What Do Different Crystal Colors Mean? The Best Crystals to Keep on Hand

colorful crystals

When it comes to spirituality, we have to talk about crystals. Crystals are used for healing, energizing the body and mind, and even clearing out negative or bad energy from a room. Many people use crystals to fight stress, anxiety, and even psychological and physiological illnesses. If you have never used a crystal before, read on. In this guide, we will talk about different crystal colors and their meanings, along with the best crystals to always keep in your home. We will also discuss ways to use them properly to heal, nourish, protect, and nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

What are crystals?

Crystals are naturally-occurring, hardened minerals or stones which develop repeating patterns and beautiful colors after being subjected to years and years of processes under the earth’s surface. The simplest example of a crystal is salt; we need to mine crystals just like we mine salt.

Crystals are fascinating owing to their sheer diversity and rarity. Mankind has always been drawn to the colors, shapes, and sizes of crystals. Many ancient cultures used crystals as jewelry and believed them to have healing powers. Since crystals come from the earth itself, are rare and beautiful, and are also deemed to be mystical and magical; most people simply feel like touching and holding them in their hands.

What do different crystal colors mean?

Red crystal meaning

Red crystals represent masculine energy. It is a color picked most often by extroverts. Brides in certain cultures often choose red crystals as they are a symbol of passionate love.

Commonly available red crystals are red jade, red calcite, garnet, ruby, jasper, cuprites, and sardonyx. They all have different properties and uses. Red jade helps release tension while ruby energizes, balances, and also brings up anger or negative energy. Based on these uses and properties, you’d have to place them on specific points on your body. Ruby is best worn over the heart, finger, or ankle. Red jasper is best placed on the forehead. Garner may be worn over the earlobes, fingers, or the heart.

Green crystal meaning

Green is the color of nature, life, and fertility. Crystals in green color symbolize harmony, balance, learning, and growth. This is a safe color; if you do not know which crystal to use, go for green crystals. Green crystals are said to help attract money, prosperity, and luxury. You can place them in your home or office to promote balance, change, and growth.

Commonly available green crystals are jade, green jasper, peridot, sapphire, tourmaline, green quartz, etc. Sapphire is worn on the finger or over the heart where it brings loyalty and fidelity. Green quartz transmutes negative energy and helps balance the endocrine system when worn over the heart. Peridot removes toxins when worn over the throat.

Blue crystal meaning

Blue crystals promote calm, tranquility, and peace. It is the color of the Sky and the Ocean. Therefore, blue is a color of harmony, inspiration, creativity, and spirituality. Psychologically, blue-colored crystals promote relaxation and calmness. Physiologically they help the cardiovascular system.

The most popular blue crystals are blue sapphire, kyanite, afghanite, and tourmaline. These crystals can be worn in the form of jewelry or even used as good luck charms.

Purple crystal meaning

Purple crystals are ‘stones of awakening’. They aid in meditation and the rise of kundalini energy (the dormant serpentine energy that lies at the base chakra). When used properly, purple crystals stimulate the crown chakra and open spirituality.

Amethyst is one of the most popular purple-colored crystals. The color of amethyst crystal does not remain purple throughout but fades into deep wine color in different parts of the stone. The very best grade of Amethyst is called the gem of Venus. Other purple colored crystals are kunzite, phosphosiderite, and vesuvianite. Use purple vesuvianite crystal when you are feeling sad or low. Hold the crystal in your hands and recall happy memories.

Yellow crystal meaning

Yellow crystals stimulate the intellect and creative energy. They also symbolize energy, warmth, and happiness.  Yellow crystals bring clarity for decision making and enhance memory and concentration skills. Use yellow crystals during dull weather to prevent lethargy and depression.

Commonly used healing yellow crystals are yellow tourmaline, yellow muscovite, and yellow celestite. These stimulate the solar plexus, enhance personal power, and open up the spiritual pathway.

