Top Reasons Why We Should All Practice Color Therapy and Color Healing

Woman enjoying color therapy in spa

Color therapy, Chromotherapy or color healing therapy is not a new practice at all; ancient Greeks practiced it centuries ago by worshiping Apollo – the Sun God or the God of Light. The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is also based on color therapy and so is Ayurvedic science and Yoga.

Today, modern science has shown that our bodies select different light rays from the sun based on their wavelengths and frequencies to bring about balance and harmony within. Even animals do the same, and so do plants.

It has also been proved that our bodies vibrate and radiate auras which have different colors. Through our articles on Chakras, you also know that the 7 different chakras, which are the energy medians of the body, have different colors associated with different functions.

Color affects our moods and health and also the way we think or the way we are perceived by others. Color is nothing but light and visible energy but it can reveal a great deal about our innermost thoughts and feelings.

Reasons for practicing color therapy and healing

Color therapy illustration with healing hands and beneficial words

Color therapy was used by experts in the past

New Age philosophy is all about going back to our roots. Come to think about it, color healing has been around for eons and was also used by some of the finest minds in history. Hippocrates and Pythagoras, for example, talked about color healing. The latter was actually known to cure diseases using colors, music and poetry.

Even Native American healers used color healing for relieving physical and psychological issues. They also practiced various spiritual rituals that used colors. It makes sense that we too start using these treatments again to combat all the modern lifestyle problems that are rampant today. Who knows, by going back to our roots, we might actually banish these problems once and for all.

Color can sharpen our senses

Color healers and therapists recommend specific colors to their clients based on specific emotional issues like anger, hurt, depression, resentment etc. By wearing color crystals that are specifically known to counter these emotions, people have noted improved moods and positivity.

Certain colors actually affect the different hormones and organs and these, in turn, encourage us to acknowledge our wisdom and our power within. People wearing certain colored clothes claim sharper awareness, more confidence as well as greater energy.

Often, color therapy is recommended in tandem with Yoga, so people develop complete mind body awareness and mindfulness to live fully.

Color therapy and benefits of specific colors

Colorful chromotherapy illustration


Red is all about healing, stimulation, circulation, and revitalization of the mind, body and spirit. It also produces red blood cells. Red can overcome inertia and its spiritual significance is connotation of energy and power.


Orange is a vitalizing color. It promotes sexual energy by promoting production of ovum and sperms. Orange can also relieve congestion. It is useful for maintaining the glow on the skin. It stimulates courage and promotes higher levels of mental energy. Its spiritual significance is the courage to attain goals.


Yellow is a healing, cleansing and purifying color. It stimulates understanding and intelligence. It also promotes cosmic awareness.


Green is synonymous with abundance and harmony, so this color promotes both these qualities. Green color helps balance the heart and regularizes the blood pressure. Green can maintain body temperature and relieve headaches. Spiritually, green can bring energy to the heart chakra and connotes love and healing.


This is a cooling color that relieves skin discoloration; it cools and heals the heated body. Blue color therapy healing is used for alleviating disorders of the bile and fevers etc. It is also a sedative color and brings calm, peace and quiet to the mind. Spiritually, blue connotes idealism and selflessness.


Violet is an uplifting color that can expand the mind for a heightened sixth sense or intuition. It even soothes and tranquilizes artistic temperaments. Spiritually it promotes insight, wisdom and enlightenment.

Watercolor painting of man flying in abstract colorful dream universe


In a nutshell, the reasons why we should all practice color healing lie in their benefits:

  1. Color healing instills a sense of calm and peace and brings mind body harmony.
  2. It channelizes energy flow and regulates Chi or Prana.
  3. Colors help heal aches and pains in joints to promote mobility.
  4. They can decrease production of stress hormones.
  5. The therapy unleashes the mind for its full potential.
  6. Color healing improves focus, alertness, awareness and concentration.
  7. Colors can reduce anxiety and panic attacks.
  8. Colors also enhance productivity.

So the next time you get some free time, simply connect with your favorite color and literally breathe in its healing properties. Connect with that color time and again and see how it improves your mood and ultimately, your life.