What Color Shoes Go With a Red Dress? 8 Stylish Picks

Woman holding two pairs of high heel shoes in beige and black color isolated on a white background

A red dress can be stunning when paired with the right accessories. This includes your shoes. Finding the right footwear begins with choosing the right color, but it will take more than just the perfect hue to make your red dress stand out above all others. The ideal color for one event may not work for another. Formal or casual, the perfect shoe is out there.


Metallic shoes truly make an elegant statement when worn with a red dress. This is due to the way metallics reflect light. The shimmer of a metallic sandal, flat, or heel holds its own against vibrant colors like red that tend to drown out many flat colors. The key to finding the perfect metallic is to match it with your other accessories. For example, gold shoes with gold jewelry. You can also use the dress’s details to determine the best metallic. Silver shoes blend well when the red dress includes silver zippers or buttons.

1. Gold

Woman in red dress and gold high heels holding beige purse

Gold is ideal when it comes to formal red dresses. It looks amazing when it peaks out from under a red gown with each elegant step. Whether you choose simple flats or sophisticated heels, gold works. Picture a gold strappy sandal with a cute little red cocktail dress for a fun and flirty style.

2. Silver

Elegant woman in red dress with silver shoes sitting on chair

Silver is versatile and easy to style for any occasion. It is just flashy enough to wear to a formal event yet casual enough to be worn with an everyday red dress. Silver is definitely the way to go if your red dress is trimmed in white. The silver allows the white to pop by complementing it beautifully. When it comes to formal wear, keep in mind that silver looks elegant but is subtle enough that it won’t draw one’s eye away from your red dress the way some colors can.

3. Beige or Nude

Female model in red dress with beige high heel shoes isolated on gray background

Beige and nudes are remarkable with a red dress as they allow the outfit to be the star of the show. Best of all, you probably already have a pair of nude heels or sandals in your closet. If not, you need to go shopping. Nudes and neutral beige shoes are a wardrobe staple.

If your red dress includes a lot of detail such as a busy pattern or a bold design, your shoes don’t need to be competing with your clothing for attention. Neutrals allow the dress to be the standout piece. Simply look for shades that are similar to your skin tone. This further keeps the shoe from distracting from the dress.

Because beige is perfect when it comes to taking a backseat to the overall look of your outfit, choose shoes with elegance. Avoid plain Jane pumps that don’t offer anything to the style. Instead search for strappy sandals, bold boots, or embellished flats.

4. Black

Woman in red dress and black shoes sitting with purse in front of her

The basic black shoe is a classic that always looks amazing next to a red dress. What doesn’t a black shoe go with? Be aware that it is also a very bold look. The two colors contrast, immediately creating a color-blocked look, especially if your dress is a solid red and the shoes are a solid black.

In order to keep the entire outfit from looking like you threw it together at the last minute, match the style of the shoe to the dress. For example, a red sweater dress is heavy enough to be paired with a black boot. A red strapless dress works well with black sandals that are also light and fresh. Use a chunky heel for a red sheath dress, and consider black pumps with classic designs.

5. White

Girl in red dress wearing white sneakers

If you live where you can enjoy the changing seasons, definitely go for a white shoe during the warmer months. White shouts spring and summer. When worn with a red dress, white shoes give you a fresh appearance. They are clean and can be toned down or made to stand out, depending on the tights you wear.

Not as bold as wearing a black shoe with a red dress, white still creates an interesting contrast. White seems to provide you with more options when it comes to the style of the shoe too. In fact, white sneakers are so cute that they are perfectly acceptable with a casual red dress.

6. Blue

Woman in red dress with blue high heel shoes

Blue is the unexpected choice when it comes to shopping for footwear to go with a red frock. Royal blue is both stunning and electric while pushing the limits when it comes to fashion. If you don’t like having all eyes on you from the moment you enter the room, this may not be the color for you and your red dress.

On the other hand, if you embrace a bold personality, go for it. Just make sure the style of the shoe matches the tone of the dress. You want everyone to fall in love with your fashion sense, not get the wrong impression of your taste in clothing.

7. Brown

Woman in elegant red evening gown and brown shoes near Christmas tree and gifts

Brown, tan, and camel are all acceptable shoe colors when it comes to a bold red dress, but it is trickier to match up with red than other hues. You need the right shade of brown for it to work. The shade will determine if a particular pair of shoes will compliment your red dress. For example, if your brown shoe is so close to your skin tone that it could pass as a neutral, perfect.

Remember that most browns, while compatible with red, can make even the most glamorous red dress look casual. Save these ones for the office, and keep looking before stepping out for an evening of fun. Dark brown will only work if you pair them with a dark tight and a shorter dress length. A red knee-length dress, black tights, and brown boots will create the perfect Boho style.

8. Two Tones

Blond lady standing on a stairs in red dress with black and red two tone shoes

Two-tone shoes can add a touch of class to a simple red dress. Think of a sheath dress or a basic strapless number. Now that you have discovered some of the best colors to match that red dress, you can have some fun combining them for one exciting shoe.

Black and white two toned shoes are stunning next to red. Just make sure that the two colors aren’t competing with one another. Look for a style that showcases either the black or the white while using the other as an accent. Picture a black pump with a small white bow or a white shoe with a single black stripe running up the heel.

Gold can be paired with any of the shoe colors recommended for a red dress. Use the gold as if it were jewelry for your footwear. Gold toe caps on a nude shoe is stunning. Gold heel caps add elegance to a solid black pump or flat. Again, match the gold to your other jewelry or any metallic details on the red dress itself, and don’t be afraid to use metallic studs on any black, nude, or white shoe for a bit of glam.

The next time you see an amazing red dress when you are out shopping, don’t pass it by for fear of not being able to accessorize it beautifully. Instead, decide what look you are after. Whether it is elegant, casual, or show-stopping, the right color shoe will pull the style together beautifully.