Top 10 Best Coloring Pencils For Beginners

Colored pencils isolated on a bright background

If you are just starting out in art and the use of coloring pencils, then it can be quite daunting as to which brand to pick. Of course, opinions will vary and everyone will recommend their personal taste. Top brands in best coloring pencils include Faber Castell, Prismacolor and Crayola but apart from these, there are many other players in the market. So, today, I will be recommending the best coloring pencils for beginners using which you can easily improve your blending techniques and sketching without any hiccups.

Drawing with colored pencils for beginners: best coloring pencil brands to choose from

1. Sela Art professional color set

This amazing color set contains 48 colors made using non toxic, superior quality materials. If you are sick of using dull, low-quality coloring pencils that ruin your art work then this is the best beginner coloring set to go for. You won’t have to spend too much and the best part is: you also get a free adult coloring book with it.

2. Prismacolor soft core coloring pencils 24-count

Prismacolor is considered the industry standard when it comes to selecting beginner coloring pencils. Over 8000 happy customers have given this brand a 5-star rating. Blending, shading and layering become really easy with these pencils which do not cost too much. Prsimacolor pencils are readily available everywhere and many adult and kids coloring books actually recommend it-so if you are using a particular book that does recommend this brand, it really makes sense buying them.  The wider choice of colors and the ease of use for beginners both make it the industry standard in best coloring pencils for beginners.

3. Sargent Art-50 coloring pencils

Artists and illustrators of all ages will love the Sargent Art set of best coloring pencils for beginners. These 50 pencils come in 48 gorgeous colors and the barrel of each pencil matches its lead. Each pencil also has the color name embossed on it-making it easier for color blind people. The pencils do not break easily but, on the downside, they may require a bit of effort to sharpen them.

4. JNW colored pencil set of 48 beautiful colors

This is the ultimate coloring book companion and an ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas for all budding artists. The bright, intense colors all have names on it which can easily help you blend, sketch or layer and take your artwork to the next level.  The portable art set is easy to carry and helps you stay organized. JNW coloring pencil set also comes with a free guide on how to use and store the pencils. There is also a sharpener and eraser included in the set.

5. Faber Castell 48 coloring pencils

Faber Castell is to the coloring world, what Apple® is to the computing world. The 48 colors in this set include gold and silver and you also get a free mini foam art stamp and eraser specifically designed for coloring pencils. These are oil based pencils with a hard core which are designed for amateurs as well as experienced artists. These eco-friendly pencils are also reasonably priced.

6. ZenZoi coloring pencils set of 48 colors

ZenZoi has made this set for adults, children and, in general, enthusiasts of coloring. The pencils packed in recycled tubes made using earth-friendly materials. Reasonably priced, these coloring pencils also come with a free coloring eBook for you to print and color. On the downside, their leads are a bit hard so they could tear the paper. All in all, this is a great, ergonomically shaped coloring pencil set that makes it comfortable to shade and color.

7. Reaeon 72 coloring pencils

This set of coloring pencils has 72 colors without repeats-making it an ideal set for school-going kids and adult coloring enthusiasts who do not want to spend too much. These oil based colors are non toxic and easily blend-able. On the downside, there is no color name or color coding on the pencils which may make it harder for beginners to identify and use the colors.

8. Bayam watercolor coloring pencil set of 36 pencils

These strong, pre-sharpened coloring pencils create a watercolor effect without the mess. You can also use them with water- apply some to your fingers and use them on the painting for creating the right effect. You can also mix them with oil or alcohol. Naturally, you will need to buy the right quality paper for this- as ordinary paper might tear with such techniques. The colors come in a sturdy box which makes storage easier. Beautiful and vibrant-these colors blend rather easily to help create fantastic effects.

9. Crayola 64 count coloring pencils for kids

Each of these pencils measures 3.5 inches so they are ideal for kids but not for adults. They come pre-sharpened and also have a sharpener included in the back of the box. The downside to them is they are non erasable and do not come with color names printed on them.

10. US Art supply 36 count watercolor pencils

Use these coloring pencils wet or dry or simply blend them to create hundreds of effects such as in silk painting, mandalas, or even Japanese manga or other botanical illustrations. These colors are extremely bright and turn even brighter in water without soaking. These 36 pencils come in a reusable carrying case to keep things organized. They are not too soft but you won’t have to put too much pressure on them either. Reasonably priced, these coloring pencils are even recommended by art teachers.