15 Clever Small Bathroom Designs and Ideas

Who says that a small bathroom cannot be stylish? With tough economic times and space constraints, bathrooms are getting smaller. So it is only natural that more and more people are downsizing their bathrooms in order to make functional living spaces.

But that does not mean that they are compromising on style. There are many clever bathroom designs that can make a small bathroom look elegant, modern, and even spacious. And while white color bathrooms are highly popular (since white reflects light and gives an illusion of space), some other colors are equally in vogue.

Use these photos of small bathrooms to help you decide on your bathroom’s color and layout to achieve success in your next bathroom remodeling project.

White bathroom with geometric tiles

Small bright bathroom in classic modern style

If you are looking for a small bathroom idea with a tub, then the above example is inspirational. The cabinet under the sink optimizes space and is great for storing extra linen or soap. The geometric black and white tiles cut through the monotony, while the window placement floods the bathroom with natural light. The transparent shower cubicle gives an illusion of continuity and enhances the space.

Bathroom with wooden tiles and an area rug

Wooden flooring and a bright area rug provide a warm contrast to this traditional small bath with a shower cubicle. Checkerboard tiling adds a definite personality to the otherwise plain shower cubicle.

Blue bathroom with mosaic tiles

Simple ideas like mixing floor and wall tiles can help expand small bathrooms. Floral mosaic floor tiles add visual interest, grab attention, and also make a constrained room appear more spacious.

Guest bath with elegant wood vanity

You can make a design statement with your vanity counter having shiny wooden paneling. That and the simple artwork frames provide a riveting visual focal point to this guest bathroom that opens into the hallway.

Green-blue bathroom with matching countertop

Simple dated 1950s bathroom with green tile.

If you love the look of ceramic tiles, there is no reason why you cannot use them on the countertop. Here, the beautiful, clean green tiles are even used on the sink countertop to create a cohesive look. Colorful tiles are a great choice for a small bathroom as they emphasize visual interest. A matching shower curtain completes the look.

Black and brown bathroom

There is no rule that bathrooms have to be white. Black works well for small bathrooms as it gives a cozy and warm look. Black bathroom tiles can be stunning, especially when coupled with other decorative elements that complement black. In this case, black light fixtures and the brown wood paneling add to the mystery and elegance of the décor.

Classic gray and white bathroom with elegant fixtures

Brass fixtures break the monotony of an otherwise plain bathroom. They liven up the classic white-and-gray scheme. The glass door of the small shower cubicle gives an effect of continuity, making the bathroom look bigger.

Modern clean lines with blue cabinetry

Modern bathroom interior with blue double vanity and glass shower.

With so many styles, colors, and options to choose from in vanities available, you should have no problem matching one to your bathroom. The vanity in this room is cool, linear, and suits the bathroom’s modern, clean look. The navy blue finishing plays perfectly against the white-gray accent wall. The floral pattern mosaic tiles complete the beautiful look.

Clever storage with mounted shelves

Modern and tasteful bathroom in the house

Save space with vertical fixtures and built-in-the-wall shelving units. This urbane shelf is mounted between the ceiling and the toilet, adding tons of storage space to an otherwise small bathroom.

Beehive tile pattern

Luxury bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles.

In this ultra clever design, the designer has matched the marble tiles of the tub with the opposite wall and the beehive tiles on the left with the floor’s tiling. The light fixtures and marble countertop add to the clean lines and elegance of the décor.

Mirror and other accents

Bathroom, sink, toilet in light yellow tones

Centering a large mirror over a sink bowl promotes a feeling of spaciousness and encourages more natural light to come in as well. The faint yellow walls also give an illusion of space.

Cheerful yellow walls and large windows

Bright yellow paneling adds an element of cheerfulness to this gorgeous bathroom. Ample storage is provided by cabinetry running parallel to the wall, while a floor-to-ceiling window allows for more natural light to come in.

Warm burnt orange bathroom with open shelving

Deep open shelves hold rolled-up towels and other bath accessories. When space is precious, shelves can double up as storage as well as display. Burnt orange paneling and tiles add warmth to the bathroom, giving it a spa-like feel.

Modern red and grey bathroom

Grey and red bathroom design in a freshly renovated home. Gray walls complementing a modern red vanity cabinet accented with oval sink.

Red and grey make an arresting combination! The stylishness of the bright red cabinet against the steel grey walls, along with the symmetry of the sleek horizontal and vertical lines, characterizes this ultra-modern bathroom.

Purple and violet bathroom with a mosaic panel

Modern Bathroom interior with a mosaic panel. White bathtub against violet and white wall

A sleek, sensual, and discerningly elegant bathroom that says it all! Many things are working for this ultra-modern bathroom with mosaic panels: the white bathtub against a purple and violet wall, the matching artwork on the cabinetry, and the unusual oblong sink.