You Won’t Believe How Your Friends Use Color to Reveal Their Personalities

two girlfriends with colorful clothes having fun

If you’ve been friends with someone for years, you might think you know everything there is to know about them. However, not all aspects of someone’s personality are things they can tell us. Certain parts of their lives, such as the colors they surround themself with, can show you more about who they are.

Specific colors and patterns on clothing, accessories, and other items can say a lot about someone’s personality. Even if that person doesn’t fit into the stereotypes of their color choices, those colors may affect how others perceive them. So, here are some ways your friends might express themselves through colors. Understanding these trends can help you know those around you better.

Black Outfits Signify Professionalism or Secrecy

woman in stylish black outfit

Lots of people are drawn to all-black or mostly-black outfits, but the meaning behind it can vary drastically for each person. A fancy black outfit, such as suits, dresses, blazers, dress shirts, and skirts, is a common sign that someone is trying to look professional or sophisticated. Many people only wear them for special occasions like interviews and galas, while other people may wear them on a regular basis so people will view them as elegant.

Casual black outfits, like jeans and t-shirts, are more commonly seen as mysterious. People with these styles are often perceived as secretive and wanting to keep to themselves without revealing much about who they are. While some may view them as shy, others find them intriguing.

Extroverted or Optimistic People Wear Vibrant Dresses

posing happy woman with colorful dress

There are so many colorful dresses out there, but most people don’t wear them often because they don’t want to seem overdressed. So, the people who regularly wear beautiful dresses with vibrant colors are often perceived as confident and extroverted. The bright colors also indicate that they likely have a positive outlook on life.

In some cases, people might just wear nice dresses because they want to look good no matter where they go. They may wear a colorful dress as a way to boost their confidence.

Light Colors Convey Shyness

smiling woman with light blue sweater

If extroverted individuals usually wear bright colors, then it’s safe to say that many introverts prefer muted, pale, or pastel colors. In some cases, those colors can be neutral to ensure they don’t stand out too much. In other instances, they could wear pale versions of more vibrant colors so they can have a colorful wardrobe without drawing too much attention to themselves.

Colorful Tattoos Indicate Confidence and a Sense of Adventure

woman with pink hair and colorful arm tattoos

Tattoos offer a permanent, creative way for people to present themselves. Colorful tattoos are often the most beautiful and mesmerizing, but they’re also the biggest commitment because of the time, cost, and pain that comes with them. So, if you have friends with large, colorful, and bold tattoos, they’re likely confident and adventurous.

Not only are they confident enough to get the tattoo in the first place, but they likely don’t mind being the center of attention because of how much their awesome tattoos stand out. People with colorful tattoos are typically outgoing and easily get along with new friends.

People With Colorful Earrings Are Often Creative

woman wearing big colorful earrings

While the piercings themselves are permanent, like tattoos, ear piercings allow people to switch between a variety of earrings. Like tattoos, colorful earrings are a great way for people to help themselves stand out. Big, sparkly, and vibrant earrings are great for making a statement. Since there are so many earrings out there to choose from, these people are often creative as they select the perfect bold earrings to wear for every occasion.

People wearing smaller earrings with fewer colors express themselves differently than those with vibrant earrings. Small, silver earrings may indicate that someone is elegant and practical. They like to add a little style using jewelry but not so much that they become the center of attention.

Wearing Fancy Red Outfits Makes People Stand Out

woman wearing a red dress at the beach

Red clothes, whether it’s a dress, top, or other clothing item, are typically worn by people who want to be noticed. They’re likely energetic, confident, and outgoing. Regularly wearing red can indicate that the person is passionate and ambitious, always working hard to reach their goals. If a person who rarely wears red randomly brings out a vibrant red outfit, it could indicate that they love being spontaneous.

Wearing Yellow Is a Sign of Joy or Excitement

happy man wearing a yellow shirt

Yellow is another clothing color that stands out from the rest, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone wants to steal the spotlight. People usually wear yellow when they’re happy, optimistic, and excited. If your friends regularly wear yellow, they’re likely creative individuals who love sunny days. They tend to see the best in people and always look on the bright side.

Friends With Colorful Hair Are Often Fun to Be Around

woman with colorful dyed hair

Dyeing your hair with bright colors is more popular than ever, so you may have some friends with vibrant hair colors. Friends with colorful hair are usually fun, outgoing, and confident. Bright-colored hair stands out a lot compared to natural colors, so it often takes a big personality to feel comfortable with that look. Thus, being around someone with a bold, expressive hair color is always exciting.

