Quiz: What Are My True Colors And What Colors Look Best on Me?

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The ‘what colors look best on me quiz’ is fairly accurate and for greater clarity, we have divided it into two different parts. Part 1 of this guide is based on your personality evaluation which will help answer the question: what are my true colors? Part two of this guide is based on one’s skin tone and hair/eye color and will help answer the question: what colors look best on me?.

Let us start with a personality evaluation test to determine what your true colors are .Please use the answers after the test to evaluate your personality type based on four main colors: Blue, Green, Gold (or Yellow) and Orange.

What are my true colors Quiz

I like to …..

  • A) Make quick decisions to create solutions that will help impact society
  • B) I’m solution oriented- I tend to proactively think of issues that will affect us and which most people overlook
  • C) Empathetic towards others
  • D) Like it when others are dependent on me

For me love is when someone …

  • A) Surprises me with things/gifts
  • B) Gives me my space and let me show my individuality
  • C) Spends time and shares everything with me
  • D) Does things which I ask them to do

I bring to my relationships

  • A) Newness, excitement, variety
  • B) Practicality and objectivity
  • C) Stability, feeling of security
  • D) Love, kindness, compassion

 I am best described as

  • A) Impulsive
  • B) Intelligent
  • C) Harmonizing
  • D) Responsible, dependable

In childhood …

  • A) I was extremely imaginative, sensitive, and responded to encouragement more than competition.
  • B) I was older than my years, impatient, focused only on subjects that were mentally stimulating, inventive, perfectionist.
  • C) I had difficulty following routine, learned best by seeing and doing rather than reading
  • D) Could easily adapt to school, natural preserver, and helper


Note down the alphabet you ticked for each question and count the results at the end. Your true colors can be categorized as either:Blue, Green, Gold/Yellow or Orange:

  • Blue– is your true color if you answered most A’s. This personality type true color indicates an enthusiastic, warm and sympathetic person. You are communicative and compassionate and also spiritual. You also like to create things.
  • Green– Your true color is Green if you answered most B’s. You are cool, calm, collected and practical and like to do things your own way. In relationships you let your head rule the heart. You are inventive, logical and perfectionist.
  • Orange– Your true color is Orange if you answered most Cs. You are witty, passionate, energetic, charming and spontaneous. You value skills, resourcefulness and are a born trouble shooter. You seek stability and security but are also willing to give a lot to your relationships. You thrive on the need for physical contact and hands on involvement.
  • Gold/yellow– Your true personality colors are Gold or yellow, if you answered most Ds. You are extremely caring, concerned and loyal. You are the most dependable personality type and are faithful, organized and stable.

Based on these answers to the ‘what are my true colors’ quiz, you can wear or use the said colors to enhance the quality of your life.

Now, let us have a brief quiz about what colors look best on me?

What colors look best on me quiz

The color of your hair is:

  • A) Blonde
  • B) Brown
  • C) Red
  • D) Dark brown or black

The color of your eyes is

  • A) Blue
  • B) Blue- green/hazel
  • C) Green
  • D) Brown/Black

Your skin color is

  • A) Fair
  • B) White with yellow undertones
  • C) Tan
  • D) Brown/black

Your favorite color is

  • A) Metallic/sparkly/glitzy
  • B) Deep wine, purple, plum
  • C) Bright cheerful colors
  • D) Pale, pastels, nude shades


For mostly A’s – You can use almost any color from the rainbow though softer shades like raspberry hues, lemon, lavender etc as well as ultra bright colors like magenta or electric blue will suit you well. Your go to color, of course, is Red.

For most B’s  Crisp whites, cool grays, fresh greens, dark browns, frosty purples, pinks and sea shades will look great on you. You must stay away from orange, yellow and tomato reds.

For most C’s – If you have tan or honey brown skin like Beyonce, go in for earthy shades for clothes. Yellow, green and brown will make your golden tan stand out. Stay away from blue and periwinkles as these can give your skin a grayish look.

For most D’s – For darker skin (or brownish complexion), go in for dark gray or black colored clothes. White and pastel colors will also look great. Avoid shocking pinks, bright greens and fluorescent hues etc. Go in for richer, deeper colors like emeralds, sapphires, royal purple etc.

We hope these two quizzes help you determine what colors look best on you.