can also add just enough sparkle to white rooms. Accent pillows embroidered in silver are a great example. Or if you’re designing a bedroom, you might include silver-colored sheets with a metallic sheen.

22. Raspberry and White

Raspberry and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #E30B5C, #F6F4F3, #262322

Raspberry sits somewhere between red and pink, though individual shades may lean closer to red or closer to pink. But regardless of the exact raspberry shade you choose, it will look great alongside white! Cooler whites offer a crisp contrast and a modern feel. But if you want to accentuate this color’s warmth, you might want to include a warmer white that’s closer to cream.

Like most shades of red or pink, this one is best used sparingly. You might consider placing a raspberry-red kitchen island in a largely white kitchen. Or in a mostly-neutral room, try sprinkling in a few raspberry-colored accents like rugs, throws, or even accent tables.

23. Sky Blue and White

Sky Blue and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #87CEEB, #F0F7FA, #0B6285

Sky blue is light yet vibrant, and when you combine it with white, you get a palette reminiscent of a sunny sky with clouds. And whether you just want a few blue accents or want to use a good bit of both blue and white, this combination is sure to transform any room.

If you just want a little bit of blue, try including blue and white patterning somewhere in a room. Rugs and bedspreads are great choices. But if you really want to create a standout look, try blue and white patterned wallpaper on an accent wall or even on the whole room.

24. Gray Beige and White

Gray Beige and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D8CFC4, #F2ECE4, #CCB08F

Gray beige, also known as “greige,” pairs beautifully with white. In particular, it makes a great wall color. Paler shades of gray-beige can add subtle warmth to a living room, especially when combined with cool white trim.

This color is somewhat common in the world of design, so you shouldn’t have any trouble incorporating it in other ways if you choose to. Gray beige makes a great color for suede or leather furniture, and it’s also a common color for carpeting and rugs. If you opt for the combination of gray-beige and white, you might want to incorporate a variety of shades of gray and beige to add some visual interest.

25. Teal and White

Teal and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #008080, #F1EDEE, #967D69

Teal is a color you don’t see every day. But if you want to really make a splash, this striking blue-green hue is a great way to do so! One way to do this is to include a teal couch in a room with white and various soft shades of blue and gray. But if you’re a fan of accent walls, a teal wall with crisp white trim draws the eye and adds a balanced energy to any room.

If you like the combination of teal and white but want to add another color, you might want to try coral. A few pops of coral will add intense, cheerful energy. But if you’re going for a calmer overall feel, try including various shades of cool gray.

26. Forest Green and White

Forest Green and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #014421, #FFFCF2, #CCC5B9

Forest green is a rich and regal shade perfect for creating moody interiors. But when paired with crisp white, forest green helps to create a classic look. Though it sounds unusual, forest green makes a nice wall color. Try it with white trim! To balance out this darker color, place a white couch, chair, or bedspread in front of the wall.

Dark walls are not for everyone. Forest green adds a calming and grounding influence even in small doses, so you might want to include forest green pillows, throws, or rugs in a room with white furniture. This creates a high-contrast, modern look.

27. Pastel Yellow and White

Pastel Yellow and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FDFD96, #F5F7EB, #C5D6BC

We mentioned bright yellow earlier. But if you want something a little less dramatic that still looks nice with white, you might like the look of pastel yellow with white. Just like with other yellow shades, pastel yellow looks best with cool whites.

This soft shade makes a great wall color, and it’s a nice backdrop for white furniture. Since this combination is somewhat pale, it does well with a dark grounding color. Navy blue looks especially nice with white and pastel yellow. Whether it’s a few navy accent pillows, curtains, or a piece of furniture, this addition can really pull a room together.

28. Wood Tones and White

Wood Tones and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #6F432A, #FBF5F3, #788475

White is a color that generally looks good alongside various wood tones. And since most interiors include at least some visible wood, this is a relatively easy combination to use. For a light, Scandinavian-inspired look, combine pale wooden furniture with white walls. But if you want something higher-contrast, you might try white furniture and/or rugs on dark wooden floors.

Just about any shade of white works with wood tones. And if you want to add some more visual interest, try adding in various shades of soft gray, beige, and taupe.

29. Brick Red and White

Brick Red and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #CB4154, #FFFFF2, #2274A5

Brick red is a distressed, somewhat muted shade of red that works well in a whole range of aesthetics. Thanks to its brownish undertones, it’s almost like a neutral. And since it’s the base color for a large proportion of Persian-style rugs, it’s very easy to incorporate into most interiors.

