Ways to Use Pantone Color of 2018 Ultra Violet In Your Home

Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet from Pantone

Pantone color of the year 2018 is Ultra Violet. When it comes to shades like violets and purples in home décor; people either love them or they never warm up to them. A reason for this is that violet and its related shades are not quite common, especially in interior design. So people are simply not exposed to it as much. When designers do use violet, they do so sparingly in patterns on fabrics, upholstery, as satiny pillows on couches, flowing velvet drapes or as single purple chair. However, I have a feeling that Pantone color of 2018 will change all that. Presenting some ideas to help you incorporate this color in your home interior design:

Features of Pantone Color of 2018 Ultra Violet

Pantone’s ultra violet is a happy compromise- a blend of warm red and tranquil blue. It is a shade that lets you set the mood and the temperature of your room. So, if you want a cooler room, you can pick violet accents with deeper blues and conversely go for redder accents if you want things warmer. As a mood setting color, Ultra violet is unbeatable. Introduce it with some smoky mauve tones or use it as a basis for your boudoir style bedroom. Here are some more ideas:

How to use violet without overpowering it

Pantone’s Ultra violet is dramatic and moody. Use it for living rooms or even in your office-anywhere where you need to add formality to the environment. You can use its related shades such as burgundy or eggplant; combine them with patterns and textures that are distinctly masculine or feminine and playful. Add a bit of white and gold to enrich the shade and you will get a less formal mood.

If this is your first time adding violet

In case you have not used violet before and are a bit afraid to do so; here is how to go about things:

  • If you have a sleek, brown contemporary couch in brown, black, gold etc- Add ultra violet in the form of pillows. You can also use a combination of brown pillows with pops of ultra violet.
  • A tiny powder room or the laundry room can be painted with darker Ultra violet. Accent it with photo frames having golden borders and or silver frames and you will have a regal room with a clean, contemporary theme.
  • Wallpaper-Choose a wallpaper with pops of ultra violet. Add accessories in similar hues to accent the walls.
  • Paint the bathroom ultra violet or, better still; use the color in your towels and rugs.

If on the other hand you are ready to take a bold step; go on and use the shade in all its glory in the dining room, bedroom and even your study or den.

interior design tips for ultra violet

Say it with furnishings!

If you do not want violet to overpower your room, you can use this shade in the furnishings in following ways:

  • Choose tactile textured materials for the furniture such as velvet, velour and suede.
  • Use silky ultra violet cushions and smoked violet glass vases with gold, copper and other rich metallic trims.
  • Mix rich mauve and grey-black with ultra violet or go for color grading-mix Ultra violet with paler and richer shades of violet.
  • Red and blue are very harmonious with this shade-take your pick of bold scarlet, rich wine red, turquoise or jade green.

Combinations that work well with Ultra violet

pantone color of 2018 interior design

When you use this shade with certain colors, you can create interesting and unusual palettes with it owing to its high surprise factor. That alone makes this a fun color to work with. Certain combinations work well with violet- from dark to light, these are distinct and compelling:

  • Gold
  • Lime
  • Tomato red
  • Gray
  • A combination of Apple Green and Gold with Ultra Violet

Children love Violet

Violet is a great color for children’s play rooms. It can certainly please young princesses! You can use it as a shiny trim color for closet doors, window shutters and wood furniture- these work very well with white walls. You can also have walls in other hues than white such as red, blue or, better still-yellow. Yellow is a great companion to violet. Alternatively, go for white furniture and curtains along with violet trims; this will nicely subdue the bright contrast. Another great idea is to pair Ultra violet with gray-you can simply paint a single wall with gray to create a focal point.

I hope these ideas help you come up with your own plan.