Interior Colors and Design Ideas for a Beach Style House

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Whether you are looking for decorating your coastal home or wish to bring the beach right inside your busy city or suburban dwelling; this guide has plenty of ideas to inspire you. Since primitive times, man has been drawn to the beach. We just love the water – the ocean looks cool, is fun to play in and yes, the waves sound wonderful! Designing and building a home along the beach is fun and yet it comes with its share of challenges. Worry not: these calm coastal paint color ideas and interior designing themes will inspire you!

Elements of a Beach House Interior

Classic background

The white color is one of the best ones for your beach color scheme. White painted walls with contrasting dark brown wooden floors are a safe bet and one simply cannot go wrong with it. While these are safe bets, you can certainly make some variations. Here are some ideas:

Color palette

Choose from any of the following:

  • White or creamy white
  • Red – Pops of bright red look great. You can go for any crimson shade as well.
  • Blue is of course the color of the sea. You simply cannot go wrong with this beachy coastal theme. Do not forget to consider dark navy, dark blue, or denim blue and other related hues. Blue and green are also great choices for a beach house. They are the typical sky meets grass or earth; sapphire waters meet verdant shores representation. That is why blues and greens are the perfect choices for a coastal theme. Since blue and green sit close to each other on the color wheel, it is hard to tell when one ends and the other begins. So they should never sit together without a color in between. That subtlety is needed for spaces that calm and relax your senses.

For a sophisticated look:

  • Add darker or cloudy tones.
  • Beige adds style to ay classic beach palette; so go in for beige colored furniture or accents. Beige linen, rattan or cane furniture tones and tempers down the vibrant hues and add elegance and maturity to the décor.
  • Brown and grays also add genuine feel of nature and help reflect more of the nature outside.
  • Black is a great accent to add to a coastal themed interior design. It provides an edge and elegance to the décor.

Pastel shades

Pastels like yellow can be used as an accent too. On its own though, many pastels like yellow and peach or light orange are rarely considered nautical colors. But as accents to white and blur, they can add freshness to the interiors.


Beach color code works well with materials as close to nature as possible. Avoid using synthetics as they can never add that true blue outdoor, beach feeling to a coastal design. Here are some ideas that work:

  • Cotton and linen work best. The sturdier the fabric, the better it is.
  • Basket weave, rattan and cane furniture are ideal for a beach theme.
  • Sisal, hemp and hawser laid rope.
  • Leather in different hues of brown
  • Wood in different colors like black, brown, gray or driftwood gray
  • Stone in an assortment of natural hues
  • Metals in shiny bronze, brass, gold or matte colors.

Some tips to note when using calm coastal paint colors

Coastal paint colors in bathrooms

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For the bathrooms, blue and white along with its related shades work best. Please note that blue is a cooling shade and also a color that recedes. This factor can sometimes make a space look cooler and larger. If you plan to use blue in bathrooms, temperature of the color is very important. If your home is located in a cold location, and if you plan to use blue for the walls, then make sure you have some warming elements as well. It is best to use blue in spaces that are meant to feel cool and spacious. In a blue bathroom, consider bringing in natural sunlight and well placed lighting.

white bathroom with blue towels

Coastal beach color scheme in bedrooms

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Vibrant blues and oceanic greens reminiscent of the sea are highly appropriate shades for the bedroom. Blue and green are such a versatile combination that designers get the freedom to use it in innovative and daring ways. You can use restful blues and peaceful whites, relaxing fresh and tranquil greens or shocking electric blue and other harmonizing shades of ultramarine blue. If the walls are silver, pale green or light blue, you can add pops of color through the sheets, pillows and rugs etc. For homes located in hot, humid areas, go for wooden elements, curtains and pops of bright hues in the sheets as shown below.

Beach color code for your living rooms

interior design for living rooms

Add giant murals in blue or shades of blue green along with graphic textures. Use brilliant indigo blue on the sofa or loveseat as a popping color for a living room with white or beige walls. Use chandeliers, art work and sea shells to decorate the living area. Alternatively, add pops of red in pillow cases as in image below.

Calm coastal colors in dining areas and kitchen

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Because of varied trends in dining areas, the calm coastal colors of the beach can help you add many different coastal elements in your dining spaces. Go for aquamarine or fresh blue shades on cabinets teamed up with white chairs and counter-tops complementing light blue backsplashes. For the dining area, you could go for grays, light blue, beige or white.

dining room interior design


If you love the ocean and associate it with feelings of calm, serenity or even a sense of adventure, then it is natural to want to recreate the beachy atmosphere in your home. You don’t even have to live near the sea to get that beachfront feeling. It can be reproduced easily to satisfy that yearning in your heart. We hope the pictures and ideas above inspire you!