Try including one of these Persian-style rugs in a room with warm white walls. You can then include accents that connect to other colors in the rug. For instance, many of these rugs include navy blue, so you might try including a navy blue chair or wall hanging.

30. Cream and White

Cream and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFFDD0, #F5F4E9, #8F8B61

Some people might consider cream to be a shade of white, but it’s usually warmer than even warmer whites. It’s a great combination if you like mostly white interiors but often find them a bit too stark.

You might try this combination in a living room with cool white walls. Include a cream-colored mantle and matching cream-colored furniture. Make sure you include a black coffee table or other accents in order to ground the room. If you want to add some additional color, try a few gold picture frames or wall hangings. A few green plants can also add some color.

31. Turquoise and White

Turquoise and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #F0EDEE, #7F675B

If you like the look of both blue with white and green with white but can’t decide between the two, turquoise is a great color to choose. This dynamic bluish-green has a summery energy that pairs nicely with crisp, cool whites. And if you’re going for an extra-bright look, you can always add a few pops of extra-bright pinks, yellows, or greens.

There are lots of different ways to use this color combination. If you want to try something a little different, take a room that is almost entirely white. Paint the ceiling turquoise and incorporate a few turquoise accents like pillows or throws throughout the room. Alternatively, you might want to consider patterns that include both turquoise and white. Striped or otherwise patterned rugs, wallpapers, and even furniture in a mostly-neutral room can really set a room apart.

32. Hot Pink and White

Hot Pink and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FF1694, #FBFFFE, #696D7D

Hot pink isn’t an especially common color in interior design. But when used judiciously, it can help you create standout interiors that leave a lasting impression. The key to success here is to start with just a touch of hot pink and go from there. Too much of this powerful shade can easily overwhelm a room.

Start with curtains, accent pillows, or a bedspread patterned with pink and white. In a mostly-white room, these accessories often offer just enough color. But if you’d prefer more pink, you might consider solid pink accessories or patterns featuring more pink than white.

33. Tangerine and White

Tangerine and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F28500, #FDFDFF, #797D81

Like hot pink, tangerine is a high-energy color that’s best used sparingly. It looks best with cool whites. Start small by adding a few orange accent pillows on a white couch. You might even consider adding an actual bowl of oranges to a coffee table, too!

If you’re ready to go bolder, you might find that a tangerine orange accent wall looks great. If you go this route, make sure that there’s plenty of white across the rest of the room to balance out tangerine’s high energy.

34. Lime Green and White

Lime Green and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #32CD32, #F3E9D2, #565264

Some people picture lime green as a garish shade of neon. But at least when it comes to interior design, lime green has more yellow undertones. Still, it’s a high-energy color that should be used with care. If you have an existing room decorated in white and blue, lime green curtains can add some visual interest.

Like tangerine, lime green is also a great color for an accent wall. If you go this route, be sure that the rest of the room is primarily white. If you need to add a dark color to ground the color scheme, charcoal gray and navy blue are both solid choices.

35. Mustard Yellow and White

Mustard Yellow and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #FFDB58, #F8F7FF, #3587A4

Mustard yellow is a vintage color that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. It’s also a versatile color that looks nice with both warm and cool white. One of the best ways to incorporate this color is through furniture: you can often find leather or velour couches and chairs in mustard yellow.

One of the easiest ways to create this combination is to simply place mustard yellow furniture against white walls. You might also include white pillows and/or a white rug to pull the room together. If you’re looking to add a third color, navy blue is a good choice.

36. Espresso Brown and White

Espresso Brown and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #363031, #F3F3F3, #9888A5

Espresso brown is a dark, rich shade that can be found in many interiors. In particular, it’s a common shade for leather furniture. Bookshelves, tables, and other pieces of wooden furniture are also often finished in this rich shade.

These two colors form an eye-catching, stark contrast. You might try placing an espresso brown wooden table in a dining room with white walls. Add a white table runner to help connect the look. It’s also easy to add espresso brown leather furniture to a living room with white or off-white walls.

37. Ultramarine and White

Ultramarine and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #120A8F, #FBFEF9, #6C6F7F

Lots of shades of blue look good with white. But if you’re going for something deep and dramatic, ultramarine is a fantastic color to choose. The color is named after a pigment that was once made from powdered lapis lazuli, and it looks a lot like an even deeper royal blue.

