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136 thoughts on “What Readers Are Saying”

  1. Loved this article about changing the aura color. I really appreciate your focus on the color spectrum and bringing concious understanding of how these vibrations impact us. Blessings and Light to you, Jacob!

    1. Hi Jacob
      My name is Nellie and i am from South Africa. I design many of our showroom layouts and often i will find that on a particular day i am drawn to specific colours. I am very receptive to people and how they are feeling and so often colours and their choice of colour says so much about them. Your article is amazing. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Jacob, I really appreciate your effort as a teacher here, thanks a lot because you taught me what I didn’t know.

  3. Lieke Wouters

    Hello Jacob, What a lovely website you have created!

    I am writing a paper on Character Design and I am using your articles on the color blue and yellow for this. Could you tell me what your source is for the information you put in these articles, and what date you have posted them?

    Thank you for this great site!
    Lieke – from the Netherlands

    1. Hi Lieke

      Thanks for your wonderful words.
      I just sent you an email, let me know if you need anything else.

  4. Hi Jacob,
    I was searching on the meaning of Colours and came across your website, I really liked the article I read (the content is great and well delivered), so I also checked your bio out of curiosity and I really liked how you spoke about your passion for colours, sounds like a love story :) I am myself from a ‘design background’ so thought I’d express my fascination of your passion as it sounded beautiful in your description :) and thumbs up for a great content.

  5. Hi,

    This year I started exploring the meaning of colours. This website helps me in a great way. Thanks for posting.

    Have a great day.
    Best wishes!

  6. Love your website Jacob! I have a holistic wall in fb and shared your colors of the chakras and also shared the link to this website for others that are into the colors and associations of. Thanks for all your valuable info.

  7. Good Day,
    I love the articles and all the information on colour. It is very inspiring for me as person and as therapist.
    I am a social worker/counsellor who apply colour in my intervention process with my clients with great and amazing results.
    As a professor from an International University I managed to develop a B.Sc Degree in Colour intervention.

  8. Hi Mr. Olesen; I like your name Jacob. Father God speaks to me faithfully through dreams. So I did my homework and have read James Goll’s book Dream Language that sets a excellent Christian foundation on the topic. I use a few dream dictionaries as well. Holy Spirit helps me to arrive at the correct interpretation in the end. I appreciate your site and am glad that I found it. Your site looks clean and bright and the colour meanings are accurate. Thank you Jacob!

  9. Hi Jacob,
    This website is wonderful!! It has helped me so much in an important essay I am writing for school. It has been a great resource and insight for me! I am using it for a piece on the Disney women stereotypes throughout the years, and your comments about the colors match perfectly to what I want to say. Thanks so much for your extensive info!

  10. Hi thanks for the balanced insights on the color black-not completely ominous and forboding like other sites yet it was realistic in that there may be downsides to this color. Your page helps me understand why I saw myself as I did-beautiful in black-which I absolutely couldn’t figure out

  11. Hi Jacob

    I’ve found very interesting your website. I think you are doing a great job.
    As a spanish architecture student, I have to do a class work about golden colour and I would be very thankful if you send me some information or references about it.

    Looking for your reply,

  12. Hello Jacob I am Monica and from Ghana .A student from the Theatre and Film department of the University of Cape Coast.i am doing a research on colours .i would need a little consultation from you .So i would like the get your email address

  13. Hi Jacob :)
    Just a quick comment to say thank you. I really like your website and how you describe the meaning of colours. I have created a website called knowmoresayless.com and I have included some links in my first post to your website. I was going to write the colour meanings myself but you have done such a great job so I put the links in instead :) I will refer to your website again in some of the course material I am developing. Thanks again.

  14. Hi, Jacob! My name is Anna and I’m from Russia. I write my course work dealing with color naming and I want to clear up something. Firstly, a positive meaning of blue is associated with sky, heaven etc, but what is negative meaning (to feel blue=to be depressed) associated with and why? The second, I’ve studied some lyrics and didn’t exactly understand what meaning of blue is used there. Can you write me by email to discuss these issues, please. rezannka @ gmail.com

  15. Timothy O'Donnell

    Hi Jacob. My name is Tim and I am from Long Island, NY. I am planning on opening up my own comic book / game store and I am doing tons of research in how I should paint, display and merchandise my new store. I came across your website and was very impressed on your knowledge about colors and how they influence people to make purchases and how they can turn you off. I have alot of questions but the main one is comic books use all types of colors on their covers so I don’t know what color or colors vwould work the best to accent the different books? Thank you.

  16. Knowledge seeker

    Hey jacob. I am very impressed by your website. I could learn alot out of it and use it on my knowledge. I like it a lot. Thanks for having such a website. May the almighty guide and bless you with your work.

  17. Hello. I find your articles very interesting and helpful especially as I’m writing a literature analysis on colors. May i know the sources of your findings as I would need to cite them :)
    Thank you and i wish for nothing but the best for your website :)

      1. Brenda Navarro

        I really appreciate the time you take to explain all this information in a sweet way! Love it your awesome! Thanks

  18. Muluwork Ayalew

    Jacob, I appreciate you, you give me some ideas to know the meaning of roses. I like green v / much P/S please continue.

  19. Dear Jacob,

    Thank you very much for creating this website. It is very useful.

    However, it will be great if you add the date that you post each article, so the user who use information from you can get the right details for reference. To me, I put the year 2016 for citation of you. Thank you, Jacob.

    Best wishes :)

  20. Hie Jacob

    I love your site, pretty smart and kind of you to post such useful info. My fav colour is red red red red!!

  21. Thanks jacob. This site is really useful for students like me. Thank you. My fav is purple and its been really great hearing about it.

