16 Photos to Inspire Your Next Bedroom Remodeling Project

Master bedroom showcases pale green accent wall, queen size bed topped with brown pillows, two armchairs next to floor length dark brown curtains framing glass doors

The choice of bedroom color combinations depends upon the function of the space. Do you use your bedroom just to unwind and relax? Or does it also double up as an office room or a study during the day? Blue is a relaxing color for adult bedrooms but if you also work in your bedroom, then you don’t want to use too much of it or you’d end up being too relaxed!

If you have a favorite color combination, you can always go ahead and use those colors and select master bedroom paint colors in those shades.  Alternatively, you can consider some of the best bedroom colors for sleep such as dark blue, green, brown, beige, indigo, and soothing shades like apricot, peach, etc.

Today, we are presenting 16 beautiful bedroom photos that use some of the best color combinations. We hope that these photos will inspire your own selection of paint colors for your master bedroom during your next remodeling project.  As with any other room’s interior design, it is not just the wall colors that make up the room’s color. You can also introduce colors through the bed linen, lights, drapes, and under-the-bed rugs or carpets. With that in mind, here are 16 photos of different bedroom colors and moods for inspiration!

1. Pink and gray

Master bedroom in pink and gray

This beautiful pink and gray bedroom is feminine and pretty for her but also masculine enough for him. The soothing colors, natural textures, and clean-lined furnishings create an ocean of tranquility. Pink is also utilized in the drapes and bed linen. The yellow-gold artwork and beige-brown storage pieces break the monotony of pink. Gray is seen in the plush, puffed headboard and a cozy armchair.

2. Gray and white

Bedroom with gray walls and white bed

Sleek sophisticated finishes and textures create minimalist heaven in this simple yet elegant bedroom. Gray and white are soothing bedroom colors that are sure to promote restful sleep. Wood tone resilient flooring evokes warmth while white drapes, bedside table, loveseat, and bedspread add freshness to the décor.

3. Dark aquamarine bedroom

Modern blue colored bedroom in classic room with wall moldings, parquet, double bed with duvet and pillows, minimalist bedside tables, mirror and decors.

The bedroom is one area where you can play around with scale and placements to create a romantic area. This is a simple two-color combination for bedroom walls that uses a darker shade of aquamarine and white. The colors are also repeated in the pillows and the duvet or comforter.  If you plan to make your bed the centerpiece of the room, you can play with the colors of the bed head, covers, pillows, and even the rug as seen in the image above.

4. Shades of gray and beige

Cozy bedroom in warm colors with painting, a nightstand, a pouf, and a plaid

Details make all the difference here to give this beige, gray and white room elegance and sophistication. The textured rug, layered bed upholstery, artwork above the plush headboard, the small white bedside table, and elegant hanging lights soften an otherwise industrial space.

5. Cool blue room

beautiful bedroom in white and blue

The five most important elements in a bedroom’s décor are a comfortable bed, a beautiful rug, a bedside table, gorgeous linen, and artwork. Blue and white color combinations are extremely soothing, fresh, and appealing and sure to promote good night’s sleep. The wooden furniture, brown artwork, and the addition of indoor plants add to the charm of this refreshing décor.

6. Gray, red and white bedroom

White bedroom with red accents

Accents in red add a dash of drama and luxury to an otherwise monotonous and industrial décor. Red is a passionate and sexy color but too much red in the bedroom can interfere with sleep. In this case, the bedroom is also used for the recreational purposes such as watching TV; so red works perfectly and balances out the white and gray. If this shade of red is too bright for you, you can go in for soft reddish pinks which are excellent when combined with gray.

7. Bedroom in autumnal shades

Cozy bedroom interior inspired by autumn colors

This bedroom is a picture of comfort and warmth. The otherwise conservative décor is spiced up with bed linen in autumnal shades of orange and maroon. The wooden, textured headboard and simple art pieces make this a tasteful, comforting, and inviting space.

8. Black and gray

black and gray bedroom interior design

Feng Shui experts might frown upon this combination but for the modern and trendy couple, black bedroom décor can seem restful and relaxing.  This black bedroom personifies calm, mystery, and elegance. Its clean lines, low-contrast shades of black and grays, plush velvety rug, and muted patterns all work to offer visual comfort.

9. Beautiful floral wallpaper

rustic bedroom with elegant bed and intricately designed wallpaper

Make a feminine statement with beautiful wallpaper having delicate floral motifs. The soothing accent colors of grey, blue, and white add a clean and uncluttered look to the overall décor. The antique chandelier and bedside lamp add a vintage touch to the otherwise modern palette.

10. Earthy palette

Vintage master bedroom with wooden floor

The relaxed, warm, and embracing feeling of earthy colors is used to advantage in this comforting bedroom.  The cozy area rug, white bedside armoire, and a comfortable green armchair keep the décor functional and minimal. Overall, this bedroom is a picture of a warm, modern, and luxurious retreat.

11. An inviting rustic bedroom

Chic master bedroom: vaulted ceiling with wooden beams over the wood sleigh bed facing stone wall fireplace.

A little bit masculine, a little bit feminine, this bedroom combines rustic elements with sophisticated patterns and gender-neutral colors to create a warm, perfectly balanced, and inviting master bedroom. To add to the chic decor: a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams over the stone wall fireplace.

12. Off-white bedroom with wooden furniture

elegant master bedroom with wooden furniture and artwork

Polished wooden furniture pieces make an elegant contrast with the off-white walls and white bed linen. A large, colorful painting above the bed’s headboard serves as a sleek and stylish focal point to enhance the room’s sense of sophistication.

13. Luxury master bedroom with artsy elements

Luxury large master bedroom interior with antique carved wooden furniture, king size bed, vintage chandelier and hardwood floor.

Decorative frames in yellow, orange, and red all play-up the brown and white palette used throughout this modern bedroom. The artwork display offers an interesting focal point on this master bedroom’s wall. The patterned rug, reflective mirror, chandelier lights, and other tastefully selected wooden furniture pieces all spell out class and elegance here.

14. Two-color combination for the bedroom walls

Spacious master bedroom with high coffered ceiling, beige carpet floor and fireplace built in the wall

A combination of olive-green and muted-yellow for adjacent bedroom walls offer an earthy take on the otherwise unrelated colors on the color wheel. The two colors are further set off by a neutral ceiling with vaulted wooden beams. Printed wall-to-wall textured carpeting, patterned bed linen, and fireplace-in-the-wall add visual interest.

15. Warm yellow-orange-brown palette

Beautiful gold bedroom with ceiling beams and fireplace.

Soft lighting, lush textures, and warm colors like orange, browns, reds, and gold set the mood in this romantic bedroom. This room is the perfect marriage between traditional taste and creative styling for a comfortable, cozy, warm, and relaxing space.

16. Earth-meets-sky palette

Spacious master bedroom interior with soft carpet floor and dark brown walls. Room has small office area by the window

Chocolate brown walls and a powdery sky blue bedspread draw the eye in this elegant and functional bedroom. The bed’s cut-out headboard and recessed soft ceiling light also demand attention. A study table just beneath the window also provides storage. White drapes and an assortment of pillows in different colors and shapes add a vibrant punch to the room’s decor.