This bold color does well with bold design choices. It makes a beautiful wall color in an otherwise mostly-white room. But if you want to try ultramarine and white in smaller doses, you might want to try adding patterned curtains, pillows, or even a rug to a room with primarily neutral colors.

38. Gold and White

Gold and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #F9F8F8, #5C2751

Gold is another metallic that looks nice with white. If you’re going for a minimalist yet upscale look, it’s a great choice! And given the fact that both gold and white are fairly common colors in interior design, it’s also a very easy combination to harness. 

Gold wall hangings and frames look beautiful against white walls. But if you want an extra-opulent aesthetic, you might also be interested in gold upholstery. Shimmering gold accent pillows, curtains, and throws can add a touch of glitter. And of course, adding gold hardware to furniture is a simple way to bring this look together.

39. Sage Green and White

Sage Green and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9CAF88, #F8F0FB, #595959

Sage green is a soft, earthy shade that helps you bring the spirit of the outdoors into your living space. It goes well with cool whites, but it also works in harmony with soft shades of beige and gray.

It’s hard to go wrong with this combination. But if you’re looking for a starting point, take a white-walled bedroom and add a sage green accent wall. Include a sage green bedspread and a white lamp or two. Sprinkle in some soft gray or taupe accent pillows and wooden furniture with a light finish, and you’ll have a soft, dreamy palette in no time!

40. Soft Blue-Gray and White

Soft Blue-Gray and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B7C9E2, #F5F6F7, #104F8F

Soft blue-gray is a versatile, almost-neutral shade. And like both blue and gray, this combination shade looks especially nice with white. Soft blue-gray is a common wall color that adds some character without detracting from the rest of the room. If you go this route, try adding trim and crown molding in either cool or warm white.

Alternatively, if you want to create a beachy aesthetic that isn’t overly bright, try adding soft blue-gray rugs to a room with white wooden furniture. Depending on which color you want to emphasize, you can choose white or soft blue-gray walls. Or if you like patterns, you might be interested in wallpaper that’s striped with white and soft blue-gray.

41. Charcoal and White

Charcoal and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454F, #FFFAFB, #EE8434

Charcoal gray is a bold, classic shade that will help keep any room grounded. It’s a great choice of color for living room furniture, but it also makes a lovely bedspread. Either of these choices will go well with white walls. But if you want to add some more visual interest, try interspersing other shades of cool gray.

If you want to create a room with a darker overall feel, you might consider a charcoal accent wall. This feature ties in nicely with charcoal furniture. But if you go that route, make sure the rest of the room has plenty of white.

42. Beige and White

Beige and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #F5F5DC, #F7F7F2, #B5B59C

Both beige and white are classic neutrals, and they also look nice together. If you want a softer aesthetic, you can choose warmer shades of both beige and white. Or for a cooler palette, choose cool shades of both.

There are seemingly endless ways to add this combination to a room. You can try beige furniture with white accent pillows on a white rug. Or for a more gradient-like effect, try pale beige walls, warm white furniture, and beige accents across the room. Though both are common colors, you can combine them in uncommon and memorable ways.

43. Emerald Green and White

Emerald Green and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #50C878, #FFF4E4, #7D6D61

If you like navy blue and forest green, you might find that emerald green is a great choice of color for your design project. It’s a rich green with pronounced blue undertones. Emerald makes a striking color for furniture. Try an emerald green wooden table or velour couch placed in front of a white wall.

This color combination also looks especially nice with gold lamps, picture frames, or wall hangings. And as is the case with most other bold colors, emerald green also makes a beautiful shade for an accent wall.

44. Copper and White

Copper and White Color Palette

Hex Codes: #B87333, #F7F7FF, #4B4237

Last on the list is another metallic that looks surprisingly good with white. You can create a modern kitchen aesthetic by including copper hanging lamps, hardware, and a fume hood in a kitchen that is almost entirely white. With this setup, cool white is the best choice.

That said, copper hardware might be harder to find than silver or gold hardware. If you prefer copper upholstery, you can still create a unique and memorable look. Metallic copper pillows, sheets, and curtains all create an eye-catching contrast with white. And like shades of brown and other metallics, copper also looks great when patterned with white.

Designing With White

Experimenting with combinations of white and other colors can be a lot of fun. After all, there are seemingly endless shades of white to choose from. Whether you’re going for an ultra-modern aesthetic, a vintage-inspired palette, or anything in between, we hope these combinations have given you some ideas!