It Takes a Real Man to Wear Pink

Close-up of man in a pink shirt with crossed arms next to a blonde woman

Pretty In Pink? More like Perfect In Pink! Real, handsome, masculine men do wear pink, and boy oh boy, does it look good on you. It’s true that it takes a real man to wear pink.

Gone are the times when pink was reserved for the ladies. You know what we mean. Think baby reveals. Even today, pink is associated with girls, and blue is associated with boys. In order to help others distinguish whether their bundle of joy was a boy or a girl, parents continued to dress their babies in their respectful colors. The trend continued with toys, bicycles, games… the list goes on and on – you get the big pink and blue picture. But did you know that back in history, sometime in the good old 1800s, royals, and men in powerful positions, wore pink to stand out in the crowd and show their authority? According to an article, The Long History of Pink and Manhood on, men wore pink to express their masculinity, strength, and passion.

Another article on the pinkish topic, The Complicated Gender History of Pink on’s award-winning series, Colorscope, quotes color expert and executive director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman. In a nutshell, she explains that “pink was related to the mother color, red, which was ardent, passionate and more active, more aggressive.” She continues to share that men and pink have had a rocky history, but Pantone research found that the former feminine shade is being more accepted thanks to fashion designers like Pink in London and Ralph Lauren. They launched their famous pink polo shirts for men. Here’s some food for thought. The first company that introduced a pink button-down shirt for men was New York’s Brooks Brothers.

Man buttoning his pink shirt

So, there is a long history of men, pink, and fashion. It continues today with A-list celebrities and influencers giving two big thumbs up to pink in men’s fashion. Just take a look at Daniel Radcliffe, Jamie Foxx, and Justin Bieber, just three famous men who rock this color. Macho man actor Brad Pitt and smooth as can be John Legend are both known to love the color, too.

Well, welcome to a world of fashion-forward thinkers. Today, everyone, guys and gals, whether you are in a position of power or not, looking for romance or not, can wear every shade of this passionate color and look dashing, daring, and so darn dapper. That’s right! Thankfully, there’s no right or wrong to popping on a pink button-down, a pair of slacks, or a Ralph Lauren polo and nailing your look. Pink is in fashion for real, and real men do wear it well.

Pink Is Like the New Black: It Goes With Just About Every Color of the Rainbow

Caucasian man wearing elegant light pink shirt and sunglasses

If you are looking for a versatile, can’t go wrong color, go for pink! Not only does it look great with every skin and hair color, but it also looks impeccable with black, all shades of blue, green, gray, purple, turquoise, and red. That’s right, certain shades of pink are perfect when worn with pink. You might even say that pink is the new black, a basic color that is a must-have for your wardrobe. Create your own individual, savvy style because the contrast that all colors create when matched with pink shades creates power and confidence. Go for it.

Ease into wearing pink by starting with a pink tie and a pair of socks. When you get multiple compliments and feel more comfortable in your new favorite fashion statement, experiment and have fun mixing and matching with other pieces in your closet. Whatever you do, try it, you’ll like it, and get this, the ladies love it, too! Color research indicates that women intuitively are drawn to pink. An article in titled Women May Be Hardwired to Prefer Pink explains that this preference dates back to caveman days when females went in search of berries. Through the years, it has evolved to be an innate attraction to reds and pinks. The pink and red berries were easy to find in the green landscape. This is good news for the guys out there who are looking for love or some romance. Wear pink, stand out in a landscape of other colors, and the opposite gender will easily find you irresistible.

Accessorize With Pink Placed Here or There

Man wearing white shirt and a pink tie

As mentioned earlier, if you are hesitant about starting your pink fashion journey, start with a subtle approach. A great way to get your pink vibe started is to add accessories that complement other items in your closet. A pink tie, pocket square, and socks are easy to incorporate into a formal affair. You should refrain from ties that are made with shinier materials. Instead, go with a design that has patterns, stripes, and other colors. If you do go for all pink, select a lighter, pale pink, especially in the summer. A bright pink boutonniere in a lapel gets the job done, too. For a more casual look, a pink baseball cap or other stylish fisherman’s hat will look charming.

