What Are Color Swatches and How Can They Help You Select the Right Interior Paint Colors?

Designer workplace with interior paint color swatches and furniture material samples

The importance of color swatches has probably never been given more emphasis than in the interior decoration industry. The inside of our homes is what we see the most over and over, again and again, day in and day out. Coloring the interior right certainly sets the mood, and to avoid mistakes, swatches of different colors come in handy to interior decorators and designers.

Helpful as they might be, a swatch of color might not look exactly the same once the color is painted on an entire wall. That is because other factors such as lighting can affect the actual effect of the color in a room.

Selecting Colors Using Color Swatches

Open sample catalogue with several different color swatches

Seeking an expert’s advice will help you settle on the right color. Know your home’s wall type and then pay your local paint store a visit. An expert can give you advice on the following:

  • Which paint to use for drywall, paneling or plaster.
  • What provides added protection against moisture on bathroom or kitchen walls.
  • What protects against fingerprints like added sheen or gloss, or which kind of polish that would enhance a color.

It can be confusing when faced with several shades of colors inside a paint store. Ask if you can take home some color swatches with shades and hues of your choice. See how the shades differ in tones under different lights, from bright to dim, to find out which color suits you best. This will help you shortlist your choice. Also, you can use the swatches to see which shade will work well with your home furniture or decorations.

Another tip to ensure you pick the right color is to get a small sample amount of the chosen paint. Manufacturers often offer paints in smaller quantities which you can buy if samples are not offered at the store. This is your chance to see the effect of the color on your own wall by applying the color to a smaller section first. You might want to leave the color on the wall for several days before you decide, to really see its effect on the room and how it affects you during different hours of the day.

Painting It Right the First Time

Cans of paint with brushes and palette samples

With the help of color swatches, choosing the color for your interior paint comes a lot easier. But then again, you have to put a little effort into making sure that everything goes right as you choose the final color for your home. Once you have painted, the result is what surrounds you whenever you are home, and it can have a huge impact on you and your home atmosphere in general.

So whether you want a shade that has a calming, cool or cozy effect, the color you choose can make this possible. But to make sure that you are getting it right the first time, do it smartly with the help of color swatches to narrow down your choice and get the best idea of the color combination your home interior might need.