It Takes a Real Man to Wear Pink

Close-up of man in a pink shirt with crossed arms next to a blonde woman

Pink is a beautiful color but it is also maligned. For example, until recently, men wearing pink shirt in USA was, and is still considered, a fashion faux pas by some people. The pretty color is considered too feminine and there are many ‘guys wearing pink’ quotes such as ‘real men don’t wear pink’ and so on that depicts this pink-phobia. However, all that is changing. Today, a popular football club has launched its pink kit and a number of men, including celebrities, are experimenting with this hue. Several men’s cricket teams are known to have worn pink t-shirts to support and promote cancer awareness. In this guide, we will tell you why real men wear pink and also what color pants to wear with a pink shirt.

Real men wear pink

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It is a beautiful color

Soft shades of pink like salmon look fantastic. It is a great color for morning or evening.

It has been worn, historically

elvis presley pink suit

Historically, men have worn pink until it started getting associated with femininity. Until 1960, the color was actually associated with masculinity. Who can forget Elvis Presley’s famous pink suit?

Celebs love pink

real men wear pink

Will Smith has worn pink several times, including a bright pink cap. In Hollywood, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars and Ashton Kutcher have pulled off the color fashionably.   Brad Pitt also wore a pale pink suit with white shirt and he looked dapper as ever. Kanye West wore a bright pink shirt and so has Matthew Mcconaughey. Even royalty is not immune to the allure of pink- Prince Charles has worn a bright pink shirt which he paired beautifully with navy pants. The list of famous people and celebrities wearing pink can go on!

Sporty color

As mentioned above, football teams like Manchester United and Royal Madrid decided to use pink colored kits recently.

It’s a fashion statement

how to wear pink for men
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Considering latest trends in fashion, pink for men is indeed making a comeback. More and more designers are experimenting in pink clothing for everyday fashion for men in order to help them ‘embrace their feminine side’. Recently, at the Paris Fashion Week in June 2018, designer Margiela showcased his 2019 spring/summer collection with tons of pink. Many designers are calling it the ‘millennial’ shade and seeing a strong and steady growth in casual men’s wear in this color.

Wearing pink shirt in USA- Myths debunked!

Until recently, there was a tendency to dislike and disregard pink clothing for men, in most parts of USA. As stated above, the color is still considered ‘gay’ or ‘feminine’ by many men in several parts of the country. However, experts believe that it ultimately depends on the personality of the wearer. If you have the confidence, you can easily pull off the pink look. There are some controversial statements and myths regarding wearing pink for men:

Myth 1#-The color mostly suits fair or light skinned men.

This is not true. Many dark skinned celebrities including Kanye West and Will Smith have proven otherwise. It depends on the personality of the wearer-skin color has little to do with it.

Myth 2#- You must be gay to wear it

This is a ridiculous myth! Some people need to stop thinking and, more importantly, stop talking if they are going to say something as ridiculous as that!

Myth 3#- One tends to look feminine in it

Pink is just a color-a beautiful one at that! People need to stop gender stereotyping. Femininity or masculinity has nothing to do with what you wear. It all boils down to what you are on the inside.

How can you rock it with pink

why men shouldn't wear pink
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Pink is an easy color to wear. Today, more and more men are experimenting with it and so can you. Do try using your personality and your comfort level when selecting clothing in this shade. There are numerous shades in pink-from bright shocking neons to lighter, pastel or nude shades-you are literally spoilt for choice. Here are some tips that can help you rock this color:

  • Go in for softer shades and pair it with grey, pewter or slate colors.
  • Dusty pinks are fantastic with carbon black, sage, coco brown or military green.
  • If you are new to wearing pink, then opt for powder or nude shades.
  • Pinks need not be plain, drab and boring- experiment with pinstripes, Gingham checks, plaids and candy stripes. Yes-you can even wear these to office or a formal setting!
  • Why just shirts? Go in for shorts and accessories in this color. Let a pink handkerchief peek out of your pocket. Socks in pink? Oh yeah!
  • A pink tee underneath a solid colored dark suit looks fantastic.

What color pants to wear with pink shirt?

There are no hard and fast rules; you have several options when it comes to teaming this beautiful shade:

  • Solid colors or dark colors look best with pink. However, beige and white with light, salmon pink is a beautiful combination as well.
  • Layer your pink with solid colored cardigans, scarves, suits etc.
  • If you wear a pink shirt, try white or beige shorts with it.
  • Alternatively, if you wear light pink pants, try a solid colored shirt or coat in black or brown with it.

What you shouldn’t wear with pink

Again there are no rules but these general pointers can help:

  • Pink on pink can be overwhelming. Too much pink is a serious overkill.
  • Floral patterns with pink are not a good choice for men.
  • Always select a shade of pink that resonates with your personality. Do not follow trends blindly.
  • Be careful when using bright orange, yellows and neons with pinks.

It takes a real man to wear pink and we are in complete agreement!