  22. Stella Osigbeme

    Hi Jacob.
    I love your website! such interesting and rich information! Thank you for the beautiful work! its awesome!
    Im curious, what is your favourite colour or colours?

    1. Hi Stella

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad to hear you LOVE my website!
      I like most colors actually, but my absolute favorite has to be blue :)

  23. Thank you very much for the precious information. I’m from Algeria, and I’m a bachelor in English (literature) and I found this very helpful.

  24. Thank you for sharing your insights. I know this is a compilation of years of work and research. I needed to get some insight into the colors in a dream, and your info made so much sense. Again, thank you.

  25. Please allow me to address you as Sir Jacob,

    Thank you very much for this information which I believe was revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. I have been seeking such information for a long time, but through the help of God, I came through your website.

    May God bless you abundantly in Jesus Christ’s name AMEN!!!

  26. Hey first time finding your site. In response to your request about your website, I’d like to say it is so beautiful… The colors and layout. I was particularly drawn to your logo picture in the center, even with the fonts you chose to spell “color-meanings.com”. I love the blue green hues. When I first looked at it upon opening the home page, I felt a warm sensation. Just saying… that’s me. Thank you. I wouldn’t have said anything if you didn’t have that request on the sidebar. Very interesting. I don’t usually respond in blogs. So that’s something. ? P.s. I haven’t even seen your content yet, but will certainly do so. Thanks

  27. Annette Hoskins

    Hi Jacob!

    I am the activities director at an assisted living/skilled nursing center. I am interested in using (with your permission) your 10 Therapeutic benefits of coloring books for adults article. I would like to reprint it (giving credit to you and your website) for our monthly newsletter. Would you mind? We are trying to inspire and encourage our residents with the latest trend with coloring for seniors. I think your article spells out the MAJOR benefits of this activity! Thank you !

    1. Hi Annette

      Thanks for your interest.
      I would be honored to have my website mentioned in your newsletter.
      Let me know what the residents think of it.

  28. Cool website and you are the top link on google for color therapy and drawing… I’d love to hear what you think of our beta app– we are building curriculum for color lessons and mapping color perception… let me know or check out our site to join.

  29. I enjoy the spectrum you maintain. Colour from the beginning to end, and all at once, a continuous and unending sphere of wondrous radiance, life itself;

    Colour = Truth = Law = Nature = Universe = Sense = Knowledge = Earth and Sky = Father and Mother = Daughter and Son = Husband and Wife = Adam and Eve = Jack and Jill = Hansel and Gretel = Cat and Dog = Up and Down = As Above So Below = Existence = All that Is = Everything = All = Knowing and Unknowing = Light and Darkness = Black and White = One = Spectrum = Light = Life

    Let Us all be Our full selves and recognize who We are, in the Garden of Our Mother under the Light of our Father, Peace on Earth in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

    My house is the deep purple of the skies, my bedroom is the green of nature, and my bed is the colours of the rainbow – my way of saying that I love the colour purple, my favourite; that green I adore, my precious one; and that I play and revel in red, orange, yellow, especially green, blue, indigo and violet, while holding my two favourite colours most precious and dear, always and naturally of course, since they are my parents and gave me life. There are none I love more.

    thank you, and peace, Robert

  30. Hi,

    You are doing a great Job.

    I am looking for some advertising opportunities and am impressed with the quality of your blog color-meanings.com. I was wondering if you allow Sponsored Posts and In-Content Text Link ad placement on your blog. Can you please let me know with the price you charge for per post and In-Content link placement?

    Looking for your kind reply.
    Best Regards,
    Muhammad Sufian

    1. I enjoyed your website. I come to realize that your horoscope color chart and information is very useful for my counseling skills. Thank-you so much for educating the public to an intrinsic way of looking at many various subject matters of astrology.

  31. Victor Elmcrubies Gomina

    Very interesting. I just searched for the meaning of color pink and what I read about this color satisfied my sense of intuition.

  32. Hi Jacob,

    I have a mind and body health ebook and wanted to make the cover to represent more of its theme, which is body, “Spirit” and mind. So I went to the web and found your website. It is wonderful with the information presented and with your information, I will choose more colors to signify and symbolize the words “body,” “mind” and “Spirit” on the book’s cover.

    If you would like a complimentary copy, I will be happy to sent you one for the opportunity to pick your brains more because of being a graphic artist. You will have some insight with design and color and for the trade, I will mention your website in the acknowledgement part of the book, if you wish.

    1. Hi Luke

      Actually it is spelled color without the U in American English.
      That makes you British – glad to know my site is so international :)

  33. Hi, I would like to know who conducted the study about sleeping pills mentioned in ‘How Colors Affect Your Everyday Life’ as I would like to use this information for my dissertation at university.

    Thanks, Grace :)

  34. Hello Jacob! I really love your website! It is very interesting and I have never heard of a lot of these things before!

  35. Hi Jacob,
    I really enjoyed reading your website. I feel like I completely resonated with the explanations you provided for my favorite color. I just had to let you know that I appreciate your work and you’re amazing for what you do. Never stop doing what you’re doing. Have a nice day!
    Love, Christa

  36. Great information on your site about associations with colors! I was just wondering what your credentials are, especially since there aren’t citations for the psychological effects or cultural associations with various colors. This information could be really useful for students learning to analyze connotations, and having some information in your bio about how you know this information would make it a better resource. Thanks again for the helpful information!

      1. Jacob,
        Wonderful Website. Very informative, easy to read and understand as it relates to the various colors, meaning and etc.. Great insight and inspiration.
        Thanks for sharing!

  37. So yeah man, this hits the spot dead on with my favorite color Gray. If you didn’t know me from a grain of salt, the color of Gray is who I am. And I’m cool with that, super cool. Thanks for your insight and info. Really appreciate it.

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