Gray Outfits Are Related to Comfort and Relaxation

relaxed man with gray shirt

Some may perceive gray as a boring or depressing color, but that’s not why people wear it. Many people who wear gray just like to feel relaxed and comfortable. Some of your friends may wear gray if they want something neutral that goes with everything. They may also wear it to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves. Gray might not seem exciting to everyone, but it’s a simple color that goes well with just about any other color.

Peaceful and Trustworthy Individuals Wear Blue

two adults wearing blue and riding bikes

Blue is the most popular color in the world, so it makes sense that lots of people would add it to their outfits. Since blue is so beloved, it has many positive meanings, such as trust, loyalty, and responsibility. Thus, those who frequently wear blue can be perceived as honest, trustworthy individuals.

People who wear blue often feel peaceful and relaxed. They’re great at staying levelheaded and thinking logically when conflict arises without being stressed out.

Purple Clothing Indicate Fulfillment

content woman wearing purple sweater

Purple has lots of different meanings, but when it comes to clothes, people wearing purple often feel fulfilled. They’re usually artistic and take their own paths in life instead of following the norm, which often helps them find joy in the little things. If you have a friend who regularly wears purple, they may also be intuitive, allowing them to be good judges of character when meeting new people.

Demin Clothing Is a Sign of Practicality

closeup of denim jeans with white shirt

Jeans go with almost everything. No matter what color top you have on, adding jeans is usually a safe bet. The same can be said about other forms of denim, such as jean jackets and denim dresses. Since denim can be so versatile, people who regularly wear it are typically practical. They don’t like to spend too much time worrying about what to wear, and they’d rather relax than waste time overthinking everything. If your close friend frequently wears denim, their relaxed attitude could wear off on you, too.

Pink Dresses, Skirts, and Tops Indicate Youthfulness

cheerful woman wearing pink dress

Pink is another noticeable color, but being a lighter tint of red, it’s considered less intense. Pink is a common color for lovely dresses, skirts, and tops, often portrayed as delicate. Since pink can be a playful, dainty color, it’s frequently associated with youthfulness. That doesn’t mean that only kids can wear it. Instead, it indicates that the person wearing pink may be young at heart and still find joy in the little things in life. There’s never a dull moment when you’re friends with someone who loves wearing pink.

Orange Clothing Is a Sign of Ambition

man with orange shirt using laptop

Orange is a bold color commonly worn by ambitious individuals. They don’t like to let other people’s opinions get in the way of their success, and they never give up when something is important to them. People wearing orange are often funny and friendly, so they’re great friends to have. They’re always eager to discuss their passions, making them easy to approach and converse with.

Hints of Green Exude Calmness

woman surrounded by plants wearing green patterned outfit

Bright green isn’t a common clothing choice, but dark green can be a relaxing outfit color, and any shade of green can make fun accessories or designs. Those who like to include green in their outfits are typically calm and stable. As friends, they’re the type of people you can feel comfortable telling anything to.

Sometimes, people may wear green if they need hope in their lives. Green is commonly associated with growth and prosperity, so your friends may be drawn to green outfits and accessories if that’s what they seek.

Wearing White Indicates Wanting a Fresh Start

woman in white dress staring at field

White is a color of innocence and cleanliness, but it’s also a blank slate. Most people only wear white occasionally, and when they do, it can indicate that they’re looking to try new things or make important changes in their lives. It can be as simple as feeling more positive as summer approaches or more complex as wanting to pursue a significant career change. Either way, white is an indicator that your friend may be looking for a fresh start, so you should encourage them.

Brown Clothing or Accessories Are for Reliable Individuals

man wearing professional brown jacket

The color brown is often considered boring, but many people still appreciate it. Brown is the color of the ground beneath us, which is strong and supportive. So, if your friend wears brown sometimes, they’re likely a reliable person. Someone who will always be there when you need them and always offer helpful advice.

People With Bold Personalities Wear Bold Jewelry

wrist full of colorful bracelets

Jewelry often includes subtle accessories you can add to outfits to make them more stylish. Yet, not all jewelry pieces are small. Plenty of large necklaces, bracelets, and rings are full of shimmering colors, making them impossible to miss. These are typically worn by strong, outgoing individuals who like to draw attention to themselves and get compliments.