Amber Color Meaning: The Color Amber Symbolizes Joy and Positivity

Amber Color Meaning Infographic

This in-depth analysis explains the meaning and symbolism of the color amber.

A Look at Amber

Most commonly associated with the colors yellow and orange, amber is a pure chroma hue. Named after fossilized tree resin, amber has been around for centuries. In fact, its roots trace back to the Stone Age. It wasn’t until the 14th century when it was given a name. From jewelry to interior design, amber is used for a variety of reasons.

Represents Energy

Many believe that amber is the color of their energy. An ‘80s rock band coined this phrase. While some may say this ironically, color psychology maintains that there is some truth to it as amber is a radiant color, which is why it correlates to energy levels. The more amber you have in your life, the higher your energy is presumed to be. People with deflated spirits should consider empowering themselves with this hue.

Inspires Boldness

Amber encourages us to be confident and fearless. This shade believes that fear is senseless and debilitating. Fortunately, this sends a strong and uplifting message. Amber believes that we accomplish more when we choose to be bold. If you’re timid or reluctant to try new things, find inspiration in the color amber.

Promotes Positivity

Most notably, amber is an optimistic hue. It’s the antithesis of sadness. When in the presence of amber, we can’t help but feel joyful. Its yellow undertones are responsible for this effect. What’s more, amber is vibrant and spirited, so it effortlessly puts others in a good mood. Spending some time with amber could be just what you need to turn your frame of mind around.

Holds Otherworldly Powers

With its connection to nature, amber is thought to have magical capabilities. Ancient Greeks and Romans would turn to amber for healing and hope. Women, in particular, would wear amber to boost fertility. Meanwhile, other cultures subscribed to the notion that animals would reincarnate as amber. While these beliefs may be considered somewhat absurd, it didn’t prevent people from trusting them.

Ensures Safety

As a warm and inviting color, amber is revered as a protector. Some people wear amber jewelry to guarantee optimal safety. Equally effective is surrounding yourself with amber gems. Those who swear by holistic medicine generally honor this school of thought. While there’s no proof to support this claim, there’s also no harm in taking extra measures to safeguard against danger.

Triggers Anger

Due to its yellow elements, amber can sometimes precipitate anger and frustration. If you become irritated easily, don’t surround yourself with amber. It may trigger some unpleasant feelings. When used in small doses, amber doesn’t prompt this response. If you’re fond of amber but don’t want to arouse unfavorable emotions, choose an amber that contains more orange undertones; that way, you can avoid an adverse outburst.


Amber is outgoing and enjoys making new connections. This yellowish-orange shade would love to get to know you. All it asks is that you show it kindness in return. What’s more, wearing the color amber makes you more approachable. Those who like keeping to themselves in public shouldn’t don amber clothes.

Reminiscent of Fall

When you think of autumn, the color amber likely comes to mind. The shades of orange found in amber give it an autumnal feel. This is why amber is such a warm tone. It’s also associated with the cozy atmospheres you see around this time. Those who enjoy this season are probably partial to amber.

Complements Many Shades

There’s not much that doesn’t go with amber. From maroon and purple to grey and white, this hue pairs nicely with many members of the color wheel. Not surprisingly, it complements orange and yellow the best. This gives amber the inclusive feel that so many know and love. When decorating, use amber. This shade will tie the finished look together perfectly.

Summary: Amber Color Meaning

There’s not much about amber that disappoints. It’s upbeat, helpful, and supportive. Moreover, it welcomes all with open arms. However, it can sometimes ruffle feathers. Amber boasts such positive qualities that you hardly notice its flaws.

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Amber symbolizes: joy, security, energy, positivity
Effects of amber: triggers, uplifts, comforts, inspires
Positive traits: protective, warm, friendly, optimistic
Negative traits: irritating, provoking, bothersome, upsetting