Check Out These Eye-Catching Car Colors That Are Turning Heads on the Road

Vibrant and colorful classic cars

While watching cars drive by, you might notice that you keep seeing the same colors over and over again. White, black, gray, and silver are the most common car colors, and while they provide nice neutral tones, they don’t stand out in any way. In fact, they’re pretty boring. However, when you see a vibrant car, such as a yellow or orange vehicle, you’re more likely to turn your head and admire it.

Even though most car owners stick with neutrals, there are countless other colors to choose from. Many popular car models come in a variety of shades, while others require a custom paint job. Either way, when you select one of these eye-catching colors, your car is sure to get a lot of attention and compliments. Plus, it’s always easy to find in the parking lot!

Car colors can also tell you a little about a person’s personality – what does the color of your car say about you?


electric lime green car close up

Aston Martin and Toyota are two car manufacturers that have released lime coloring on certain vehicles. The cars appear in an electric yellow-green color, so there’s no way to miss them on the road. This coloring gives the vehicle a smooth, stylish exterior and is perfect for drivers who want to stand out and make a statement. After all, lime is often associated with confidence and high energy, which is why it’s not the right car color for everyone.

Bright Green

headlight of bright green car

There aren’t a lot of green cars on the road, but when there are, they’re usually a very subtle green, like forest green. While not as light as lime green, there are plenty of cars that have a bright green paint job. This green is your stereotypical green, meaning it’s as bright as green from cartoons and kid’s toys. Audi, Porsche, Dodge, Mustang, and Volkswagen are just a few examples of companies that have created cars with this vibrant hue. Green is a color that can make us feel safe, which is why some people may be drawn to it as a car color.


magenta car parked on muddy road

Magenta, often described as a purplish-pink or a dark pink, is definitely not a car color you see every day. Chevy has produced a few cars with a magenta hue, and it’s occasionally a custom color on other types of cars. Unlike delicate pinks, magenta is bold and stylish, making it one-of-a-kind on the road. When exposed to magenta, people often feel more kindness and cheerfulness, so magenta cars are sure to get compliments.


close up of retro teal car

Teal and turquoise can be cute and/or trendy, depending on the type of car it’s used on. It’s a relaxing, charming color on a Volkswagen, but it can feel powerful and full of energy on a Lamborghini. Overall, it’s a welcoming color that most people are sure to admire. Even if a car doesn’t come in teal, there are plenty of teal vinyl wraps out there.

Golden Orange

woman washing golden orange car

A mix between gold and orange might not be as vibrant as electric orange coloring, but it still stands out because of its uniqueness. It looks like a dull orange color covered with a shiny gold tint. Acura, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz are all companies that have produced cars of this color. It’s the perfect way to have the warmth and positivity that an orange car can bring without the color being too overwhelming.

Baby Blue

baby blue car decorated for Christmas

Even though it mimics the color of the sky, baby blue pops on the road. It’s a delicate tint of blue that makes the car look clean and sleek. It’s a popular color for fancy sports cars and cute, compact cars, so it’s a versatile hue despite being so rare for vehicles. Bentley, Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford are just a few car companies that have created beautiful baby blue vehicles. Light blue can be a sign of peace and tranquility, which is why seeing a car of this color can feel like a breath of fresh air.

Bright Blue

person cleaning bright blue car

Baby blue isn’t the only type of blue that turns heads on the road. Blue can be a popular car color, but it’s usually a darker blue or a gray-blue to make it stand out less. A vibrant blue vehicle is the perfect option for drivers who love blue but also want to have lots of attention drawn toward them. Subaru, Honda, Volvo, and Chevy are examples of car manufacturers that use hyper-blue coloring on some of their cars. Even with such a bold version of blue, the color still helps people feel secure and relaxed like blue should.

Bold Purple

side view of bold purple car

Purple is rarely seen on cars, and when it is, it’s usually a dark purple to make it subtle. However, some car companies, such as Rolls-Royce and McLaren, have released cars with bold purple coloring that you can’t miss. Any car can look stylish with a shiny purple exterior, so some drivers have customized their cars to get this unique look. Cars with this vibrant purple coloring are sure to be one-of-a-kind no matter where you drive them, especially since purple can bring a sense of mystery and make the driver feel like royalty.


woman sitting next to lilac car

If a bold purple is too much for you, a lilac purple is another attractive hue with a different vibe. Not many cars come in light purple, so many people choose to get a vinyl wrap to give their car this look. Depending on the type of car that’s lilac, it could be viewed as delicate and feminine or modern and confident. Light purple is often thought of as a romantic color, which is a reason you might not see it on cars often.

Pumpkin Orange

front of bright orange car

Orange is a standout color on the road, no matter what shade it is. Yet, an electric orange, such as the color of a cartoon pumpkin, is the most likely to get some attention. Subaru, Toyota, Cadillac, Dodge, and Chevy are just a few popular car companies that sell certain vehicles in bright orange. Orange cars can be an acquired taste, but that ensures there won’t be many other vehicles like it. People drawn to orange cars are often full of warmth, positivity, and enthusiasm.

Banana Yellow

headlight on pale yellow car

It’s no surprise that yellow cars catch people’s attention. However, most yellow cars are bright yellow, so seeing a yellow car as light as a banana is rare (the color of the actual banana, not the peel). This color keeps the car looking unique without standing out in a parking lot too much. It gives the vehicle a sunny, fresh, joyful feeling. Porsche, BMW, and Jeep are some brands with light yellow cars, but plenty of light yellow wraps are available, too.

Mint Green

handle with raindrops on mint green car

Mint green cars give off a softer, more gentle vibe than bright green and teal cars do. Like banana yellow, mint green is a pale version of a bright color, making it striking without feeling like it’s too much. This type of green is rarely an option for a car color, so cars of this hue are typically custom colored with a smooth, glossy finish. Mint green often has relaxing, charming vibes.

Deep Red

deep red car speeding down road

It’s a common assumption that red cars get pulled over the most, likely because of how much they stand out from other colors. While that shouldn’t stop someone from getting a red car if they love the color, there are different shades and tints of red that might have different results. Fire engine red is what most people imagine when they think of a red car. However, there are plenty of cars that are a deep shade of red. This color is stylish and unique without being as overwhelming as a vibrant red.

Pale Pink

woman and flowers inside pale pink car

Pink cars don’t have to be hot pink (although those would surely catch someone’s eye). Muted pinks are just as rare and get just as much attention. Light pink can come in a wide variety of tints, including some that are almost white but still have a hint of pink in them. Rose gold is another light pinkish color that will likely turn heads. Some companies, like Porsche and Volkswagen, may offer pink vehicles, but it’s more common to get a light pink vinyl wrap.


wheel on gray-green sports car

Another stunning car color without being overly vibrant is gray-green. Cars with this coloring sort of have a camouflage vibe because they’re gray/silver with hints of shimmering green. There’s a Chevy Corvette with this special coloring, but most gray-green cars are a custom design. Gray-green vehicles typically come across as mysterious and modern, but they’re also perfect for people who love nature.

Custom Color Patterns

vintage black car with custom red flame

The best way to stand out on the road is to have a car that looks like no other. There’s always the option to get custom paint jobs on vehicles, such as rainbows, flames, lightning bolts, flowers, and logos. Cars with colorful patterns will likely get lots of attention and may even bring a smile to people’s faces. If you want to avoid painting your car, use colorful magnets and stickers instead.