Interior Color Trends for 2019

2019 colorful background with brush strokes
2019 interior color trends

Each year, color experts round up consumer trends in coatings and colors for homes and offices from various sources. If you are planning to upgrade your home, you can be ready with these inspiring hues that will be popular in 2019.

Cavern Clay- Sherwin Williams color of 2019

cavern clay

Introducing the color of the year- Sherwin Williams has declared the earthy hue -Cavern Clay as its color of the year. Expert interior designers are loving this color-they believe it will help create a cozy sanctuary like atmosphere in any ‘aging’ or new space. This beautiful earthy hue will help you forget the stresses of the outdoors and make you feel restored and balanced as you walk across the threshold! Cavern clay is a warm, earthy color- a hue that channels russet leather and rustic tiles. It is a color that reflects a renewed respect for the earth’s rich but limited resources. Cavern Clay is instantly welcoming and warm-it is a balance of red and orange with a splash of brown that gives a graceful, weathered look. Do you see this color in your home?

Dulux’s color of 2019 is Spiced Honey

spiced honey dulux

Spiced honey is a hue ripe with personality. 2019 is all about letting the light in. People are looking to seize the moment. They want to come home to a sophisticated, calming, nourishing and grounding environment. Spiced honey radiates energy and positivism that seems to awaken all five senses.

Pantone color trend forecast for 2019

magenta bright colored room

Pantone has not yet announced its color of 2019- but we are expecting that announcement any time soon. However, they recently made a 2019 trend forecast which mentioned “food cravings” and ‘classico’ as the upcoming trends for the coming year. According to these experts, interior color trends for 2019 might be all about fetish foods that tempt the eyes as well as the taste buds. Think of colors like bright orange, magenta, purple, grassy green, red hot peppers and so on. For those less daring, Pantone experts recommend elegant and graceful teal, grey, white and cappuccino as good classic colors to work with.

Other popular colors to watch out for in 2019


Hazelnut is a soothing, restorative and restful color inspired by healthy living. This shade is suitable for kitchen, bath and bedroom. You just cannot go wrong with this color as it brings a glow everywhere it goes. You can easily pair it up with any darker shades and even your existing furniture.

Blue-Violet/Lilac Grey

Both these shades are wonderful for living rooms. These hues represent a free spirited lifestyle enabled by technology ad embraced by a generation that places emphasis on experiences rather than on roots. The warmth of these hues makes them easy to pair with any color schemes.

Dark/bottle green

bottle green colored room

Experts believe that dark shades of green will become the new must have colors for interiors as we say good bye to navy and midnight blues.


Pastels can never go out of fashion. Pastel pinks, and other muted shades that remind us of spring (think lavenders, blush, muted greens, yellows and blues) are very much in for 2019. Experts recommend you to also experiment with vintage pastels such as sage, dusty ink, poised taupe and oxidized yellows. According to Italian Bark, following pastels will remain evergreen in 2019:

  • Lilac– Soothing, peaceful and timeless shade
  • Primrose pink-This will continue to be a popular choice for homes and commercial spaces.
  • Peachy orange-This is a warm encouraging tone that reflects a positive outlook that sees extraordinary in the ordinary.
  • Celery-Avocado green-Representative of eco-friendly products, this is a fresh, leafy and ‘full-of-life’ hue.
  • Lemon yellow-comforting, light and fresh color.


Byzantine blue was the color of 2017. While that may seem to be a thing of the past- interior trend forecasts show that blues will make a comeback in 2019. Confident blue-green, composed light blue, comfortable powdery blue, or bright ultramarine blue are some colors we could expect to see in the coming year.


interior color trends 2019

Mustard yellow can be used as accents to add pops of color- or you could use it as the main color to create an energetic and vibrant space that is invigorating and full of life. Create a playful home with yellow toned greens or gold to spark the synapses and encourage a creative approach to life.

Pewter/gray beige

best interior color room trends 2019

This soft color is making a comeback as people are focusing on de-cluttering and leading a minimalist lifestyle. This is a versatile and reliable hue that can blend with your existing furniture and can be re-imagined for simple living.

Mushroom/brown with beige

This beautiful color is neutral and works well with anything. It encompasses the timeless and enduring beauty of all natural materials. It is a warm, inviting color that can lay foundation for any interior design style.