Interior Design Colors: Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home

Stylish living room interior design idea with green, blue and gold colors

What is it about the colors in interior design that makes them so attractive? Just as the rainbow is attractive in its remarkable wonder, colors create the same flow of unique character to spaces. In the world of interior design, nothing makes a more powerful tool than colors. They can help express individuality and a whole lot more.

Selecting the appropriate colors takes experience, time, patience, and effort, topped with creative genius.

  • The preferred ambience will have to be put into consideration, first and foremost.
  • Balance the colors and shades that can give emphasis to a certain spot while giving some spaces a lighter look.
  • Choose appropriate interior design colors to make a room look cooler or warmer.
  • Pick the right neutral colors to maintain a preferred tone.
Zen interior pastel colored living room with potted bamboo plants, sofa, armchair, carpet and coffee tables

With the right color treatment and combination, any room could be given a natural boost. This is probably the reason why those who choose to become interior decorators have made it a point to master the art of colors, because with colors, there is an endless possibility of concepts that lead to magnificent creations within any given structure.

When choosing to design the interior of a home or an office, a color swatch may be examined under different kinds of lights to test the effect the light will give once a particular hue is exposed under the beam.

Effects Created by Interior Design Colors

Before applying the original color of choice, know the importance of a primer. It helps prevent a color bleed-through which, if not averted, may alter the final touch of the actual color. After the necessary preparations, the application of colors will definitely add weight or warmth to a room, make it seem cooler and more spacious, or keep it simple and balanced.

Interior of beautiful modern bedroom with blue and green colors


  • Bright colors are an attention-getter and may be a good choice for a spot that needs to be emphasized.
  • Balance proportions with illusions of width using color techniques such as darker wall ends in contrast to the main wall’s lighter shade.


  • The right interior design colors can transform dull or loud tones to a cozier ambience.
  • Make a room more inviting and welcoming with tints that set off a reassuring feeling.
  • Intimate spaces are created with the use of warm earth tints that look naturally cozy and comfortable.

Cool and Spacious

Modern and bright Nordic kitchen in loft apartment
  • White or pastel shades are effective in giving a cramped space a more open look.
  • Wall and furniture of similar or closely matched colors give a room a wider effect.
  • Delicate colors are perfect for a cooler room effect. They give a fresh, relaxing touch to a room.


  • Neutral colors are perfect for balance, allowing a space to blend perfectly with its surrounding.
  • Lighter shades allow better versatility concerning accessories and furniture. Even curtains of different colors or patterns can easily blend well.

Choosing the right interior design colors for your home will give each space its own personality, but consider the function before painting. Once you feel certain about the color of choice, not only for its aesthetic appeal, but for its functionality, you can unleash your inner interior designer.