Pink Shirts Create a Canvas for a Rockin’ Outfit

Afro American man in a pink hoodie sweatshirt and denim jacket

Every guy can pull off a pink shirt. Whether it is a polo, button-down, t-shirt, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or no sleeves at all, it’s what you pair with your pink shirt that will create your distinctive handsome style.

The best way to ease into wearing a pink shirt is layering. Wear your favorite denim jean jacket over the pink shirt, and you’ve instantly toned it down and raised your fashion bar.

Pink Sport Coats Are Versatile and Perfect With Denim

Man wearing colorful pink blazer in spring

Now that you are enjoying your pink accessories and a shirt, then it’s time to experiment even more. Go for a braver look and pop on a daring pink sport coat or blazer. There are many color shades and fabric options on the market, so select one that you feel comfortable wearing. Layer over a pink and white striped shirt, or keep it basic with a crisp white or light pink button-down. This is the perfect look for a pair of your favorite denim jeans, gray slacks, black straight legs, or khakis. It’s recommended to wear lighter colors of pink that blend better than bolder colors, so your outfit isn’t competing with one another. Understanding and getting familiar with all shades and colors of pink is helpful.

Pink Sweatshirts, Sneakers, and Tracksuits Take Center Stage

Guy wearing pink sweatshirt

If you are looking for a more daring way to show your confident pink style, wear a shade of pink sweatshirt. Team it with black jeans and a black coat, so the pink will pop. Men’s tracksuits are also showing up on the scene that features crazy wild graphics reminiscent of street graffiti which is a nod to urban streetwear. Pink sneakers, that’s right, pink sneakers for men, complete the look. Sneakers are one of a man’s essential pieces of clothing. Today’s stylish man has a variety of colored sneakers in his shoe wardrobe. This includes pink, a throwback vintage vibe with a modern edge. All the major shoe brands, including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Saucony, have launched pink sneaks that are anything but subtle. Men are now pink-approved and are cleared to wear it from head to toe.

Pink Denim for Guys? Yes Sir! And It Looks Great

Closeup of pink denim texture

Denim is everyone’s best friend. Levi’s made these wardrobe staples popular and, through the years, has remained a go-to for any occasion. Dark blue, light washed, black, green, brown, and now pink shades of denim jeans are all the fashion rage. Pair pink denim jeans with a basic black or blue hoodie and a pair of your favorite sneakers, and you’re good to go. Or go for a more monochromatic vibe and wear the same color denim jacket with denim jeans, creating an eye-catching, head-turning, confident celeb worthy style.

Suit Up in Head to Toe Pink for a Confident Elevated Look

Asian guy sitting in a pink suit

Suit up in pink! This is probably the most confident and daring way for men to wear pink. Elevate your style and go for it. Pink suits are having a moment and look so darn hot! Go for a mauve or deeper shade of pink that matches your skin tone and hair color. The last thing you want is to clash with your coloring. Layer a crisp white button-down or an everyday white t-shirt underneath. The other color could be black, blue, or gray. Consider a basic black turtle-neck for the cooler months and a lighter-weight t-shirt for warmer months. Pink and black is a classic combination any time of the year! Newbies should steer clear of patterns for this debonair flair. Expert pink fashion-forward men will pair their pink suit with a print shirt and look amazing! White sneakers or basic loafers complete this eye-pleasing suit style.

Create Your Very Own Individual Pink Style and Love Your Look

Man in pink clothes gesturing OK

Now is the time to give pink a men’s fashion ok. Whether you decide just to pop on a pink strap-back dad hat and a pink bracelet, or go for the gusto and wear powerful pink from head to toe, create your very own unique look that is confident and comfortable. The sky is the limit for how you wear this powerful color once reserved for the girls. Like designer Ralph Lauren said, “Personal style is having a sense of yourself and what you believe in every day.” Lauren dressed Robert Redford in the infamous pink suit in the blockbuster movie, The Great Gatsby. He also introduced the pink polo for men that re-launched the idea that real men wear pink, and so can you. Today is a new fashion day for the guys, and it takes a real man to wear pink. Thank you, pink, for helping us look classic and masculine while showing our softer, more sensitive side.