Spiritual Colors for the Bedroom

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Many studies have shown the impact of colors on human emotions. When it comes to interior design, colors affect our perception of temperature, depth, height, weight and even the size of the space. If you are looking to redecorate your bedroom, then know that the best spiritual colors for bedrooms are the ones that make you, the occupant/s, happy.

For couples, the spiritual colors for the bedroom should ignite passion and harmony in the relationship. The chosen colors should bring peace and love to the relationship and create positive vibrations all around. A Feng Shui color chart is the best way to add the right colors in the bedroom to create a positive environment and help instill positive vibrations in the house.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the most popular spiritual or Feng Shui colors for the bedroom for couples, singles, kids or anyone else wanting to sleep peacefully and restfully in their sanctuary.

Best spiritual colors for the bedroom with Feng Shui tips

Choose your favorite color

Feng Shui experts state that one of the best spiritual colors for the bedroom is the occupant’s favorite color with the exception of Blue. Blue should be used in extreme moderation for bedrooms since it can lead to depression. Other than blue most colors are good for the bedroom if they happen to be the occupant’s favorite. If it is a couple’s bedroom, they can come up with a color they both love. Preferably it should be a warm color to bring warmth and love to the relationship. Even if you choose white, you can go for a warmer off-white color or a slight amount of red, brown or yellow in the white. If you happen to use the same color for all four walls, you can use gentle and easy-to-live-with colors.


Interior of room with comfortable bed near pink wall

The best place to use pink anywhere in the home is in your bedroom. After all, as per the Feng Shui color chart, pink is associated with affection, romance and joy. Use pink in the master bedroom to attract love and harmony in relationships for couples, young and old. Kids’ bedrooms can also be made up in pink. A word of caution: too much pink can be overwhelming. It can also cause over-intense excitement which can generate anxiety rather than romance. Tone it down and you can even consider it as an accent color.


Bedroom interior. red wall

Red is one of the best Feng Shui bedroom colors to ignite love, energy, romance and passion. However, being an energetic color that stimulates the nervous system and increases adrenaline production, this is not a color that induces restful sleep. So if you plan to use red in bedrooms use it moderately and avoid the brighter ‘fire-engine red shades’. You can also use red as an accent color. Avoid red on walls since that would impact restful sleep. As per Feng Shui, the spiritual color of red should be placed in the bedroom’s relationship GUA. You can also place red accessories, red flowers, red pillows, red vases or even a picture in a red frame in the Bagua. (Bagua is the Feng Shui energy map of a space. It helps in analyzing, balancing, harmonizing and identifying the Chi of a building or the environment. It is an 8-sided or octagonal shape with yin and yang in the center).


Grey wall and grey bed with red pillows

Gray is an excellent spiritual color for bedrooms. You can pair it up with vivid colors like red or yellow and there are plenty of shades of grey for you to consider.


bed with yellow sheet and pillows bed room interior design

Yellow is a wonderful spiritual color for bedrooms. It stimulates intelligence as well as appetite. So you can even consider this bedroom color for your kids’ bedrooms. This is a cheerful and high spirited color that can be glaring, so use it wisely and moderately.

Other colors to consider for the bedroom

In bedrooms, green can be relaxing and reflective but also a bit tiresome. Blue, as stated above, can be cold and depressing, but in the right amount and in the right saturation, it can help instill a sense of peace and serenity and also create a balanced physical state. Purple in the right hue and amount can be dignified and elegant but sometimes, conceited and lonely. Lavender and shades of purple are highly spiritual colors for the bedroom. If you plan to meditate in your bedroom, you can choose one of these colors.

Important factors to remember

  • Impact of color can be affected by many factors such as culture, heritage, economy, geography, religious factors, taste and educational levels. Color cannot be isolated by substance; red of blood has a different impact than red of rose.
  • Volume of exposure also plays a role. The amount of exposure you have to a color will have different impacts on your emotional health. Overexposure can lead to color fatigue and low exposure can lead to ‘under-nourishment’ of that color.
  • Matte finish is best for bedrooms as they add ‘yin’ to the space. Many quality paints give a fuzzy, velvet-like finish to the walls.
  • You can also go in for wallpapers or wall fabric to cover up bedroom walls. If well done, it can lead to a restful finish. Wall cloth and fabrics require a lot of maintenance though. Avoid metallic wallpaper as it adds too much yang in the bedroom. Flocked wallpaper is great for bedrooms as the fuzziness is yin.
  • Ceiling colors for the bedroom should be white or lighter shade of wall colors. The only time to go for a darker ceiling is when it is too high and makes the room look disproportionate.
  • Wainscoting should be darker than the color above it on the wall. Wallpaper or cloth feels very natural above wainscoting.

Decorating tips for the bedroom

  • Do not store anything under the bed. This will disrupt sleep.
  • Remove all objects from the bedroom that can disrupt peace and harmony. This includes guns or stuffed dead animals on walls.
  • Burn some lavender in the bedroom for relaxation and peace.
  • Avoid placing a TV or computer in the bedroom.
  • Healthy plants with rounded leaves promote restful sleep.

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