White crystal meaning

White crystals are a symbol of purity. Many brides in various cultures use white crystals. The color also stands for peace and purity.

Use white crystals like white aventurine, white okenite, scolecite or white amethyst to clear blocks and obstacles. They also purify thoughts and actions, bring about mental clarity, and clear away clutter. Use them when beginning something new.

Orange crystal meaning

Some of the most beautiful crystals and gemstones are orange in color. This is a high-energy color for a crystal and enhances joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and appetite. It is the color of physical pleasure, intimacy, companionship, and loyalty.

Orange crystals include carnelian, orange jade, fire agate, calcite, orange garnet, and orange quartz. Use these to focus the energy or overcome distrust, timidity, and shyness. Orange crystals also promote caring, friendship, and caring behavior.

List of crystals to always keep handy

The following, readily-available crystals are said to have healing powers that help heal ailments, bring positive energy, relax the mind and body, and even help deepen meditation.


Aquamarines  crystals


This is the number one healing crystal for allergies. It is said to promote serenity and should have a healing and calming effect on the body. The Romans used Aquamarine for healing the throat, liver, and stomach ailments. It should also balance thyroid or pituitary problems.

How to use

Placing an aquamarine crystal over your throat is said to enhance expression and communication or clear away throat/thyroid issues. Keep it on the brow to enhance clarity or over the heart to overcome fear.


A polished Agate crystal specimen from Mexico


Agate is said to have a strengthening, vitalizing, and harmonizing effect on the stomach and digestion. It should also promote emotional stability and psychological balance.

How to use

Wear agate or place it in your pocket and constantly touch it frequently to give you strength.

Green aventurine quartz

green aventurine crystal


Aventurine quartz is available in various colors but green Aventurine quartz is what you should use for financial abundance, feeling safe, calming anxiety, and increasing feeling of hope. It is also said to relieve skin issues, work with the heart, eyes, and adrenal glands and prevents nausea.

How to use

Green aventurine quartz is known as the Gambler’s stone. Carrying it in your pocket, to the casino, or in your money bag is said to increase wealth and abundance. Ancient belief says it can even regulate blood pressure, focus the mind, and increase confidence by holding the stone over your heart.

Rose quartz

crystalline rose quartz


Rose quartz is said to be a healing crystal for the heart and circulation. It should be beneficial for healing heartache, both physical and psychological, as well as for pain arising from lack of energy. You can also use it to attract new relationships or enhance existing relationships.

How to use

Keep rose quartz under the pillow for a peaceful sleep and also in the bedroom for a loving, intimate, and restful environment.


Single Moonstone crystal


This is the number-one healing crystal for hormonal complaints. It is said to prevent weight gain, edema, and joint aches. Use moonstone for menopausal complaints, migraines, hot flashes, etc.

How to use

Carry it on travels for safety and preventing accidents. You can also place it under your pillow to sleep better. Some believe wearing it as jewelry can regulate and balance hormones.


watermelon tourmaline


Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for protection. It carries grounding energy that promotes balance and stability. Tourmaline is said to prevent and help after a paralysis attack, regenerate nerves post-injury, soothe pain, prevent deafness, and also for milder symptoms like anxiety, tension, flatulence, constipation, and inertia.

How to use

Pink tourmaline is beneficial to women as it has feminine energies. Women can wear pink tourmaline over their hearts.

Clear quartz

pointed quarts crystal cluster


This colorless crystal is said to be beneficial for nervous complaints and sensory impairment. It should also have a cooling effect on the body, strengthen nerves, stop pain, and relieve swollen mucous membranes. Some also believe it helps with breathing issues and minor skin problems.

How to use

Meditate on the crystal quartz or place two clear quartz crystals on the painful area.


No medical claims are made for these crystals and the information about the healing powers of crystals given above is not meant to act as a substitute for medical treatment. For more information, please consult with a crystal-healing practitioner.