Color Meanings in Wicca

Pink candle and rocks for magic ritual in witchcraft, Wiccan or spiritual practice

Colors play an important role in magic and witchcraft- after all, colors are a vibrational energy and this energy can make your spells stronger. It is a well known fact that red excites and energizes whereas blue soothes and calms us; this shows that different people react differently to the energy. By using the right color candle during spells, we can send out vibrations that can help the intentions of the spell caster. In this guide, we will study the candle color meanings from the context of spells, magic and wicca. Note that the wiccan symbols and candle magic color chart is for reference only- how one feels about the color also matters. For example, a green color candle generally represents money; but if you think of gold when you think of money then a golden candle may be more suitable for your spell.

Candle magic colors and meanings

Red Candles

red colored candle meaning in wicca

Based on candle magic colors and meanings, red candles can be used for spells involving desires, physical energy, lust, love, sex, romantic relationships etc. Red is associated with the sun and Archangel Gabriel and the ‘keyword’ for red candle is energy. This color is also associated with power-this is symbolic of rolling out the red carpet. In the Bible, scarlet is the color used for describing sins. In China, large red candles are given to newlyweds to burn in their bedroom for fertility and passion. Burn red sandalwood candles to make wishes come true, for healing and protection, and enhance spirituality.

Orange Candles

Orange combines the energy of red and the intellect of yellow. Burn an orange candle when you are experiencing blocks in your life; when you are feeling stuck. Likewise, candle magic color chart recommends orange when you are feeling blocks in thoughts, creative ideas, concentration and clarity. Magic color meanings for orange also indicate the energy to handle difficulties which occur in life. Burning an orange candle can help you attract all that you desire. This color is linked to Mercury and Archangel Zadkiel. Burn an orange candle for mental stimulation and attraction.

Yellow Candles

This warm color candle will help you adapt. It is also linked to intelligence, communication, and stimulating good times. Yellow is linked to two angels- Oriel and Ariel. Burn this candle if you wish to strengthen focus, concentration and memory. In wicca color meanings, you can use yellow candle to clear an argument. Write the name of the person you have argued with on a white envelop and on its opposite side, write your name. Close it after placing a Bay leaf inside it. Light the yellow candle. Burn the envelope. You can place the burning envelope inside a fire proof container until it is burned.

Green Candles

green colored candle spell candle color meanings in magic

Green candle is associated with Archangel Chamuel. As per candle magic colors and meanings, burn a green candle if your spell is related to money, abundance, success, and good fortune. If you are looking for a job or seeking a raise or promotion, then this is the candle to use. Green color candle is also good for enhancing fertility, health, marriage, nature, luck and balance.

  • Use the Green candle spell by burning a virgin (never used before) green candle.
  • Perform this spell on Thursday.
  • You can charge the candle with an oil of your choice. Really concentrate on the spell and your desire.

 Blue Candles

Blue color candles are linked with Archangel Michael. This is a protective color, so use this candle when you are feeling negative. Light blue candles are for patience, health and neutrality while dark blue is for changeability and depression.

  • Blue candle spells can be used for healing someone however, you need to get the permission of that person first.
  • To perform the spell, first write the name of the person who needs the healing on the candle.
  • Charge the candle with cinnamon oil. Concentrate on positive thoughts for the person who needs healing. Light the candle.

Indigo Candles

Indigo candle is associated with Raphael and linked with wisdom and integrity. You may not find this color candle easily-so use dark blue candle instead.

  • Burn an indigo candle if you want to heal a family member or when you wish to increase your magic potential.

Violet Candlesviolet color candle meanings in wicca

This color is linked to spirituality and intuition.

  • Burn purple of violet candles when your magic is linked to spirituality, wisdom, knowledge and magic or psychical development.

Pink Candles

Pink is the color of honor, mortality and love. The Pink candle spell for attracting a person you love is as follows:

  • Do the spell on Friday-light the pink candle.
  • Write down your first name on a white piece of paper and the last name of the person you want to attract on the same paper. Circle both names using ink of your favorite color.
  • Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye, wish love and happiness while seeing the two of you together.
  • Say the spell- we are one, three times.
  • Watch the candle burn for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Do not blow the candle out-extinguish it using your fingertips or cap it.
  • You can use a larger candle in pink color and use it for 7 consecutive nights to say the spell.

Magenta Candles

Magenta is a combination of red and violet and possesses the qualities of both these colors.

  • According to candle magic color chart, use a magenta candle if you want to get rid of some past event or wish to overcome self esteem issues, confidence etc.

Brown Candles

brown colored candle meanings

Brown color candles are linked to hesitation, neutrality and uncertainty.

  • Light this candle if your pet or an animal needs healing. It can also eliminate fears, stress and anxiety and help stabilize emotions.

White Candles

White candles can be used for many purposes as per candle color meanings wicca. Burn one for purification or protection. Whenever in doubt about candle color meanings in spells and which color to use, use white.White symbolizes purity and truth.

  • Use white candle love spell for attracting love in your life.
  • Inscribe ‘All My Love Come to Me’ using a knife on a thick white candle and watch it burn until it melts fully. Focus on the person who you want in your life.
  • Collect melted wax in a paper and keep is safe.

Black Candles

This color needs to be handled carefully. Children and people who are emotionally drained should not use this candle. Do not use black candles if you consider black to be a negative or evil color.