Fall and Winter 2017-18 Color Trends

Palette with color trends for fall and winter 2017-2018

Many factors influence color trends which never seem to follow a linear pattern. Indeed, trends in annual color choices for textiles to interior design and fashion seem to follow a cyclical pattern. Everything from the global economy, to innovations, to artistic and cultural influences could be at the forefront of color trends. Fall-winter color trends for 2017-2018 seem to be no different. As with each year, color companies like Pantone play a major role in influencing color trends this winter. So let us take a look at some popular colors you are likely see in fashion, beauty and interior design in the upcoming cooler months.

Color trends in textile

According to recent reports, the palette of textile colors is becoming lighter. You will also see greater homogeneity in color nuances along with increased sharpness. Color impact is also brought about through use of opposite colors like black and white.

Men’s fashion is also likely to become bolder. You will see fancier shoes with printed 3 D effects. In this age of Instagram, women’s accessories like shoes and bags are also becoming fashion forward with greater use of micro prints on leather. Shiny Smartphone covers are also the latest rage. Florescent colors with shiny embroidery are some other major trends you can expect.

Fashion show influencers

New York Fashion Week

Every year, major fashion shows like New York and London Fashion Weeks also influence color selections. Based on this year’s shows, experts like Leatrice Eisemann-the Director at Pantone predicts following color trends:

  • Pale Pink Ballet Slipper
  • Golden Lime
  • Bright Marina Blue

She recommends these colors along with other colors that are warm and representative of the season. Also Eisemann recommends pairing the above three colors with navy peony, neutral gray, butter rum and tawny port.

fall autmun color trends for 2017

London Fashion Week

Eisemann says that one got to saw some unexpected colors for fall-winter 2017 such as:

  • Royal Lilac
  • Otter Brown
  • Lemon curry
  • Bluebell
fall autmun color trends London 2017-18

Color trends in design

In design we get to see 5 major trends this year:

Aquatic colors

Oceanic blues and greens, dark depths and luminescent accents are popular this year. Designers are also playing with glowing bright, tonal combinations and unexpected contrasting elements. One can also see natural and manmade textures fusing together to create unusual surfaces. Designers are also recommending glossy and matte finishes providing luxurious depth in design. Another mystifying aquatic aesthetic is obtained by using slick liquids and glowing fibrous forms.

Infinite shadow

Subtle metallic colors help reflect light. The trend this year is to keep minimal feel, and clean and scientific aesthetics.

Transparent layers

Intense contrasts, cool palettes, and anonymous combinations are trendy this year. Designers are experimenting with metallic accents and light versus dark to create harmonious possibilities. Smoky colors with green and purple undertones are also cool.

Classic allure

Classy allure gives stability in turbulence. This trend is seen in home environments. Designers are actually seeking inspiration from fruits and vegetables and their natural skins and textures are being used in textile, embroidery and parquet details.

Aged materials are also uber popular. Designers are recommending key, warm browns with rich purples and pinks for elegant contrasts.

Celebrating Data

Pixelated shapes are in.  You will also see transitional schemes in the form of interrupted color bleeds and layering effects.


Cool statement purples are likely to see a significant growth in 2017-18. Bright and confident saturated blues are reassuring and reminiscent of the sea and sky. Green palette also reigns supreme in 2017-18, and, in particular, turquoise and khaki are in. Warm neutrals are expected to take a darker and more saturated route for the future.