Best Nail Colors For 2017

2017 is almost at an end but that does not mean that the search for ‘most popular nail colors’ for the year has diminished. Not at all! In fact; now that the Holidays are almost upon us, more and more searches are coming up for trends that are influencing manicures. So today we will take a look at the more popular nail colors for 2016 and 2017 which might … [Read more...]

Best Colors For Summer Weddings

The colors you choose for your summer or fall wedding can help set the tone for the entire celebration. Couples need to give their wedding color palette a great deal of thought. Consider the venue and setting of your wedding and then settle on your summer wedding color palette. If you need inspiration, we have come up with some of the most popular summer … [Read more...]

Quiz: What Are My True Colors And What Colors Look Best on Me?

The ‘what colors look best on me quiz’ is fairly accurate and for greater clarity, we have divided it into two different parts. Part 1 of this guide is based on your personality evaluation which will help answer the question: what are my true colors? Part two of this guide is based on one’s skin tone and hair/eye color and will help answer the question: what … [Read more...]

Color Therapy and Aromatherapy: Can They Be Integrated For the Purpose of Healing?

Aromatherapy has gained a great deal of popularity over the past few decades.The science basically consists of use of aromatic essential oils, herbs or candles all of which can lower stress by stimulating the senses. Color therapy, on the other hand, has only been receiving attention off late. I have covered the topic in details in different sections of this … [Read more...]

The History of Color by Decade – Popular Colors Over Time

Most of us take colors for granted; but in reality, their study is a complex phenomenon, one that is influenced by several factors. In this brief guide, we will consider the history of color as well as the most popular colors over time and factors that influenced them. Earliest known history of color Paleolithic artists’ work seen on walls of caves as well … [Read more...]

The Most Popular House Colors

The most popular house colors keep changing over time and with the turn of every century. Naturally, if you are on the lookout for the best colors that will work for your exteriors, some basic knowledge of color theory is essential. Furthermore, instead of simply opting for the trendiest or the most popular house colors, it is important to see the overall … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Wedding Colors

The wedding day colors you choose can make or break the wedding. They are utilized in the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding flower bouquets, the place settings, the favors and hundreds of other details and options that are limited only by your nerves and imagination. So today, I will be suggesting some of the most popular wedding colors for the year 2014 … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Paint Colors

Painting the exterior or interior of a home is a big job, the primary considerations being selecting the main paint colors for the body, the rooms as well as the complimentary or contrasting colors for its eaves, porches, windows, trims and other architectural elements contained within. So today, to make matters simple and to ease your process of paint … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Eye Color

Eye color is a complex trait, one which scientists are only just starting to discover. There are many genes involved in giving a particular color to one’s eyes. These genes also impart our skin and hair colors and also play an important role in eye and brain development. Some statistics about eye color that you might not have heard of: The most common … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Nail Color

A survey conducted recently has shown that nearly 35% women color/paint both their fingernails and toenails. This leaves 65% who do not color nails at all (or only color one or the other). Having completely naked nails is not a crime though colored nails are certainly a big part of a woman’s overall get up. Fashion forward women and brides also wish to … [Read more...]