What’s the Latest Color for Living Rooms?

Yellow blanket on gray sofa in modern living room interior

Looking for latest living room color schemes? Then you have come to the right place. This website is dedicated to colors so I love to discuss some of the latest room color schemes and combinations popularly used by interior designers, every once in a while. Today, the focus is on the living room and lounge decorating ideas, best colors to use as well as the latest color palettes that are suitable for living rooms. I have included some photos of living room color schemes that are doing the rounds this year. I hope these trends inspire you to pick your own living room color schemes and combinations.

Steps for choosing the living room color schemes and combinations

  • Choose the color that suits you the best-Is there a particular color that inspires you? You can stand before a color wheel and decide the best color or head over to a store to look at some color chips. You can even view color designer online for latest colors for living rooms from the comfort of your home.
  • Test the color- Every color will look different based on the light available in your living room. So test the color in a small area to see which shade suits your walls the best.
  • Choose the right product- colors vary from brand to brand. Matte, low sheen and satin are some effects seen in modern color paints used for painting walls. Try out multiple brands before zeroing on your living room color scheme.

Living room colors schemes

Your living room is the central hub of your home and most of us spend time entertaining and relaxing here. Do make sure that the lounge decorating ideas and colors you choose reflect your taste and personality. Here are the best living room color schemes:

Light hues- In the relaxed style of decorating, many designers suggest the use of lighter tones. These really work very well as you can always go for brightly colored and textured accents in your rugs, cushions and other accessories. Based on this, you can use light gray for the walls and add vibrant pinks, mustard yellow or even darker shades of grey to play with, in the cushion, rugs etc.

best living room color schemes 2016

The use of pre-existing artwork for inspiration– If you have a favorite piece of art or even an accessory (such as a rug) that you are fond of; then use its colors for inspiration. Pick a color scheme based on its dominant shade and work out similar colors for the walls.

best color schemes for living rooms 2016

Simply white– Can white indeed be a popular color for the living area? Yes, say experts. White is such a versatile shade: it is trendy, modern and transcendent. It also comes in various shades and you can go all out when accessorizing.

best living room color schemes for 2016

Lilacs and purples– Most homeowners might think of these shades as childish or girly-but , when used correctly help add sophisticated charm and elegance to the living area. The best thing you can do is pair these warm shades with cool ones like blue etc to make the area more engaging and elegant. Spring lilac is especially a trendy shade for living rooms- it is the exact shade of the sky at sunset and is both unexpected and soothing. It also teams beautifully with deep coffee colors and gilt frames. Conversely go for soft shades of amethyst which is very much like the jeweled tone- it is magical and intoxicating.

best color schemes for living rooms 2016

Milky blue– Many designers are using softer shades of blue rather than its rich glossy counterparts. You could pair it with black or white accents or even with canary yellow and orange to calm such vibrant colors.

best color schemes for living rooms 2016

Navy– Navy paired with kettle green, hot pink or raspberry is another popular color scheme for living areas. Navy is wonderful for people who have trouble using black –it does the same thing in a softer way.

best color schemes for living rooms 2016

Powdery blush pink-This is a soft romantic shade which is often erroneously deemed as too childish. Bring in some metallic colors or teal or gray green and your room will look elegant and sophisticated.

best color schemes for living rooms 2016

Yellow– Citrusy chartreuse is a much more an apt name for funky yellow shade that works well with many other color combinations including mauve, burgundy, plum or almost every other darker shade.

best color schemes for living rooms 2016

Bold emerald green– This is such an exciting yet neutral shade which works very well for modern and traditional environments. Pair it with literally any lighter hue and your living room will develop a luxurious vibe.

And that concludes my list of living room colors. Use these popular schemes and combinations to give your lounge area a marvelous facelift.