Lipstick Color Selection Guide: What Your Lipstick Colors Say About You

Closeup of women with different lipstick colors

Whether you are a woman giving a business presentation or meeting her boyfriend’s family the first time: people will always judge you initially by the ‘things that are on your face’. Yes, makeup forms an integral part of a woman’s getup and, primarily, the lipstick colors she chooses speak volumes about her. These days, just like the colors of the rainbow, there are lipstick colors available in virtually every shade known to mankind.In this guide, we will consider everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the right lipstick colors.

What lipstick colors should I wear for a business meeting?

The lips should be the focal point of the business makeup. If you are not the ‘deep lip’ kind of girl, you must at least get them lined and filled up with medium toned shades or medium toned lip glosses. At a business meeting where you are presenting, the audience is listening to you and their attention is primarily on your lips. On the other hand, if you are simply going to be a part of the audience (where people would still look at you when you do talk) your lips should be colored using softer shades.You could even use light lip gloss and/or sheer lipsticks.

Best lipstick colors for evening of pleasure

For a casual weekend, or an evening with friends, the makeup should be fresh, crisp and light. Choose glossy lipstick colors but keep them soft.

How to find lipstick colors that suit your personality

According to famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown, selecting lipstick colors to suit one’s skin tone and personality comes with a simple thumb rule: “ Every woman should have a neutral lipstick that is just one notch above her natural lip color. This is her go-to shade; one she can wear anytime for a polished look. Once you have found this match, you can select brighter, deeper or textured versions of that shade for variety”.

Remember: If you have a fair complexion, you must use lipstick colors to subjugate it-so go on and use brighter shades but do avoid light pinks.

Bobbi’s 2-step lipstick color selection guide:

·Step 1: Find your lipstick colors

Use natural color of your lips as a guide. For subtle definition to thin lips, use a lip liner. This should match the lipstick and your natural lip shade.

· Step 2: Build your lipstick wardrobe

Once you have fond ‘The One’, your lip’s natural lipstick color, you can select matte, glossy, creamy and comfortable lipsticks in those colors and you can even select some with moisturizers or SPF.

Lipstick application tips

Did you know that lipsticks have been around for 1000s of years? Ancient Egyptian women used natural vegetable dyes and essential oils to make lips darker and redder.

The right lipstick colors can give the face a fresher look and help add a pop or splash of color to otherwise nude makeup. You can even play down your eyes when using brighter lipstick colors for a glamorous and glitzy look. Here are some lipstick application tips:

  1. Apply moisturizer to your lips at night to make them soft and supple
  2. Prime and smoothen your lips daily using a gentle bristled toothbrush to remove and exfoliate the dry skin.
  3. Before applying the chosen lipstick colors, apply some powder foundation on the lips. This will help the lipstick stick to the lips and last longer.
  4. Firmly draw a line using lip pencil over the outline of your lips to accentuate their shape.
  5. Fill in the lips using a lip brush. A brush will help you get in tiny crevices where the lipstick cannot reach.
  6. Now blot the lips using a tissue paper for a long lasting matte finish.
  7. You can even rub some ice on the lipstick for longer lasting makeup.
  8. Always chill and store lipsticks in the refrigerator.
  9. Before applying lip gloss, run some lip balm with SPF on the lips.
  10. Remember: lipstick is the last stage of makeup application and must be done after you have done everything else your face.

Whether you are looking to change your appearance or simply wish to select lipstick colors for a special evening out, we hope this brief guide helps you choose the right shade.